Norfolk Island Cemetery


A - F


Photos by Julie N. 2007 and Peter Applebee 2015

Current Database by Jeanice Levez 2016

Surname Given Names Photo Photo Born Died Age Spouse  Remarks
?AOOD ? Janice photo     20/02/1981 15   Headstofne hard to read
?ESLAKE Enid Mary photo   22/11/1904 4/05/2012      
?GLAS Ross ? photo   ? ?      
AAFJES Garry photo   18/01/1924 26/01/2010      
AAFJES Nancy photo   25/10/1924 20/12/2002      
ADAM Wayne George (Doggy) photo   31/07/1954 22/12/2000     father of Will, Les & Amy, Parents Clara & Bill, Brother of Joe, Fla &Joyce.
ADAMS ? Val? photo   1952y ?      
ADAMS Alice Violet photo     29/01/1957 76    
ADAMS Amy Caroline photo     10/06/1943 79    
ADAMS Amy Ruth  photo     9/04/1954 52    
ADAMS Annie Maria photo   3/09/1892 8/12/1896     daughteer of Byron & Edith Adams
ADAMS Aunt Charlotte photo     25/10/1949   Meade Adams  
ADAMS Beatrice Angelina photo   1899y 1974y      
ADAMS Brightman Gilbert photo     1929y      
ADAMS Byron photo     10/09/1902 55 Edith Adams accidently killed by a whale
ADAMS Caroline (Kai) photo     16/01/1974 85    
ADAMS Catherine photo   7/03/1917 27/07/1996   Eric mother of Robert
ADAMS Charles Ehraim John photo   24/04/1920 29/06/2010     son of Guilford Patteerson, parents of Glynn, Sue-Anne & Robert
ADAMS Clara  photo     9/07/1924   John Adams  
ADAMS Clara Amy photo photo 10/08/1931 17/07/1986      
ADAMS D D photo     5/04/1990 67   2/13 Inf Battalion
ADAMS Daisy Miriam photo   10/07/1921 27/12/1994     died Sydney, daughter of Brightman & Gertrude Adams, mother of Joy
ADAMS Dianah  photo     no date     Pitcairn Island,Daughter Edna
ADAMS Edna  photo     no date     par Josiah & Dianah
ADAMS Eliza Jemima (Aunt Else) photo   1882y 1973y      
ADAMS Elizabeth (Aunty Bess) photo     19/08/1880      
ADAMS Ephriam (Pumper) photo     2/09/1968 72   Died in Darwin laid to rest on 8/9/1968
ADAMS Eric Cyril photo   25/03/1920 26/11/2003   Kath brother to Mary & Georgee, father & father in law to Rob & Jo, Pop to Boyd, Dayna & Brent
ADAMS Ernest Byron photo   30/07/1924 9/05/1981      
ADAMS Ernest Byron  photo   30/07/1924 ?/05/198?   Nancy Rosaline  
ADAMS Etta photo     12/03/1960 50    
ADAMS Eustace (Gindi) photo   1920y 1960y     Bro to Fred & Stephen
ADAMS Fanny  photo            
ADAMS Frank Guilford Augustus photo   21/09/1924 16/03/1992   Joyce father of Dewys, Boyd, Byron, John
ADAMS Fred (Doc) photo   1923y 1979y     Bro to Eustace & Stephen
ADAMS Fysh (Brassy) photo     4/10/1958      
ADAMS George ( Mac) photo   10/07/1928 4/03/1991      
ADAMS George Walton photo   1905y 1976y      
ADAMS Guildford Patterson  photo   27/04/1901 5/01/1971   Helen Elizabeth  
ADAMS Harold Webb photo     31/12/1974 61    
ADAMS Heather Elma photo   3/05/1918 7/01/2006     nee Bradshaw,  parents of Glynn, Sue-Anne & Robert
ADAMS Heather Elma  photo photo 3/05/1918 7/01/2006   Charlie mother to Glynn,Sue-Anne,Robert
ADAMS Helen Elizabeth  photo photo 6/09/1902 6/08/1993   Guildford P Adams  
ADAMS Henry Ephraim photo   8/10/1893 14/10/1893      
ADAMS Henry Joseph  photo   31/07/1921 15/12/1967      
ADAMS Jane photo     10/02/1948 72    
ADAMS John photo     31/03/1973 64    
ADAMS John  photo     17/02/1947 79    
ADAMS John Campbell photo     21/11/1968      
ADAMS Jonathon photo   1829y 1906y     Native of Pitcairns Island
ADAMS Josiah  photo     no date     Pitcairn Island,Daughter Edna
ADAMS Katharine Amy photo   18/04/1863 1864y 17m   Daughter of Johathan & Phebe Adams
ADAMS Margaret  photo   3/02/1896 28/08/1903      
ADAMS Margaret Isobel photo     19/03/1974 65   nee Beveridge
ADAMS Maris Madeline photo     8/01/1893 19   The only daughter of Fysh & Frances A.
