Kayemac's Cemetery Index's


West Gippsland, Victoria

While visiting the graves of my Family members, I have decided to take photos of all the graves.
I have put them here for others who are unable to travel to this place.


Bunyip is located in Gippsland Victoria, 77 kilometres east of Melbourne
The town is about 3 kilometres from the Princes Freeway
Travelling via the Freeway, towards Warragul, turn right into Hope Street
opposite the Bunyip Service Station.
The cemetery is on the left, not far from the Freeway turn off,
The photo is the transcription, just follow the link.

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ADAMS Wendy Elizabeth dau of Allen & Marjorie 0 25.12.1968 Photo CE
AGNOLETO Albino Tony - hus of Lena 78 2.7.1987 Photo Lawn J
AGNOLETO Lena Angelina wife of Tony 90 23.6.2005 Photo Lawn J
AHEARN Patrick dau Mary f. Thos m. Kate nee Hallonin 74 2.9.1913 1    2 RC
AHEARN Thomas f. Patrick m. Alice nee Bourke 72 1.10.1937 1    2 RC
AHERN Mary wife of John f. Edward Sheehy m. Joahanna 64 31.7.1937 Photo RC
AHHRN John hus of Mary with Mary & Patrick   11.5.1945 Photo RC
AHERN Patrick son of John & Mary nee Sheehy 31 18.10.1937 Photo RC
ALLAN A (Aaron) Great War Veteran 20481 RFM 68 22.11.1941 Photo CE
ANDERSON Maurice Kelvin hus of Lilias f. John m. Mary 72 1.4.1985 Photo Pres
ANDERSON Lilias Lorna wife of Maurice Kelvin f. Herbert Jos. m. Ann nee Shaw 94 16.6.2003 Photo Pres
ANDERSON Mary Ethel Hannan wife of Jno C. Anderson f. Patrick Hannan m. Isabella nee Barnes 84 1.4.1967 1    2 Pres
ANDERSON John Cunningham hus of Mary Ethel f. John m. Louisa Anne nee Cox 74 16.8.1953 1    2 Pres
ANDERSON John Cunningham son of John & Mary Ethel nee Hannan 41 4.2.1964 1    2 Pres
ANDERSON Betty Elaine wife of Owen 61 2.10.1997 Photo Lawn O
ANDERTON Elizabeth wife of Bernard f. Edwin Coltman m. Niomi nee Stoneham 80 18.2.1961 Photo CE
ANDREWS Albert Edward hus of Sarah f. Arthur m. Bessie nee Close 73 11.4.1970 Photo Lawn B
ANDREWS Sarah Lillian wife of Albert, f. Henry Miles m. Martha nee Hughes, mother of Ngaire 41 19.8.1934 Photo Lawn B
ANDREWS John Roxby McMillan hus of Diane 58 8.10.1986 Photo Lawn J
ANDREWS Diane Hilda wife of John 56 1.11.1992 Photo Lawn J
ANGWIN Benjamin Leslie husband of Hazel 34 12.1.1967 1    2 CE
ANGWIN Alma Nora wife of Benjamin Wm. nee Grant 80 24.9.1981 1    2 CE
ANGWIN Benjamin William hus of Alma Nora nee Grant 55 22.10.1952 Photo CE
ANGWIN Chris Trevor Wayne f. Les m. Hazel 33 8.4.1990 Photo Lawn L
APPS Maureen Katherine f. David Leslie Apps m. Margt Gwen nee Angwen 1 10.1957 1    2 CE
APPS David Leslie (Digger) hus of Margaret 73 31.7.2000 Photo Lawn O
APPS Margaret Gweneth hus of David (Digger) 68 4.9.1999 Photo Lawn O
ARBUTHNOT Joseph William hus of Molly Gladys f. George m. Mary Ann nee Smith 65 6.2.1974 Photo Lawn C
ARBUTHNOT Molly Gladys wife of Joseph Wm. f. George Pyres 55 19.4.1971 Photo Lawn C
ARRANDALE James   66 11.4.1968 Photo Lawn A
ARRIGO Francesco hus of Vitoriaf. Francesco m. Pasqua 82 26.2.1982 1    2 RC
ARRIGO Vittoria wife of Francesco 86 9.3.1990 1    2 RC
ASHBY Alex Graham John son of David & Jodie s/b 19.7.1997 Photo Lawn D
BAILLIE Thomas John hus of Rose. 11 children f. Thos Jno m. Hannah Duggan 79 28.3.1956 1    2 RC
BAILLIE Rose Ethrina wife of Thos Jno. 11 children f. Thos Kyme m. Mary Hoyne 91 25.12.1977 1    2 RC
BAILLIE Thomas J. bro of Mary 82 13.10.1993 Photo RC
BALZARY Melinda Ruth dau of Ron & Nanette 26 28.2.1994 Photo Rem
BARKER Annie wife of Alfred 52 27.3.1906 Photo Pres
BARNES William Francis husband and father "gone fishing" 86 15.8.2003 Photo Lawn R
BARRATT John Robert hus of May. f. Geo. m. Ellen nee Wright, Son Colin. 59 24.7.1967 Photo CE
BARRATT George hus of Ellen. f. Isaac m. Phoebe nee Hickman 62 7.8.1926 Photo CE
BARRATT Ellen wife of Geo. f. John Wright m. Ellen Elizh nee Everett 65 26.11.1936 Photo CE
BARRY Emily Edith wife of Charles f. Wm Ross m. Sarah Ann nee Tew 61 21.2.1968 Photo Lawn B
BARRY Charles Haines hus of Emily 65 29.11.1969Photo Lawn B
BASSED Walter Henry hus of Thelma 84 8.2.1998 Photo Lawn N
BASSED Thelma wife of Fred 75 9.2.1994 Photo Lawn N
BASSETT Edith May wife of late John & Robert 92 28.10.2001 Photo CE
BASTIN George Ernest f. Edward m. Annie Hatherall 54 13.3.1947 Photo CE
BASTIN Alma E. wife of Geo. 39 22.12.1939 Photo CE
BASTIN Daisy wife of Wm Alfred, f. Robert Bastin m. Jessie 28 21.6.1927 Photo Meth
BAYLEY Edna May wife of Laurie 86 10.10.2003 Photo Lawn L
BAYLEY Lawrence Beamish hus of Edna 79 29.7.1989Photo Lawn L
BAYLISS Kathleen Jean wife of Eric J. 86 23.3.1990 Photo CE
BAYLISS Eric John hus of Kathleen J. 89 14.1.1994 Photo CE
BEATTIE Samuel McComb hus of Sara f. Currie m. Matilda 56 2.1.1955Photo Pres
BEAUMONT John Anthony Joseph son of Joseph & Lorraine 52 29.8.1999 Photo Rem
BEGG Kenneth hus of Gwenda 65 14.11.1993Photo Lawn N
BELL Hugh hus of Catherine. son of John & Janet 73 9.1921Photo Prs
BELL Catherine wife of Hugh. nee Lambie. f. Thomas 55 6.1906 Photo Prs
BELL Hugh son of Hugh & Catherine 56 3.1.1942 Photo Prs
BELL Jessie Ruth wife of Geo Wm f. Hy Plier m. Ellen nee Simmons 59 31.7.1956Photo CE
BELL George William hus of Jessie Ruth 69 18.1.1962Photo CE
BELL Catherine Pinkerton dau of Hugh m. Catherine nee Lambie 90 8.9.1963Photo Pres
BELL Catherine wife of Hugh f. Thos Lambie m. Catherine Pinkerton 55 25.6.1906 1    2 Pres
BELL Hugh f. Hugh m. Catherine nee Lambie 56 3.1.1942 1    2 Pres
BELL Hugh hus of Catherine f. John m. Janet 74 9.1921 Photo Pres
BELL Norman Leslie hus of Valerie Jean f. James Henry m. Laura Alice 34 21.12.1980 Photo Lawn F
BENISON Pauline mother 80 8.3.1999 Photo Lawn P
BENNETT Walter James hus of Alice Maud f. Geo m.Fanny nee Peach 46 17.5.1947 Photo CE
BENNETT Robert f. Harry Wm m. Audrey nee Graham 23 24.12.1973 Photo Pres
BENSTEAD John Joseph hus of Mary. f. Thos. m. Bridgt Cooney 80 18.9.1938 Photo RC
BENSTEAD Mary wife of John. f. Thos Cunningham m. Margt nee Bourke 62 8. 1940 Photo RC
BENTLEY Jason Bruce hus of Tanya 33 11.10.2005 Photo Lawn T
BERRY Joseph b. 1860 hus of Emily f. Thos. M. Louisa nee Palmer 71 1.1932Photo CE
BERRY Emily b. 1861 wife of Joseph. nee Darby 85 9.1947Photo CE
BERRY Elizabeth f. Wm Legg m. Fanny nee Watson 88 26.5.1976 Photo Rem
BERRY Edward John f. Joseph m. Emily nee Darby 88 29.12.1976Photo Rem
BERRY William Joseph hus of Bonnie 81 9.12.2001 Photo Lawn M
BESWICK Mary Elizabeth wife of John f. Geo Hodgson m. Annie nee Brown 55 16.2.1927Photo CE
BESWICK Bessie Mary Dau of John & Mary nee Hodgson 10 23.1.1916Photo CE
BEUHNE Noreen Claire wife of Hans Frederick f. Robert Fox m. Agusta nee Anders 78 22.5.1979Photo Lawn E
BEUHNE Hans Frederick hus of Noreen f Karl m. Marie nee Barrowman 80 18.9.1977Photo Lawn E
BILES Beatrice May Beattie - wife of Albert 70 8.6.1990Photo Lawn L
BILES Albert John hus of Beatrice 81 28.10.1997Photo Lawn L
BIRD Ellen Gladys f. Joseph m. Ellen 79 2.12.1996Photo Lawn P
BIRKIN Leonard Frank hus of Mary Marg. f. Geo m. Eva nee Richardson 67 19.6.1958Photo CE
BIRKIN Mary Margaret wife of Leo. Frank. f. Alf Stubington m. Mabel nee Harvey 74 20.11.1977Photo CE
BIRKIN Alan Herbert hus of Emma f. Geo m. Eva Maria nee Richardson 77 3.7.1962Photo Pres
BIRKIN Emma Winifred Whiteside. wife of Alan f. Walt Maddern m. Elizth 95 20.10.1985Photo Pres
BJORKSTEN Mary Elizabeth wife of Robin 60 23.4.1999Photo Lawn P
BJURSTROM Gustaf Charles hus of Alice f. Gustaf Chas m. Ida nee Mitchell 79 4.5.1974Photo CE
BJURSTROM Alice wife of Gust af Charles f. Geo Osborn m. Mary 89 7.4.1981Photo CE
BJURSTROM Harold George son of Gustaf & Alice 13 6.4.1938Photo CE
BLACKWELL Jennifer Rose wife of Clifford f. Chris Johnson m. Stella 39 31.10.1983Photo Lawn H
BLACKWELL Douglas Harold Maxwell f. Douglas m. Nancye 28 5.12.1988Photo Lawn K
BLOXIDGE Peter Edward f. Alfred m. Olive 41 8.10.2005Photo Lawn T
BOGART John hus of Jane f Van Den Boogaa m Elizth nee Pennings 63 10.12.1975Photo Lawn D
BOLTON Arthur hus of Elma f. Herbert m. Elizabeth nee Mather 74 9.6.1965Photo Lawn B
BOLTON Elma Viola wife of Arthur 89 28.10.1999Photo Lawn B
BOOKER Darren Leslie f. Ron m. Rhonda Nancye 15 28.2.1983 Photo Lawn G
BOTTERILL Arthur John b. Boston, England, hus of Kate f. Chas. 581922Photo CE
BOTTERILL Katherine Jane Kate, wife of Arthur, nee Trewartha. 6 children 651936Photo CE
BOULTON Norman James hus of Ada Evelyn 66 23.9.1973Photo Lawn D
BOULTON David John son of Norman & Ada. father 58 12.11.1993Photo Lawn D
BOURKE Edward James hus of Dorothy 63 29.9.1997Photo Lawn O
BOW Mary Katherine wife of Bill. mot of Maureen, Albert & Garry 74 24.4.1987Photo RC
BOW Albert AKA Bill. f. Albert Edw m. Jane Elizabeth Jones 45 12.5.1957Photo RC
BOW Jane Elizabeth wife of Albert f. Thos Jones 62 29.7.1934Photo CE
BOW Albert Edward hus of Jane Elizh f. Zachariah m. Mary nee Short 96 5.11.1963Photo CE
BOW Frederick Calvan f. Albert Edw. M. Jane Elizh nee Jones 60 11.7.1974 Photo Lawn D
BOYD Phoebe Grace wife of Lional f. Albert Hamilton m. Ellena nee Emmerson 53 20.10.1975Photo Lawn C
BOYD Lional Peter hus of 1 Phoebe 2 Lorna 65 4.5.1991 Photo Lawn C
BRADISH Robert Richard hus of Iris Winifred 67 14.5.1986Photo Lawn I
BRADISH Iris Winifred wife of Robert (Dick) 85 2.4.1996Photo Lawn I
BRAIN Jean Mouat wife of Douglas f. Laurence Mouat m. Sarah Ann nee Reynolds 57 17.3.1974 1    2 Pres
BRAIN Ailison Barbara Margo. Wife of 1 Ronald Primrose (Dec) 2 Douglas Brain, nee McKeller 84 7.4.1994 Photo Lawn C
BREHENY Margaret Ellen (Nellie) Infant 22m 23.2.1919 1    2 RC
BREHENY Michael Peter   47 16.7.1966 1    2 RC
BREHENY John Michael   74 10.2.1952 1    2 RC
BREHENY Sarah (nee McMenamin) 70 12.4.1953 1    2 RC
BREHENY Kyran John son of Martin mmn Doyle 16 12.1959Photo RC
BREHENY Michael Leonard son of Joyce 27 29.12.1967Photo Lawn B
BREHENY Joyce   69 20.9.1987Photo Lawn B
BREHENY Sheila Mary wife of Martin f. John Doyle m. Mary 66 28.7.1981Photo Lawn E
BREHENY Martin John hus of Sheila f. John m. Sarah nee McMennamin 62 13.7.1978Photo Lawn E
BRENCHLEY Scott David son of Graeme & Jill 13 23.12.1981Photo Lawn G
BRENCHLEY Leonard John Jack hus of Linda 84 10.12.1988Photo Lawn J
BRENCHLEY Linda Frances wife of Jack 89 5.8.1996Photo Lawn J
BREW Catherine Isobel wife of Henry f. Geo Rowlerson m Jane Buttock 74 31.5.1961Photo CE
BREW Albert George Henry son of Henry & Cath Isabella Rowlerson 12 10.1.1925 1    2 CE
BREW Henry hus of Catherine, son of Robert Brew & Emma nee Jones 67 18.8.1945 1    2 CE
BRIDAL Eric William f. Harold Geo m. Elizh nee Fynaughty 34 24.10.1947Photo Pres
BROOKE Agnes Bryden f. Wm. Rogerson Brooke m. Cath Brtden 60 29.4.1926 Photo CE
BROOKING Edwin Albert f. Richard Brooking m. Alice Johnson 64 29.7.1937Photo Pres
BROOME Heather Jean hus of Daryl 41 29.11.1988Photo Lawn K
BROWN James hus of Winifres. Dad of Pat f. Jios m. Dolly nee Dodd 71 17.11.1956Photo RC
BROWN John Thomas f. Andrew m. Margt nee Hall 11mths 2.1895Photo CE
BROWN Rosi Dora wife of Frank 81 17.2.1986Photo Lawn B
BROWN Frank hus of Dora f. Albert m. Lydia nee Ford 63 23.3.1968Photo Lawn B
BROWN Robert James hus of Lorna f. Albert Jos m. Lydia Anne nee Ford. A.I.F. 53 23.8.1975Photo Lawn D
BROWN Brendon Geoffrey f. Roger George m. Denise Lesley 23mths 22.8.1980Photo Lawn F
BROWN Philomena wife of John Edward 89 3.12.1996Photo Lawn K
BROWN John Edward Jack - hus of Philomena 85 18.7.1988Photo Lawn K
BROWNBILL George William hus of Mary Ann, f. Wm. m. Margaret neeTatterall 61 21.8.1916 1    2 RC
BROWNBILL Mary Ann wife of Geo Wm f. John Reilly m. nee McKernan 77 30.4.1943 1    2 RC
BROWNE Isabel Cullon f. Alfred Barker m. Annie nee Fraser 67 6.12.1947Photo CE
BROWNE William Walker f. Wm m. Eliza nee Talbot 641941Photo CE
BROWNE Marion Amy f. Wm Walt m. Isabel nee Baker 65 10.12.1970Photo CE
BROWNE Bert hus of Celia 87 16.8.2003Photo Rem
BROWNE Ronald William hus of Ann. Photo 77 18.2.2002Photo Lawn Q
BROWNE Michelle Louise f. Ray m. Kaylene 4 children 25 4.12.2000Photo Lawn P
BROWNE-CALDERWOOD Margaret m. of Wm, Geo & Dulcie b. Ireland nee McClelland 74 20.5.1955Photo CE
BROWNE-CALDERWOOD George hus of Marg. Son of Marg Ann nee Dalzell 74 2.1.1958Photo CE
BRUTON Terry David -40 28.11.1994Photo Lawn I
BRUTON David Trevor   55 30.7.1986Photo Lawn I
BRYANT Eleanor f. Wm Gibbins m. Mary nee Buckley 62 10.9.1944Photo CE
BUCKINGHAM Matilda wife of Joseph nee Lawley 72 24.5.1934 1    2 CE
BUHAGIAR Guy Stephen b. 22.5.1949 f. Tony m. Carmel Mizzi 25 4.2.1974Photo RC
BURLEIGH Jane Alice wife of Jas. f. Richard Brooking m. Alice Johnson 73 19.11.1937Photo Pres
BURLEIGH Anne Elizabeth wife of Henry f. George Leithead m. Alice Julie nee Barker 58 1.1963Photo Pres
BURLEIGH Henry Brooking hus of Anne f. James m. Jane Alice Brooking 80 26.9.1975Photo Pres
BURLEIGH Francis James hus of Flora f. James m. Jane nee Brooking 58 26.12.1957 1    2 Pres
BURLEIGH Flora Isabel Jessie wife of Francis f. Jno Fraser m. Flora nee McDonald 91 1.5.1987 1    2 Pres
BURNES Dennis Joseph hus of Irene May 73 9.12.1991Photo Lawn M
BURT William Henry hus of Lou 81 2.6.1993Photo Lawn N
BUTLER Parker Joseph f. Henry m. Eleanor Sarah nee Wilson 82 27.11.1974Photo Lawn D
CALLINAN Leo John hus of Veronica 54 16.8.1986 1    2 RC
CALLINAN Thomas hus of Jean f. Thos m. Isabella McNaughton 40 4.6.1940Photo RC
CALLINAN Jean Teresa wife of Thos f. John Holland m. Agnes 80 8.11.1980Photo RC
CAMERON Betty Lorraine wife of Tom 81 6.10.2005Photo Rem
CAMERON Dorothy Josephine   69 7.11.1993Photo Lawn N
CAMP Mabel Eva wife of Athol f. John Clark m. Mary Ellen nee Lampard 72 10.3.1964Photo Meth
CAMP Adrian Ernest Athol hus of Mabel Eva f. Ernest Albert m. Elizabeth 1st A.I.F. 90 19.7.1980Photo Meth
CAMP Hazel Eileen Marie Donelan. sister of Athol f. Albert Ernest m. Elizh Johnson nee Macken 651957 1    2 Pres
CAMPBELL Emma Jane wife of James Brown. nee McCauley 65 17.4.1966Photo Prs
CAMPBELL James Brown hus of Emma Jane. f Edward m. Jane 92 6.11.1985Photo Prs
CAMPBELL Frederick George hus of Beatrice 62 14.4.1970Photo Lawn B
CAREY William hus of Margt 70 23.8.1935Photo RC
CAREY Margaret wife of Wm. f. Henry Hogan m. Julia nee Green 88 5.8.1954Photo RC
CAREY Agnes Veronica f. William m. Margaret 81 3.11.1981Photo Lawn G
CARLING Mary Elizabeth wife of Robert A. nee Drake 55 14.5.1946 1    2 RC
CARR Evelyn wife of George 74 14.8.2005Photo Lawn T
CARTER Alfred Nathaniel      Photo CE
CARTER Alfred Nathaniel 2467 Corporal 22nd Battalion 32 14.5.1921Photo CE
CARTER Ducie May wife of Chas Herbert 85 3.7.1986Photo Lawn C
CARTER Charles Herbert hus of Dulcie May 80 21.7.1978Photo Lawn C
CARTER Jean wife of Cathbert 82 3.10.2001Photo Lawn R
CASWELL Raymond f. Andrew m. Louisa 91 24.3.1995Photo Lawn O
CAYGILL Miles hus of Ruth f. William m. Emma 66 24.8.1942Photo CE
CAYGILL Ruth wife of Miles nee Foote 80 13.9.1954Photo CE
CHAPMAN Harold Victor hus of Gladys f. Victor m. Edith 74 7.11.1983Photo Lawn H
CLAMPETT Glen Maurice son of Maurice & Murial    Photo Meth
CLAMPETT Maurice hus of Murial  1989Photo Meth
CLAMPETT Muriel wife of Maurice  2000Photo Meth
CLAMPETT Merv Joseph    1896Photo Meth
CLANCY Daisy Grogan f. Chas. Hanoway mmn Emily Geogas 70 17.8.1953Photo RC
CLANCY Frank W b 1888 86 5. 1974Photo RC
CLANEY Beryl Jean wife of George 63 16.7.1989Photo Rem
CLARK Russell Nichlas hus of Jean 86 3.8.2004Photo Rem
CLAYTON T. F. H. hus of May 61 31.12.1956Photo CE
