"The World Wide Appleby One Name Study Group"

This site was first established in July 1997 as:

A forum created to foster discussion and exchange of genealogical information on the Appleby family.


Name Origins:
Derives from de Appleby, (Norman) for Local 'of Appleby'

Parishes in Westmorland, Lincoln and Leicester.


Some Noteable Appleby's:
Henry de Apelby, rector of Bolton-Juxta-Bowland 1367
John de Appleby, vicar of Tilney, Norfolk 1372
Sir Edmund de Appleby who died in 1375. He fought at the Battle of Crecy in France with King Edward III.
Wiliam Ivers Appleby 1811-1870 Journalist and pioneer on a Mormon Wagon Train in Utah.
James Appleby 1824-1835 who died aged 11 along with 75 boys in the Wallsend Colliery disaster.
Thomas A Appleby 1843-1925 Veteran of the American Civil War.
Stuart Appleby. The Australian World Class International golfer.