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Drouin West, Cemetery

West Gippsland, Victoria

Visiting the graves of my Great Grandparents, Colin & Mary Ann McKenzie,
I decided to take photos of all the graves.
I have put them here for others who are unable to travel to this place.

Drouin West is in the shire of Buln Buln, and located approx 95 km's East of Melbourne.
Travelling via the Princes Freeway, towards Warragul, take the Drouin turnoff and turn left.
Turn right, C426, to Jindivick on the Old Sale Road.
The cemetery is on the right, just past the saw mill. 5 minutes from the freeway.
The photo is the transcription, just follow the link.

Hard to read transcriptions are at the bottom of the page, as is the key.

AKERS Graeme View Photo 1938-2004
ALCORN Margaret & William View Photo 1835-1909 / 1835-1910
ALCORN John & Margaret View Photo d. 1941 & d. 1946
ALCORN Thomas Arthur & Nancy Mary View Photo with John & Marg.
ALCORN Thelma View Photo d. 1946 age 38
ALCORN William James View Photo d. 1973 age 71
ASHBY Vincent Clare View Photo d. 26.8.1996
BAKER   View Photo foot plate only
BASTIN Donald Robert Edward View Photo 1934-2000
BAXTER Albert Joseph View Photo 1919-2000
BAXTER Neil Frederick View Photo w. Carol
BAXTER Jean Florence View Photo h. Alby
BEATTIE John & Isabella View Photo d. 1954 & d. 1908
BEATTIE Lindsay View Photo d. 1974
BEATTIE John Charles View Photo K.I.A. France 1917
BEATTIE James View Photo d. 1983
BENTLEY Henry View Photo w. Clara Elizabeth 1855-1931
BOSTOCK Robert Sutton (Bon) View Photo 1912-1994
BOULTON George & Selina View Photo d. 1909 d. 1921. w.
BRADY Patrick View Photo d. August 1997
BRYCE Marion Emily View Photo 1908-1993 nee Beattie
BRYCE John Hollard View Photo 1911-2003 w. Marion
BRYCE   View Photo foot plate only
CARY Frederick & Jane Dorothy View Photo d. 1962 & 1963
CHARLES James View Photo d. 1948
CHERRY Margaret View Photo b. UK. H. Phillip nee Hawley
CLARK Henry James (Harry) View Photo d. 29.7.99 h Nancy
COLE Lucy Annie Marchant & Geo. View Photo d. 1899 d. 1922
COLLINS William & Ann M View Photo  
COOK Herman Thomas View Photo 1912-1999
COOK Alice View Photo h Isaac. nee Boulton
COOK Isaac View Photo w. Alice
COOK Sarah & Robert View Photo d. 1895 d. 1914
COOPER Leon David View Photo 1963-2003
DARWIN Ronald View Photo d. 24.11.1990
DESSENT Francis Patrick View Photo d. 2001
DEWAR Martha, Peter & James View Photo Trans.
DOSSETT Henrietta Jane & John View Photo d. 1942 & d. 1975
DOSSETT John & Henrietta Jane View Photo 2nd M.I.
EDNEY Elizabeth Ann View Photo h. Walter Edney
FAMILY PLOT   View Photo Includes Ramsden
FINNEGAN Moya Frances View Photo w. of Bernie
FOWLES Peter G. View Photo bro. Maureen
FRANCIS Georgina Fraser Denmead View Photo  
FRANCIS Herbert Thomas View Photo d. 1991 age 77
GAPES Thomas & Marion View Photo nee Brown. Pioneers
GRAY Dorothy Jean View Photo h Stanley Allen (dec)
GREEN Maxwell John View Photo h. of Maureen
GROUP   View Photo  
HANNA Stafford View Photo d. 1937 age 75
HATELY John William View Photo 1941-1942
HOATH Winter Joel View Photo 1976-1991
HOLT Stanley William View Photo d. 1967 age 75
HOLT William, Annie & Alfred Alan View Photo Parents and son
HOLT Alfred Alan View Photo with above
HOLT Russell Alexander View Photo w. Mavis d. 1974
HOLT Mavis Myrtle View Photo h. Russell d. 1984
HOSKIN Anne View Photo 1868-1954 Beattie
HUGHES David Roy View Photo w. Kay
HUNT James Arthur View Photo d. 15. 11. 1997
HUTCHINSON William View Photo b. Scotland 1831
IRELAND James & Janet View Photo d. 1880 & d. 1882
IRWIN John (Jack) View Photo w. Betty d. 1996
JAMES Kevin Casimir View Photo d. 2003
JAMES Myrtle May View Photo 1912-2003
JAMES Marg. Chas, Frank, Willie & Dave View Photo Trans.
JEANES Elizabeth & Edwin View Photo  
JUDD Roy Stanley & Violet Isobel View Photo c. Stan, Les, Noel
JURKIEWICZ Josef W. View Photo 1918-2001
KEE Donald Richard View Photo h. of Maree
KELLY Allen Howard (Ned) View Photo   Ned w. Marie
LEYS J. L. View Photo w. Marjorie