CLAYTON May with T. F. H. wife of Thomas. nee McIntosh 51 9.1946 Photo CE
CLEARY Thomas Edward hus of Gabrielle 73 22.4.2000 1    2 Lawn Q
COCK John Alfred f. Fred. m. Mary Ann nee Draper 73 19.2.1970Photo CE
COCK Frederick William hus of Mary f. John m. Hannah nee Wilson 64 24.6.1932Photo Pres
COCK Mary Annie wife of fredk Wm f. Jas Wm Draper m. Elizh Ann nee Smith 91 11.12.1952Photo Pres
COCK Raymond William son of Fred Cock and Mary Ann nee Draper 51 25.4.1953Photo Pres
COCK Stanley Frederick son of Fred Cock and Mary Ann nee Draper 62 28.6.1960Photo Pres
COCK Albert Lester f. John Thomas m. Sophia nee Hauser 90 18.8.1996Photo Lawn B
COCK Charles Edwin f. John Thomas m. Sophia nee Hauser 66 3.5.1970Photo Lawn B
COCK Thomas Reginald hus of Merle f. John m. Sophia 72 13.6.1981Photo Lawn G
COHEN Frederick James (Sam) son of Henry & Clara nee Voss 64 15.6.1982 1    2 CE
COHEN Douglas Spencer A.I.F. eldest son of Henry & Clara nee Voss 80 31.3.1994 1    2 CE
COHEN Henry James hus of Clara f. Bernard m. Susan nee Williams 60 8.1.1948Photo CE
COHEN Clara Emily wife of Hy Jas f. John Voss m. Elizabeth 87 1.4.1981Photo CE
COHEN Allan Percy Child of Henry & Clara nee VOSS 9 3.2.1936Photo CE
COHEN John Herbert Son of Henry & Clara nee VOSS 45 21.9.1965Photo CE
COHEN Margaret Emily Peggy - f. Henry James Cohen m. Clara Emily (nee Voss?) 56 11.11.1980Photo Lawn G
COHEN Alfred James hus og Gwen 79 6.7.1994Photo Lawn N
COHEN Gwendoline Alice wife of 1 Clarence Sunderland 2 Alfred Cohen 78 9.6.1999Photo Lawn N
COLE Gordon Keep hus of (1) Alice (2) Catherine f. Charles m. Martha R.A.A.F. 83 9.2.1984 1    2 Lawn G
COLE Catherine Ruby wife of Gordon Keep f. Daniel Robertson m Cath Ruby 71 1.8.1981 1    2 Lawn G
COLES Frederick hus of Emily f. Geo Mullins Coles m. Harriet Haymon nee Prescott 72 27.11.1922 1    2 CE
COLES Emily wife of Fredk f. Hallett 81 19.6.1945 1    2 CE
COLES Olive Edith sister of Fred & Elsie f. Fredk m. Emily nee Hallett 83 14.1.1979 1    2 CE
COLES Fred f. Fredk m. Emily nee Ha;;ett 28 25.2.1920 1    2 CE
COLLINGBOURNE Leslie William hus of Dorothy f. Wm Henry m. Hary Jane 76 18.8.1983 Photo Lawn H
COLLINS John Albert hus of Kathleen f. John Lillywhite m. Mary Lavinia nee Scragg 66 3.1972 1    2 Meth
COLLINS Yvonne dau of John Stanley Collins & Constance nee Smith 8 1/2 26.1.1959 1    2 Pres
COLLINS John Stanley hus of Constance 67 18.8.1989Photo Pres
COLLINS Nancy wife of Royce 64 31.10.1999Photo Lawn Q
COLLIS Sam Anthony John - f. Ern Ward m. Elizabeth nee Phillips 17 18.4.1977Photo Lawn E
COLLIS Ernest Ward hus of Betty 87 18.1.2006Photo Lawn T
CONLIN Helena wife of Edward nee Fulton mmn Holian 68 11.1.1950Photo RC
CONLIN Edward hus of Helena. f. Jno mmn Cath Murphy 92 22.9.1962Photo RC
CONNELLY Margaret Joyce wife of Noel 76 16.8.2003Photo Lawn R
COOMBS Olga Adareen Jean wife of Harry Ernest 73 12.8.1990Photo Lawn M
COOPER Daisy wife of Joseph Albert f. John Sherwin m nee Bond 43 18.2.1946Photo CE
COOPER Joseph Noel f. Jos. Albert m. Daisy nee Sherwin 3 20.3.1940Photo CE
COOTS Lorna Annie wife of Noel 66 31.7.2001Photo Lawn P
COOTS Timothy Edward f. Noel m. Lorna 30 31.7.1997Photo Lawn P
CORCORAN Peter hus of Elizabeth f. Thos m. Maria Dawson 592.1.1936 1    2 RC
CORCORAN Elizabeth wife of Peter. f. Michael Browne m. Mary Castello 58 4.9.1938 1    2 RC
CORCORAN Peter son of Peter & Elizabeth nee Browne 4 hours 5.1921 1    2 RC
CORCORAN Michael infant son of Peter & Elizabeth nee Browne 9 mths 3. 1920 1    2 RC
CORCORAN Laura May wife of Tom 83 15.10.2005 Photo Lawn D
CORCORAN Thomas Joseph hus of May f. Peter m. Elizabeth nee Browne 61 21.11.1974Photo Lawn D
COSTAIN Dorothy Lillian wife of Ian 79 10.3.2005Photo Lawn S
COSTAIN Ewan Colin hus of Angela 76 29.11.2004Photo Lawn S
COSTELLOE John hus of Anne - 3.10.1919 Photo RC
COSTELLOE Anne wife of John f. Wm Treacy m. Elizabeth Stapleton 73 12.3.1929Photo RC
COUGHLIN Lilly Gerardine " Lillian " wife of Kevin 72 10.7.1997Photo Lawn P
COWELL Walter Leonard hus of Jean 66 18.2.1987Photo Lawn J
COX Christina Sophia wife of Fred. nee Blackburn 62 25.2.1955Photo Ply Breth
COX Frederick A. hus of Chris abt 97 14.1.1989Photo Ply Breth
COX Jeffrey son of Brian & Ruth nee Williams 0 1.1958Photo Ply Breth
COX Kenneth Albert f. Ernest Chas m. Edith Jessie nee Bow 1y9mths 4.7.1928Photo CE
COX Ernest Charles Hus of Edith Jessie, son of Fred and Mercy Emma nee Winthorpe 82 9.10.1969Photo CE
COX Edith Jessie wife of Ernest Charles, f. Albert Edw. Bow m. Jane nee Jones 85 18.9.1986Photo CE
COX Ronald Ernest hus of Edna 64 9.1.1996Photo Rem
COX Frederick Charles hus of Maureen A.I.F. 65 3.3.1988Photo Lawn K
CRAIG Ian Michael hus of Cheryl May f. Albert Eric m. Patricia Joan 29 28.9.1982Photo Lawn G
CRAIG-COLLINS Margaret Dolly nee Nylander wife of Leonard formally Ellis 103 2.11.1995Photo CE
CRAVEN A. Kevin Albert, hus of Veronica 73 27.10.1993Photo Lawn N
CREMIN Father Patrick P. P. of St Joseph's Iona 1934-1947 f. Cornelius 75 9.1947Photo RC
CREMIN Paul Anthony f. Jack m. Lil 25 25.1.1987Photo Lawn J
CREMIN Alice Ellen wife of Cornelius native of Ireland 85 7.11.1997Photo Lawn M
CREMIN Cornelius Joseph hus of Alice 72 28.6.1992Photo Lawn M
CRISPIN Robert hus of Rose f. John m. Sarah Ann nee Giddins 76 22.3.1945Photo RC
CRISPIN Rose wife of Robert, nee Laverty 75 4.12.1948Photo RC
CROLL Henry Theodore hus of Lynette 77 15.6.2003Photo CE
CROME Stephen Raymond f. Ray m. Helen 18 16.5.1994Photo Lawn N
CRUDDEN Mary f. Jas Bigland mmn Cork. 35 21.5.1959Photo RC
CRUDDEN Patrick hus of Mary f. Thomas m. Mary nee McClosky 81 9.12.1934 1    2 RC
CRUDDEN Mary wife of Patrick f. Thomas Duffy 83 10.3.1938 1    2 RC
CRUDDEN Patrick John hus of Linda f. Patk m. Mary 88 16.4.1983 Photo Lawn H
CRUDDEN Linda Ellen wife of Patk 84 4.10.1987Photo Lawn H
CUMMING Clyde hus of Gladys f. John m. Alice Ada nee Reid 49 29.8.1971Photo Lawn B
CUNNINGHAM John Bernard hus of Cath, son of Thos & Marg nee Bourke 49 22.7.1927Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Catherine Tereasa wife of John, f. Clarkin m. Catherine nee Moore 78 14.9.1969Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Thomas hus of Margaret 81 28.6.1924Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Margaret wife of Thomas, nee Bourke 86 24.1.1934Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Patrick son of Thos & Marg. wife Mary 49 25.2.1925Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Mary wife of Patrick nee Doherty 73 3.7.1964Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Bernard Aloysius son of Daniel & Bridget nee Magrath 9mths 18.3.1957Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Bridget Margaret AKA Brydie. Wife of Dan. 8 children 74 7.8.1987Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Daniel Clement Dan. Hus of Brydie 87 7.7.1994Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Gregory Husband of Winifred f. Mathew m.Margaret Toohey 63 5.12.1964Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM James Joseph son of Thos and Margt nee Burke 63 17.5.1952 1    2 RC
CUNNINGHAM Joseph Benedict hus of Margt 40 26.10.1940Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Margaret wife of Joseph B. nee Toohey 69 15.11.1939Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Mathew hus of Margaret f. Thos m. Margt nee Bourke 78 6.12.1946Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Margaret wife of Mathew f. Pat Finnigan m. Ellen nee Dwyer 61 4.4.1965Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Agnes Catherine dau of Mathew and Margaret nee Toohey 93 6 1.1996Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Mary Margaret dau of Mathew and Margaret nee Toohey 84 16.10.1982Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Vincent James son of Mathew and Margaret nee Toohey 77 7.9.1983Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM Mathew Alphonsus f. Mathew m. Margaret Toohey 57 20.6.1962Photo RC
CUNNINGHAM John Gerard f. Mathew m. Margaret Toohey 71 8.11.1975Photo RC
CURRIE Edward f. Joseph m. Mary nee Donnelly 40 31.12.1943Photo RC
CURRIE Elizabeth f. Joseph m. Mary nee Donnelly   21.10.1991Photo RC
CUSSEN Richard Joseph hus of Johannah f. John m. Julia nee Ahern 80 11.12.1978Photo Lawn F
CUSSEN Johannah Maria wife of Richard, f. John Maloney m. Catherine 86 23.11.1981Photo Lawn F
DALTON Christine Janette f. William. m. Shirley nee Allen 16 21.10.1972Photo CE
DALTON William Percival hus of Shirley 75 7.6.2003 Photo CE
DARNLEY Bithiah Elizabeth May f. Alex Gillespie m. Bithiah Jane 90 24.5.1983Photo Lawn H
DAVIDSON Norman George hus of Elizabeth Lillian Walker f. Geo. m. Phoebe 83 19.5.1981Photo Lawn D
DAVIDSON Elizabeth Lillian Walker wife of Norman 80 15.4.1978Photo Lawn D
DAVIDSON Elva wife of Don 74 21.5.2005Photo Lawn T
DAVIDSON Donald hus of Elvie 79 8.11.2005Photo Lawn T
DAVIS Alice Margaret wife of Wm Henry f. John Napier m. Margt nee King 85 4.12.1977Photo Lawn E
DAVIS Reginald Edward hus of Elma89 21.4.2004 1    2 Lawn S
DAVIS Keith hus of Bonnie 74 17.4.1997 Photo Lawn P
DAW Frederick hus of Margaret nee Kelly. 6 children 58 18.6.1902Photo CE
DAWES Albert hus of Rose f. Alfred m. Louisa nee Morgan 73 7.2.1962 1    2 CE
DAWES Rose wife of Albert f. John Jolley m. Belinda nee Stone 79 19.7.1979 1    2 CE
DAWSON Julie Anne wife of Ken f. Arthur Stark m. Primrose 33 1.2.1972Photo Pres
DAWSON Ethel Sarah wife of Geo Wm f.Jas Kehoe m. Mary Ann 79 24.1.1981Photo Lawn F
DAWSON James Edward hus of Lorraine son of Ted & Kitty 40 25.10.1981Photo Lawn G
DAWSON Edward Ted - hus of Kitty 90 30.4.1998Photo Lawn G
DAWSON Catherine Annie Kitty - wife of Ted (nee Rogers?) 88 19.10.2002Photo Lawn G
DAYMOND Malcolm John son of Arthur & Amy 1day 4.10.1956 Photo CE
DEERING James Edward (Ted) hus of Margaret 73 7.1.1995Photo Lawn O
DELANEY Donald George hus of Wilma, A.I.F. 80 31.7.2000 1    2 Lawn Q
DENNIS Carmel wife of Robert40 30.6.1994 1    2 RC
DESSENT Mary Jane wife of Walter f. John Reynolds m. Annie 83 2.8. 1959 1    2 CE
DESSENT Walter hus of Mary f. John m. Mary nee Griffiths 82 10.12.1959 1    2 CE
DESSENT Ethel Annie f. Walter m. Mary Jane nee Reynolds 10 22.8.1922 1    2 CE
DESSENT Valerie Joy f. Wm Allen m. Ethel Adelaide nee Westwood 19 20.2.1945 1    2 RC
DESSENT Ethel Adelaide wife of Wm Allan F. Henry Westwood m. Mary Evans 56 31.9.1948 1    2 RC
DESSENT William Allan hus of Ethel A. f. John m. Mary nee Griffiths 83 17.10.1973 1    2 RC
DESSENT Leslie Charles hus of Alva 85 17.9.1996Photo UCA
DESSENT Elva Gladys wife of Leslie 84 3.4.1997Photo UCA
DESSENT Walter John hus of Kathleen 98 19.4.2000Photo Pres
DESSENT Kathleen McDonnell wife of Walter 96 19.6.2002Photo Pres
DICK Henry f. Alexander m. Jessie Simpson 61 21.10.1956Photo Pres
DICK Alexander hus of Jessie f. John m. Barbara nee Archibald 82 12.6.1946Photo Pres
DICK Jessie Jane wife of Alex f. Simpson m. Jane nee Spalding 90 5.3.1954Photo Pres
DICK Alexander William hus of Muriel f. Alexander m. Jessie Jane 78 13.1.1981Photo Lawn F
DICK Muriel Gweneth wife of Alexander nee Reid 78 11.12.2000Photo Lawn F
DILLON Edwin Ernest hus of Sophia f. Phillip m. Ellen Combolt 49 7.8.1932 Photo RC
DILLON Sophia wife of Edwin f. John McMahon m. Elizabeth Mckewan 82 25.3.1968 Photo RC
DILLON Desmond Francis Xavier hus of Molly f. Thomas m. Agnes 68 21.5.1984 Photo Lawn I
DILLON Phillip Charles hus of Aileen 74 11.4.1989 Photo Lawn K
DILLON Hanora Aileen wife of Phil72 7.3.1989 Photo Lawn K
DILLON Mary Patricia wife of Edwin 75 23.3.2006 Photo Lawn S
DILLON Edwin John hus of Mary 84 2.10.2004 Photo Lawn S
DINEEN Ellen Mary wife of Michael Jos. F. Pat Finnigan m. Ellen 78 3.8.1980 1    2 RC
DINEEN Michael Joseph Joe. Hus of Ellen Mary - 10.10.1992 1    2 RC
DIXON Clifford Les Walker hus of Frances f. Richd Jas m. Emma Hughes nee Swan 57 12.4.1944 1    2 Meth
DOBELI George hus of Maud f. Martin m. Mary McCormack 82 24.12.1974Photo RC
DOBELI Maud Theresa wife of Geo. F. Jno Reynolds m. Annie Collins 85 6.12.1978Photo RC
DOBELI Louisa child of Geo & Maud nee Reynolds 12 hours 19.2.1921Photo RC
DOHERTY Raymond f. John m. Irene nee Dryden 10mths 17.3.1953 1    2 CE
DOHERTY Francis John b. 21.10.1916 f. Charles m. Margaret nee Rutledge 63 3.12.1979 1    2 CE
DOHERTY Irene Cora wife of Francis John. b. 25.10.1918 nee Dryden abt 84 29.3.2002 1    2 CE
DOHERTY Heather Jean wife of John Francis 74 13.10.1999Photo Lawn L
DOHERTY John Francis hus of Heather 66 11.3.1991Photo Lawn L
DOHERTY Dorothy Mary wife of Bill (Doc)82 27.1.2006Photo Lawn T
DOHERTY Alice Sheila f. Wm. m. Elizabeth 83 27.2.2004 Photo Lawn S
DONALD (Chas) Joseph son of Charles & Eliza nee Conquest 73 30.6.1926 1    2 CE
DONALD Amy Jane Isabel b 1891 f. Chas Jos. m. Elizabeth Chomley 32 14.3.1917 1    2 CE
DONALD Elizabeth m. Elizabeth nee Chomley formally Nairn 62 30 8 1918 1    2 CE
DONALDSON Ferederick Charles f. Geo m. Maude Newcombe 2 22.9.1954Photo Meth
DONNELLY Kathleen Therese wife of George 76 15.10.1986 Photo Lawn E
DONNELLY George Frederick hus of Kathleen 72 18.12.1977 Photo Lawn E
DONOVAN Maxwell Keith Keith m. Annie Elizh nee Farr 36 2.1978Photo Lawn C
DOOLAN Joseph Patrick hus of Dot 70 10.3.1976Photo Lawn D
DOWD John hus of Margt Mary f. Dennis m. Mary nee Lovell 55 30.11.1934Photo RC
DOWD Margaret Mary Wife of John f. Austin Reidy m. Margt nee Moore 75 21.11.1949Photo RC
DOWLING Ivy Isabell wife of William 80 14.4.2006Photo Lawn P
DOWLING William J. hus of Ivy A.I.F. 77 29.9.1998Photo Lawn P
DOYLE John William f. Kyran m. Mary nee Lynch 75 12.1949Photo RC
DOYLE Mary Jane wife John Wm. f. Thos Maguire m. Margt FITZSIMMONDS 86 8.1946Photo RC
DRAKE Elizabeth Catherine wife of Jas Jos. f. Thos Moriarty m. Elizth Maconochie 56 16.8.1921Photo RC
DRAKE James Joseph hus of Elizabeth Catherine f. Patk m. Mary Mulconroy 79 3.5.1941Photo RC
DRAKE John Edward f. Jas Joseph m. Elizabeth C nee Moriarty 70 18.8.1971Photo Lawn C
DRAKE Mary Ann wife of Thos Danl f. Michael Gaghin m. Elizth Ann nee Drake 83 13.6.1977 Photo Lawn C
DRAKE Thomas Daniel hus of Mary Ann f. Jas Joseph m. Elizabeth C nee Moriarty 76 17.12.1969Photo Lawn C
DRAPER William Henry hus of Joyce 65 21.3.1993Photo Lawn M
DUFFIELD Anthony Clifford hus of Pauline, son of Clifford & Laura 62 9.3.2003Photo Lawn R
DUFFY Mary wife of Laurence Jas. 6 children 62 21.2.1990Photo RC
DUFFY Laurence James hus of Mary 61 17.6.1988Photo RC
DUNCAN Alfred Ernest f. John m. Mary Margt nee Grant 10 14.6.1901Photo Pres
DUNCAN Alfred Ernest f. John m. Mary Margt nee Grant 10 14.6.1901Photo Pres
DURANCE Kathleen Frances f. Leonard Bird m. Winifred 52 4.5.1988Photo Lawn K
DWYER Anne dau of Pat & Edith nee Matthews abt 65 3.6.2003Photo RC
DWYER Kathleen dau of Pat & Edith nee Matthews 530.5.1936Photo RC
DWYER John Thomas hus of Maureen 69 13.4.2002Photo RC
DWYER Patrick hus of Edith 39 24.12.1938Photo RC
DWYER Edith wife of Patrick 82 17.2.1991Photo RC
DYER John Vincent hus of Margt 53 4.12.1989Photo Lawn K
EDWARD Gwendoline Grace wife of Lewis 85 4.2.2000Photo Lawn Q
EELTINK Hermanus Johannes hus of Maria 59 15.1.1959Photo RC
ELLIOTT Robert F. hus of Eileen 73 8.11.1990Photo Lawn L
ENTICOTT Margaret Christina wife of Alfred mot of Win Pearl, f. Patk Hehir m. Win Kelly 72 5.2.1967Photo RC
ENTICOTT Winifred Pearl dau of Margt Chris. 4 6.1918Photo RC
ENTICOTT Alfred Andrew hus of Margt. f. Thos. m. Grace nee McGreggor 85 6.3.1975 1    2 RC
