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Woodchester Cemetery

This cemetery was photographed in November 2011 and updated in September 2016

The list below only refers to headstones in the cemetery and is not a complete burial list.


ANDERSON Jane - on Richardson Headstone
BERECRY Gavan Theodore
BERMINGHAM William, Agnes
BILLINGHAM Mary Ann, Isaac, Elizabeth, John G
BILLINGHAM Samuel, Hannah
BLELLOCK James, Vera
BROOK Charles, Elsie Mary
BROOK Murray William
BROOK William, Mary, William, Charity
BROOK William, Prudence Lillian
CAMAC George, Nellie
CASE Daniel Edward, Elsie, Gladys Lillian
CROSS Eric Ansell
CROSS Harrold Hubert, Elsie May
CROSS Jacob, Mary Ann
CROSS Ronald Hector
CROSS William
DICKESON Glenys Dulcie
EATTS Irene Mary, Ralph Renfrey
EDWARDS Arthur Leo
EDWARDS Edward Henry, Beatrice Isabella
EDWARDS William Clifford
FERRIES James, Isabella, Phoebe Agnes, James, James, Charlotte
GARDNER Mary (Tink)
HARVEY Ada Mary, Albert Lloyd, Ada Mary
HARVEY Alfred G, George S
HARVEY Constance Brownhill, Herbert Colin
HARVEY David Charles Drew, Elsa Dorothea
HARVEY David, Mary, Charles, Ann Maria
HARVEY Elizabeth, Herbert John
HARVEY Gordon Lloyd, William Charles, Nita Lindsay
HARVEY Henry, Eleanor
HARVEY William Lindsay
HASSAM William Melville, Agnes Eva
HASSAM William, Eliza Ann
HEFFORD Edith Harriet
HILL Ernest Edward, Martha Mary, Walter Ernest
HILL Harry Samuel
HOOPER Ann - on Stanton headstone
HUNT Lindsay Frederick
HUTSON Anthony, Fanny
JENKINS Evan Charlton, Florence Mary
JENKINS Evan John, Dulcie Emily
JENKINS Frederick Meadows
JENKINS Jean Winifred
JENKINS Regina Merle, William Charlton
McALLAN Elizabeth, William, Walter Keith, Walter Henry, Ella Lavinia
McDONALD Alexander, Jane Hogarth
McDONALD Ann, Alexander, Walter, Ellen
McDONALD Robert Sweet, Marion
McDONALD Susan, William N
McDONALD William, Kate, Edith - on Sweet headstone
MEADOWS Mary, Frederick
MOULD Sidney James, Mary Maria
NESS James, Margaret, Alexander
PAECH Percy Victor, Irene Catherine, Camilla Lisette, Carl August, Anna Maria Mathilda
PALLANT Eliza Ann - on Taylor headstone
PARKYN Edith Emily, William Richard
PETERS Bruce Richard Ian - on Trewartha grave
PHILLIPS Bessie Adeline
PHILLIPS Frederick Glen, Viola Annie
PHILLIPS George, Maria, Ivor
PHILLIPS Harold Thomas, Gladys Catherine
PHILLIPS Leslie Dean - wooden cross
PHILLIPS Thomas, Clara Matilda
PHILLIPS William, Henry
POPE Ada Mabel, Frank, Myrtle May
PRATT John, Anne E, Sarah
PRATT Samuel, Elizabeth Anne, John, Malcolm
RHIND Margaret, William
RICHARDSON Margaret, William
RICHARDSON William Angas, Eunice Mary, John, Mary Robertson
RICHARDSON William, Helen, Jane
ROSMAN Mary Nicholls, Trevor Arthur
ROSSER Watkin, Mary
SHIELDS Allen, Jessie Edna
SMITH Annie, Berry, Mary, Lilly, Catherine
STANTON Samuel, Maria, Ann, Edith
STONER Wm Oscar - on Stanton headstone
SWEET Frank Clarence
SWEET Ivy Maud
SWEET Robert, Anne Lyon
SYMONDS Bernice Ella - wooden cross
SYMONDS Donald Arthur
SYMONDS Lyndon Trevor
TAYLOR Benjamin, Avilda Susannah, Rita Elizabeth
TAYLOR James, Ann, John, James
THOMPSON B L - died 2001
TINK Philip Taylor
TINK William, Jane
TOMS Matthias, William
TREWARTHA William James, Robert Arthur
WOOD Mary - on Shields headstone
WUNDERSITZ Albert Oswald, Henrietta Emily
WUNDERSITZ Frederick Ernest, Doris Eveleen
YEATES Edward William
YEATES William Henry, Ruby Hocking