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This cemetery was photographed in May 2023

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.

AISBETT Stuart Douglas
ALLAN Andrew
AUNGIER Thomas, Michael
BECKINGSALE Barbara (Cameron)
BECKINGSALE Herbert Bilton, Jean (Tom)
BREEN Claire McCarthy
BREEN James, Monica (Ryan)
BREEN Katherine, Margaret Joseph
BREEN Richard, Phyllis Teresa
BROWN Scott Andrew
BURGIS Alan Leslie
CAMPBELL Christina
CLEVE John James, Sarah Lucy (Stockdale)
CLEVE John James
CLEVE Lyn (Woolcock)
CLEVE Mary Rose (Scanlon)
CLEVE Timothy James
COLLINS J J - died 2002
CONNOR Margaret - on Smith headstone
CORRIGAN Sylvia Mary, Philip Joseph
COTTAM James, Elizabeth, James
COUSTLEY Charles Robert, May Josephine
COUSTLEY Darren - wooden cross
CRUISE Edward James, Patricia
CRUISE Michelle Jane
DAVIES Theodore Henry, Susan Margaret Minta
DAWSON John Thomas, Mana (Leitch)
DUNCAN Shirley, Harry
FORBES Margaret Jean, Percy J R
FOWLER C R, Marjorie (Lett)
FRANCIS Cornelius, Amelia Bartlay, Mary Ann, Elizabeth
GAWITH Eleanor Frances
GILBERT Leslie Richard, Glenne Mai
GOODMAN Elizabeth
GOODMAN John Henry
GOODMAN Thomas, Ada
GOWER John D - on Smith headstone
GREEN Bruce James
GREEN Clarisse
GREEN Joy Sibylle (Calvert)
HIBBERD Graeme Stephen
JAMIESON John, Barbara Flora
JEFFERIES Helen Mitchell, Benjamin Robert Gery
JOHNSON Frederick
LORD Mary Howard
MOORE Alexander D, Lizzie Florence
MUSCAT David John
MacDONELL Edith Eliza, Duncan
McCABE James, Margaret
McDONALD Allan A, Ada Margaret
McDONALD Christina
McDONALD James Cottam, Martha, Archibald, Mary Ann
McDONALD James, Samuel, Catherine
McDONALD John, Annie
McDONALD Mary, Alex C, Sonny
McDONELL Ann, Kenneth
McDONELL James Tom
McDONELL Kenneth, Betty Bilton
McKELLAR Elizabeth
McLEOD William, Agnes
McRAE Malcolm
O'SHEA James Hoyles
OLIVER Lorraine Florence
PIKE Colin John
ROSE Marion Elizabeth (Tom)
ROUBIN Elaine Patricia
RUSSELL Vincent Richard
RYLAND Winifred Mary, David Francis
SMITH Allan, Mary
STOCKDALE Anna Maria, Margaret
STOCKDALE Bridget Cecelia
STOCKDALE Bridget Ida, P, John Connor
STOCKDALE Bryan, Elizabeth Mary, Hazel Mary, Brendan Joseph
STOCKDALE Veronica, Raymond Francis
STOCKDALE William Hallett
SULLIVAN Timothy, Jeremiah, Daniel, Bridget - on Johnson headstone
TIGHE Patrick John, Mary Pauline, Michael John
TOM James, Margaret Joan (Cameron)
TOM Mary Lillian, James Matthew
TOM William Ernest, Jean Marion (Spring)
TOM William Ernest, Muriel Anne
WALSH Mary - on Johnson headstone