ETON Margaret formally Daw, f. Daniel Kelly m. Ann Behan wife of Alex 62 29.6.1917Photo CE
EVANS Kathleen Burnett b. 29.8.1903 wife of Vernon mother of 4 abt 100 11.11.2003Photo CE
EVANS Elizabeth Kathleen mother of Wendy 61 16.2.1988Photo Lawn J
EVANS Lorance Kenneth hus of Dorothy CPL - A.I.F. 74 15.5.1997Photo Lawn L
FALLON Honora wife of Michael. nee Houlihan 57 18.9.1908Photo RC
FALLON Michael hus. of Honora 75 31.3.1915Photo RC
FALLON William hus. of Mildred Blanche f. Michael m. Honora nee Holian 88 14.12.1971 1    2 RC
FALLON Mildred Blanche wife of William 92 20.1.1986 1    2 RC
FALLON Pamela Alva wife of Desmond f. Herbert Morrison m. Ethel Victoria 45 21.1.1980Photo RC
FALLON Desmond E hus of Pamela 62 2.12.1987Photo RC
FALLON Maureen Teresa wife of Jack, nee Butler 64 27.4.1986Photo RC
FALLON Peter John son of Jack & Maureen nee Butler 3 12.4.1954Photo RC
FALLON Anne Margaret dau of Jack & Maureen nee Butler 17 11.3.1974Photo RC
FALLON John hus of Ellen f. Michael m. Honora nee Holian 74 20.11.1961Photo RC
FALLON Ellen Josephine wife of John f. Stephen Whelan m. Margaret McGrath 85 12.3.1979Photo RC
FALLON Raymond Frank f. Wm. m. Mildred nee Wakeham. A.I.F. 52 29.1.1971 1    2 RC
FALLON Leo John hus of Thelma f. John Ambrose m. Ellen Josephine nee Whelan A.I.F. 55 19.10.1974Photo Lawn D
FALLON William George hus of Margt f. Wm m. Mildred 65 12.10.1982Photo Lawn H
FALLON John Adrian hus and Father 78 7.10.2003Photo Lawn S
FAWKNER Patrick hus of Greta f. Wm m. Hannah nee Owens 57 9.2.1950Photo RC
FAWKNER Greta (Alice May) wife of Patrick nee Monaghan 83 15.4.1973Photo RC
FAWKNER James Patrick hus of Carmel 77 23.12.2003Photo Lawn S
FEILD John Paul hus of Anne f. Daniel m. Bridget 58 27.8.1940Photo RC
FEILD Anne (Annie) wife of Jno Paul 63 19.8.1954Photo RC
FELTHAM Johan Robert John - hus of Valda 70 16.11.2003 1    2 Lawn S
FENN Theodora wife of 1 Doug Blackwell 2 A.W.J. Fenn 73 21.5.1979Photo Lawn E
FENTON Marie Therese wife of Henry f. John Bradley m. Charlotte 68 20.4.1982Photo Lawn G
FENTON Richard F. hus of Mary (dec) & Marjorie 87 1.5.1997Photo Lawn P
FENTON Marjorie Muriel wife of Richard 86 11.4.2003Photo Lawn P
FERRIS Esther Phyllis wife of John Edward 82 17.5.1997Photo Lawn F
FERRIS John Edward Jack - hus of Esther f. John Robert m. Margaret 66 30.8.1980Photo Lawn F
FIELDER Albert AKA Bert, wife Kate, dau Laurel & Freda 75 21.11.1963Photo RC
FIELDER Catherine "Kate", hus Bert, dau Laurel & Freda, nee Milligan 87 3.10.1975Photo RC
FEILD Bridget wife of Dan 74 9.7.1929 1    2 RC
FIELD Daniel hus of Bridget f. Daniel 89 20.2.1939Photo RC
FIELDER Elizabeth   74 8.7.1930 1    2 RC
FIGGINS John Grimm hus of Louise f. James m. Mary nee Wilson 77 4.6.1970Photo Meth
FIGGINS Louise wife of John G. nee Jayet 85 28.7.1982Photo Meth
FINCK Rubina Mary Miss. f. Louis m. Elizabeth nee Killeen bur 3.3.1955 45 3.1955 Photo CE
FINCK Louis Wilhelm hus of Elizh Mary nee Killeen f. Wm. m. Hannah nee Taylor 80 16.8.1948Photo CE
FINCK Elizabeth Mary wife of Louis Wilhelm. nee Killeen 74 26.1.1948Photo CE
FINCK Alan f. Louis Wihelm & Elizh Mary nee Kileen s/b1915Photo CE
FINCK Leo f. Louis Wihelm & Elizh Mary nee Kileen  1913Photo CE
FINNIGAN Patrick Joseph hus of Ellen Mary f. Thos m. Ellen nee Thornton 70 14.10.1940Photo RC
FINNIGAN Ellen Mary Wife of Patk. Jos. f. Thos Dewer 77 29.5.1948Photo RC
FITZGERALD Kevin Patrick child of Pat & Molly 7 weeks 24.7.1928 Photo RC
FITZGERALD Kevin hus of Margaret 54 10.4.1986 1    2 RC
FITZGERALD Margaret wife of Kevin 72 29.4.1993 1    2 RC
FITZGERALD Kevin infant son of Kevin & Margt 1/2h 6.1957 1    2 RC
FITZGERALD Gerald infant son of Kevin & Margt 3 hrs 12.1958 1    2 RC
FITZGERALD Bartholomew hus of Annie J. 531905 1    2 RC
FITZGERALD John Edward F. Bartholomew m. Annie Sullivan 13 24.8.1926 1    2 RC
FITZGERALD Annie Johanna wife of Barth.f. Patrick O'Sullivan 96 3.11.1948 1    2 RC
FITZGERALD John Patrick hus of Molly, f. John m. Norah Leydin 66 5.1.1963Photo RC
FITZGERALD Mary Kathleen "Molly" nee O'Neill mmn Ethel Glen 96 28.1.2005 1    2 RC
FITZGERALD Geoffrey Michael f. Maurice m. Grace Anderson 2 hrs 4.4.1963 1    2 RC
FITZGERALD Mary Ellen wife of Michael f. Pat Goulding m. Ellen Donoghue 73 11.6.1966Photo RC
FITZGERALD Michael Henry f. Bartholomew m. Annie Sullivan 84 11.1964Photo RC
FITZGERALD Richard John "Dick" hus of May. f John m. Honora Layden 56 2.1.1955Photo RC
FITZGERALD Mabel Grace "May", wife of Dick. f Chas Milligan m. Ethel May Mannix 88 24.4.1993Photo RC
FITZGERALD Batholomew b. 1886 f. Barth m. Annie Sullivan 68 4.1953Photo RC
FITZGERALD Thomas hus of Charlotte 85 17.11.1976Photo Lawn B
FITZGERALD Peter Joseph f. John Pat. m. Mary Kathleen nee O'Neil 29 18.4.1975Photo Lawn D
FITZGERALD John Vincent Jock. Hus of Mary f. Pat m. Molly nee O'Neill 62 10.1992Photo Lawn D
FITZGERALD Mary Anne Noreen Rene - wife of Maurice 88 4.8.1993Photo Lawn E
FITZGERALD Maurice Mossie - hus of Rene f. Batholomew m. Annie nee Sullivan 79 28.6.1978Photo Lawn E
FITZGERALD Brian Ulick f. Maurice m. Rene 43 9.8.1986Photo Lawn I
FITZGERALD Maurice Edward "Tom" son of Pat and Molly 70 10.10.2005 1    2 Lawn Q
FITZGERALD Kenneth Laurence "Paddy" son of Pat and Molly 68 14.7.2000 1    2 Lawn Q
FITZPATRICK Annie Therese wife of James f. Bernard Reynolds m. Annie nee McCarthy 67 14.7.1973Photo Lawn C
FITZPATRICK James wife of Annie nee Reynolds f. James m.Jane nee Lancaster 74 29.7.1971Photo Lawn C
FLEMING Winifred "Win" wife of George 87 1.12.1992Photo Lawn K
FLEMING George Maxted hus of Winifred 82 29.10.1987Photo Lawn K
FLETT Elizabeth wife of Robert f. David Bruce m. Jessie nee Gunn 72 20.2.1952 1    2 Pres
FLETT Robert Irvine hus of Elizh f. John m. Jessie Isbister 81 5.6.1959 1    2 Pres
FLETT John hus of Jessie f. John m. Marion nee Irvine 83 26.11.1914Photo Pres
FLETT Jessie wife of John f. John Isbister m. Jessie nee Ross 75 23.8.1914Photo Pres
FLETT Neil McLennan son of Wm Alex & Marion nee McInnes 26 15.11.1936Photo Pres
FORESTER Roland Henry f. John m. Rose nee Ward. Pte 3312 39 26.10.1936Photo RC
FORRESTER Ann Annie f. Alex Forester m. Margt nee King 85 14.5.1943 1    2 CE
FOSTER Sophia wife of Des. nee Mortimer 85 27.8.1992Photo CE
FOSTER Des Shelton hus of Sophia 90 5.1.1994Photo CE
FRANKIN Donald  57 8.? 1923Photo Pres
FRASER Wesley Ian McDonald f. Gavin m. Eileen 40 13.6.2005Photo Lawn O
FRASER Gavin David William hus of Eileen 63 28.6.1995Photo Lawn O
FREER Allen Leonard hus of Joan 76 31.1.2006Photo Rem
FREER Lance Alan son of Allen & Joan 24 2.11.1985Photo Rem
FRY George Edwin hus of Valda 83 30.1.1994Photo Lawn N
GAGHIN Michael J f Michael m. Ann Drake 24 16.12.1913 1    2 RC
GAGHIN John Killied in Action France 25 11.4.1917 1    2 RC
GAGHIN Annie hus Mich. Mot. of Annie John & Michael f. John Drake 57 22.6.1919 1    2 RC
GAGHIN Peter Lawrence f. Michael m. Mary Ann nee Drake 67 21.4.1968Photo RC
GAGHIN Patrick Francis f. Michael m. Elizabeth Ann 79 17.9.1980 Photo Lawn F
GALLOWAY Ivy Mary "Boots" wife of Hector 72 7.8.1997Photo Lawn P
GANNON Michael Alphonsus f. John Thomas m. Ellen Victoria nee Egan 22 26.7.1937Photo RC
GANNON John Thomas Jack. hus of Ellen Vic. nee Egan, f. Michael m. Mary nee MacDonald 82 5.3.1968Photo RC
GANNON Ellen Victoria Nellie, wife of John Thos f. James Egan m. Hannah 94 26.4.1983Photo Lawn H
GARDINER Maria wife of Don 45 16.10.1989Photo RC
GARRETT Violet Maud   67 2.5.1992Photo Lawn M
GARVEY Patrick hus of Joan 84 15.7.1996Photo Lawn O
GAUNT Walter Hayden hus of Maree 55 8.3.2001Photo Lawn Q
GAWLER Lauren Elsie f. Ian m. Sharron 8mths 27.2.1993 Photo Lawn M
GAYDON Albert Henry hus of Charlotte late 24th Batt 1st AIF 50 14.8.1948Photo CE
GAYDON - FITZGERALD Charlotte Caroline f. Dan. Millist m. Maria nee Braybrook wife of A. H. (dec) & Thos Fitz. 77 20.12.1978Photo CE
GIBB James Rankin Webster hus of Edna f. John m. Sarah nee Greig 50 25.4.1953Photo CE
GIBB Edna Mary wife of James Webster f. Fredk. Cock m Mary Ann nee Draper 68 17.7.1972Photo CE
GIBB Mary Elaine dau of James & Edna nee Cock 8mths 24.5.1942Photo CE
GIBLIN Andrew Buchanan b. 28.2.1879 f. Michael mmn Mary Giblin "Uncle Andy" 84 17.4.1963Photo RC
GIBLIN Catherine wife of Thomas f. Martin Vaughan m. Cath. McInerney 56 5.12.1935Photo RC
GIBLIN Thomas hus of Cath. f. Michael m. Mary Buchanan 74 9.1.1953Photo RC
GIBLIN Kathleen Kate - wife of Tom 74 9.3.2002Photo Lawn H
GIBLIN Thomas John hus of Kate f. Thos m. Catherine 68 7.12.1984Photo Lawn H
GIDDINS Pamela Dawn wife of Robert   14.11.2003Photo Lawn S
GIGGINS Edna Estrella wife of Lionel Edward f. John Powell m. Emily Jane 81 18.1.1980Photo Lawn F
GIGGINS Lionel Edward hus of Edna 84 18.6.1992Photo Lawn F
GILLARD D. S. hus of Joy R.A.N. 74 15.8.2002Photo Rem
GIPPS Stella Elizabeth wife of Brooke 85 2.10.1999Photo Lawn Q
GLASSON Alexander Watson hus of Betty 71 5.12.1994Photo Lawn N
GLEESON Anne wife of Thos b. County Carvan 75 11.1932 Photo RC
GLEESON Thomas hus of Anne b. Tipperary 1857 81 6.1937 Photo RC
GLEESON Mary Josephine mot. of Thos 80 26.6.1972 Photo RC
GLEESON Peter Joseph   65 27.8.1996 Photo RC
GLEESON Thomas Frederick   63 23.8.1988 Photo RC
GLOVER Roy William hus of Geraldine 42 16.4.1991Photo Lawn L
GOODALL Pamela Jean f. Arthur m Marjorie Lillian nee Jenkins 32 17.5.1979Photo Lawn E
GOODREM William Francis Frank - hus of Noelle 73 16.2.1986Photo Lawn I
GORMAN Annie Mary wife of Richard f. Thos Shanahan m. Annie 79 10.3.1953Photo RC
GORMAN Richard hus of Annie f. William m. Annie 90 25.5.1955Photo RC
GOTTSCH Marcus Dennis born W.A. hus of Elaine 70 2.4.2001Photo Meth
GOULDING Ellen f. Cornelius mmn Margt Hegarty, bro Barth. 61 15.8.1930Photo RC
GOULDING Eileen Winifred (Nell) wife of Maurice f. Robert McMillan m. Bridget nee Guthrie 58 8.1954Photo RC
GOULDING Maurice hus of Nell f. Patrick m. Ellen nee O'Donoghue 89 3.1984Photo RC
GOULDING John James hus of Joan 72 22.1.2002Photo RC
GRAHAM Deirdre Loris wife of Donald 70 23.6.2005Photo Lawn K
GRAHAM Donald Nelson hus of Deirdre A. I. F. 63 15.11.1988Photo Lawn K
GRAY Martha wife of Geo. f. John Jagoe m. Honora nee Jennings 65 21.9.1946 1    2 CE
GRAY George hus of Martha 70 21.7.1950 1    2 CE
GRAY Robert f. John m nee LINDSAY 65 2.5.1931Photo Pres
GRAY Theresa M. Bub wife of Jack 81 28.10.1994Photo Lawn F
GRAY John Jack, hus of Theresa f. George m. Martha 75 1.8.1980Photo Lawn F
GRAY Jack hus of Angela 55 5.11.1992Photo Lawn M
GRAYSON William hus of Thora f. Thomas 48 10.4.1953Photo Meth
GREEN William Cole d. Iona. f. Thos m. Annie Cole 55 8.8.1911 1    2 RC
GREENING Geoffery William hus of Nina f. Geremy m. Jeanette nee Reid 41 22.3.1968Photo Lawn A
GREENLAND Louise     31.12.1987Photo Lawn H
GREY Lois Margaret f. Charles Grey m. Nellie nee Barker 11 3.3.1949 1    2 CE
GREY Charles hus of Nellie f. Albert m. Sarah nee Mountford 61 4.4.1964 1    2 CE
GREY Nellie Elma wife of Charles nee Barker 97 19.1.2000 1    2 CE
GRIFFIN James Cornelius f. Edward m. Eileen 77 23.4.2005Photo Lawn T
GRIGG Margaret dau of Lew & Doris s/b 11.7.1944Photo Breth
GRIGG Austin son of Aubrey & Rita 1hr 7.6.1952Photo Breth
GRIGG John Robert son of Lew & Doris nee Hopkins 5d 5.1954Photo Breth
GRIGG Marianne dau of Lew & Doris s/b 4.1941Photo Breth
GRIGG Gwenneth dau of Lew & Doris s/b 4.1942Photo Breth
GROGAN Margaret Mary wife of Peter f. Clarence Millar m. Dot May 47 26.1.1985Photo Lawn H
GROGAN Debbie Marie f. Peter m. Mary 23 20.1.1987Photo Lawn H
GROSS Elsie May wife of Frederick mother of 8 f. Alfred Watson m. Jessie nee Adamson 80 28.4.1967Photo CE
GROSS Godfrey John f. Gottfried John m. Elsie May nee Watson A.I.F. 70 12.4.1977Photo Lawn E
GROSS Henry Albert f. Frederick m. Elsie 72 13.5.1983Photo Lawn H
GUATTA John Clement hus of Lillian f. Giovanni m Angelina nee DeLouis Late A.I.F. 79 26.6.1976Photo Lawn C
HAEUSLER Hector Preiss hus of Rose 68 18.11.1993Photo Lawn N
HALL Mathew f. Mathew m. Margt nee Foster 751932Photo CE
HALL Annie f. Wm McCulloch m. Elizabeth Jones 351897Photo CE
HALL Ida Florence Miss f. Thomas m. Jane Margaret nee Bogle 70 6.2.1963Photo Pres
HALL Herbert Stanley f. Thomas m. Jane Margaret nee Bogle 86 8.5.1966Photo Pres
HALL Leonard Frederick hus of Edna f. Frederick m. Nellie 64 7.8.1976Photo Lawn B
HALVY Michelle Louise dau of Kathleen & Kevin sis of Christina & Jacinta 4 days 5.12.1967Photo RC
HAM Annie Estella wife of Arthur G. nee Trevaskis 831972Photo CE
HAMMOND Dean J. f. Kevin m. Gail 26 4.6.1990Photo Lawn L
HANNA Ivy wife of Stafford nee Matchett 89 29.7.2006Photo Lawn F
HANNA Stafford hus of Ivy f. Stafford m. Mary Elizabeth nee Ferris 73 3.12.1978Photo Lawn F
HANSCOMBE Mary Kathleen wife of Alfred Leslie f. Chas Shuback m Kathleen nee Collins 36 12.8.1930Photo RC
HANSEN Wilma Anne   66 10.2.2006Photo Lawn T
HANSEN Herbert William (Bert) hus of Mary 65 27.12.1994Photo Lawn N
HANSON Gary Edward hus of Shirley f. Ted m. Gwen 36 24.10.1983Photo Lawn H
HARDIKER Terence Mark hus of Kathleen b. Salford ENG 68 21.7.2001Photo RC
HARDING Allan Alfred hus of Valma 58 14.10.1994Photo Lawn N
HARRIS Alice wife of Wm. Henry f. Josh Berry 29 7.1919Photo CE
HARRIS Jack Cecil Lewis hus of Myrtle f. Henry m. Mary Ann nee Lewis 70 13.2.1973Photo Lawn C
HARRIS Jean Elizabeth mother 85 31.7.1997Photo Lawn P
HARRISON Darren Michael f. Michael m. Elaine. Photo 35 1.2.1998 1    2 Lawn P
HARRISON Mark "Harold" hus of Amber f. Mark m. Elaine. Photo 39 18.3.1999 1    2 Lawn Q
HARRISON Thomas Patrick Hus of Winifred May Harrison (Peggy) F of Bill, Kevin, Michael and Winifred 81 8.7.1990  
HARRISON Winifred May Wife of Thomas Patrick, m of Bill, Kevin, Michael and Winifred 74 10.2.1982  
HAYES James Horace hus of Cath 48 22.12.1972Photo CE
HAYES Catherine wife of James H. nee Hawkey 51 25.8.1977Photo CE
HAYNES Ted   80 19.2.2006Photo CE
HAYWARD Robert hus of Emily f Henry m. Ann nee Walsh 57 10.3.1951Photo Meth
HAYWARD Emily Gertrude wife of Robert f. Robert Moore m. Henrietta nee Gibbs 90 23.3.1971Photo Meth
HAYWARD Leonard Robert f. Robert m. Emily nee Moore 8 16.8.1920Photo Meth
HEALY William husband of Bridget 87 15.12.1909 1    2 RC
HEALY Bridget hus William mn Lyons mmn White 79 15.12.1919 1    2 RC
HEATLEY Percy Denis son of Wm Henry and Margt Hanna 47 14.2.1948Photo RC
HEATLEY Baby dau of Lisa & Des. Twin sister of John infant 19.6.1957Photo RC
HEATLEY Noel son of Mrs Cantlin 34 29.12.1967Photo Lawn B
HEATLEY Rod hus of Angela 40 25.6.1999Photo Lawn B
HEFFERNAN Edward Michael hus of Johanna Gertrude 67 5.8.1962Photo RC
HEFFERNAN Johanna Gertrude wife of Edward Michael. nee Moore 81 14.6.1975Photo RC
HEFFERNAN Edward Michael hus of Julia f. Michael m. Eliz Barry 89 11.4.1936Photo RC
HEFFERNAN Julia wife of Edward f. Nicholas Ivers m. Margt Sheedy 83 24.7.1939Photo RC
HEFFERNAN Sarah dau of Edw. & Julia nee Ivers 53 20.9.1942Photo RC
HEFFERNAN Elizabeth dau of Edw. & Julia nee Ivers (Nurse) 74 25.11.1955Photo RC
HEMMING Victor Rupert f. Warwick m. Francis nee Kellett 40 30.9.1949Photo CE
HEMPHILL Stanley Hughey hus of Helen 78 17.3.1989Photo Lawn K
HENDERSON Kathleen Mary m. Margaret nee Heffernan f. Joseph 48 5.5.1958Photo RC
HENDERSON Edward Joseph bro of Kathleen. f. Jos. m. Margaret 72 14.1.1984Photo RC
HENDERSON Joseph Henry hus of Margt. f. Andrew m. Cath Fitzpatrick 40 21.6.1915Photo RC