ADAMS Martin  photo photo   30/10/1979 51    
ADAMS Mary Ann  photo     1/02/1853 2m   Infant daughter of Josiah & Diana Adams
ADAMS Mary Christian photo     10/11/1925   William Rosswell Marsh Adams died at Cutters Corn
ADAMS Mary Helena (Nella) photo photo ?/?/1909 22/03/2003     nee Christian
ADAMS Mitchell photo            
ADAMS Nancy Rosaline photo   23/45/1922 13/03/2000   Ernest Byron  
ADAMS Nancy Rosaline photo   23/05/1922 13/03/2000      
ADAMS Norrie photo photo   16/09/1979 48    
ADAMS Phebe photo   1824y 1900y     Native of Pitcairns Island
ADAMS Phiebe Cleveland photo           Daughter og Jonathan & Phebe Adams
ADAMS Rose Clare photo     9/11/1953      
ADAMS Sarah  photo            
ADAMS Sarah Eliza photo   1857y 1918y     nee Christian
ADAMS Stephen (Snitch) photo   1925y 1986y     Bro to Eustace & Fred
ADAMS Tilly photo     19/11/1927      
ADAMS Valden Joseph photo photo 19/02/1929 21/09/2009   Vera father to John & Steven
ADAMS Walter Gregory photo     23/02/1976 79   2905 Private 20th Battalion AIF
ADAMS Wayn George (Doggy) photo   31/07/1954 22/12/2000     par Clara & Bill,Father to Will,Les,Amy,Broto Joe,Fla,Joyce
ADAMS William Joyce (Bill Pumper) photo   30/04/1927 15/11/2013   ? father to Joe, Phyllis, Wayne & Joyce
ADAMS William Rosswell Marsh photo     26/08/1918   Mary Christian Adams died at Cutters Corn
ADAMS William Ward Dillon photo   1851y 1912y      
ADAMS OBE Thomas E photo   16/07/1879 2/09/1935   Elsie J Adams Pastor of the Methodist Church Norfold Island for 9 years
ALDOUS Percival  photo     13/09/1899     Infant son of P.M. & E. Aldous
ALLAN Dwight photo     21/02/1911 88    
ALLAN Esther Ann photo     20/06/1928      
ALLEN Albert Roy photo     2/08/1965 61    
ALLEN Edward Allen photo     9/06/1964 62    
ALLEN Frank Augustus photo     31/01/1955 82    
ALLEN Gerald photo     26/09/1960      
ALLEN Henry Dwight photo     23/01/1921 23    
ALLEN Hilda Ethelyn photo   1866y 2/09/1953   Gerald Allen  
ALLEN Mary Jane photo     17/08/1952 81    
ALLEN/TAYLOR Edith photo     0/06/1916 2?    
AMOS Kathleen Lorna photo   1921y 11/06/1905     Part unreadable
ANDERSON Daisy Catherine (Geggie) photo     30/06/1983      
ANDERSON Evan C photo   17/09/1912 1/10/1994     native of Chester
ANDERSON Hoana Mae photo   21/05/1937 4/04/2009   John Oliver Anderson nee Tahere, born Thames, New Zealand, missed by children Wendy, Tania, Brendon and Darren
ANDERSON John Oliver (Jack) photo   15/021931 24/12/1999   Mae children Wendy, Tania, Brendon & Darren
ANDERSON Michael  photo     23/09/1834 27    
ANDERSON Moray photo     4/05/1969 64    
ANDERSON Robert (Bob) photo   28/02/1937 24/04/2003   Jackie father of David, Barry & Nicole, pa to all his grandchildren Pauline, ?
