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Burramine Cemetery

This cemetery was photographed in March 2013

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.


ADKINS Edward W, Mary Ann
BAIRD Margaret
BAIRD William, Helen A
BARR Robert
BOURKE Elizabeth Margaret, Edmund
BOYD Margaret Downie
BREEN James, Bridget, James
BRUCE Christinia Ellen
BRUCE Donald Alexander
BRUCE Donald Gordon
BRUCE George
BRUCE Gustavus Robert, Anne Thom, Minnie Glover
BRUCE John Gordon, Sarah Dorothy
BRUCE Monica Mary
BRUCE Robert Alfred
BURKE John Patrick, Timothy Edward, Annie Isabella
CAMPBELL Benjamin Warby
CLARK Elizabeth, David
CLARK Margaret
CLARK Robert Telford, Kit
CROCKETT George Mabry, Francis Cunningham
DONOVAN James Michael, Matilda
DUFTY Bryan Pearce
DUFTY Bryan Price
DUFTY John Pearce
FORGE Elizabeth Maude
FORGE Maud, James William
FRY Lois Aileen
HOGAN William, Winafred, James
JACKSON Thomas, James Weir Scott
JOSE Benjamin - on Quinton headstone
LEVETT Kevin Joseph
MANNIX John Francis, James, Peter, James
MULLER Henry William, Mary Christine, Margaret
McCLUSKEY William - on Burke headstone
McPHERSON Alexander, Elizabeth
McPHERSON Archibald, Janet
McPHERSON Ewen, Isabel
NEVIN Alexander C
NEVIN Jane Neil
NEVIN Matilda, Robert
NEVIN Robert
NORRIS Patrick, Daniel
O'BRIEN Ellen, Mary, Annie
PRICE Mary Jane
QUINTIN Catherine, Margaret, Robert
REEVES Brendan Kevin
REEVES Mary Rose
REILLY James, Frances
REILLY Percival James, Adeline Mabel Frances, Robert Percival, Eric
REYNOLDS Stephen, Ann, Ann
SCOTT Bessie Rutherford (Telford)
SHARP Ann, John
SHARP John R, Jean Clarke
SHARP John, Annie
SHARPE James George, David Joseph
TELFORD Robert, Elizabeth Rutherford - on Scott headstone
THOM Beryl Bertha
THOM Eliza Ann, John Archibald
THOM James, Ann Donald
WALKER Minnie Margaret, John
WALKER Thomas John
WATSON Colin Robert
WILLIAMS Beverley Ann