HENDERSON Margaret wife of Joseph f. Edward Heffernan m. Julia Ivers 88 23.2.1966Photo RC
HENSON Dennis hus of Avis 66 13.6.1992Photo Lawn M
HENWOOD William Jory hus of Bertha f. Wm Harold m. Susan nee Tyack 64 13.9.1929 Photo CE
HENWOOD Bertha wife of Jno Mc Donald f. Vincent Alfred m. Bessie nee Brown 81 31.3.1955 Photo CE
HENWOOD Stanley Walter O.A.M. hus of Beverley 73 25.2.2004Photo Lawn S
HERBERT Septimus Griffin Mills hus of Joyce R.A.A.F. 81 2.8.2004Photo Rem
HERMANS Michael Francis son of John & Martha 26 16.4.1982Photo Lawn G
HEYDEN Harry Joseph hus of Loretta 55 13.8.1987Photo Lawn J
HEYFRON Mabel Wilhelmina wife of Leonard 88 5.11.1996Photo Lawn D
HEYFRON Leonard Stephen hus of Mabel f. Stephen Laurence m. Amelia nee Oats 72 5.8.1974Photo Lawn D
HIBBERT Jane Anne   81 27.8.1993Photo Lawn N
HIBBINS Alfred Herbert "UNK" 81 9.10.1987Photo Lawn K
HIGGINS Amanda wife of Andrew f. Wm Huxtable m. Elizth nee Moore 77 2.7.1943Photo Pres
HIGGINS Andrew hus of Amanda f. Henry m. Ann nee McComb 54 7.8.1918Photo Pres
HIGGINS Arthur Arthur Edgar son of Andrew & Amanda nee Huxtable 251915 Photo Pres
HIGGINS James Henry hus of Aileen, son of Andrew & Amanda 851991Photo Pres
HIGGINS Aileen wife of Jas. b. 1918 (nee Desent?) 862004Photo Pres
HILL Cecelia Una wife of Fred 82 21.1.1993 Photo CE
HILL Frederick Joseph Hus of Cecelia 85 27.6.1993Photo CE
HILL Percy hus of Gladys f. Jos Henry m. Elizh nee Parkinson 83 13.10.1992Photo Pres
HILL Gladys Edna wife of Percy f. Geo Phillips m. Isabella nee Whitfield 80 15.12.1998Photo Pres
HILL Joseph Henry hus of Elizh f. Frederick m. Jean nee McGregor 64 11.12.1930Photo Pres
HILL Elizabeth wife of Jos Henry f. Henry Parkinson m. Susanna nee Dickinson 78 28.4.1954Photo Pres
HINSON Stanley William hus of Grace Eliz. 84 19.5.1982Photo CE
HINSON Grace Elizabeth wife of Stan Wm. 88 7.7.1988Photo CE
HINSON Noel E. son of Stanley & Grace 70 27.12 1994Photo CE
HINTON Elsie Mary May wife of Edw Thos. f. Wm m. Annie 76 28.8.1980Photo Lawn C
HINTON Edward Thomas hus of Elsie f. Fredk Thos m. Laura nee Halling 70 21.3.1969Photo Lawn C
HISKINS Matilda May nee Tup. Mot. of Kevin & Steven 68 6.6.1999Photo CE
HISKINS Reginald George father of Kevin & Steven 74 19.9.1999Photo CE
HISKINS Myrtle Olive wife of Reginald C. nee Tyres 85 26.5.1983Photo CE
HISKINS Reginald Cecil hus of Myrtle 75 3.3.1972Photo CE
HOBSON Edwin Ernest 14th Batt. Hus of Emily, f. Edwin m. Ann nee Caddage 72 6.8.1963 1    2 RC
HOBSON Emily May Hobson wife of Edwin f. Thos Vaughan m. Caroline Baker 77 26.12.1961 1    2 RC
HOCKING Marion Joyce wife of Frank 89 28.6.1995Photo Lawn F
HOCKING Francis Charles hus of Marion Joyce f. Wm Samuel m. Madeline nee Regnier A.I.F. 82 29.7.1979Photo Lawn F
HOLIAN Margaret wife of Patrick, with Patrick 52 9.3.1913Photo RC
HOLIAN Peter Francis hus of Eileen. f. Patrick m. Margt nee Gannon 69 27.12.1961 1    2 RC
HOLIAN Eileen Mary wife of Peter. f. Wm Carey m. Margt nee Hogan 75 7.1.1971 1    2 RC
HOLLAND John hus of Eliza f. George 72 25.1.1936 1    2 CE
HOLLAND Leslie John Leslie Elvin f. John m. Eliza nee Snell 41892 1    2 CE
HOLLAND Percy f. John m. Eliza nee Snell 131913 1    2 CE
HOLLAND Eliza wife of John f Wm Snell m. Sophia 69 21.4.1932 1    2 CE
HOLLAND W.G.S SGT. 321918 1    2 CE
HOLLAND Daniel John     25.10.1988 Photo RC
HOLLAND Leo Joseph hus of Eileen f. John m  Agnes nee Mansell 67 12.6.1974Photo Lawn D
HOLLAND Eileen Mary wife of Leo 80 4.12.1992Photo Lawn D
HOLLINGSWORTH Seddell Susan wife of Alex 74 30.8.1990 Photo Lawn M
HOLMES Sherry Sheryl Marie f. Eric Jas m. Antonia Maria nee Riste 3 12.6.1959Photo Meth
HOLMES Eric (Rick) f. Eric Jas m. Antonia Maria nee Riste 4 31.1.1963Photo Meth
HOLMES Walter James hus of Mary Caroline f. Harry m. Elizabeth nee Beard 64 11.4.1963Photo Meth
HOLMES Mary Caroline wife of Walter Jas 92 13.9.1999Photo Meth
HOMICKI Alexander hus of Paula 67 25.11.1986Photo RC
HOMICKI Paula Wife of Alex 65 21.10.1986Photo RC
HONAN Francis William hus of Victoria f. Michael m. Margaret nee Burke 73 13.3.1972Photo Lawn B
HOPE Muriel Beatrice wife of Robert 67 10.5.1962Photo CE
HOPE Robert Leslie hus of Muriel B. 73 12.5.1968Photo CE
HOPE Eileen Mary wife of Albert 67 22.11.1990Photo Lawn L
HORNBUCKLE Elsie Marion wife of Charles. Nee Coles 87 28.11.1976Photo CE
HORNBUCKLE Charles hus of Elsie. f. Robert. m. Mary nee Poulton 87 5.11.1964Photo CE
HORNBUCKLE Robert James son of Edward & Elaine Dory nee Chapman 2 30.6.1952Photo Pres
HORNBUCKLE Edward Charles hus of Elaine nee Chapman 80 31.1.2002Photo Pres
HORNBUCKLE William hus of Annie Estella f. Robert m. Mary nee Boulton 62 15.7.1938Photo Pres
HORSCRAFT John f. Wm. m. Mary nee Osborne 90 7.3.1919Photo CE
HORSCRAFT Isabella wife of Jeremiah, f. Geo Boswell m. Isabella nee Turnbull 87 15 8 1921Photo CE
HORSCRAFT Jeremiah hus of Isabella, f. Wm 89 3.4.1912Photo CE
HOSE Eileen Henrietta wife of Edward Jno f. Chas Ryan m. Henrietta nee Mulholland 59 21.1.1962 1    2 RC
HOSE Teresa Eileen f. Edward John m. Eileen nee Ryan 1day 5.11.1934 1    2 RC
HOSE Mary Hazel f. Edward John m. Eileen nee Ryan 2days 5.11.1934 1    2 RC
HOSE Edward John hus of Eileen Hen. f. Ernest Chas m. Grace 79 17.12.1980 1    2 RC
HOSKINGS Arthur Percival Horton f. Jno Edward m. Ann Maria Henly nee Baker 34 5.1924Photo CE
HOSKINGS John Edward f. John Hosking m. Susannah nee Popplestone 69 3.1932Photo CE
HOWIE Matthew Heron hus of Janet 79 28.7.1948Photo Pres
HOWIE Janet wife of Matthew 79 1.1.1951Photo Pres
HOWIE Robert hus of Jean f. Mathew m. Janet 89 30.6.1997Photo Lawn M
HOWIE Jean wife of Robert f. William Alcorn m. Mary 80 7.6.1993Photo Lawn M
HOWSON Shane Michael f. Michael m. Marion 21 19.4.1999Photo Lawn P
HUGHES James Murray Jim, f. John Wm m. Ellen nee McGregor 65 26.2.1977Photo Lawn E
HUGHES Mervyn Oliver hus of Mildred 89 13.12.1995Photo Lawn O
HUGHES Mildred Ruth wife of Mervyn 91 7.10.2005Photo Lawn O
HULSE Ruth Alice f. Geo Palmer m. Dorothy nee Gibson 59 6.7.1978 1    2 RC
HUME Patricia Maureen wife of William 76 21.7.2004 1    2 Lawn S
ICKE Florence wife of Frank nee Matthews    Photo Lawn L
ICKE Frank Holmest hus of Florence 83 3.9.1989Photo Lawn L
IZZARD Jon Leonard hus of Rhonda 44 15.4.1991Photo Lawn L
IZZARD Leonard hus of Elsie 80 21.5.1996Photo Lawn O
JAGER Berend Jantinus hus of Aaltje f. Bernard m. Jantje nee Nienhups 46 4.11.1976Photo Lawn B
JAGER Aaltje (Ali) wife of Berend 63 8.12.1993Photo Lawn B
JAKOBI Susanna wife of Chas Bernard f. Carl Kruger m. Ernestine nee Lehman 77 6.1.1952Photo Pres
JAKOBI Lorna Adeline dau of Chas Bernard Jakobi & Susanna nee Kruger 87 12.6.2001Photo Pres
JAKOBI Charles Bernard f. Gustave m. Maria nee Matchske 82 25.10.1958Photo Pres
JAKOBI Len f. Chas Bernard m. Susanna Emily nee Kruger 70 12.2.1975Photo Pres
JAKOBI Emil Oliver f. Chas Bernard m. Susanna Emily nee Kruger 72 30.6.1975Photo Lawn A
JAKOBI Sydney Bernard f. Chas Bernard m. Susanna Emily nee Kruger 78 24.6.1976Photo Lawn A
JAMES Alice Jane wife of Richard Leslie. nee Rowlerson 66 14.11.1965Photo CE
JAMES Richard Leslie hus of Alice Jane. f. Leslie, son Leslie 80 28.7.1982Photo CE
JAMES Eliza Ann f. Robt Boyle m. Eliza Ann nee Elton 61 21.9.1923Photo CE
JAMES Richard Arthur f. Jas Richard m. Jane nee Hooper 77 13.3.1940Photo CE
JAMES William Samuel   10 2.1.1931Photo CE/Meth
JEFFERSON Joseph hus of Eliza f. Wm m. Elizabeth nee Greenfield 85 24.7.1913Photo Meth
JEFFERSON Eliza wife of Joseph f. Joseph m. Eliza nee Johnson 83 1.5.1916Photo Meth
JEFFERSON Thomas William son of Thomas & Elsie s/b 2.1.1922Photo Meth
JEFFERSON Thomas William hus of Elsie f. Joseph m. Eliza nee Johnson 70 19.4.1940Photo Meth
JELLIS William George hus of Peggy 76 30.5.1997Photo Lawn F
JELLIS Peggy Louise wife of Wm 80 24.11.2000Photo Lawn F
JENKINS Annie Maria nee Nash. wife of Edgar late of Noojee 73 11.1956Photo CE
JENNINGS Beatrice Mary nee Reward 85 30.11.2001Photo Lawn R
JEWELL Veronica Marie wife of Kelvin Lindsay 55 1.3.1984Photo CE
JEWELL Frederick William Son of Wm and Elizabeth nee Leask 82 22.8.1969Photo CE
JEWELL Lila Phoebe wife of Fred wm. f. Jack Holland m. Eliza nee Snell 77 9.8.1970 Photo CE
JEWELL Ronald Frederick hus of Vera A.I.F. 71 17.2.1995Photo Lawn O
JINNETTE Zoe dau. of Shane & Cathy 0 12.4.2000Photo RC
JOHNSON Samuel hus of Jeanette. F. Jas. M. Sarah 85 6.8.1949Photo Breth
JOHNSON Jeanette wife of Samuel. nee Sidebottom 82 23.2.1959Photo Breth
JOHNSON John William hus of Ethel f. Charles 70 26.2.1971Photo Lawn A
JOHNSON Ethel Mary wife of Jno Wm. 70 21.9.1969Photo Lawn A
JOHNSON Frank hus of Vera May A.I.F. 64 13.5.1986Photo Lawn I
JOHNSON Stella Rose wife of Gresham 87 27.11.1998Photo Lawn I
JOHNSON Gresham Law Chris - hus of Stella f. John Joseph m. Sarah nee Ward A.I.F. 72 19.11.1975Photo Lawn I
JOHNSON Wayne f. Bill m. Lorraine 18 29.10.1988Photo Lawn K
JOHNSON Ernest hus of Evelyn 59 27.10.1989Photo Lawn L
JOHNSON Charlie William f. John Wm m. Ethel Mary 65 28.2.1991 Photo Lawn L
JOHNSON Arthur f. John Wm m. Ethel Mary 66 6.6.1994Photo Lawn L
JOHNSON Christopher Kenneth hus of Beryl 60 11.10.1994Photo Lawn N
JOHNSON Eve Lillith wife of Colin, nee Blackwell 58 19.5.2001Photo Lawn R
JOHNSON - BRIDGEMAN Justin Leigh f. Mark m. Sharon 47days 7.12.2001Photo Lawn N
JOHNSTON Thelma May nee Little. f. Albt Victor Jas m. Maria May nee RIGBY wife of Trevor Jas. 88 13.7.2007 no Photo Pres
JOHNSTON Trevor James hus of Thelma May nee Little, father of Graeme 63 2.12.1988Photo Pres
JOHNSTON Graeme Trevor son of Trevor Jas & Thelma May nee Little 3mths 10.1949Photo Pres
JOLLEY John Wallis hus of Florence 63 4.11.1940Photo CE
JOLLEY Florence Martha wife of John 88 21.9.1980Photo CE
JOLLEY Joshua James f. John m. Sophie A.I.F. 76 23.12.1987Photo Lawn J
JOLLEY Eileen Frances wife of Ray 87 18.7.2005Photo Lawn P
JOLLEY Raymond hus of Eileen A.I.F. 75 4.3.1999Photo Lawn P
JOLLEY Harold William hus of Alice 79 10.4.1999Photo Lawn P
JOLLEY Alice Joyce wife of Harold 84 15.12.2005Photo Lawn P
JOLLY Donald Clarence hus of Lily   16.12.1989Photo Meth
JOLLY Lily Edna Wife of Donald   5.2.1990Photo Meth
JOLLY John son of Donald & Lily s/b 7.11.1939Photo Meth
JOLLY Jane mot. of Elizabeth Mary Roffey 75 14.3.1900 1    2 RC
JOLLY John William      Photo CE
JONES James Edward hus of Emily, son of Wm & Hannah 78 12.1934Photo Breth
JONES Emily wife of Jas Edw. nee Phillip 74 11.1932Photo Breth
JONES William Pearce f. John M. Cath nee Boyhen 86 5.12.1955Photo CE
JONES Joan b. 18.7.1921 83 13.9.2004Photo CE
JONES John hus of Emma Elizabeth nee Steers, f. John m. Mary Ann nee Walker 59 7.9.1926Photo CE
JONES Elsie May wife of Edmund f. Laurence Wheeler m. Cath nee Daly 67 12.4.1977 1    2 RC
JONES Johanna (Joan) 79 28.7.1998Photo Rem
JONES Elizabeth wife of David f. Francis Quirk m. Mary Kath nee Johnston 60 21.6.1970Photo Lawn C
JONES Kirsten Larissa f. Alf m. Dianne 17 29.3.1990Photo Lawn K
JONES Betty wife of Charles A.I.F. 75 28.2.1995Photo Lawn O
JUDKINS Agnes wife of Frederick 96 31.5.1989Photo Lawn K
JUERS Hugo Martin mother nee Starrick 68 6.11.1966Photo CE
JUERS Paula Marlene wife of John f. Thos O'Halloran m. Eileen Alice 33 17.2.1981Photo Lawn F
JURY James Henry hus of Dorothy f. Albert m. Jessie nee Rae 57 3.12.1961Photo CE
JURY Dorothy Helena wife of Jim 97 29.10.2001Photo CE
KAPPLER John Alfred Hus of Margt   28.3.2003Photo Meth
KAPPLER Margaret Catherine wife of Jack   17.8.1999Photo Meth
KAPPLER Adolph Alfred hus of Miriam nee Rigby, f. Rennie m. Susan nee Herbert, son Jack 48 25.4.1932Photo Meth
KASPER Sietze "Bill" hus of Lois. Photo 59 7.1.2003 1    2 Lawn R
KAVANAGH Elizabeth wife of James nee Delahunty 60 13.1.1925 1    2 RC
KAVANAGH James hus of Elizabeth, son of Bathw 86 17.4.1946 1    2 RC
KAVANAGH Kathleen Ann wife of John Edward, nee Gibbin 40 27.4.1955Photo RC
KAVANAGH Owen Charles son of Owen & Dora nee Mahoney 26 1.4.1956Photo RC
KAVANAGH Owen Patrick hus of Dora 64 23.8.1952Photo RC
KAVANAGH Josephine Bridget child of Dora & Owen 5 20.9.1932Photo RC
KAVANAGH Dora Catherine wife of Owen, nee Mahoney 100 13.8.1992Photo RC
KAVANAGH John hus of Annie C. son John Edward 51 31.7.1932 1    2 RC
KAVANAGH Owen hus of Catherine. f. Barth. m. Cath Conaughton 79 14.8.1934 1    2 RC
KAVANAGH Catherine wife of Owen. Children John B, James & Owen 70 23.12.1943 1    2 RC
KAVANAGH Annie wife of Bat. Mot of Margaret Mary 46 2.11.1942Photo RC
KAVANAGH Peter Bartholomew son of Annie & Batt. Brother of Clare 14 8.10.1963Photo RC
KAVANAGH James Joseph hus of Stella Mary. Son of Owen & Cath Featherstone 76 26.5.1965Photo RC
KAVANAGH Bartholomew Stephen Hus of late Bridget. f. James m. Elizh. Delahunty 68 13.10.1959 1    2 RC
KAVANAGH Bridget Wife of Barth. f. Michael Culhane m. Mary Kirk 65 14.4.1955 1    2 RC
KAVANAGH Margaret Anne wife of Bat. f. John Hanlon m. Mary nee Malcolm 65 16.9.1979Photo Lawn C
KAVANAGH Bartholomew hus of Anne f. Owen m. Cath nee Featherstone 79 25.4.1971Photo Lawn C
KAVANAGH John Edward hus of 1 Kathleen 2 Hilda 66 25.7.1981Photo Lawn G
KAVANAGH James Michael hus of Mary Veronica 89 15.7.1986Photo Lawn I
KAVANAGH Mary Veronica wife of Jas Michael 82 29.6.1986Photo Lawn I
KAVANAGH John William hus of Ruth f. James m. Mary 55 4.12.1991Photo Lawn M
KAVANAGH Austin James son of James & Mary 72 23.2.2002Photo Lawn R
KAVANAGH-GLEN Stella Mary wife of James Joseph f. Wm Glen m. Mary 90 22.6.1984Photo RC
KAY Marion Jean wife of Abel f James Cowan m. Mary nee Maloney 66 17.5.1974 1    2 Lawn D
KAY Abel Alexander hus of (1) Jean (2) Pat 93 26.11.2004 1    2 Lawn D
KELLY Edward hus of Doris 33 23.12.1945 1    2 CE
KELLY Doris wife of Edward 30 13.9.1946 1    2 CE
KELLY William John f. Michael m. Jane nee Hill 73 9.3.1954Photo RC
KELLY Annie Elizabeth wife of Wm John f . Wm Smith m. Eliza Jane nee Stonehouse 69 17.6.1951 1    2 RC
KELLY James Clement f. William m. Ruth Alice nee Palmer 8 21.1.1948Photo RC
KENNEDY Primrose wife of Joseph 35 9.1921Photo RC
KENNEDY Joseph hus of Primrose Glasgow 52 2.1932Photo RC
KENNEDY John son of Primrose & Joseph 30 1942 Photo Mem
KENNEDY Mortimer Joseph hus of Jessie f. Joseph m. Primrose nee Barker 60 8.10.1969Photo RC
KENNEDY Jessie wife of Mortimer 88 6.8.1995Photo RC
KENNEDY Philip Edwin hus of Ida f. Jeremiah m. Mary nee Bourke 63 10.3.1962Photo RC
KENNEDY Ida Duthie wife of Philip f. William Findlay m Eliza Jane nee Shearer 83 1.101972Photo RC
KENNEDY Francis Michael Frank - hus of Agnes May 70 27.12.1990Photo Lawn K
KENNEDY Agnes May wife of Frank 69 22.12.1989Photo Lawn K
KERFFOLD Martha Jane wife of Edward f. Edwin Nevil m. Mary Ann nee Harvey 85 29.11.1970Photo Lawn B
KERTESZ Janos John - hus of Rosalie 79 20.7.1986Photo Lawn I
KERTESZ Rosalie wife of John 77 14.3.1986Photo Lawn I
KETCHER Edmund William hus of Janet 76 26.10.2004Photo Lawn S
KIERCE John Joseph hus of Elizabeth 61 30.8.1959Photo RC
KIERCE Elizabeth wife of Jno Jos. 99 25.11.1993Photo RC
KIMBER Marjorie MacGregor hus of Howard 75 14.1.2006Photo Lawn S
KIMPTON John hus of Stella f. Thomas Ernest m. Ruth 69 27.12.1979Photo Lawn F
KING Andrew Moir hus of Ada f. David King m. Simpson nee Mior 68 23.6.1945Photo Pres
KING Ada wife of Andrew 75 27.6.1954Photo Pres
KRAFT Sarah Alice Wife of Wm. Geo. f. Lawrence Finch m. Mary Anne nee Street 65 20.6.1933Photo CE
KRAFT William George b. GER Hus of Sarah Alice f. Otto m. Amelia nee Werner 77 5.7.1935Photo CE
