Headstone photographs from QUEENSTOWN CEMETERY, Victoria are available free by e-mailing a request to Carol at

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Queenstown Cemetery

The photographs were kindly donated by Ron

Photographs and list were updated in November 2010.

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.


CANT William, Elizabeth, Jessie
CHANCELLOR William, Jessie, Malcolm
CLEARY Annie, John P
COLVIN Charles Edward
COUTIE Joseph, Rachel, Eunice Dulcina
DOUSSET Pierre Francois, Ernest Pierre
DUELL William
DUGDALE William Henry
GILBERT Arthur Moore
GLENNON Elizabeth S
HEWITT Stanley Hector Strathewen
HILDERBRAND Conrad, Louisa
HOPKINSON Grace Harriett
HOWARD Alice Maude, Herbert Albert, Howard Frederick
HOWARD Clara, Edwin John
HOWARD Elizabeth, Edwin
KNELL Walter
MITTON James, Sarah Jane, William
MOTSCHALL Friedrich, Walter
MULLER Anna Magdalena, Otto Johann
MULLER Frederick, Augustus, Linda, Amelia
MULLER Joann, Paulina Louisa
NESS John Albert, Charlotte
NINK Henry, Annie
O'DAY Minnie Mary, William John
PIEPER (Muller) Minnie
PLUNKETT William, Patrick, Catherine, james, Catherine
SABELBERG died 1876
SELWOOD James Thomas, Catherine Susannah
SMEATH (Hopkinson) Grace Catherine Milward
SMITH Florence -died 3 March 1879), Sarah Alice - died June 1879
SMITH James Neil
SMITH Robert, Eliza
SMITH Samuel
SMITH Thomas James Edwin, Grace Evelyn
STEINMANN Charles Herman, Annie
STEINMANN Herman, Louisa, Henrietta, Marguerita Lawson
THOMSON Rhoda, Walter
WHELPTON Edward, Margaret
WOOD Samuel, Caroline, Francis Reginald
WRIGHT Charles Joseph