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Staffordshire Reef Cemetery

This cemetery was originally photographed in August 2009 and updated in June 2019.

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.


BAILEY Melinda Louise
BERRIMAN Nathaniel, Arthur, Emily, Elizabeth
BLAKELY Jane, Elizabeth
BOYD Duncan Rankin, Margaret Emmett
BOYD John, Catherine, Duncan Rankin, Margaret Emmett
BOYD John, Duncan Rankin, Margaret - tin marker
CASON Samuel
COX Eric Alister
COX Eric Edwin
COX Florence E
CROSTHWAITE Father, Mother, Lyle
DUNNE Maxwell Victor
EYMER Anna Martha
FRAZER Albert Lovat, Marion Isabella (Guy), Albert Robert Harold, Sylvia May (Holmes)
GANGELL Elizabeth, Ivy May, Matilda
GRAY Mary Ann
GUY Adrienne Mary
GUY Alan Vivian
GUY Charles Leslie
GUY Helen Knox
GUY Isabella, William Walter, Alfred
GUY Ronald Victor
GUY Sheila (Ferguson)
GUY Walter, Amelia Edith, Albert Cecil
GUY William, Baby
HAIG Elizabeth Ann, Andrew, George
HOGNO Eileen Mary
HUNICHEN Anna, Peter, Winnie
KORTH Brigitte
LILLEY James Shipley
LUCAS Graham Anthony
LUCAS Kevin John
MacNEILL Dorothy Mary (Thomas)
McCOLL Catherine Keith
McGREGOR Daniel, Margaret, Daniel, Annie, Hugh, Margaret
McLEAN Ewen, Sarah, Sarah
McNABB Elma (Deppeler)
MEAD Frederick Lewis
MEAD William Lewis, Catherine
MEYER Jamieson
NOLAN Elizabeth
PENROSE Matthew, Priscilla, Mary Ann, John Matthew, Henry Matthew
PERRY Rebecca, William Joseph, William Joseph
ROUTSON Johanna, Henry Cley, Sarah Jane, Andre W, Angeline, John Quincey
RYAN Peter John
SANDERSON Elizabeth Lee (Rees)
SAWBRIDGEWORTH John A, William Henry
SCHRECK Frederick Wilheim, Anne Catherine Marie
SCOTT Alfred Robert
SCOTT Alfred Roy, Alice
SCOTT Margaret June
SCOTT William George
SINZ Peter
TRANTER Joseph, Stephen, Margaret
VURLOW Denzil Alexander James
WHITNEY Roy Albert