Headstone photographs from BURTON Cemetery, South Australia are available free by e-mailing a request to Carol at

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This cemetery was photographed in February 2015

Photos kindly donated by Craig

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.

BARTON George Henry, Mary Jane, George, Mary Ann
CARSLAKE Henrietta Celina
CAVANAGH Kenneth - on Norris plaque
CHIVELL Jane (previously Menadue) - on Menadue plaque
COPE Thomas, Mary Jane
COPE William
CURNOW John Lewis, Amelia (Wright)
CURNOW Thomas, Harriett L A (King), John Harold
DEW Eliza Ann, Frank
DIMENT George, Rebekah
DIMENT William Charles, Jane (Brock), Louisa (Stephens)
DIMENT William Charles, Jane, Louisa
DIMENT William J
DIMENT William, John
DORLING Caroline, Franz J N
DUCK David
FATCHEN Charles J, Fanny Louisa
GILBERTSON Joseph, Georgina
GOODIER Robert, Mary Ann (Wright), George Henry
HART Robert Shadrack, George Henry, Florence Harriet
HART Sarah
HELPS Aaron, Mary Anne Ellen, Florence Evelyn, Florence Eleanor, William Harold, John Lawrence
HELPS Jeremiah
HELPS John, Eliza Martin, George
HELPS Stephen, Martha
HELPS Thomas, Mary Ann (Orchard)
HIGGINS Frank Archibald, Martha Matilda
HOBBS George - on Harper plaque
HODBY Thomas, Selina
JEFFERIES Alfred Johnson
JEFFERIES Johnson, Priscilla 1
JEFFERIES Johnson, Priscilla 2
JOB Jessie Lavinia
KELLY Mary Ann
KENNEDY William, Mary
KING Ethel - on Hart plaque
KING Ethel Alice, Walter Rowland
LEWIS Jane (Helps)
MENADUE Hugh Brown
MENADUE John, Emma, Lesley Ward
MENADUE William Herbert, Wilfred Ray
McNICOL Donald, Rebecca, James William
McNICOL Hugh, Catherine, Isabella
NORRIS George John Henry
NORRIS Rhoda (Wyatt) - on Wyatt headstone
NORTON Ernest Edmond, Joanna, Irene Emma
PEARCE Mary Ellen
POTTER Anna (Wright) - on Wright Plaque
REEDY Samuel
RILEY Ellen Mary
ROSEWARNE Emily Jane, Eva Alice
ROSEWARNE Wilfred Thomas Charles, Thelma Emily
SMITE Samuel, Mary, Eliza
SMITH Amelia, Susanna Amelia
SMITH John Richard, Sarah Ann
SMITH Mary Ann, Edward Howard
SMITH Samual Jeremiah, Amelia, Thomas Edwin
THOMPSON Flora, Henry
VERREL Alice - on Duck plaque
WHITE Anna (Wright)
WHITE Austil Alan
WHITE Elizabeth, Hannah Jane, Thomas
WHITE Harriet
WHITE Hannah Jane, Edwin Murry, Edwin Howard
WHITE Mary Ann, Edwin
WHITE Olive, Pearl, Lionel
WRIGHT Cecil, Hartley
WRIGHT Henry, Caroline
WRIGHT Henry, Mary Ann (Mee)
WRIGHT Jonathan, Eliza Ann
WRIGHT Nelson Reginald - on White plaque
WRIGHT William Leonard, Lydia Horwood
WYATT Doris Ivy - on Higgins plaque
WYATT Eliza, John
WYATT George, Mary
WYATT William Henry