KRAFT Alice Helen dau of Wm. Geo. And Sarah Alice 88 4.5.1988Photo CE
KYLE Helen wife of Ken 51 3.4.1992Photo Lawn M
LAMBLE Amelia Jane wife of John 64 28.2.1930 1    2 CE
LAMBLE John hus of Amelia 89 22.6.1944 1    2 CE
LAMBLE Frederick Leslie son of Les & Vera 82 24.11.2001 Photo Rem
LAMBLE Leslie John hus of Vera f. John m. Amelia jane nee Hosking 78 13.5.1968Photo Lawn B
LAMBLE Vera Jessie wife of Leslie Jno f. Robt Whitfield m. Janet (Crawford?) 92 16.6.1983Photo Lawn B
LAMBLE John Robert (Jack) hus of Betty 75 24.3.1993Photo Lawn O
LANCASTER Hazel Jeanette wife of Chas Peter. 69 13.1.1995Photo CE
LARSEN Jacob O hus of Mary May Anderson f. Jacob m. Regina 77 27.5.1981Photo Pres
LARSEN Mary May Anderson wife of Jacob 89 9.2.1994Photo Pres
LEAMON William hus of Annie Elizh f. Wm m. Cath nee Edey 78 17.9.1948Photo CE
LEAMON Annie Elizabeth wife of Wm f. John Miles m. Mary Ann nee White 76 12.2.1952Photo CE
LEDGER Frederick Roy hus of Joan f. John m. Florence May nee Stewart 50 4.11.1976Photo Lawn D
LEE Raymond Robert hus of Veronica, Photo 73 28.5.2002 1    2 Lawn R
LEEK Russell William f. George m Voila 41 16.3.1989Photo Lawn K
LEGG Fanny wife of Wm f. James Watson m. Carol nee Silvester 60 18.4.1915Photo Meth
LEGG William hus of Fanny f. William 64 24.5.1919Photo Meth
LEITHHEAD George David hus of Alice f. Alexander m. Harriet nee Westfield 56 24.9.1931Photo Pres
LEITHEAD Alice Julia wife of George f. Alfred Barker m. Annie nee Fraser 78 5.3.1956Photo Pres
LENDERS Gerard f. Hendrik m. Johanna nee Aldegonda 56 6.1.1975Photo RC
LEO Michele Anne wife of David f. Peter Young m. Elsie 37 8.11.1999 1    2 Lawn Q
LESZCZYNSKI Katica wife of Stanslaw 80 2.12.2005Photo Lawn C
LESZCZYNSKI Stanislaws hus of Katica 60 6.10.1975Photo Lawn C
LEVISTON Jane wife of Walter f. Thos Biggs m. Jane nee McKee 73 22.9.1967Photo Lawn A
LEWIS Barry John William f. Edward Jno (Jock) m. Doris Heatherbell (Heather) nee Beattie 13mths 8.11.1944Photo Meth
LEWIS Queenie wife of Jas. Thos. f. Jas Kelly m. Mary nee Ryan 68 25.6.1948 1    2 RC
LEWIS Douglas Memorial KIA Rabaul   23.1.1941 1    2 RC
LINDSAY Jane Margaret wife of Clarence 77 19.11.1998 1    2 Lawn P
LINDSAY Clarence Thomas hus of Jane 95 23.2.2005 1    2 Lawn P
LINEHAM Mary Louisa wife of Wm 59 7.5.1931 1    2 Pres
LINEHAM William Hus of Mary Louisa 85 11.1.1953 1    2 Pres
LINEHAM George James hus of Florance 75 2.11.1964Photo Rem
LINEHAM Florance Anne wife of George 72 1.1.1970Photo Rem
LITTLE Albert Victor hus of Maria May 46 2.1.1939 1    2 CE
LITTLE Maria May nee Rigby, wife of Albert Victor 60 24.2.1951 1    2 CE
LITTLE Albert Robert child of Albert Victor & Maria May 2 hrs 6.9.1923 1    2 CE
LITTLE Ruby Mary wife of Ronny 77 17.7.2004Photo Lawn J
LLEWELYN Wendy Christine dau of Val & Eddie Baille abt 41 31.1.2002Photo RC
LOMBARDO Rosaria f. Lucaino Dubico m. Guisetto Aliotta 87 2.2.1953Photo RC
LOMBARDO Silvestro hus of Rosaria 91 26.9.1952Photo RC
LONG Annie wife of Richard 97 17.11.1992Photo Lawn M
LOOBY Thomas hus of Margaret f. Edward m. Mary McGuire 76 9.8.1936Photo RC
LOOBY Margaret wife of Thomas nee Maskell 69 7.1.1949Photo RC
LOOBY Thomas hus of Beverley 47 4.7.1988Photo Lawn J
LOOBY Patrick hus of Catherine 82 6.12.1989Photo Lawn L
LOOBY Catherine Sarah wife of Patrick 82 21.8.1993Photo Lawn L
LOWNDES James hus of Marie f. James m. Margaret 72 20.2.1982Photo Lawn G
LOWNDES Marie Elizabeth wife of James 89 10.8.2002Photo Lawn G
LYONS Kenneth   35 6.1947?Photo CE
MAC CANA Ruadhri Alasdar McCana, f. Phillip m. Mary Pat nee Pickup 3wks 8.2.1970Photo Lawn C
MacDERMID Jessie Julia wife of Jas Campbell MacDermid dau of Alex & Jessie McDermid 801998 Photo Pres
MADDERN Pearl Gladys Doreen wife of Jim 76 16.7.2005Photo Lawn T
MADDIGAN Ivy dau of Jos. Berry & Emily nee Darby 63 22.5.1968Photo Lawn A
MAGRATH Patrick Joseph Paddy - f. Tom m. Ellen 75 30.3.1987 Photo Lawn J
MAGUIRE Margaret mot of Thos Jno. Nee Fitzsimmonds 671921Photo RC
MAGUIRE Thomas John son of Marg. 331922Photo RC
MAGUIRE Thomas son of Thos & Jane Webb 82 10.1933Photo RC
MAGUIRE William Patrick son of Thos & Marg Fitzsimmonds 38 3.1928Photo RC
MAGUIRE Peter James f. Thos mmn Margt Fitzsimmonds 58 5.1952Photo RC
MAHAR Horace Stanley Horrie - hus of Jessie 79 23.5.1991Photo Lawn M
MAHER Leslie James hus of Flo f. James Leslie m. Hannah Elizabeth 61 2.2.1983Photo Lawn F
MAHONY John Richard f. Charles m. Bridget Flynn 28 10.1922Photo RC
MAHONY Joseph Lawrence f. Charles m. Bridget Flynn 21 5.1922Photo RC
MAISEY Maria Jane wife of William H. D. 84 13.6.2006Photo Lawn Q
MAISEY William Hansen Dunton hus of Maria Jane 87 9.5.2001Photo Lawn Q
MALCOLM John William hus of Charlotte f. Wm. M. Charlotte McGee 73 8.3.1943 1    2 Pres
MALCOLM Charlotte Ellen wife of Wm f. Jas Swein m. Lucy Blackmore 74 8.4.1948 1    2 Pres
MALONEY Patrick f. John m. Catherine 82 23.3.1983Photo Lawn F
MANNIX John hus of Theresa nee Williams 64 5.6.1924 1    2 CE
MANNIX Theresa wife of John 96 10.2.1957 1    2 CE
MARSH Francis John Bernard hus of Violet f. John m. Rosina nee Cusack 691970Photo Rem
MARSH Violet Nellie wife of Frank nee Malcolm 831988Photo Rem
MARSH Eileen Margt. Louise sister of Frank f. John m. Rosanna nee Cusack 791982Photo Rem
MARSH Laurence hus of Catherine A.I.F. 65 12.10.1989Photo Lawn L
MARSHALL Antony Dennis f. Dennis m. Dorothy nee Wright 16mths 13.12.1952Photo Meth
MARSHALL Eric Vincent hus of Frances f. Harold m. Clara Agnes nee Rummell 67 21.12.1977Photo Lawn E
MARTIN Rupert Charles hus of Ernestine f. Wm m. Franziska nee Busch 92 3.11.1979Photo Lawn F
MARTIN Ernestine Linley wife of Rupert Chas f. Alfred Nuttall m. Esther 91 27.8.1982Photo Lawn F
MARTIN Jeffrey M f. John m. Joan 23 20.1.1984Photo Lawn H
MARTIN Avis Frances wife of Leslie 87 26.12.1991Photo Lawn M
MARTIN Leslie Thomas hus of Avis f. Thomas m. Edith nee Watt 74 27.8.1976Photo Lawn M
MARTIN Kerryn Michelle f. Kevin m. Helen 31 24.7.2005Photo Lawn T
MARTIN Hazel wife of Finlay 88 10.11.1998Photo Lawn P
MARTIN Finlay Thomas hus of Hazel 89 11.7.2000Photo Lawn P
MARTON Ilana wife of James f. Karoly Szilagy 60 11.9.1967Photo Lawn A
MASKELL Kevin hus of Kathleen nee Hose, f. of Pauleen & Gloria 80 4.3.2002Photo RC
MASTERS Allan Charles hus of Fay father of 4. 71 4.5.1986Photo CE
MASUDA Saburo hus of Kiyoko 78 27.9.1984Photo Lawn A
MATCHETT Elizabeth Jane wife of Samuel f. John Doherty m. Jane nee Evans 34 3 .9.1905 1    2 CE
MATCHETT Frederick Redvers f. Samuel m Elizabeth Jane nee Doherty 1 26.2.1901 1    2 CE
MATCHETT Lorna Grace wife of Roy 76 1.9.1991Photo Lawn G
MATCHETT Ernest Roy hus of Lorna f. George m. Susan 74 18.6.1981Photo Lawn G
MATTHEWS Agnes Mary wife of Jno Thos. 80 2.7.1956 1    2 RC
MATTHEWS John Thomas hus of Agnes. f. Jas. m. Susanna nee Johns 91 19.7.1956 1    2 RC
MATTHEWS William Walter Hus of Victoria 83 1.9.1958Photo CE
MATTHEWS Victoria Alberta wife of Wm. Walt. Nee Evans 81 2.7.1965Photo CE
MATTHEWS Ned Allan son of Ron & Denise   24.11.1991 Photo Meth
MATTHEWS C. J. hus of Jeune , A.I.F. 84 27.12.2002Photo Lawn R
MAYBERRY Donald    2006Photo Pres
McCANN Lolo Reatha wife of Richard, nee Young 78 19.10.2004Photo Lawn S
McCANN Raymond Stanley f. Richard m. Lola 23 30.11.1975Photo Lawn S
McCARTHY John Joseph native of County Limerick 36 31.11.1968Photo RC
McCAULEY Evelyne dau of Irwin & Margaret nee Young 6612.12.1977Photo CE
McCAULEY James son of Irwin & Margaret nee Young 65 19.2.1979Photo CE
McCAULEY Irvine Ernest hus of Margt f. Irvine m. Margt Jane nee Young 43 7.7.1949Photo Pres
McCAULEY Margaret Mary wife of Irvine 74 19.12.1990Photo Pres
McCAULEY Margaret Jane wife of Irwin f. Geo Young m. Margt nee Hamilton 79 17.12.1952Photo Pres
McCAULEY George son of Irwin & Margaret Jane nee Young 28 15.12.1935Photo Pres
McCAULEY Irwin hus of Margaret f. Thos m. 67 3.12.1940Photo Pres
McCLURE John Mervyn f. Thomas m. Elizabeth nee Kydd 56 27.5.1975Photo Lawn D
McCLURE Thomas Marshall hus of Elizabeth f. James m. Alice nee Marshall 95 4.2.1978Photo Lawn E
McCLURE Elizabeth wife of Thos f. Joseph Kydd m. Elizabeth A nee Boxshall 90 27.1.1979 Photo Lawn E
McCURRACH Laurel May dau of Albert & Kate Fielder "R" 79 9.2.2001 1    2 RC
McDERMID Alexander f. Archi m. Julie nee Mcray 771956Photo Pres
McDERMID Jessy Florence b. S.A. f. Alex Wallace m. Jessie nee Cope 791955Photo Pres
McDERMID Jessie Julia wife of Jas Campbell MacDermid 811998Photo Pres
McDERMID Alexander hus of Jessie Flo. f. Archibald m. Julia nee Macray 771956 Photo Pres
McDERMID Jessie Florence Wallace wife of Alex f. Alex Wallace m. Jessie nee Cope 791955Photo Pres
McDERMOTT Elizabeth wife of Jas. nee Canny 86 2.7.1980 1    2 RC
McDERMOTT James hus of Elizabeth,. Son of Austin & Mary 64 29.4.1956 1    2 RC
MCDONALD Daniel J. son of Gary & Marilyn nee Faye 12 8.11.1984Photo Rem
MCDONALD Hugh Carr hus of Doriothy May f. Chas m. Margt nee Matheson 76 21.1.1971Photo Lawn C
McDONALD Gary Thomas f. Leslie m. Patricia 20 17.10.1983Photo Lawn H
McDOUGALL Archibald hus of Emily Jane f. Donald m. Jane nee Cameron 71 17.8.1932 1    2 Pres
McDOUGALL Emily Jane wife of Archi f. Richard Grenfell m. Mary Ann Richards 88 21.9.1954 1    2 Pres
McDOUGALL Clive son of Archi and Emily Jane nee Grenfell. Late 1st A.I.F. 63 23.7.1953 1    2 Pres
MCELLISTER Mathew John f. Norman m. Christine 29 18.6.2002 Photo Rem
MCELLISTER Peter Radford f. Norman m. Christine 27 20.6.2004Photo Rem
McFARLANE Galbraith hus of Mary f. Wm Henry 80 1.9.1918 1    2 Pres
McFARLANE Mary wife of Galbraith f Wm Finley 79 10.11.1925Photo Pres
McGHEE Alice Eliza f. Wm Browne m. Isabel Cullen nee Barker. 57 12.1962Photo CE
McGHEE Harold Reginald f. Peter m. Adelaide nee Watts 74 6. 1977Photo CE
McGILL Lindsay Gordan f. John Brown McGill m. Heather nee Christmas 8 9.6.1957Photo Pres
McGILL John Brown hus of Heather 85 2.9.1994Photo Lawn N
McGILL Heather Margaret Kate wife of John B. 88 29.4.1995Photo Lawn N
McGRATH Norman William hus of Bernice 74 24.4.1997Photo CE
McGRATH Bernice Eileen wife of Norman Wm. nee Crowley 76 27.8.1999Photo CE
MCGRATH Thomas Francis hus of Ellen Hanora 71 19.8.1954Photo RC
MCGRATH Ellen Hanora wife of Thos Francis. 7 children 100 19.6.1900Photo RC
McHARRY Alick Ernest Hugh f. Samuel m. Addine Matthews 531951Photo CE
McILVENA Brenndan Douglas f. Keith m. Jenny 18 5.11.1989Photo Lawn L
McINNES Alexander hus of Violet f. Neil m. Mary nee McLennon 75 5.8.1950Photo Pres
McINNES George Gordon f. Alex m. Violet Lockart nee Hall 22 15.3.1941Photo Pres
McINNES Murray f. Alex m. Violet Lockart nee Hall 30 15.12.1939Photo Pres
McINNES Stewart mem. Flight Sergeant RAAF, Oxford Cemetery 40 5.5.1944Photo Pres
McINNES Violet Lockhart wife of Alexander f. Thos Hall m . Jane Margt nee Bogle 81 8. 1962Photo Pres
McINTYRE Violet Christina wife of Ron 80 13.5.2000Photo Lawn L
McINTYRE Ronald hus of Vi 74 27.6.1990Photo Lawn L
McKAY Frances Mary dau of John & Phoebe nee Dickens 21mths 28.7.1912Photo Pres
McKENNA Marshall John hus of Edith Mary f. Robert m. Margt 67 2.9.1985Photo Lawn T
McKENNA Edith Mary wife of Marshall John 78 25.10.2001Photo Lawn T
McKENZIE William James Kevin - hus of Pat f. Richard m. Mary nee Robinson 52 5.1.1977 Photo Lawn E
McLEAN James son of James & Julia mn McGrath 26 26.3.1926Photo RC
McLEAN Julia nee McGrath 83 16.7.1947Photo RC
McLENEHAN Alexander James   83 13.11.1990Photo Lawn M
McLENEHEN Barry f. Alex Jas m. Emily nee Buckland 19 11.5.1952Photo RC
McMAHON William   68 1.7.1950Photo Pres
McMANNIS James hus of Edith 90 9.4.1959Photo RC
McMANNIS Edith wife of James 88 4.6.1967Photo RC
McMENAMIN Edward Michael Son of John and Mar 79 10.10.1968 1    2 RC
McMILLAN Alexis dau of Les & Connie 19 7.7.2004Photo RC
McMILLAN Barry James child of Dan & Chris nee Lia 6mths 19.1.1959Photo RC
McMILLAN Phyliss Veronica child of Thomas & Eliz nee Logan 5days 26.4.1926Photo RC
McMILLAN William wife Sarah f. Robert J. m. Bridget GUTHRIE 40 3.2.1932Photo RC
McMILLAN Sarah Catherine hus William. nee Bennet mmn Harley 69 15.5.1961Photo RC
McMILLAN Bridget wife of Robert James. nee Guthrie 70 10.1935Photo RC
McMILLANRobert James hus of Bridget nee Guthrie 68 30.1.1932Photo RC
McMILLAN Mervyn Joseph hus of Frances, f. David m. Hilda 68 26.7.1984Photo CE
McMILLAN Leslie Phillip son of Jim & Lorraine 28 27.8.1987Photo RC
McMILLAN John William (Jack) hus of Eileen f. Thomas m. Elizabeth nee Logan 58 16.12.1972Photo RC
McMILLAN Eileen Margaret wife of Jack f. Martin Reidy m. Mary nee Marnell 66 2.9.1981Photo RC
McMILLAN Thomas William hus of Elizh Gert. f. Robert m. Bridget nee Guthrie 60 9.7.1949Photo RC
McMILLAN Elizabeth Gertrude wife of Thos Wm. f. Geo Logan m. Elizh nee McWilliams 66 17.8.1952Photo RC
McMILLAN Mary Elizabeth "Aunty Mary" unmarried dau of Thos and Elizh nee Logan 76 8.11.1995 1    2 RC
McMILLAN Patrick Pious (Pi) hus of Joyce f. Robert Jas. m. Bridget nee Guthrie 56 18.8.1961Photo RC
McMILLAN Joyce Mary wife of Patrick Pious nee Ainger 73 28.6.1994Photo RC
McMILLAN David Joseph hus of Hilda f. Joseph m. Sarah nee Livingston 83 17.8.1962Photo Pres
McMILLAN Hilda Pearl wife of David f. Jas Beard m. Eliza Jane nee Jones 81 30.10.1971Photo Pres
McNAMARA Alice Maud nee Stacey 81 29.11.1965Photo RC
McNAMARA Richard Michael hus of Alice. 7 children f Michael mmn Mary Taff 91 11.7.1975Photo RC
McNAMARA Terence James f. James. Late of County Limerick 86 7.1974Photo RC
McNAMARA Thomas Michael hus of Elizabeth Rose f. Richard m. Alice 76 12.11.1981Photo Lawn D
McNAMARA Elizabeth Rose wife of Thos Mich 90 16.12.1996Photo Lawn D
McTIGHE John Aloysious hus of Merna f. Edward m. Winifred nee Last 43 20.4.1978Photo RC
McTIGHE Thomas f. Edward m. Winifred nee Last 42 1.11.1972Photo RC
McTIGHE Edward Matthew hus of Winifred Coral (f. Edw. Jas m. Sarah nee Murphy?) 89 9.5.1972Photo RC
McTIGHE Winifred Coral wife of Ewd Matthew f. Thos Last m. Margaret Elizh nee Correll 83 5.10.1977Photo RC
MCTIGHE Thomas Francis hus of Christina f. Edward m. Sarah nee Murphy 69 20.2.1955 1    2 RC
MCTIGHE Edward James (Ted) son of Thos Francis & Christina WW2 & Police force 77 16.8.2002 1    2 RC
MENTIPLAY William Pitblado hus of Dorothy Jean f. Alexander m. Janet nee Miller 73 18.9.1983Photo Lawn E
MENTIPLAY Dorothy Jean hus of Wm. Pitblando f. Wm Mundy m. Emma louise nee Aurisch 63 28.3.1977Photo Lawn E
Methodist   section photo     Photo Meth
METZ Werner (Bill) hus of Kate 78 12.3.1989Photo Rem
METZ Kate wife of Werner (Bill) 94 10.6.2004Photo Rem
MEYER Maxwell Hamilton hus of Cheryl. f. Colin. m. Betty. son Jno 44 18.6.1985Photo CE
MILES William hus of Mary f. Wm. M. Louisa nee Collins 71 1.1933Photo Meth
MILES Mary wife of William f. John Birkett m. Elizh nee Jackson 75 7.1937 Photo Meth
MILES Henry hus of Martha Mary 81 10.1941Photo Pres
MILES Martha Mary wife of Henry nee Hughes 81 6.1943Photo Pres
MILES Ida daughter of Henry & Martha 11wks1896Photo Pres
MILES Elma Gladys wife of Albert, nee Barnes 80 6.12.1979Photo Pres
MILES Albert Henry hus of Elma f. Henry m. Martha nee Hughes 48 30.5.1936 1    2 Pres
MILES Graeme John hus of Dawn 64 2.11.1988Photo Rem
MILES Ivy Gertrude wife of Eric f. Isaac Watson m. Elizabeth nee Dunstan 63 4.9.1967Photo Lawn A
MILES Eric Clive hus of Ivy 76 13.7.1974Photo Lawn A
MILES Ronald Burket f. William m. Mary Birkett 74 14.3.1969 1    2 Lawn B
MILES Elsie Louise f. Henry m. Martha Mary nee Hughes 79 12.7.1969 Photo Lawn B