LINTOTT Captn Edward View Photo d. 1891. 73 y
LJUBIC Alicia Marg Archer View Photo 1992-1994
LOPDELL Lillian May Ernshaw View Photo h. Wm. nee Judge
LOWE Ester Caroline View Photo d. 15. 4. 1951 age 70
LUNDBERG Margaret Gartland View Photo 1921-1988
LUNDBERG Gilchrist View Photo 1915-1997
LUNDBERG Margaret & Gilchrist View Photo together
LYALL John & Lucy View Photo Trans.
LYON Robert Winton View Photo 1919-1999
MARTIN Frederick & Maisie Twinkles View Photo 1915-1998 & 1917- 1999
MASON Joseph Charles View Photo age 3. m Emily. Trans.
MASON Joseph View Photo d. 1925 age 93
MATTHEWS Beatrice Margaret View Photo h. Alec
MATTHEWS Alec Leslie View Photo w. Beatrice
McDONALD Margaret W View Photo nee McKenzie h. William
McDONALD Mary & Alexander View Photo d. 1925 d.1927
McDONALD James & Rose View Photo Our Dear Parents
McDONALD Will View Photo son of James & Rose
McDONALD Arthur William View Photo d. 1994 w. Aileen
McKENZIE Colin & Mary View Photo Family of Kayemac. Trans
McKENZIE John William & Martha View Photo nee Davies
McKENZIE Elizabeth & George Phota NA  
McKENZIE Charles & Fanny View Photo Family of Kayemac
MEADE Louisa & ??? View Photo see Transcription
MIDDLETON Jessie View Photo h. Joseph
MIDDLETON William & Margaret View Photo Trans.
MITCHELL Lavinia View Photo d. 1897 h. Peter
MITCHELL George Joseph View Photo 1899-1969
MITCHELL Alice Frances View Photo 1901-1986
MORTIMER Family View Photo Plot
MULLINS Doris Isobel View Photo nee Thomson
NOTMAN Elizabeth & George View Photo Trans.
NOTMAN Sheila W. P. View Photo 71y
O'BRIEN Geoffrey David View Photo 1940-1988
PALMER John View Photo w. Louisa Jane
PATRICK J. T. View Photo 4th son
PATRICK M. J. View Photo trans.
PLANT Benjamin Saul View Photo d. 2000
RALPH William Robert View Photo Bill 1946-2002
RAMSDEN Edmund View Photo  
RAMSDEN Isaac & Sidney View Photo  
RASMUSSEN Carsten Hvidkaer View Photo 1952-2000
REEVES Elizabeth Katie View Photo 1878-1962
REID Eileen View Photo gd of Sarah & Rbt. Cook
RENDELL Flora Ann View Photo d. 11.1.1979
RENDELL William Lewis View Photo f. William m. Grace THOMAS
RENDELL William View Photo 1868-1913
RHODE Norman A. View Photo d. 30. 5. 1995. 89y
RONALD Emily Margaret View Photo d. 3. 9. 1933 f. Francis
RONALDS Emmie View Photo h. Oscar. Trans.
RONALDS Joyce & Charles View Photo d. 2002 & d. 2003
SCHURAVEL Jacob View Photo  2 d. 1987 age 71
SCHURAVEL Nina Elizabeth View Photo 1969-1990
SHAW Annie View Photo d. 1963
SHAW William Fleetwood View Photo d. 1982
SHIELL Christina Annie View Photo d. 1897 h. William
SKINNS Beverley June View Photo d. 2002 age 70
SKIPPER Herbert De Symons & Ellen Caro. View Photo Trans.
SKIPPER Evanght Photo NA Trans.
SMITH Muriel Glen View Photo nee Hoskins 1916-1993.
SMITH Margery Jean View Photo d. 10.9.1996
SPEERS Mary View Photo d 4 Dec. 2000 h. Albert
SPROUL Lorraine Helen View Photo 1941-2002
SPUNNER Joan Edith View Photo 1932-2004
STEWART Keith Andrew View Photo 1920-1991
STOCKS   View Photo foot plate only
STUCKEY Ian Thomas View Photo w. Isabel. AIF
TAGGART Irma & Sam View Photo Trans.
TAIT-MAKIN Heather View Photo b. Normanton
TOMASETTI Bertram View Photo w. Margeret. AIF
TOWERS Alice, Clara & William View Photo Trans.
TURNER Stanley William View Photo K.I.A. France 1916
UNKNOWN Grave View Photo No Names
VAN ES Joan Elizabeth View Photo w. of Adrian. Trans.
WALLIS Eira Estelle Hope View Photo d. 1998 h. Alan
WALSH James View Photo AIF
WEBB   View Photo foot plate only
WEST Leonard Charles View Photo w. Isobel
WEST Isobel Maree View Photo h. Leonard
WIELAND Sarah & William View Photo Trans.
WILSON Maurice Frederick View Photo d. 19 .10. 1998
WOHLFAHRT Knut Enar & Jessie View Photo h. w. nee Wylie

Transcriptions of hard to read photo's

In memory of / our dearly beloved mother/ Sarah Wieland / who died 25 April 1915 / Aged 74 years / "Our Noble Mother" / Our dear brother / William / who died February 1916 / aged 46 years / "Peace Perfect Peace"
note: Sarah WIELAND, f. William ROOKE m. Sarah COMMENS, Drouin, Vic. Reg. number 4816.

