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Inman Valley Cemetery

The photographs and list were updated in November 2011

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.


ASHLEY Alison Marjorie
ASHLEY Eric Ivan
CRISP Laura Evelyn, Arthur
CRISP Rex Illman, Mildred Mary
DICKINSON Susannah, William Rylance, Jessie Isabel
DUNSHEA Major Ronald
ENGLAND J W R - died 1960
HADDOW Stephen James, Jean
HANCOCK Sydney Digby John
HURRELL Audrey Claire
HURRELL Ernest G, Mabel Grace
HURRELL Frances Gwen, Douglas Stanley Isaac
HURRELL Harriet Mary
HURRELL Margaret Rosemary
HURRELL Sylvia Florence
HUTCHINSON Florence Adelaide, Elijah, Murray
HUTCHINSON Frederick Henry
HUTCHISON Angas George, Emily Jane
HUTCHISON Mal - wooden cross
JAGGER Herbert James, Ethel Mabel
JAGGER William James, Ivan William, Ida Maud, Ivan Rutland
JAMES Percival J, Elsie Lina Mary
JONES David Malcolm Wynford
JONES Malcolm Wynford, Margaret Addison
KENT Leslie Ross
LITTLELY Hilton Richard, Edith
LITTLELY Mervyn Albert
LUSH Laurence Cowley
MARTIN Elizabeth, Richard, Henry Albert
MARTIN Evelyn Edith
MARTIN Gwenda Daphne, Rylance Thomas
MARTIN Hector W, Herbert, Louie
MARTIN Helen Margaret
MARTIN Hurtle Inman, Elizabeth Dorothy
MARTIN John Stanley Bisset, Alice Bracewell
MILLARD Helen Margaret
MILLARD Joseph, Sarah
MILLARD Malcolm Charles, Ethel Mary
MILLARD Mary Wood, Frederick George, Charles
MILLARD Mary, William George
MILLARD Owen Bruce, Annie
MILLARD Reta Alice, Maurice Bruce
MONIS Bernard John, Allison Jean
MOULDS Hartley Roy, Vera Edith
MOULDS Ronald Hartley
NOTTLE Frank A W, Bessie Ella Bracewell
NOTTLE William Thomas, Agnes Laura
PAYNE William T
PEAKE Harold George, Medora
ROADS W R - died 1997
SERK Luise, Henry
TAPLEY Morris James, Nita Joyce
THOMAS Bevan , Beatrice Muriel
THOMAS Linley, Ida Elizabeth
TUGWELL Vera, Victor
TURNER Howard John
TURNER William Charles Blachley, Kate Winifred, David William