MILES Susan Helen f. Ivan m. Winifred 19 5.11.1979Photo Lawn F
MILES Brian Clive f. Ivan m. Winifred 33 2.4.1988Photo Lawn F
MILES Keith Watson dad 68 10.12.1995Photo Lawn O
MILLER Lilly wife of Allan Roy. nee Bow 68 13.3.1984Photo CE
MILLER Allan Roy AKA Bill. Hus of Lilly. f of Lance 84 9.6.1997Photo CE
MILLER Lance Frederick son of Lilly & Allan. 16 15.6.1962Photo CE
MILLER James Alfred hus of Marie f. Augustus m. Henrietta nee Bahr 82 27.9.1958Photo CE
MILLER Maria May wife of Jas. f. Robert Wilson 88 7.6.1966Photo CE
MILLER Lindsay Francis f. James m. Maria May nee Wilson 54 21.12.1976Photo Lawn E
MILLER Norah Theresa wife of Horrie (Ronald) 83 1.12.1996Photo Lawn G
MILLER Ronald Geoffrey hus of Tess (Norah) f. James 66 23.1.1983Photo Lawn G
MILLER Bryan Geoffrey f. Ray m. Joan 19 5.7.1985Photo Lawn I
MILLER Leslie Lionel hus of Dorothy A.I.F. 70 16.3.1990Photo Lawn L
MILLER Kathleen Theresa wife of Jerry 73 30.11.1992Photo Lawn N
MILLER Albert Henry Jerry - hus of Kathleen 91 5.2.1995Photo Lawn N
MILLER Constance May   83 31.1.1998Photo Lawn P
MILLER Stanley Jack (Jack) A.I.F. 84 16.3.1995Photo Lawn O
MILLER Myrtle Blanche f. James Alfred. m. Maria May nee Wilson 71 28.10.1972 Photo CE
MILLIGAN Catherine wife of James nee Hopkins (Jas. buried W.A.) 75 6.6.1926Photo RC
MILLIGAN Frederick Hobart son of James & Catherine 69 2.1956Photo RC
MINTERN Maurice Kelvin hus of Christine f. Geo Wm. m. Myrtle 47 25.8.1985Photo Lawn A
MINTERN Myrtle Adeline wife of George 93 6.6.2002Photo Lawn R
MITCHELL Frederick William hus of Doris 80 3.1.1997Photo CE
MITCHELL Ada Ethel wife of Ben f. George Lawrence 73 20.11.1953Photo CE
MITCHELL Benjamin Francis hus of Ada   13.11.1974Photo CE
MITCHELL John f. John 83 4.1931Photo CE
MITCHELL Susannah f. John Popplestone m. Jane nee Coad 87 4.1926Photo CE
MITCHELL Rose Mary hus of Leslie 48 8.3.1987Photo Lawn J
MITCHELL Isabel Mary wife of Lawrence, nee Preston 94 14.4.2005 1    2 Lawn R
MODAFFARI Francesca wife of Francesco 94 21.4.2003Photo RC
MONGER Alfred Horace hus of Linda Irene f. William 7525 - 7th BATT 79 29.12.1969Photo Lawn C
MONGER Linda Irene wife of Alfred Horace 76 13.2.1986Photo Lawn C
MONGER Ivan Charles hus of Evelyn 61 8.8.1995Photo Lawn O
MOORE Cecil James f. Walter. m. Alice nee Young 57 28.11.1969Photo CE
MOORE Alice Ellen wife of Edward f. Arthur Young m. Sarah nee Orford 921977 1    2 CE
MORGAN Miriam wife of Fred Arthur 86 8.10.1992Photo Lawn N
MORRIS Ellen native of Nth. Wales, wife of Richd.f. Roberts 76 17.7.1917Photo Meth
MORRIS Richard Native of Nth. Wales, hus of Ellen 89 6.7.1918Photo Meth
MORRISON Noel Thomas f. Wm Henry m. Catherine nee Spalding 24 12.4.1953Photo RC
MORRISON Harold William hus of Thelma f. Henry m. Cath nee Spalding 47 20.10.1960Photo RC
MORRISON Catherine with William 48 30.10.1942Photo RC
MORRISON William With Catherine 68 14.2.1947Photo RC
MORTIMER Kate wife of John f. Wm Snell m. Sophia Elizabeth 49 9.1.1919Photo CE
MORTIMER John hus of Kate 89 7.5.1953Photo CE
MORTIMER Henry Geo. hus of Sophia G. nee SNELL f. James m. Elizabeth Coatman 81 25.7.1943Photo CE
MORTIMER Georgina dau of Henry & Sophia G. 1mth 9.1.1906 Photo CE
MORTIMER Clara dau of Henry & Sophia G. 13 8.6.1928Photo CE
MORTIMER Sophia Georgina wife of Henry Geo. Nee Snell 58 5.9.1993Photo CE
MORTIMER Albert James son of George 35 18.1.1938 Photo CE
MORTIMER Isaac hus of Mary Ann f. James m. Elizabeth nee Coatman 88 3.3.1969Photo Lawn B
MORTIMER Mary Ann (Sissy) wife of Isaac nee Perkins 102 15.10.1991Photo Lawn B
MORTON Eileen Valmai wife of Kevin f. Leslie Sommers m. Eileen nee Brown 38 2.5.1977Photo RC
MORTON Donovan Huon hus of Joan 72 6.9.2002Photo Rem
MOULDEN Stanley Cical f. James m. Agnes Carol nee Hughes 24 20.5.1936Photo RC
MOUNT Benjamin Albert Gentleman 83 27.6.2005Photo Lawn R
MOYLE Stanley Joseph hus of Edna May 69 1.1.1990Photo Lawn L
MOYLE Edna May wife of Stanley Joseph 77 3.9.2000Photo Lawn L
MURDOCH Emma Rose wife of Geo Petrie Murdoch f. Wm Chapman m. Epzeba Harle 39 8.3.1920Photo Pres
MURDOCK Hugh James wife Elizabeth 92 16.8.1994Photo RC
MURDOCK Elizabeth hus Hugh Jas. f. Robt. Jas. McMillan m. Bridget nee Guthrie 82 17.6.1985Photo RC
MURPHY Leonard John hus of Maria (Peg) f. Leonard m. Minnie R.N. 57 6.4.1982Photo Lawn G
MURRAY Mary Ann mot. of Jessie 69 27.10.1945Photo RC
MURRAY John William (Jack) hus of Joan 87 21.9.1997Photo Lawn A
MURRAY Joan Margaret wife of Jno Wm. F. Wm Martin m. Margt Eliza nee McCoy 48 21.3.1969Photo Lawn A
MYNARD Marguerita wife of Jack 93 14.3.1996 1    2 CE
MYNARD Arthur John hus of Marguerita f. Christopher m. Elizh nee Howes 65 4.12.1961Photo CE
MYNARD Elizabeth Marguerita f. Arthur m. Marguerita 14mths 28.1.1931Photo CE
MYNARD Christopher Thomas hus of Elizh Ann f. Joseph m. Jane nee Rodgers 70 23.8.1944Photo CE
MYNARD Elizabeth Ann wife of Christopher Thomas, nee Howes 90 3.7.1964Photo CE
NANKERVIS Stephen hus of Gwen f. Henry m. Annie Elizabeth 80 28.5.1980Photo Lawn F
NANKERVIS Gwendolyn Rosa wife of Stephen nee Ewins 90 4.7.1992Photo Lawn F
NASH Allan Joseph wife Hilda f. Joseph m. Mary Jenkins 41 18.11.1954Photo RC
NASH Sarah wife of Job b 1849 ENG f. Richd Cartwright m. Mary nee Bobart 791929Photo CE
NASH Job hus of Sarah b. 1842 ENG f. Richd Nash m Annie nee Harris 621906Photo CE
NASH Rueben Francis hus of Annie Maud f. Job Nash m. Sarah nee Cartwright 61 28.10.1939Photo CE
NASH Annie Maud wife of Rueben Francis. nee Rickard 74 6.10.1955Photo CE
NASH Ernest Alfred son of Josuha Baker Nash and Minnie Elizabeth nee Jewell 78 16.4.1987Photo CE
NASH Joshua Baker hus of Minnie f. Job m. Sarah nee Cartwright 67 6.1948Photo CE
NASH Minnie Elizabeth wife of Joshua Baker f Wm. Jewell m. Elizh nee Leask 87 9.1973Photo CE
NASH Eric Roy son of Josuha Baker Nash & Minnie Elizh nee Jewell 86 3.3.1999Photo CE
NASH Henry Job hus of Clara f. Job Nash m. Sarah nee Cartwright 42 24.10.1927Photo CE
NASH Clara Mary wife of Henry f. Thos Proud m. Elizabeth Jewell 72 22.12.1955Photo CE
NASH Gordon f. Henry Job Nash m. Clara Mary nee Proud 14 30.11.1934Photo CE
NASH Linda Myrtl nee Rickard, wife of Frank 27 14.9.1919Photo Meth
NASH Leslie Reuben hus of Eunice f Francis m. Annie nee Rickard 49 14.1.1961Photo Rem
NASH Alan James f. Keith m. Mary 18 4.3.1984Photo Lawn H
NAUS Matthew Mathais - hus of Johanna 77 10.10.1990Photo Lawn M
NAUS-COENEN Johanna Elizabeth (Ann) wife of Matthew 90 9.4.2006Photo Lawn M
NEGUS Winifred Maria wife of Albert Ernest f. Danile Fahey m. Nency nee Gleason 57 29.4.1917Photo RC
NEGUS Albert Ernest hus of Winifred f. Wm. m. Clara nee Marshall 95 24.7.1949Photo RC
NEWNHAM Geoffrey Kevin hus of Lesley, son of Kevin & Joan 45 29.5.2002Photo Lawn R
NEWTON Archibald Alfred hus of Eva Lillian f. Wm Archi & Irene nee Bentick 35 8.4.1962Photo Pres
NICKLEN Alan Clive hus of Annie. Photo 71 23.12.1999 1    2 Lawn Q
NILSSON Elsie Margt Elsie, wife of Alfred f. Geo Rolerson m. Jane nee Puttock 76 31.7.1972 1    2 Meth
NILSSON Mary Louise wife of Alfred H. f. Geo Rowlerson m Jane nee Puttock 39 21.10.1932 1    2 Meth
NILSSON Alfred hus of Mary Louise nee Rowlerson 1916. hus of Margt Elsie 1942 83 9.4.1975Photo Meth
NILSSON Olaf father of Alfred 89 31.3.1951Photo Pres
NOLAN Lorna Ethel wife of Kevin 88 18.7.2002Photo CE
NOLAN Kevin Patrick hus of Lorna 65 14.8.1990Photo CE
NORMAN Lewis hus of Grace Eliz. B. 1919. 7 children  2003Photo RC
NORRIE Arelanda William (Landy) hus of Joan 66 5.9.1996Photo Lawn O
NORTH Patricia Veronica mother of 5 71 9.7.2004Photo Lawn S
NORTON Oswald James f. Thos m. Ruth 86 10.4.1989Photo Lawn K
NYLANDER Alexander son of Jessie & Charles (Carl?) 76 14.12.1964Photo CE
NYLANDER James hus of Frances 68 6.12.1954Photo CE
NYLANDER Frances Hannah wife of Jas 77 3.4.1962Photo CE
NYLANDER Jessie wife of Carl f. Alex Forester m. Margt nee King 72 9.9.1931 1    2 CE
OAKES Edward Francis hus of Norah f. Wm Josh m. Margaret Dennis nee Paul 71 23.10.1974Photo Lawn D
OAKES Norah wife of Edward Francis 78 1.2. 1982Photo Lawn D
O'BRIEN Mary Molly. sis of Thos J. 86 9.1.1994Photo RC
O'BRIEN James Patrick (Shamus) hus of Neta f. Timothy m. Norah nee Kelly 73 10.7.1973Photo RC
O'BRIEN Neta wife of Jas 84 22.10.1998Photo RC
O'BRIEN Bernard Patrick hus of Kathleen Margt f. Shamus m. Neta 48 29.12.1984Photo Lawn H
O'CONNOR Cornelious hus of Rosaleen 49 10.12.1955Photo RC
O'CONNOR James Morris f. John m. Hetta Mary nee Priestley (Priest) 2 4.6.1904Photo RC
O'CONNOR John Morris f. John m. Margt Morris. father of Alice 79 19.3.1950Photo RC
O'CONNOR Mary Matilda wife of John f. Fred Priest m. Mary Ann Lord 84 3.12.1954Photo RC
O'CONNOR Thomas Victor f. John m. Mary Priest 59 27.5.1965Photo RC
O'CONNOR John Patrick hus of Mary Mailda f. John m. Mary 81 24.6.1981Photo RC
O'CONNOR Annie Josephine wife of Michael 92 10.1.1998Photo Lawn I
O'CONNOR Michael hus of Annie f. Michael m. Julia nee Ahern 80 12.11.1985Photo Lawn I
O'CONNOR Timothy David "Toc" hus of Joanne, son of Ron & Bernadine. Photo 44 6.10.2002 1    2 Lawn R
O'DONNELL Cornelius hus of Inez. Fath of Mary, Con & Gerald 84 1.1.1964Photo RC
O'DONNELL Inez Elizabeth wife of Cornelius. f. john Morresey m. Ellen Lane 89 3.12.1978Photo RC
O'DONNELL Gerard Leslie hus of Jocelyn 80 29.4.2004 1    2 Lawn R
O'DONNELL Jocelyn Mary wife of Gerard 74 28.4.2003 1    2 Lawn R
O'DONOGHUE Bartholomew F.Cornelius mmn Margt Hegerty, sis Ellen 42 4.1907Photo RC
O'DONOGHUE Catherine wife of Thomas. nee Reidy 50 10.11.1910Photo RC
O'DONOGHUE Thomas hus of Cath. F Martin mmn. Carroll 86 28.4.1941 1    2 RC
O'FARRELL John Thomas hus of Sarah, son of Jas & Sarah 47 11.4.1927Photo RC
O'FARRELL Sarah Marie wife of John T. nee Strafford 64 13.1.1949Photo RC
O'FARRELL Kevin Patrick hus of Doris. Father of 5 70 13.7.1991Photo RC
O'FARRELL Melba Doreen wife of John. Mother of 6 abt 84 3.9.2004Photo RC
O'FARRELL John Thomas hus of Melba 78 17.5.1991Photo RC
O'FARRELL James Jock - f. John m. Melba 32 11.3.1989Photo Lawn K
O'HALLORAN Deborah Lee wife of Glen f. Ron Little m. Ruby 30 1.9.1987Photo Lawn J
O'HEHIR Michael Francis "Mick", hus of Mary f. Michael Joseph m. Margaret O'Hehir 11 children 61 19.7.1986Photo Lawn I
O'HEHIR Michael Joseph hus of Margt. f. John .mmn Cath Phelan 56 8.5.1952Photo RC
O'HEHIR Margaret wife of Michl. f Jno Clarkin mmn Eliz Moore 70 30.7.1967Photo RC
O'HEHIR Catherine Theresa Kate - f Gerald m. Margaret 18 22.2.1984Photo Lawn H
O'HEHIR Dennis John hus of Catherine f. Michael m. Mary 48 2.3.2001 1    2 Lawn I
O'LEARY Bridget Helena hus Jno. f. John Murphy m. Mary Cashen 79 29.1.1947Photo RC
O'LEARY Michael hus of Bridget f. John m. Bridget Quinn 66 19.3.1929Photo RC
O'LEARY Bridget wife of Michael f. William Quinn m. Mary 83 21.3.1947Photo RC
O'LEARY John James wife Bridget Helena, f. Denis m. Mary Scanlon 81 28.11.1951Photo RC
O'LEARY John Patrick f. Michael m. Bridget nee Quinn 48 6.9.1943 1    2 RC
OLIVER Lucy wife of Gordon 85 25.6.2000Photo Lawn Q
OLSON Annie Sarah f. Louis m. Bridget nee O'Brien sister of Ellen 22 30.4.1919Photo RC
OLSON Bridget wife of Louis f. Daniel O'Brien m Ellen Kelly 83 5.7.1937Photo RC
OLSON Louis Everard hus of Bridget f. Olaf m. Ellen nee Lusbinson 81 7.12.1939Photo Pres
OLSSON Karl Napier hus of May f. John m. Annetta nee Griffers 46 13.11.1934Photo CE
OLSSON Alice May May. Wife of Karl f. John Body m. Susan nee Murfitt 74 28.4.1967Photo CE
OMOND Norma Eileen wife of Robert f. Victor Lemington m. Doris Evelyn   25.5.1985 Photo Lawn H
OMOND Robert Kirkness hus of Norma Eileen 69 13.8.1994Photo Lawn H
O'NEILL Patrick Laurence hus of Ethel f. James m. Mary Jane nee Costello 70 28.5.1958Photo RC
O'NEILL Ethel wife of Patrick, nee Glenn 74 23.11.1959Photo RC
O'NEILL James Vincent Mannix son of Patrick & Ethel nee Glenn 7 7.5.1932Photo RC
O'NEILL Peter James Edward hus of Elsie A.I.F. 75 16.1.1988Photo Lawn J
ORAM Ernest hus of Cresself Henry m. Mary nee Pritcher 63 20.3.1949Photo RC
ORAM Cressel Bridget wife of Ernest 75 11.1959Photo RC
OSBORN Mary Ann b. 1864 wife of Geo. 9 children nee Swanston 80 7.1945 Photo CE
OSBORN Percy b. 1900 son of Mary & Geo. abt 91 6.1991Photo CE
OSBORN Esther wife of Henry f. David Braham 65 27.3.1947Photo Pres
OSBORN Henry hus of Esther f. Geo M. Mary nee Swanston 75 12.8.1964Photo Pres
OSBORNE Lorna Ethel Margaret wife of Raymond f. Geo. Dobeli m Maud nee Reynolds 50 25.12.1975Photo Lawn D
OSBORNE Raymond Armstrong hus of Lorna 83 6.8.2003Photo Lawn D
O'SHAUGHNESSY Roy Francis P. (Shan) dau Colleen A.I.F. 83 24.5.1993Photo Lawn N
O'SULLIVAN Nicholas hus of Eileen G.son of Jn & Ellen 78 9.1.1972Photo RC
O'SULLIVAN Eileen Grace wife of Nich. Nee Burke 81 7.3.1973Photo RC
O'SULLIVAN Theresa   62 25.1.1957Photo RC
O'SULLIVAN Thomas Nicholas hus of Margaret 44 23.7.1969Photo Lawn C
PADOMS-JONES Undine Marija wife of Colin f Anteanas Adankavicius m. Olga 35 25.3.1983Photo Lawn G
PAHOR Santina Rosanz native of Triste Austria 78 23.7.1986Photo RC
PALMER Gary Robert f. Robert m. Dawn nee Perkins 18 9.4.1978Photo Lawn D
PALMER Basil hus of Ailsa Jean 77 13.3.1987Photo Lawn J
PAPP Michael hus of Edith 74 24.11.1988Photo Lawn K
PARFREY Roy William hus of Eileen Mary 77 12.9.2001Photo Lawn R
PARISH Alfred Norton hus of Eva. son of Wm & Mary nee Norton 95 30.10.1979Photo CE
PARISH Charles William AKA Bill. son of Alf & Eva 791994Photo CE
PARISH Albert Edmund f. Wm m. Mary Anne nee Norton 78 12.1958 1    2 CE
PARSONS Edith Ella wife of Kenneth Walter f. Fredk Jno Smith 70 28.3.1991Photo Pres
PARSONS Kenneth Walter hus of Ella nee Russell 80 17.12.1998Photo Pres
PAS Maria Adelheid wife of Johannes 63 17.1.2000Photo Lawn P
PAS Johannes Petrus hus of Maria 71 21.8.1998Photo Lawn P
PAUL Thomas Edward hus of Mabel 89 28.3.2000Photo Lawn N
PAUL Mabel Florence wife of Tom 74 25.11.1992Photo Lawn N
PAYNE Thelma Fallon wife 1 Leo 2 Jack 77 15.12.1996Photo Lawn D
PAYNE Dorothy Agnes wife of Jack f. Ernest Towt m. Agnes May 62 16.10.1981Photo Lawn G
PAYNE Allan Raymond Tim - hus of Rita 59 19.12.1987Photo Lawn J
PAYNE Sheila Frances wife of Gordan "Pat" 72 24.2.2001 1    2 Lawn Q
PAYNE Gordon "Pat" hus of Sheila 81 6.6.2003 1    2 Lawn Q
PEARSON Alfred Thomas hus of Win. f. Alfred. m. Margaret 79 12.1969Photo Breth
PEARSON Winifred Mansfield wife of Alfred. nee Jones. f. Jas m. Emily 68 1.1963Photo Breth
PEARSON UK       1    2 Meth
PEDLAR Karen Lee f. Keith m. Ina 35 11.1998Photo Lawn P
PERKINS William Thomas hus of Gwen. 7 children 70 4.11.1982Photo CE
PERKINS Herbert Daniel hus of Mary J. f. Thos m. Emily nee Young 79 30.5.1959Photo CE
PERKINS Mary Jane wife of Herbert D. 36 12.4.1924Photo CE
PERKINS Daisy Mary Annie Daisy. wife of Samuel f. Thos Barnett m. Sarah Phillips 54 16.6.1944Photo CE
PERKINS Samuel Hus of Daisy 78? 9.12.1964Photo CE
PERKINS Raymond John f. Samuel Jas m. Mary Annie nee Barnett 50 22.6.1974Photo CE
PERKINS Felix Stephen Peter. F. Thomas m. Emily nee Young 78 27.9.1970 1    2 Meth
PERKINS Thelma Elizabeth wife of Perc 80 15.9.1995Photo Rem
PERKINS Heather Maree f. Leslie m. Marjori nee Alexander 19 10.12.1967Photo Lawn A
PETTY Charles Alexander son of Wm and Maud nee Wallace 32 21.10.1950Photo CE
PETTY William Michael hus of Maud f. John Hicks m. Maria nee Barnes 61 19.9.1934Photo CE
PETTY Maud Elizabeth wife of William f. Henry Wallace m. Ada nee James 90 10.9.1975Photo CE
PETTY Ernest George hus of Eileen A.I.F. 72 18.12.1986Photo Lawn J
