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This cemetery was photographed in August 2013

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.

AGAR Rebecca
ALDERSON Philip James
ARBUTHNOT Mary Ann, George
AUSTEN Hannah, Alfred, Thomas Alfred
BOBOS Anka, Stefan
CRAINE Myrtle - on Cropley headstone
CROPLEY Catherine, George
CROPLEY Elsie Lillian, Samuel
CROPLEY George, Mary
CROPLEY John, Amelia Mary, Emily Adelaide, Mary Ann
DEMPSEY Ellen Mary, Jeremiah
EVANS Albert James
EVANS Edward Charles, Margaret Jane
EVANS Jane, James Henry, George Albert
EVANS Joseph Henry
EVANS Samuel
FARAGHER Daniel, John James, Christina
FARAGHER Robert H, Elizabeth, Catherine, Elizabeth
FEUTRILL Theophilus
FOLEY Robert William Alexander, Jean Bernadette
GALLOWAY Nanette Amelia
GARDNER William, Lillias
HALL John Herbert, Jessie Ann
HARRISON Mary Ann, Matthew
HOWATSON James, Sarah Jane (Duthie, George, Mary Spreull (Harvey), Alexander, Jean Clavert, Joan Bell
INNES Elizabeth - on McLAGAN headstone
JOHNSON Margaret - on Scott headstone
KILLEEN Mary Ann, Rachael Alice Jane
LEAKE Alfred
LEAKE Ellen, Edgar George, Alfred Rupert, William Herbert
LEAKE William, Rebecca
MITCHELL Trent Anthony
MYERS Christina, John Harrison, John T
MYERS Donald Rockson
MYERS Gregory John
McGOVERN Terance - wooden cross
McLAGAN Annie, George, Janet
O'HALLORAN Zachary John
PYERS James, Annie Isabella
QUICK Olga Mary, Kenneth Matthew
ROBINSON Alice, Isabella Constance, James
ROBINSON Annie Elizabeth
ROBINSON Cyril Cahill
ROBINSON David Leslie, Elizabeth A, David
ROBINSON David Stanley, Edna Ruth
ROBINSON Douglas Ernest
ROBINSON Henry Parkes, Phillis Levena
ROBINSON Henry, Bridget, Margaret Mary Elizabeth
ROBINSON James Forsyth
ROBINSON James Pratt, Catherine Douglas
ROBINSON John William, Nellie
ROBINSON John, Margaret, Elizabeth
ROBINSON Nellie Isabel, Harold John
ROBINSON William, Margaret, Elsie Margaret, William James
RULE Alison Wendy - wooden cross
SCOTT John, George, Jane
SEARLE Simon, Elizabeth
SMITH Gavin Joseph
SMITH Richard, Caroline
VICKERS Alma (Volant)
VOLANT Frederick, Neil William
VOLANT John, Leslie
VOLANT Shirley June
VOLANT Stephen, Isobel, Alexander, UNKNOWN Thomas
VOLANT Triphena Mary Elizabeth
VOLANT William, Catherine, Stephen
WARREN Gary John