Headstone photographs from Wongarbon Cemetery, New South Wales are available free by e-mailing a request to Carol at

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This cemetery was photographed in May 2017 by Julie D

Many thanks to Julie for kindly donating these photos

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.

BAKER John Thomas
BOURKE John, Margaret
COFFEE Walter Hilton Trevor
CONSTABLE Joseph William
DENNISON Thomas, Eliza
DUNK Doris
DUNN Charles George, Isabella
DUNN James Cowan
FINUCANE John Henry, Sarah
HILL Ailsa Mildred Lorraine
HILL Cecil George
HILL James
HILL Margaret Anne, Grace
HUNT John Joseph
HUNT John, Annie
LYNCH Cecily Winifred
LYNCH Patrick Terence
McDONALD Venessa
McKELVEY, Thomas, Gladys - on Pearson headstone
PEARSON Reuben, John, Leslie, George, Ambrose, Albert, Sarah Ann
PENDER Henry Alfred, Caroline Frances
SMITH Albert
SMITH Julia Teresa
UPTIN B - died 1898, A - died 1910

Historical Burial Records

NAME Date of Death   NAME Date of Death
AUSTIN Alfred George 8/06/1911   LYNCH Patrick Terence 8/11/1922
BAKER John Thomas 25/07/1916   MADIGAN Veronica Gladys 10/6/1895
BERELL May Ellen 2/04/1892   MAWBEY John Thomas 27/10/1912
BOURKE James M 29/05/1915   MAY Herbert Clyde 9/11/1900
BOURKE Margaret Mary 18/06/1915   MAY Thomas 8/2/1881
BUCKLEY Bessie 8/02/1864   MAY Un-named 19/06/1936
CLARKE James 6/01/1913   McALLY Cathy unknown
CLEAVER un-named male 30/01/1913   McDONALD Vanessa P 10/02/1907
CROSS Cathy unknown   McKELVEY Gladys Matilda 26/03/1903
COFFEE Walter 29/11/2005   McKELVEY Thomas 20/05/1914
CONSTABLE Joseph 23/08/1933   McNAMARA Thomas 13/05/1900
CRAWFORD Mary 18/08/1911   MOORE Hilda May 1/11/1899
CULLEN Joseph Daniel 30/09/1918   MURPHY Francis 15/02/1913
DANIELS William 13/08/1882   OSBORNE Edward 15/10/1902
DENNISON Elisa 7/09/1947   PEARSON Albert 28/03/1929
DENNISON Thomas 31/08/1897   PEARSON Ambrose Edward 17/11/1923
DUNK Doris Kathleen 20/02/1916   PEARSON Arthur 28/1/1883
DUNN Charles George 14/06/1914   PEARSON George 8/03/1943
DUNN Charles Henry 25/05/1895   PEARSON John 10/09/1900
DUNN Isabella 29/03/1913   PEARSON Leslie 12/10/1917
DUNN James Cown 28/05/1901   PEARSON Ruben 11/5/1895
FIELD John Eric 22/11/1923   PEARSON Sarah Ann 21/10/1932
FIELD Marie Jean 21/01/1936   PENDER Amy Emily 21/08/1912
FINUCANE John Henry 13/06/1919   PENDER Caroline Frances 18/12/1919
FINUCANE Sarah 30/06/1930   PENDER HENRY Alfred 6/10/1942
FITZSIMMONS Peter 9/1893   ROBERTSON Hector Hugh 15/12/1907
GRIEFIELD Charles 14/2/1872   ROBBINS Noel Henry 20/08/1911
HANNAN Kathleen 13/04/1906   ROBINSON James 8/9/1867
HEALEY Louisa 5/11/1933   ROONEY Peter Patrick 25/11/1905
HILL Ailsa Mildred 26/04/1930   SIEVERS Henry Mark 10/01/1900
HILL Grace 12/12/1918   SMITH Albert Edward 20/03/1936
HILL James 17/05/1942   SMITH Julia Theresa 12/02/1941
HILL Margaret 19/06/1917   STARR Olive Ada 1/11/1897
HOLMES David Alfred 30/08/1927   STEWARD Walter Edgar 29/11/1895
HUNT Annie 16/08/1911   STEWART James Murray 27/6/1876
HUNT John 11/12/1909   THORLEY Alpha 2/12/1936
HUNT John Joseph 13/03/1944   THORLEY Edward 16/07/1926
HUNT Robert John 24/05/1921   THORLEY Hubert Everett 19/11/1901
HUTCHINSON Mary 16/06/1900   THORLEY Joy May 30/8/1896
JAMES Alexander 19/02/1900   THORLEY Mary 10/12/1913
LIHOU Edwin Stephen 22/8/1899   THORLEY William 28/10/1901
LOVETT Effie Louise 24/5/1894   UPTIN Annie Elizabeth 18/08/1910
LOVETT Milton Hubert 19/10/1896   UPTIN Benjamin 9/8/1898
LOVETT Bede Hamilton 15/10/1903   UPTIN Elsie May 18/6/1891
LYNCH Cecily Winifred 23/03/1953   WOODLEY Ronald James 23/07/1908
LYNCH John Edgar 16/10/1920