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The photographs and list were updated in June 2011

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.


BARNES Alexander William
BIRKETT Ann, Frederic James
BRYAN Mary Elizabeth
BRYAN Thomas Henry, Joyce
BRYAN Thomas, Elizabeth, John
CLARKE Anne, William, Frances
DUNN Ellen Jane
DUNN James Hector Macrae
DUNN James McRae
DUNN Margaret (Evans)
DUNN Norman Alexander Forbes
DUNN William Robert
HOOD Arnold, Jane
HOOD Harold
HOOD Lewis
HOOD Victor Robert
JEFFERY Bernard William
JEFFERY Bernice Elwyn
JEFFERY Irene Susan
JEFFERY John Maurice
JEFFERY M J M - died 2005
JEFFERY Maria Ann, Robert Molesworth
JEFFERY Sydney Manvers
JOHNSTON Oliver, Elizabeth Dickson
KENNEDY Elsie Victoria
MAHONEY Michael John
MAHONEY Patrick James
MAHONEY T E, Mary Catherine
MILLER Peter Owen
MORRIS Brian Patrick
MORRIS Fay Margaret, Patrick James
O'BRIEN Meredith Jean (Dunn)
PORTER Jean Gwendoline
PULBROOK Sarah (Bryan)
RIDD Charles W
RIDD James William, Mary
RIDD Matilda Christina, Nicholas
RIDD Nicholas James, Mary Elizabeth
ROBERTS Albert Francis, Arthur
ROBERTS Chrissie
ROBERTS John Cowan
ROBERTS Thomas F, Elizabeth
SCALE Albert Richard
SCALE Catherine, John Albert
SEATON Alex, Mollie
SEATON Alexander Gault
SEATON Allan Robert
SEATON Forbes Galbraith, Elizabeth
SEATON Matilda Harritte, Thomas James
SEATON Sarah Ann
SEATON William Earl Lytton
SMITH James, Mary Jane
SUMMERS William John
THOMAS Benjamin Krahel
TUCKERMAN Robert Harold, Eldena Frances
UNKNOWN - beside Scale family graves


Other known burials

BRYAN James 1924
DILLON John 1962
DUNN Andrew 1890
DUNN James 1928
DUNN Jessie Evaline 1959
DUNN Maria 1892
DUNN William Henry 1937
FRY William 1913
HAMMOND Sydney George 1914
HOOD Mary Eliz 1963
KEATING William 1888
MACKLIN Henry 1888
MAHONEY Annie Gwynwillian 1962
McDONALD Christina 1902
McGREW John 1891
MERRY Christina Katherine 1884
MERRY Hugh 1878
PAPAREA Demetrius 1896 Registration shows Papizeo
PARSONS Mrs 1878
RIDD Clara jane 1949
ROBERTS Ann 1888
ROBERTS Charles F D 1931
ROBERTS James 1903
ROBERTS Thomas 1892
ROBERTS Thomas Fred 1949
SCALE Edgar H 1944
SCALE Violet Eliz 1948
SHERRIFF George 1896

Names are from 'Molesworth 1824- 1994' book by G.P. & N.E. Jones
Burial register for this cemetery is incomplete as there are a number of pages missing