PETTY Eileen Mary wife of George 89 16.5.2002Photo Lawn J
PETTY Janet Susan wife of John 63 6.4.2003Photo Lawn S
PHILLIPS Nellie wife of Henry 91 27.8.1998Photo Lawn K
PHILLIPS Henry John hus of Nell 81 17.1.1989Photo Lawn K
PICKERING Thelma J. wife of John 79 25.9.1994Photo Lawn K
PICKERING John hus of Thelma 74 8.9.1987Photo Lawn K
PIGDON Albert Arthur hus of Nance A.I.F. 62 31.3.1989Photo Lawn K
PISA Antonino b. 9.1.1893 f. Giovanni m. Giuseppa 71 10.7.1964Photo RC
PISA Maria b. 6.11.1895 f. Venuti m. Francesca 86 29.3.1982Photo RC
PISA Michele hus of Rosaria f. John m. Guiseppa 55 26.7.1952Photo RC
PITT Leslie Chas Leslie f. Chas Pavey m. Lily Prior Williams 62 8.5.1962 1    2 CE
PITT Hazel Jane wife of Charles Leslie 84 5.5.1990 1    2 CE
PITT Charles Pavey hus of Lily 80 11.11.1944Photo CE
PITT Lily   70 6.7.1945Photo CE
PITT William Leonard hus of Caroline Esther f. Chas Pavey Pitt m. Lillian nee Williams 65 16.8.1967Photo Lawn A
PITT Caroline Esther wife of Wm. Leonard f. Wm Hobson m. Annie nee Vaughan 82 26.4.1987Photo Lawn A
PITT Myrtle Irene wife of Clarence f. James Burleigh m. Jane Alice nee Brooking 90 5.3.1996Photo Lawn A
PITT Clarence Pavey hus of Myrtle f. Charlec Pavey Pitt m. Lillian nee Pryor 72 27.8.1973Photo Lawn A
PITT Annie Margaret wife of James 84 31.8.1989Photo Lawn I
PITT James Jim, hus of Annie Margt 85 20.11.1985Photo Lawn I
PITT Clement Leonard   61 3.2.1988Photo Lawn J
POTTER Thomas hus of Doris Edna 83 26.12.1990Photo CE
POTTER Beverley f. Thomas m. Doris nee Reynolds 5wks 12.5.1939Photo CE
POTTER Doris Edna wife of Thos. 6 children 85 16.10.2001Photo CE
POTTER Mavis Amy wife of James Wm. 65 25.12.1988Photo Lawn E
POTTER James William hus of Mavis Amy f. Gordon Robinson m. Alma Potter, A.I.F. 58 21.4.1979Photo Lawn E
POUND Philip Hugh hus of Jessie 851999Photo Rem
POWELL Elvie Jean wife of Arthur 76 29.7.2005Photo Lawn T
PRICE Susan Mary wife of Alan, nee Mitchell f. Lawrence m. Isabel nee Preston 67 6.6.2003 1    2 Lawn R
PRIMROSE Ronald Valentine f. Ronald Primrose m. Ailisan nee McKeller 70 16.12.1973Photo Lawn C
PROPOSCH Harry David hus of Irene   9.3.2005Photo Lawn S
PROPOSCH Vita Alfred father of Laurel 78 15.3.2000Photo Lawn Q
PROPOSCH Julie Katherine wife of Cliff 50 23.3.1996Photo Lawn O
PROUDLEY Doris born Grinsby, England abt 82 27.8.2001Photo
PUMPHREY Edith May wife of George 72 20.8.1987Photo Lawn I
PUMPHREY George Allan hus of Edie 71 13.6.1986Photo Lawn I
PURCELL James Martin f. James. m. Rita 4 10.6.1960Photo RC
PURDUE Muriel wife of Francis. f. Nelson UK 67 8.10.1963Photo CE
PURDUE Francis Joseph hus of Muriel. f. Frank UK 83 30.9.1966Photo CE
PURDUE Francis James Jimmy - f. Frank m. Muriel 58 19.2.1994Photo Lawn I
PURDUE John Colin f. Francis Joseph m. Muriel 54 12.7.1985Photo Lawn I
PURVIS James John hus of Elizh f. Jas m. Hannah nee Hughes 69 18.7.1947 1    2 CE
PURVIS Elizabeth wife of Jas Jno f. John Reynolds m. Annie 81 2.11.1967 1    2 CE
PYE Leo Thomas hus of Elsie f. Wm Thos m. Annie nee Beaton A.I.F. 66 22.7.1979Photo Lawn F
PYE Elsie Victoria wife of Leo 65 15.4.1992Photo Lawn F
QUICK W.N.B. hus of Gwen 73 4.4.2002Photo Lawn R
QUIGLEY Clarinda dau of Martin & Annie 8mths 7.12.1907Photo RC
QUIGLEY Vincent son of Martin & Annie 9mths 24.12.1920Photo RC
QUIGLEY Patrick son of James & Elsie 1day 4.7.1930Photo RC
QUIGLEY Patrick James wife Lilly. son of Patrick mmn Margt O'Shannesy 67 1.5.1948 1    2 RC
QUIGLEY Lilly Mabel hus Pat. Jas. F. Richard EVANS mmn Louisa Saunders 80 27.7.1968Photo RC
QUIGLEY Michael John hus of Veronica (Lia) 44 8.3.1991Photo Lawn N
QUINN Julia wife of Martin. nee Quinn 73 16.3.1906 1    2 RC
QUINN Martin hus. of Julia 82 16.1.1909 1    2 RC
RALPH John James hus of Mary J. f of Dorrie, Allan & Len 75 24.5.1964Photo CE
RALPH Mary Jane wife of John Jas. Nee Morgan 77 13.7.1975Photo CE
RANKIN      1923Photo Pres
RANTEN Elizabeth Emily dau of Ken & Alma 3 22.4.1948Photo Breth
READ George Alfred hus of Alice f. Wm. m Jessie nee McKenzie 80 1.4.1976Photo Lawn D
READ Mary Alice wife of George 91 21.8.1987Photo Lawn D
READ Alan George f. George m. Alice 79 15.10.2003Photo Lawn S
REID Amy Alice wife of Harry 80 26.2.1994Photo Lawn N
REID Harry James hus of Amy 82 8.8.2000Photo Lawn N
REID John Allen hus of Audrey 63 2.12.1975Photo Lawn Q
REID Audrey Jean wife of John Allen 86 8.11.1999Photo Lawn Q
REID Stewart Edwin f. William m. Violet 90 8.8.1997Photo Lawn P
REIDY John Joseph   26 27.3.1935Photo RC
REIDY Martin hus. of Mary 78 23.8.1941Photo RC
REIDY Mary wife of Martin 85 30.6.1956Photo RC
REIDY Mary f. Martin m. Mary nee Marnell 46 20.12.1946Photo RC
REIDY Martin hus of Audrey (f. Martin m. Mary Anne nee Marnell?) 72 16.10.1985Photo Lawn I
REIDY Audrey C. wife of Martin 79 9.8.2003Photo Lawn I
REIFFEL Kathleen May   86 18.6.1999Photo Lawn N
REYNOLDS John hus of Annie nee Collins 64 6.2.1908 1    2 CE
REYNOLDS Annie wife of John f. Wm. Collins 81 7.12.1939 1    2 CE
RICHARDS Mary Louise wife of Wm f. Peter Steenholdt m. Mary nee Danton 97 3.1.1977 Photo Lawn E
RICHARDSON Jessie wife of Chris Wm f Murdoch Beaton m. Ann nee McLean 85 19.10.1944 Photo CE
RICHARDSON Archibald f. Chris Wm m. Jessie nee Beaton 86 16.1.1993Photo CE
RICHARDSON George Harry hus of Margt 72 23.3.1988Photo Lawn J
RICHARDSON Margaret wife of 1 Tom 2 George 75 31.12.2004Photo Lawn J
RICHES Emily Louisa Ann wife of Ernest 88 2.6.1997Photo Lawn E
RICHES Ernest hus of Emily f. Robert m. Leah nee Hayes 76 26.5.1977Photo Lawn E
RIGHETTI Ernest b. 1869 511920 1    2 RC
RIGHTON Helen Denise wife of Tony 83 23.8.2003Photo Lawn S
RILEY Gerald Matthew hus of Margt Mary f. Edmond m. Honora Byrne 79 11.1.1955Photo RC
RILEY Margaret Mary wife of Gerald f. Martin Dwyer m. Mary Calleghan 84 23.1.1972Photo RC
RILEY Paul Thomas hus of Pearl 71 7.7.1998Photo RC
RILEY Lillian Pearl wife of Paul 74 26.2.2000Photo RC
RILEY Desmond John hus of Billie 59 27.7.1987Photo Lawn J
RILEY Gregory Tub 49 2.6.2006Photo Lawn T
RINGROSE Anthony Tony - hus of Pat 65 26.6.1994Photo Lawn N
RISTE John hus of Elaine 69 9.2.2006Photo Meth
RISTE Ronald Henry f. John m. Eliane nee Hansford 4 20.4.1979Photo Meth
RISTE Doris Hazel wife of Henry f. Arthur Smart m. Mary Violet Lardner 69 2.4.1972Photo Meth
RISTE Henry Joseph hus of Doris m. Antonia Riste 74 5.9.1978Photo Meth
ROBERTS Carolyn Jean f. John Henry Roberts m. Mary Jean nee Miller 6 21.5.1951 1    2 CE
ROBERTS Colin Richard son of Leslie & Jessie. Died U.S.A. 65 24.12.1994Photo Lawn C
ROBERTS Leslie Thomas Linton hus of Jessie f. Diggory m. Clara Alice nee Tozer. 1st A.I.F. 76 9.3.1971Photo Lawn C
ROBERTS Jessie Caroline wife of Leslie Thos. f. 87 9.1.1989Photo Lawn C
ROBERTS John Henry hus of Molly VX47659 74 9.10.1996Photo Lawn F
ROBERTS Ian John son of Jack & Molly 39 2.1.1983Photo Lawn F
ROBERTS Molly Jean wife of Jack 76 17.1.1996 Photo Lawn F
ROBERTSON Andrew George hus of Beryl 75 28.7.2001 1    2 Lawn Q
ROCHE William f. William m. Nellie Fitzgerald 19mths 6.1916 1    2 RC
ROCHE Patrick Laurence f. William m. Nellie Fitzgerald 7mths 8.1916 1    2 RC
RODGER Alfred Charles f. Henry. m. Hannah Ellt 73 1.1969Photo CE
RODGER Hannah Ada wife of Henry f. Elt Chas. m. Caroline nee Cossum w/ Henry 58 10.8.1926 1    2 CE
ROFFEY Anthony John hus of Elizabeth Mary 78 7.4.1933 1    2 RC
ROFFEY Elizabeth Mary wife of Anthony John. 12 child. nee Jolley 80 13.1.1940 1    2 RC
ROGERS George Morton f. Sinclare Jas. m. Mary nee Wylie 75 16.6.1953Photo CE
ROGERS William Hypolyte f. Hypolite m. Sarah Sneath 83 14.6.1946 1    2 CE
ROGERS May Charlotte wife of Wm f. Edward Wiliams m. Mary Anne Beddison 76 6.8.1957 1    2 CE
ROGERS Richard Agustus f. Wm Hypolite m. May Charlotte nee Williams 71 17.7.1978 1    2 CE
ROGERS Edith Evelyn wife of Richard 65 2.5.1984 1    2 CE
ROGERS Bertram Robert son of Sinclair James & Minnie (Mary) nee Jagoe 8hrs 23.12.1912Photo CE
ROGERS Sinclair James f. Sinclare Jas. m. Mary nee Wylie 86 5.7.1968 1    2 CE
ROGERS Minnie (Mary) nee Jagoe, wife of Sinclare Jas 68 2.3.1947 1    2 CE
RONALDSON Violet wife of Bert, nee Pateman 88 12.12.2001Photo Lawn P
RONALDSON Herbert Douglas hus of Violet 79 23.6.1997Photo Lawn P
ROUSE James f. Joseph m. Elizabeth nee Bennett 77 29.8.1939Photo CE
ROUSE Lucy f. James m. Annie 86 27.10.1981Photo CE
ROUSE Florence Lucy f. Joseph Albert m. Eve Ellen nee Weatherhead 19mths 20.3.1928Photo CE
ROUT Nellie Frances wife of Eric 70 8.3.1994Photo Lawn M
ROUT Eric William Leyland hus of Nellie 72 4.8.1992 Photo Lawn M
ROVERS Johannes "John" hus of Elizabeth 67 5.6.1999Photo Lawn Q
ROWLERSON Arthur Arthur George. f. George m. Jane Puttock 70 1.5.1958 Photo CE
ROWLERSON Charles Edward hus of Mary Elizabeth 85 10. 1990Photo Lawn M
ROWLERSON George Walter "Wattie" f. George m. Jane Puttock 54 17.11.1938 Photo CE
ROWLERSON George Walter hus of Jane nee Puttock. f. Geo Walt. m Cath nee Baker 80 28.10.1941 Photo CE
ROWLERSON Gurney Albert Gurney. f. George m. Jane Puttock 70 17.8.1961 Photo CE
ROWLERSON Jane wife of Geo. Walter. f. Richard m. Jane 81 5.9.1941Photo CE
ROY Kenneth Howson hus of Merle f. George m. Adelaide 74 5.11.1980Photo Lawn G
ROY Merle Edith wife of (1) Vic (2) Kenneth 85 27.7.1999Photo Lawn G
RUFF Edith Jessie nee Nylander 922005Photo Rem
RUSSELL Barry Desmond child of Edmond and Stella 22 24.3.1966Photo CE
RUSSELL Lorraine Stella wife of Edmond. nee Jury 44 20.5.1971Photo CE
RUSSELL Walter Dixon hus of Alice f. Harold m. Mary nee Brooking 62 7.1.1968 1    2 Pres
RUSSELL Alice Maude wife of Walter f. Geo Arbuthnot m. Mary Anne 74 26.12.1981 1    2 Pres
RUSSELL Frederick John f. John m. Emma nee Farley 43 21.2.1936Photo Pres
RUSSELL John hus of Emma f John m. Eliza nee Trethaway 86 19.9.1943Photo Pres
RUSSELL Emma Francis wife of John f. John Farley 87 28.7.1948Photo Pres
RUSSELL Frederick John son of Fred & Bertha inf 22.5.1917Photo Pres
RUSSELL William Anthony f. Henry m. Annie 75 29.5.1980Photo Lawn F
RUSSELL Edmund lance hus of Frances 68 28.11.1991Photo Lawn M
RUSSELL Dawn wife of Mick (Walter) 54 19.5.1997Photo Lawn P
RUTTER Reginald hus of Coral 6913.3.1992Photo Lawn M
RUTTER Coral May wife of Reginald nee Osborn 89 9.12.2005Photo Lawn M
RYAN William J f. Walter m. Mary nee Looby 69 18.4.1942Photo RC
SANDY Gladys Sophia wife of Denis Duncan 68 28.12.1987Photo Lawn E
SANDY Duncan Denis hus of Gladys f. henry m. Ellen nee Johnston 63 4.12.1976Photo Lawn E
SARAH Nancy Gwendoline wife of Keith 87 5.8.2001Photo Lawn Q
SARAH Thomas Keith Gladstone hus of Nancy 87 31.12.1999Photo Lawn Q
SAYA Giuseppe f. Benedetto m Rosalia 65 7.10.1952Photo RC
SAYERS Theresa Josephine (nee BREHENY) 92 25.3.2014 1    2 RC
SAYERS Walter Bernard (Wally) hus of Theresa f. Herbert m. Rosina nee Haughney 72 25.6.1983 1    2    3 RC
SCAMMELL John Joseph hus of Daphne 66 15.10.1992Photo Lawn M
SCANLAN Patrick Joseph son of Joseph Bernard & Nancy nee Mccullen 20 4.11.1976Photo Lawn B
SCANLAN Joseph Bernard f. Wm m. Ellen Mary Hartnady 86 2.4.1982Photo Lawn B
SCANLAN Ronald William son of Joseph 34 28.2.1993Photo Lawn M
SCANLON Richard child of Thos & Catherine mn Lawless 28 29.12.1916Photo RC
SCANLON Michael John hus of Margt M.   5.2.1937Photo RC
SCANLON Margaret Mary wife of Michael Jno.   30.10.1939Photo RC
SCANLON John hus of Catherine f. Bartholomew 76 29.5.1910Photo RC
SCANLON Catherine wife of John f. Michl O'Callaghan, m. Bridt 32 20.5.1890Photo RC
SCANLON Thomas Bartholomew hus of Sarah f. Michael m. Margt nee Cunningham 62 5.3.1977Photo Lawn E
SCANLON Christopher Thomas f. Michael m. Marlene 20 1.3.1995Photo Lawn O
SCHAFER Cecilia Bertha dau of Theodore & Cecilia 87 30.9.1993Photo RC
SCHMUTTER Mary Ann wife of Wm nee Hannington 64 14.3.1919 1    2 CE
SCHMUTTER William Hus of Mary Ann f. Peter 74 22.3.1932 1    2 CE
SCHMUTTER William Frederick hus of Mary Ann 72 5.8.1952Photo CE
SCHMUTTER Mary Ann wife of Wm Fredk. f. Wm. Dowling m. Mary A. nee Henderson 80 13.1.1961Photo CE
SCHULTZ William Carl f. Christian. m. Susan Jane nee Baker 67 30.9.1971Photo CE
SCHULTZ Eliza Ellen wife of Wm Carl 84 2.1.1988Photo CE
SCHUMACHER Elsie May wife of Henry John f. Wm. Wright m. Elizabeth 66 19.3.1961Photo CE
SCHUMACHER Henry John hus of Elsie May f. John m. Susan Ann nee McDonald 80 4.8.1970Photo CE
SCOTT Daryl Robert grandson of Lily Pitt f. Robt Walter m. Lillian Mary nee Pitt  1945Photo CE
SCOTT Sewell Thomas hus of Elsie f. Walter m. Alvia nee Stubber 63 18.8.1940 1    2 Meth
SCOTT Elsie Wife of Sewell f. Samuel Gibbett m. Jane nee Woods 63 17.8.1938 1    2 Meth
SCOTT Robert Walter hus of Lillian Mary 65 23.4.1990Photo Lawn L
SCOTT Doreen Valerie wife of Norman 57 17.11.1992Photo Lawn N
SEGAL Arvonne Lilliace wife of Isaac 62 4.3.1991Photo Comp
SELLENGER Hazel Florence wife of Bill f. Wm Crowley m. Edith nee Hardy 62 31.3.1977Photo Lawn E
SELLENGER Bill Francis Joseph Wm - hus of Hazel f. Francis m. Anne nee Elsley 58 29.10.1977Photo Lawn E
SHALLUE Kevin Stanley hus of Patricia Mary 57 1.10.1980Photo Lawn D
SHEERS Elizabeth Ellen wife of John Henry nee Williams 77 30.4.1946Photo Meth
SHEERS John Henry hus of Elizabeth Ellen 86 20.7.1948Photo Meth
SHEPHERD Albert Edward hus of Marie f. Thos m. Bessie 84 4.11.1980Photo Lawn F
SHERRIF Alfred hus of Maria 73 5.1931Photo RC
SHERRIF Maria wife of Alfred. nee Auchetts 94 9.1954Photo RC
SIMCOCKS Gladys Mabel daughter of Thomas & Alice 95 6.2.1992Photo Rem
SIMCOCKS Reta Mary wife of Cecil Gordon 81 31.7.1990Photo Lawn G
SIMCOCKS Cecil Gordon hus of Reta f. Thomas m. Alice 81 2.3.1982Photo Lawn G
SIMCOCKS June Mary wife of David 55 21.11.1993Photo Lawn J
SIMPSON James John Hus of V.R.J. f. James. m. Helen nee Thomas 64 17.6.1962Photo CE
SIMPSON Veronica Roberta Jessie wife of James John. nee Ramsay 92 18.4.1990Photo CE
SIMPSON John Leslie hus of Patricia 71 8.6.2002Photo Rem
SKEEHAN Valda Jean f. John m. Betty nee Little 10mths 2.9.1943 1    2 CE
SLATER Isabel A. Dau of John & Mary nee Osborn 68 11.11.1991Photo CE
SLATER Bruce hus of Valerie 75 26.6.Photo Lawn R
SLATTERY Thomas son of John & Catherine 79 5.12.1932Photo RC
SLIEDELL Allan hus of Pat 57 24.7.1984Photo Lawn I
SMALL Matthew hus of Anna 61 26.11.1925 1    2 Pres
SMALL Anna wife of Matthew m. Wm Snell m. Sophia Elizabeth 50 6.5.1930 1    2 Pres
SMITH Harry born Yorkshire ENG f. George 97 11.4.1966Photo Meth
SMITH Violet Catherine wife of Jas Fredk 92 4.2005Photo Pres
SMITH Frederick Robert hus of Agusta f. Frederick m. Margaret Adamson 67 11.5.1933Photo Pres
SMITH Augusta May wife of Fredk nee Smith 72 15.5.1960Photo Pres
SMITH Colin Carlton hus of Elizabeth (Beth) 48 16.10.1993Photo Rem
SMITH Donald Roy Dunkley hus of Thelma 25 29.12.1967 Photo Lawn B
SMITH Henry William Harry - hus of Jean f. Henry m. Evelyn 74 10.10.1985Photo Lawn I
SMITH John Jack hus of Jennifer 52 10.10.1995Photo Lawn N
SMITH Mary Elizabeth wife of Walter 68 9.1995Photo Lawn O
SMITH Walter hus of Mary Elizth 84 6.1995Photo Lawn O
SMITH Job Marshman hus of Betsy (Elizabeth, bur at Moe) 77 4.1922Photo CE
SMITH James Frederick hus of Violet 79 11.1992Photo Pres
SNELL Clara Elizabeth Clara f. Wm m. Sophia Elizabeth nee Snell 40 12.6.1914 1    2     3 CE
SNELL William f. Wm m. Sophia Elizabeth nee Snell 54 20.8.1920 1    2     3 CE
SNELL Harriett wife of Thos. f. Edward Maskell m. Jemima nee Ralston 47 17.3.1932Photo CE
