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Some of the family pasges concern particular family members and their descendants.
Other pages are general information about connected families.

I began my genealogical research quite late in life when I found time to become curious about the origins of my ancestors.
I realised that, although I and my siblings and parents had lived in the same building as my father's parents until I was about 15 years old, I had heard almost nothing about earlier generations.

My grandparents had all passed away by 1948 and my parents by 1971. I was into my 70s before I started this search in about 1998.
(If you are thinking of researching family history be warned that it surely must be easier and more productive if you start early - preferably while close relatives are still living and coherent).

My research has collected a lot of “genealogical” information in the way of names and dates of events like births, marriages and deaths and it is displayed on these pages in the hope that it will benefit other researchers who, in turn, may be able to help me by providing missing information or by confirming or correcting what I have written.

There are also a few personal “stories” but, for reasons outlined above, very few came down to me. I am hoping to gradually add such items to make the pages more interesting and will of course consider including items that others are able to offer.

This website is in the process of being completely rebuilt using different software. Some of the previous content has already been replaced but many pages still contain little more than a heading and a menu bar with the previous content yet to be replaced. The task was interrupted by ill health in late 2014 but is again proceeding although a date of completion is difficult to forecast. In the meantime, if you think I could help you with information on any of the subjects, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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