ANSCOMB Enid photo     16/07/1965 58    
ANTONE ? John photo     5/11/1878 31   Late of the ship California by his shipmates see Antone JOHN
ARCHER Arthur photo     7/10/1979   Florence died NZ, father of Irene, John, Ross, Ken, Alan & Christine
ARCHER Louis photo     21/11/1938     mother of Arthur
ARMSTRONG Kevin George photo     18/04/1968 57    
ARTHUR Maitland Horton photo     29/02/1972 35 Gloria daddy of Guy, Shaun, Hugh & Rachael
ASHBURNER Gladys Violet photo   16/07/1896 6/04/1982 85   born Bristol, England
ASHWORTH Eileen Campbell photo     23/01/1957 86 C M Ashworth  
ASHWORTH Goldwell McMaster photo     3/07/1960 95    
ATKINSON John photo     5/02/1840 37   This stone was erected by Thomas Ryan,John prisoner drowned while fishing for the Commandant
AULL Freddy photo     8/12/1978 22   son of Frederick and Margaret Aull, accidentally drowned
BADCOCK John photo     1807y      
BAIGENT Reginald Henry photo     ?/03/1954 62   Master Mariner
BAILEY Charles photo     5/01/1963   Flora father of Gwen, Joan, Harvey & Marie
BAILEY Charlotte (Mum) photo     17/04/1986 101    
BAILEY Clara H. photo   14/02/1883 17/12/1960   Herbert  
BAILEY Dorothy May photo   24/12/1902 20/04/1991 88 George Allen Bailey  
BAILEY Edna Catherine photo     24/07/1982 87 Tom mother of Marie
BAILEY Flora photo     0/10/1951   Charles Bailey  
BAILEY George photo     25/08/1936 87 Emily Wellesley  
BAILEY George Allen photo     9/04/1992 89 Dorothy May (nee Christian) father of Bernie, Norma, Mick & Len
BAILEY Gilbert Edwin photo     10/03/1970 95 Clara Bell  
BAILEY Harvey photo     ?     only son of Charles & Flora Bailey
BAILEY Herbert  photo   28/6/1871 8/08/1936   Clara  
BAILEY Thomas Bray photo     9/12/1962 69 Edna father of Marie
BAIRD John  photo     1/08/1835 28    
BAIRD Roy Fearson photo     8/04/1945 72   Colonel, Indian Medical Service
BAKER D Joan photo   22/09/1917 26/03/1991     nee Christian
BAKER Eileen Joyce photo     ? 75   Part unreadable
BAKER Richard Christian photo   3/11/1952 7/12/2010      
BALDOCK Alfred Essex photo     12/04/1848 27   Drowned by Upsetting of the boat in crossing the bar (chief Constable of the Is)
BARFOOT Kathleen   photo   1915y 1993y   Frank  nee Nobbs
BARKER Daphne photo     25/03/1988     died in Sydney sister of Edna Burgess
BARKER Holly Amy photo   1880y 1957y      
BARKMAN Cecil Gerhard photo   7/07/1920 11/12/2003     Born Sweden
BARR Alice photo     11/10/1978      
BARRETT ? May Ruth photo     12/10/2002      
BARRETT Patrick Terence photo     21/11/2001     in our hearts ?ex, Janice, John
BARRY James  photo     6/01/1844 36   Native of Killarney county of Kerry Ireland
BARTLE Linda Mary photo   13/03/1919 14/06/1999     No Image
BARTLE Philip photo   1906y 1991y      
BATAILLE Emma photo     1/03/1960 72    
BATAILLE Louis Victor photo     6/12/1956 75    
BATAILLE Mildred photo            
BATAILLE R A photo     17/12/1993 71   NX140685 Cpl 18 Fd Coy RAE
BATAILLE Richard Albert photo   17/06/1922 17/12/1993      
BATAILLE Seabury photo     15/11/1911 63 Albert Bataille  
BATAILLE MBE OAM Fay Norma photo   22/08/1926 13/10/1995      
BATES Brian George photo   14/09/1938 3/12/2008 70    
BATES Herbert  photo     26/09/1905 40    
BATES Sandra Anne photo     15/01/197?      
