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Photos for this cemetery were updated in March 2019


ANDERSON Gordon Joseph
ASKEW Agnes Priscilla, Ruth
ASKEW Henry, Wilma
ASKEW Robert, Jane
ASKEW William (died 1964)
ASKEW William (died 1987)
BLAIR Elizabeth
BRENS Catherine, Hinrich
BUCKLEY Elizabeth
EDDINGTON Ann, John, George
EDDINGTON Archibald Campbell
EDDINGTON Fanny Elizabeth (Buckley) - died 1911
EDGAR Margaret
FINN Annie Veronica
FINN Henry Gratton
GORDON Annie Grace
GORDON George Herbert Iver
GORDON John Eddington
HARLOW Andrew, Elizabeth
HAWARD Sylvia Marie (Threlfall)
IRVING Duncan, William, Jessie
IRVING John, Lillian Campbell
McCOSH Melanie
McKELLAR John, Jean
McKELLAR John, Lillias
McKELLAR William Erving, Nancy
PATISON Euphemia, David Wilson, Helen Wilson
ROSS Jean Anne
ROSS William Henry
RUNDLE William Henry, Frances Lorraine
SMELLIE William, Elizabeth Annie, John William
TERRINGTON Thomas A, May, Arthur
THRELFAL Basil Augustine, Mary Elizabeth
THRELFALL Basil Augustine
THRELFALL George Sylvester, Marie Anne
THRELFALL George, Bridget, Catherine, Grace, Henry Joseph
THRELFALL George, Elizabeth
THRELFALL Jane - wooden cross
THRELFALL John Sylvester
THRELFALL William Michael, Maurice William
TOMLINSON Elizabeth, Sarah Ellen, John Cliff, William
TOMLINSON William Godwin, Annie Eliza
VANDERNBERGH Charles, Mary Annie
WATKINS Alexander, Lydia
WATKINS Edward James
WATKINS Edward, Jane, John, Albert - unreadable
WILSON Gabriel, Ellen
WILSON Nancy May