WIELAND, Fredk Wm Godfrey, Father: Wieland Fredk; Mother: Sarah ROOKE Age: 46; Drouin. Year: 1916 Reg. number: 1441

MIDDLETON William Middleton / who died 12 July 1896 / aged 62 years / Also our dear mother / Margaret Middleton / who died 6 Feb. 1903 /aged 67y

SKIPPER Herbert d. 3 .9.1991. 53y. / Ellen: d. 11.10.1918. 72y / Evanght: d. 23.12.1939.

TOWERS In loving memory of our dear sister Alice Towers / died 24.2.1897 / Also our dear parents / Clara Towers died 16.12.1920/ William Towers died 13.1.1950

VAN ES broken/ aged 53 years also / Louisa MEADE, wife of above died 13 October 1917

JAMES Family Plot In loving memory / of / Margaret / beloved wife of Charles JAMES / died 20th April 1927 aged 69 years / Robert Walker / JAMES / 1896 - 1959 / also children of above / Willie and Dave / died in infancy / F.C. (Jack) late A.I.F. / Small plaque: JAMES Charles / Feb. 20th 1948/ loved husband of Margaret / always remembered / Gunner Frank Charles JAMES / Australian Imperial Force 11. May 1916 / sacred to the memory of our dear son aged 24 years / God's will be done /

NOTMAN Sacred to the Memory / of / Elizabeth / beloved wife of / George Notman / Died Sept. 30 . 1911 aged 66 years / also / George Notman / beloved husband of above / died Nov. 15 . 1915 aged 76 years / Father in thy gracious keeping / Leave we now thy servants sleeping /

LYALL In Loving memory / of / John Stephen Lyall / died 22-11-31. aged 69 years / and Lucy Isabella Lyall / died 14-6-45. aged 75 years /

MASON In loving memory of / Joseph Charles / dearly loved youngest son of / Joseph and Emily / Mason / who died 29th October 1908 / aged 3 years. / He shall gather the lambs with his / arms and carry them in his (?) /

DEWAR In / Loving memory / of / Martha / beloved wife of / Peter Dewar / died 12th August 1915 / aged 54 years / also / Peter Thomas / eldest son of the above / died 14th August 1915 / aged 23 years/ Also / James Alfred / second son of the above / died 15th August 1915 / aged 21 years / buried at Coburg /

RONALDS In Loving memory / of / Emmie / beloved wife of / Oscar Ronalds / who departed this life / 4th August 1914 aged 41 years / to be with Christ which is / far better / He that hath the son hath life / and he that hath not the son of / God hath not life 1 John 5.12 /

TAGGART Irma / 29.11.1914 - 20.4.2003 / Sam / 8.12.1915 - 26.9.1992 / Taggert / rest in peace together / from your loving family /

McKENZIE In loving memory / of / our father / Colin John McKenzie / died at Jindivick / 4 March 1887 / aged 54 / and our / dear mother / Mary Sophia McKenzie / died at Drouin / 12 Feb 1922 / aged 84 / PEACE / Also their son / Colin / died 24 May 1919 / and their infant daughter / Emma / died 1876 /

M.J. PATRICK In Loving memory of / M.J. PATRICK / Leominster Herfordshire England / who died 21 April 1892 / age 43 years / After many years of patient suffering / Blessed are the dead ? in the Lord /

LINTOTT In memory of / Captn Edward Lintott / died 10 May 1891 age 73 / erected by public subscription / to commerate his virtues as a Cristian / his service as a Magistrate during 36 years / and as one of the founders of the / Buln Buln Municipal Council and Agricultrial Society / He feared man so little / because he feared God so much.

RAMSDEN Erected by the members of the / Drouin Branch ANA / in memory of their late treasurer / Edmund Ramsden / "But of for the touch of a mans shed hand / and the sound of a ? /
Check Family Plot Photo. Stone resting in front left corner.

Trans. = Transcription below
c = child
w = wife
h = husband
s = son
f = father
m = mother
d = died
gd = granddaughter
gs = grandson
A.I.F. = Australian Infantry Forces
nee = refers to the females maiden name
date = day, month, year.
K.I.A. = Killed in action
NA = Photo unavailable, check back

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