BATES (Captain) Franklin  photo     1/11/1913 81   Of Fairhaven
BATHIE Albert Stuart (Abb) photo     12/08/1976 59 Amy  
BATHIE Amy Kathleen photo     1/02/2008 90 Abb nee Adams
BATIRUA Seremaia (Jerry) photo   17/11/1975 14/12/2010     missed by Akeneta, Maria, Katarina, Semi, Maria
BATTY George  photo     23/06/1960 73 Elizabeth  father to Alice & Edith, Methodist Pastor Norfolk Is 1955-1957
BAXENDALE Gwendolene Martha photo   1900y 1956y      
BAXENDALE Richard Salisbury photo   1895y 1968y      
BAXTER Judith photo   27/02/1935     John Lorking mother of Rachel Curtin, nee Wybourne & David Wybourne
BEADMAN Marie Kathleen photo   12/01/1933 31/08/2015      
BEADMAN Russell Harold photo            
BEALE Louisa Jane  photo   7/02/1967 31/08/1999   Andrew mother to Ashley,Emma,Dominic,daughter to Lou & Frances Evans,sis to Hadyn & Philip
BEALE Louise Jane photo   7/02/1967 31/08/1999   Andrew mother of Ashley, Emma & Dominic, daughter of Lou and Frances, sister of Hadyn & Philip
BEAR Mary  photo     18/09/1904 39   Born Ballarat Australia.
BEDINGFIELD Kathleen photo   7/06/1937 7/10/2001      
BEDINGFIELD Kathleen  photo   7/06/1937 7/10/2001     Born Lower Hutt,Died Norfolk Is
BEDWELL Patrick  photo     ?/07/1842 26   Native of the city of Dublin
BEERS John photo     9/06/1903 65   Faithful until Death 
BEIRNE Leonard James photo   23/01/1923 12/12/2012   Maria father of Jim & Joy, QX34883 CPL 2/6 Commando squadron - New Guinea WW II 
BELDEN Melvina photo     3/09/1928 97 Stephen Belden  
BELDEN Stephen photo photo   4/11/1906 78 Melvina  
BELL Clara photo     24/10/1968 81 Gilbert Bailey  
BELL R photo     28/03/1966 84   4663 2 Air Mechanic Australian Flying Corps
BELL Stanley Douglas photo   25/09/1919 28/01/1997     sister Alberta Nerele W Richard
BENNETT Charles photo   1875y 1940y     born Napier, NZ, died Reotahi
BERGAGNIN Mirto photo   7/09/1906 21/05/1994      
BERGAMIN Gwen photo            
BERGIN Thomas  photo     1/08/1835 23    
BERRIDGE W.C. photo     3/04/1935 83    
BERRY Thomas  photo     11/09/1834 23   Native of Tipperary,Walter was Executed for Mutiny on this Island
BERTELSON Nina Olive photo   1920y 2009y      
BERTRAM Henry photo     10/03/1914 13m   son of Edward & Ida Allen
BEST John Charles  photo     15/02/1840 30   Drowned by Upsetting of the boat in attemting to cross the bar of this Harbour
BEVERIDGE George Andrew photo     5/07/1949     Of Kilmore, Victoria
BEVERIDGE Gordina  photo   6/09/1892 9/11/1995     nee Nobbs
BIDDLECOMBE Thomas E. photo     19/02/1867 28   Master R.N late of H.M.S. Falcon
BIGG Beattie photo     5/09/1989 75   missed by her children Keith, Arthur, Evelyn, grandchildren Neville, Gary, Anthony, Maxine, Angela, Simon, Matthew, David
BIGG Cecily Margaret photo   28/11/1943 3/12/2004     missed by Keith and all her family
BIGG Keith Norman Charles photo   27/04/1938 26/09/2008      
BINGLE Robert Harry photo   22/12/1899 3/12/1966   Felicity father to Louise, Deirdre & Nerissa, great grandson of Cpt John Bingle, pioneer of Newcastle, NSW