SNELL Thomas hus of Hartiett f. Wm. m. Elizabeth nee Snell 72 14.3.1949Photo CE
SNELL William hus of Sophia E. f. Wm m. Elizabeth 83 28.5.1921 1    2     3 CE
SNELL Sophia Elizabeth wife of Wm f. George Snell m. Sophia Tucker 83 9.4.1920 1    2     3 CE
SNELL Gertrude Gertrude Jane f. Wm m. Sophia Elizabeth nee Snell 23 1.8.1888 1    2     3 CE
SNELL George f. Wm m. Sophia Elizabeth nee Snell 22 21.1.1890 1    2     3 CE
SNELLGROVE Ellen wife of Geo. f. Edward Slogan m. Mary Ann Holland 44 25.12.1911Photo RC
SNELLGROVE George hus of Ellen. 54/52 8.1912Photo RC
SOMMERS Winston Henry f. Wesley m. Sylvia nee Lonsdale 44 25.11.1955Photo CE
SOMMERS Eileen Patricia wife of Leslie f. Thos Brown m. Ellen nee Spalding 62 15.1.1970Photo RC
SOMMERS Leslie William hus of Eileen f. Percival m. Sylvia nee Lonsdale 7423.7.1983Photo RC
SOMMERS Ida Jean wife of Len 67 19.4.1985Photo Lawn H
SOMMERS Leonard Lonsdale hus of Jean 82 24.8.1995Photo Lawn H
SPAIN Thomas James hus of Cecilia   10.6.1998Photo RC
SPENCE Russell Ayres hus of Flo f. Jas. M. Zilla nee Ward 70 15.10.1966 Photo Meth
SPENCE Graham James hus of Margaret m Lilian Youngman 32 11.4.1975Photo Lawn D
STACEY Elsie Sarah dau of Thomas & Margt Ethel nee Watson 11 20.11.1912 1    2 CE
STACEY Thomas f. John m. Elizabeth nee Isman 80 26.1.1928Photo CE
STARK Primrose Alice wife of Arthur f. George Leithead m. Alice Julie nee Barker 60 24.6.1967Photo Pres
STARK Arthur hus of Primrose f. Arthur m. Ann 66 23.11.1971 Photo Pres
STEENHOLDT Clarence Roy f. Peter m. Mary nee Dunton 77 11.12.1968Photo Lawn B
STEENHOLDT Selina Emily f. Thos Perkins m. Emily nee Young 80 3.5.1975Photo Lawn B
STEENHOLDT Raymond Charles f. Clarence Roy m. Emma nee Kydd 46 14.3.1970Photo Lawn C
STEENHOLDT Karl Dunton Clive f. Peter Hanson m Mary. A.I.F. 87 29.11.1981Photo Lawn E
STEIN Phyllis May wife of Roy 92 18.5.2000Photo Lawn I
STEIN David Roy hus of Phyllis 79 28.2.1986Photo Lawn I
STEPHENS Heidi      Photo RC
STEVENSON Mary f. Thos John m. Mary Ann nee Hewitt 80 17.1.1967?Photo Lawn A
STEVENSON Janie f. Thos John m. Mary Ann nee Hewitt 83 16.12.1968Photo Lawn A
STEWART Mary Elizabeth f. Laurance Mouat Stewart m. Sarah Ann nee Reynolds 71 15.9.1984Photo CE
STEWART Laurance Mouat hus of Sarah Ann f. John m. Georgina Watt nee Mouat 79 5.10.1956Photo CE
STEWART Sarah Ann wife of Laurance f. John Reynolds m. Annie nee Collins 79 11.12.1963Photo CE
STEWART Ian Henry Laurance son of Bill & Stella 49 5.3.1988Photo CE
STEWART James Malcolm hus of Anne Georgina 84 10.6.1987Photo Pres
STEWART Anne Georgina wife of James Malcolm 91 7.8.2003Photo Pres
STEWART William Laurance hus of Stella 62 13.11.1971Photo Lawn C
STEWART Estele Alice Stella. wife of Wm Laurance 92 17.10.1999Photo Lawn C
STEWART Lesley Helen wife of John 66 28.10.1987Photo Lawn D
STEWART John hus of Lesley 77 30.5.1993Photo Lawn D
STEWART Merle Winifred wife of George f. Les Cruickshanks m Evsie Mary 49 19.4.1983Photo Lawn H
STEWART Shizue M. wife of Stewie (Ronald) 80 2.7.1997Photo Lawn O
STEWART Ronald Anthony John hus of Shizue A.I.F. 68 1.1.1995Photo Lawn O
STRITCH George Thomas hus of Nel 61 29.6.2001Photo Lawn Q
STURDY Terrence George f. George m. Mary Isobel nee Greagon 21 25.5.1956Photo Meth
STURDY George hus of Isobel f. Geo m. Jane Anne 73 14.7.1974Photo Meth
STURDY Mary Isobel wife of Geo. f. Edward Greagon m Charlotte 76 13.11.1984Photo Meth
SWAYN Rosalie Joy dau of Ernest & Grace Swayn 60 5.9.2002Photo Meth
SWAYN Ernest Albert hus of Grace f. Jas m. Elizabeth nee Howard 74 18.2.1972Photo Meth
SWAYN Grace Lillian wife of Ernest A f. Malcolm McDonald m. Mary Caroline 87 5.8.1985Photo Meth
SWEENEY Thomas f. Andrew m. Catherine baby 12.5.1989Photo Lawn K
TAFFE John James hus of Doris. f. Lawerence m. Bridget Hardiman 71 26.7.1965Photo RC
TANGEY Eileen Maggie wife of Wm Leonard, f. Alf Sherriff m. Mary Ann nee Auchetto 85 16.5.1982Photo RC
TANGEY Judith Anne dau of William & Eileen Maggie nee Sherriff 7 14.6.1943Photo RC
TANGEY Eileen born 5.2. 1898 dau of Alf Sherriff & Mary Ann nee Auchetto 85 16.5.1982Photo RC
TARRANT William James H. hus of Betty f. Herbert Edward m. Ethel Eliza nee James 47 10.6.1966 1    2 Meth
TARRANT Betty Jean nee Dawson wife of William 77 17.8.2001 1    2 Meth
TASKER Ann Elizabeth wife of Gordon f. Alfred Rawlins m. Alice May nee Dove 52 30.8.1962Photo Meth
TASKER Donald William f Gordon m. Ann Elizabeth nee Rawlins 26 22.8.1972Photo Meth
TAYLOR Ralph Edward hus of Isabel f. of Bryan 49 28.5.1955Photo RC
TAYLOR Francis Alice wife of Henry. f. Michl Lyons mmn Sarah Ward 65 11.1952Photo RC
TAYLOR Henry hus of Francis Alice 62 8.1954Photo RC
TAYLOR Jessie wife of Jno Wm f. Walt Hadfield m. Annie Raynor 60 9.8.1956 1    2 CE
TAYLOR John William hus of Jessie f. William m. Mary Ann 86 20.3.1981 1    2 CE
TAYLOR Beryl Elsie dau of Jessie & John b. 9.10.1924 abt 79 4.11.2003 1    2 CE
TAYLOR Margaret Goodwin wife of late Geo. f Ephriam Taylor m. Susan nee Goodwin 73 5.1919Photo CE
TAYLOR George hus of Lizzie f Alexander m. Cath Graham    Photo CE
TAYLOR Lizzie Eliza, wife of Geo. f. Chas Jas Grey m. Mary Ann nee Langley 62 16.9.1928Photo CE
TE HENNEPE Jan Willem hus of Regina 79 20.8.2005Photo Lawn T
TEESE Marlie Minnie (Mollie) wife of Harold. f. Josuha Baker Nash m. Minnie nee Jewell 711988Photo CE
TEESE Harold Jack hus of Mollie nee Nash 87 21.7.2001Photo CE
TEHENNEPE Julia dau of Janette and Gerrit baby 31.10.1982Photo CE
TEMBY Jean wise of Jas Mitchell, grandmother of Grace 74 16.2.1928Photo Pres
TEMBY Grace Beattie with Jean Temby f. Wm Park Temby m. Beatrice nee Ewan baby 11.3.1915Photo Pres
TERRILL Janice f. Clifford m. Isobel 1hr 16.4.1949Photo CE
TERRILL Florence (Ethel) wife of Ivan     1    2 CE
TERRILL Ivan hus of Ethel 75 20.10.1989 1    2 CE
TERRILL Louisa Alice wife of Tom 73 24.1.1962 1    2 CE
TERRILL Thomas hus of Louisa f. Thomas m. nee Pilgrim 92 23.7.1976 1    2 CE
TERRILL Leslie b. 1953 f. Arthur William m. Ethel May nee Masters 8 7. 1961Photo CE
TERRILL Robert James f. Arthur William m. Ethel May nee Masters 2mths 3.1949Photo CE
TERRILL Arthur William Andrew hus of Ethel May f. Thos m. Louisa Alice nee Brodribb 58 20.12.1975Photo Lawn C
TERRILL Ethel May wife of Arthur Wm. Andrew 79 13.7.2002Photo Lawn C
THOMAS Eleanor wife of Fred   21.5.1929Photo CE
THOMPSON Valerie Merle wife of Kevin 69 25.1.2005Photo Lawn S
TIERNEY        Photo RC
TIPLADY Evelyn Joan "Elvie" f. Eric m. Joan b. 10.10.1948 3 4.11.1951Photo CE
TOTTENHAM Margaret Alison f. Ronald Primrose and Alison nee McKeller 50 2.2.1980Photo Lawn C
TOWT Agnes wife of Ernest m. Johanna nee Delahunty 62 23.5.1948Photo Pres
TOWT Ernest hus of Agnes f. James m. Sarah nee Doherty 79 11.1.1965Photo Pres
TREWIN Graeme Stanley "Fred" hus of Pammy f. Len m. Joyce 35 15.9.2005 1    2 Lawn O
TRIBUZI Teodoro son of Teodoro & Mary 5weeks 14.2.1964Photo RC
TUCKER Peter John hus of Janet 42 31.10.1989Photo Rem
TURNER Mervyn Leonard hus of Ngaire Dawn 57 11.9.1987Photo Lawn B
TURNER Alfred Snow - hus of Margt Alma 74 16.7.1994Photo Lawn N
TURNER Warwick Leonard hus of Barbara 69 4.5.2005 Photo Lawn T
TUTTON Leonard Stewart hus of Florence f. Charles m. Agnes nee Steward. Private VX141585 55 23.12.1972Photo Lawn C
TYNAN D.J. (Daniel John) 2171 Private 2nd Batt. 65 1.6.1937Photo RC
Van De BURGT Melanie Peta f. Renee m. Alyce 2 days 7.9.1990Photo Lawn H
VAN DER HEYDEN Johannes Polycarpus hus of Wilhelmina f. Henricus m. Den Tillart Pet native of Holland 81 11.2.1982Photo RC
VAN DER HEYDEN Wilhelmina wife of Johannes, nee Dortmans, native of Holland   17.3.198?Photo RC
Van Der HEYDEN Peter hus of Beverley 57 11.8.1992Photo Lawn M
VANDELIGT Shane George son of Tracey, Tony & Jackie 15 30.1.2003 1    2     3 Lawn Q
VEENSTRA Cornelius hus of Irene son of Frank and Frances 48 28.1.2000Photo Lawn F
VEENSTRA Frank hus of Frances f. Jelle m. Berge Geetriuda 77 29.12.1979Photo Lawn F
VELI Mitchell "Mitch" son of Gani & Mary. Photo 6 27.6.2002Photo Lawn R
VINES Madge f. Joshua Baker Nash m. Minnie nee Jewell 75 3.3.1995Photo CE
VINEY Frank hus of Eva f. Henry m. Kezia nee Rowbotham 83 1.12.1978Photo Lawn F
VINEY Eva wife of Frank f. John Dawson m. Mary Annie 86 10.11.1980Photo Lawn F
VINEY Herbert William Bill - hus of Eleanor R.A.N. 64 28.12.1987Photo Lawn J
VOSS Wilhelmus Lamburtus hus of Agnes. f. Jas. m. Susanna nee Johns 59 5.7.1968Photo RC
VUGS Kevin Anthony hus of Mary 48 7.7.2004Photo RC
VUGS Maureen Katherine wife of Tony 66 2.6.2002Photo RC
VUILLERMIN Julian Dominic Dooley - hus of Marie 76 5.8.1993 Photo Lawn N
WADE Margaret wife of Fredk Chas f. Matthew Simpson m. Honora nee Clancy 39 27.6.1934Photo RC
WADE Marion wife of Wm Henry nee Crawford 74 16.7.1935Photo Pres
WADE Percival James son of Frederick & Margaret 64 4.9.1979Photo Pres
WADE Walter John hus of Helen A.I.F. Photo 78 2.12.2000 1    2 Lawn Q
WAKENSHAW Edith Mary wife of Alexander f. Richd Wightman m. Helen Heatley 71 9.10.1937Photo Pres
WAKENSHAW Alexander born Ballmattum. F. Adam 73 15.1.1939Photo Pres
WAKENSHAW Doris Mabel f. Alex m Edith Mary nee Wightman 34 7.7.1929 1    2 Pres
WAKENSHAW May Evelyn wife of Dick, f. Fredk Brooke m. Agnes nee Rogerson 40 17.12.1946 1    2 Pres
WAKENSHAW Donald Barry 70 3.10.2004 1    2 Pres
WAKENSHAW Rupert Roy (Dick) f. Alex m Edith Mary nee Wightman 78 5.9.1979 1    2 Pres
WAKENSHAW Robert Alexander bro of Donald f. Rupert Roy m. May Evelyn 52 23.2.1984Photo Lawn H
WALKER Harriet Zillah wife of Wm Geo f. James Spence m. Zillah 96 14.3.1983Photo Lawn G
WALLACE Donald F. hus of Jessie 84 16.8.1995Photo Lawn O
WALSH Michael f. John m. Bridget 5days1899Photo RC
WALSH Annie Teresa f. John m. Bridget 241913Photo RC
WALSH John Bernard hus of Bridget. f. Michael. m. Annie nee Bray 56 5.9.1921Photo RC
WALSH Patrick E. f. Michael m. Ann 561933Photo RC
WALSH Bridget wife of John Bernard mot of 5 78 28.10.1934Photo RC
WALSH Suzanne Gail wife of Sean. Photo 52 27.7.1999Photo Lawn Q
WARD Charles William hus of Hannah 82 11.8.1992Photo Lawn I
WARD Hannah Julia wife of Chas f. Solly Fabian m. Ella 75 15.8.1984Photo Lawn I
WARNER Kerrie Raelene dau of Barry & Margaret 42 11.6.2002Photo Lawn R
WARNER Russell Arthur hus of Jacqueline, son of Barrie & Margaret 40 14.11.2001Photo Lawn R
WATTS Mabel Miss f. Ernest m. Rose nee Shipton 5521.6.1957Photo CE
WATTS Ernest John hus of Rose Matildanee Shipton 71 3.7.1944 1    2 CE
WATTS Rose Matilda moth of Erne. nee Shipton 51 18.1.1930Photo CE
WATTS Erne f. Ernest Jno m. Rose Matilda nee Shipton 2 11.1908Photo CE
WEATHERHEAD Horatio William husband of Eleanor. f. John 72 24.10.1925 1    2 CE
WEATHERHEAD Eleanor wife of Horatio f. Walter Hunt m. Mary Ann nee Osborne 71 15.5.1927 1    2 CE
WEATHERHEAD Max Alfred hus of Joyce 82 16.3.1999Photo Meth
WEATHERHEAD Joyce Mary wife of Max, nee Figgins 77 17.11.2000Photo Meth
WEATHERHEAD Roy Harry William hus of Alice Marjorie 87 20.11.2003Photo Meth
WEATHERHEAD Rhonda Elizabeth wife of Graham Thos. nee Gay   7.8.1998Photo Meth
WEATHERHEAD Ian Ross son of Graham & Rhonda nee Gay   29.5.1962Photo Meth
WEATHERHEAD Arthur hus of Inez. f. Horatio m. Eleanor nee Hunt 58 19.3.1945Photo Meth
WEATHERHEAD Inez wife of Arthur f. Harry Coombe m. Inez nee Frost 61 14.5.1953Photo Meth
WEBB George child of Alex & Jane nee Alves 67 7.8.1925Photo RC
WEBSTER Teresa Ann wife & mother f. Wm Connelly m. Joyce Win nee Hazzard 47 8.7.1974Photo Lawn D
WERNER Patrick Laurence son of Leo & Honora nee Flynn 6 31.12.1950Photo RC
WERNER Garry Owen hus of Carol 56 19.10.2002Photo Lawn R
WERNER Francis Leo hus of Honara 84 12.9.1987Photo Lawn O
WERNER Honara Mary wife of Francis Leo 84 7.4.1996Photo Lawn O
WHEELER Catherine wife of Laurence nee Daly 63 23.12.1949 1    2 RC
WHEELER Reginald Charles hus of Hazel f. Laurence m. Catherine 74 11.8.1981Photo Lawn G
WHELAN John Joseph hus of Kitty 64 13.12.1986Photo Lawn J
WHISTON Elizabeth Jane wife of Frederick, nee Oxenham 48 28.11.1897 Photo CE
WHISTON Frederick William hus of Elizabeth J. 84 27.7.1941Photo CE
WHISTON Mary f. Fredk Wm. m. Elizabeth Oxenham 61 27.9.1949 1    2 CE
WHISTON Vera Iris f. Joseph Buckingham m. Matilda nee Lawley 58 2.1.1953 1    2 CE
WHISTON Joseph Henry f. Fredk Wm. m. Elizabeth Oxenham 81 27.9.1975 1    2 CE
WHISTON Valda child of Vera s/b 3.1934 1    2 CE
WHITESIDE Teresa f. Daniel McMillan m. Christina Lia 39 5.7.2000Photo Lawn Q
WHITT? Charles Alfred hus of Patsy 65 16.4.2003Photo Lawn R
WHITTA Doris Jean dau of Jack & Mary Ralph 69 27.4.1988Photo CE
WHYSALL Oliver Edwin hus of Agusta f. James m. Eliza 65 15.8.1967Photo Lawn A
WHYSALL Agusta Tamar wife of Oliver f. Edward Hintn m. Laura 76 15.9.1982Photo Lawn A
WHYSALL John Edward f. Oliver m. Augusta 66 21.7.1997Photo Lawn P
WILBY John son of John & Esther 68 15.11.2000Photo Lawn Q
WILES Roseann wife of Thomas nee Kilroy 40 31.3.1908Photo CE
WILES Thomas b ENG hus of Rose Anne 71 4.11.1915Photo CE
WILES Marcella f Thos m. Roseann nee Kilroy 12days 11.1.1908Photo CE
WILES Kathleen Margaret f Thos m. Roseann nee Kilroy 5mths 11.5.1895Photo CE
WILKINSON John William hus of Marcia 57 5.7.2005Photo Lawn T
WILLIAMS Henry Thomas f. Alfred m. Agnes nee Staig. friend of Dick Rogers 78 20 6 1961Photo CE
WILLIAMS Alyson Joan wife of Ian 65 21.1.1996Photo Lawn O
WILLIAMSON Thomas f. John m. Sarah nee Lloyd 74 1.1909Photo CE
WILLS Valerie May wife of Leonard 63 24.2.1997Photo Lawn P
WILSON Robert John hus of Ellen f. Samuel, dau Eileen 88 13.9.1969Photo Pres
WILSON Ellen wife of Robert f. Louis Olsen m. Bridget 90 30.7.1984Photo RC
WILTSHIRE Frank hus of Henrietta fath of Margaret 79 5.2.1953Photo Meth
WILTSHIRE Henrietta May wife of Frank 81 1.11.1991Photo Lawn M
WOJTOWICZ Stanislaus   81 21.12.2000Photo Lawn P
WORTHY Thomas Henry hus of Margt 67 12.1948Photo Pres
WORTHY Margaret wife of Thos Henry 76 11.1973Photo Pres
WRIGHT Lynette Joy wife of Paul nee Howitt 42 19.2.1996Photo Rem
WRIGHT Frederick hus of Winifred (Peg) 79 11.10.1991Photo Lawn M
YOUNG Sarah Amelia wife of Arthur f. James Orford m. Sarah nee Molden 91 12.1933 1    2 CE
YOUNG Arthur Butler hus of Sarah f. Wm Sherwood m. Hannah nee Knox 93 7.1933 1    2 CE
YOUNG John Henry son of Arthur & Sarah bro of Alice Moore 73 5.1947 1    2 CE
YOUNG William Jesse m. Flora nee Stafford, father of Molly 44 4.1931Photo Pres
YOUNG David John hus of Barbarra f. John m. Elsie 24 25.11.1970Photo Lawn A
YOUNG Florence wife of Bill f. Michael Shannon m. Sarah 70 8.7.1983Photo Lawn H
YOUNG William Henry Bill hus of 1 Florence 2. Mary f. Wm Henry m. Ellen Matilda 69 15.4.1985Photo Lawn H
General Cemetery Photo       1    2  
General Cemetery Photo       1    2  
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General Cemetery Photo       1    2  
General Cemetery Photo       1    2  
General Cemetery Photo       1    2 CE
General Cemetery Photo       1    2  
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General Cemetery Photo       1    2  
General Cemetery Photo       1    2  
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General Cemetery Photo       1    2 gate
General Cemetery Photo       1    2  
General Cemetery Photo       1    2 Pres
General Cemetery Photo       1    2 Pres
General Cemetery Photo       1    2 RC
General Cemetery Photo       1    2 entry
General Cemetery Photo       1    2  
General Cemetery Photo       1    2  

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