BIRDSEY Elizabeth Clarke  photo     25/04/1967 81    
BIRDSEY Norman Hamilton photo     23/08/1955 76    
BIRKETT James Alan photo     2/01/1986 76    
BIRKETT Joan Susie photo     22/06/1776 61    
BIRKETT W A B (Bill) photo     27/12/1972 84    
BISHOP Jean  photo   30/04/1910 9/05/1995     Norah Jane Mitchell BISHOP, Keith Millard BISHOP
BISHOP John photo     2/12/1842     Son of Willm Bishop 96th Regt
BLANEY Martha  photo     1/04/1836 49 James Blaney   
BLAXLAND Gregory George photo     3/09/1926     of Sydney
BLUETT (Dr) Kenneth Gabriel photo     28/06/1967 42 Ethel father of Mary, John, Anne, Denise, Peter, Stephen, Jennifer, Lynnette, Christine, Susan, Michael and Helen
BONIFACE???? Mildred photo     18/11/1948 35   Mother to Ina Boniface,Daughter of Aunt Liz McCoy
BORGIN Ann  photo     8/03/1838 30  Wm Borgin   
BORGIN Infant child photo     17/03/1838 10m   The daughter of Wm Borgin
BORGIN Jean photo     17/03/1838 12m   The daughter of Wm Borgin
BOWMAN Norman John photo   0/08/1893 0/10/1979      
BRANCH Mary Ann photo     11/02/1833 8   Daughter of William & Mary Branch
BRENNAN R T (Ray) photo     21/03/1996 72 Fran dad of Denise, Julieanne & Michael, Writer S7650 Royal Australian Naval Reserve
BRITTON Vincent George Cawthron photo   0/09/1963 0/07/1981   Norma of Napier, New Zealand, father of John and Rosalind
BROAD Jennie photo   28/06/1912 30/06/2005      
BROCKWAY Charles Sydney photo     20/03/1970 32?   wife Vera 
BROWN Charles Samuel photo     13/09/1851 22   Late Constable on this Island
BROWN John photo     11/09/1843 30    
BROWN Leslie Q (Les) photo   22/03/1930 4/04/2012     remembered by his NZ family Paul, Lynne, Stephanie & Richard Bowe
BROWN Martin Richard photo     1/03/1983 76   daughters Valerie and Janice
BRYAN James photo     ?/08/1844 16?   Native of County Tipparary
BUFFET Campbell photo     1/10/1957 67 Pearl father of William and Albert, 2144 Lance Corporal 45 Battalion
BUFFET Francois (Toon) photo   30/11/1943 19/07/2004   Shelley father of Todd and Leith
BUFFET John Henry Claude photo     19/05/1897 18m   son of Henry & Harriet Buffet
BUFFET Maria E photo     28/04/1900 61y6m David Buffet  
BUFFETT ? photo     5/12/19?6     parents of ? and Bruce
BUFFETT Adele Faye  photo   13/04/1950 16/08/1997     nee McCoy,hus Charles Ronald Buffett
BUFFETT Alice Claris photo   5/11/1906 11/03/1981     mother of Goldie, Jean, Norris, Mervyn
BUFFETT Alice Maude (Maudie) photo   20/08/1917 11/01/2012   George Buffett mother of Alan, John & Elaine, Grand & Nanna to Vanita, Dwain, Levina, Alana, Jacques, Mimosa & Audra, Great Gran to Myles
BUFFETT Allen photo   5/08/1851 19/01/1921 70   born on Pitcairn Island
BUFFETT Allen Anthony (Puddles) photo   28/10/1960 18/04/2008   Sheryl son of Mervyn and Josephine
BUFFETT Ann Lindsay photo     25/07/1943 76    
BUFFETT Anona  photo     14/02/1935 13   Daughter of Gladys & Nobby  Buffett
BUFFETT Arthur ? photo   14/03/1912 21/09/2001     Parents of Peter & Philip, Grandpa to Peter, Jenny ?
BUFFETT Arthur Ward photo   1905y 1986y      
BUFFETT Augusta photo     23/02/1940      
BUFFETT Augustus Wentworth  photo     11/03/1863 1y7m   Infant son of Thomas & Louisa Buffet
BUFFETT C R photo     11/06/1999 75   N117069 Private Infantry
BUFFETT C W Lindsay photo     8/09/1921 66    
BUFFETT Charles photo     9/07/1968     parents of ? and Bruce
BUFFETT Charles  photo     23/11/1863 4m   Infant son of Mr John & Elizabeth Buffet
BUFFETT Charles Aldin photo   15/01/1919 6/04/1991      
BUFFETT Charles H.Davis photo     4/08/1941 84   son of D & M Buffett,Sister  Jemima
BUFFETT Charles John (Chico) photo     28/06/1985 16   son of Vanda & Charles (Potts) Buffett
BUFFETT Christopher photo     2/12/1914 30   wife Saterfield Buffett
BUFFETT Claude L photo photo   27/09/1939 47    
BUFFETT Clifford James photo   24/08/1919 3/06/1992      
BUFFETT Colin Lindsay (Boonie) photo     1/04/2007 80    
BUFFETT D.C.D. (David ) photo photo   8/02/2001 87   Wife Ruth,father of David,Cheryl,Noelene,Dianne,Boyd
BUFFETT Daisy photo     10/07/1990 88 Thomas daughter of Hardie & Annie May Rossiter
BUFFETT David  photo     7/08/1924 96   Native of Pitcairn Island
BUFFETT David  photo     17/07/1948 70    
BUFFETT Dorcas photo     3/12/1917 85    
BUFFETT Dorothy photo     23/04/1863     Native of Pitcairns Island,Wife of John Buffett
BUFFETT Edward photo     26/11/1911 74    
BUFFETT Elaine Claudette photo   17/07/1947 16/05/2005     daughter of Maude & George Buffett, sister of Alan & John, Arney to Vanita, Dwain, Levina & Alana, Jacques & Mimosa
BUFFETT Eleanor Jane photo     18/03/1935 77   Beloved wife of Ward Buffett
BUFFETT Elizabeth  photo     10/10/1863 37   Beloved wife Mr John Buffet 
BUFFETT Emily Gladys  photo   1/06/1873 17/10/1953     hus Robert Edward Buffett
BUFFETT Emma  photo     12/08/1916 69 F M  
BUFFETT Estelle E. photo   14/01/1915 2/10/1995      
BUFFETT Euben Reginald photo     12/06/1953 54    
BUFFETT Fletcher Christian photo     10/11/1867 6   Parents Edward & Victoria Buffett
BUFFETT Florence Violet photo     11/10/1966 59    
BUFFETT Fortesque M photo     30/10/1927 72    
BUFFETT Frederick Stanley photo   31/08/1897 29/09/1980     father of Goldie, Jean, Norris, Mervyn
BUFFETT George William (Hackett) photo   27/01/1911 31/05/1996   Maudie father of Alan, John & Elaine, Pa to Jacques, Mimosa, Vanita, Dwain, Levina & Alana
BUFFETT Gertrude  photo   0/02/1888 21/09/1962      
BUFFETT Gilbert or Herbert photo   1907y? 1980/9y     father Pam,?,Jackie
BUFFETT Gladys photo     1980y 89    
BUFFETT Gustav E. photo     13/02/1947 26    
BUFFETT Hardie Rhodes photo     9/12/1931 29   Beloved son of R.E. & E.C. Buffett
BUFFETT Harriet photo     24/12/1936      
BUFFETT Harriet Esther Julia photo     14/07/1981 76    
BUFFETT Harry  photo   20/04/1941 2/01/2010   Paddy father of Rhonda & Cara
BUFFETT Heather Lynda photo     2/01/1984 57    
BUFFETT Helen Evelyn photo   17/08/1883 5/10/197?      
BUFFETT Helen Evelyn  photo     28/02/1929 79   Native of Pitcairn Island
BUFFETT Henry photo     19/04/1940      
BUFFETT Henry Seymour photo   1847y 1/05/1931   Selina Buffett Born Pitcairn Island
BUFFETT Henry W photo     2/10/1965 81   Parents of Laurie Quintal,  grand pareenst of Joy, John & Gaye 
BUFFETT Herbert Claude  photo     2/07/1895 23   Son of Thomas & Louisa Buffett
BUFFETT Ivy (Boomps) photo     3/12/1982 64    
BUFFETT J.W.Ward photo     11/03/1924 64    
BUFFETT Jessie Barbara photo     27/06/1990 68 Clifford Bufett mother of sons Paul and Daryl, daugher Julie
BUFFETT John photo     5/05/1891 93   Native of Bristol,England
BUFFETT John  photo   21/07/1826 23/06/1906     Native of Pitcairn Island
BUFFETT John  photo     9/04/1872 7m   Infant son of Martha & John Buffett
BUFFETT John Charlton (Funny) photo   23/08/1897 17/10/1966 69    
BUFFETT John E photo     17/10/1947 84    
BUFFETT Josephine  photo     23/05/1967 26   Beloved wife of Mervyn
BUFFETT Joyce Lorraine photo   8/11/1920 16/08/2001     nee Grimwood
BUFFETT Kathleen photo   20/12/1853 1/06/1930 77 Allen Buffett born on Pitcairn Island
BUFFETT Laurie photo     11/10/1921 30 Henry  
BUFFETT Leslie Nobby photo   25/07/1909 31/05/1995      
BUFFETT Lillias Ellen (Lyn) photo   21/01/1923 9/09/2004   Ron mother of Rodney & Roderick
BUFFETT Louisa  photo     5/02/1873 43   Beloved wife of Thomas Buffett
BUFFETT Marianne Selina photo   4/02/1856 1/03/1943   Seymour Born Pitcairn Island, last original Pitcairner on Norfolk
BUFFETT Martha  photo     30/01/1872 42   Wife of John Buffett see son John 
BUFFETT Mary photo   ?/?/1918 28/08/1999     Parents of Peter & Philip, Grandpa to Peter, Jenny ?
BUFFETT Mary Catherine (Locket) photo   25/04/1898 21/01/1971 73    
BUFFETT Minnie photo     21/09/1931     Aunt of Arthur Archer
BUFFETT Neil Mervyn photo   29/02/1964 5/08/1994 30    
BUFFETT Nobby photo     6/12/1957 72    
BUFFETT Oswald  photo     2/09/1883 4m   Infant son of Young & Bertha
BUFFETT Patricia Jean photo   2/01/1946 13/12/??      
BUFFETT Pearl (Auntie Pearl) photo   1899y 1967y      
BUFFETT Pearl Selina photo     2/07/1936      
BUFFETT Peter photo     11/04/1954 71    
BUFFETT Peter Hugh John photo   6/02/1943 6/09/1991   Beverley father of Jennette, Rebecca, son of Arthur & Mary, brother of Philip
BUFFETT Reubena photo     3/10/1926 56 G Buffett  
BUFFETT Robert Edward photo   3/01/1863 23/04/1953     wife Emily Gladys Buffett
BUFFETT Robert Eyer photo     13/02/1973 74    
BUFFETT Robert Inskip photo     15/07/1871 18m   Beloved son of Thomas & Louisa Buffett
BUFFETT Rowland Henry (Ron) photo   20/10/1918 19/05/1991   Lyn  
BUFFETT Ruth  photo   24/05/1918 7/09/1997     hus Boy (David )Buffett,mother of David,Cheryl,Noelene,Dianne,Boyd
BUFFETT Sarah Esther photo     8/11/1934 67   Beloved wife of Arthur Buffett
BUFFETT Selwyn Rowland (Selly) photo     21/09/1983 72    
BUFFETT Shane Seymour photo   9/09/1958 21/12/2005      
BUFFETT Susan  photo     16/02/1933 61   Beloved wife of Davis Buffett
BUFFETT Thomas photo     1/04/1979 69 Daisy son of John & Dinah Buffett, Gnr NX38059 2/3 Aus FS Bty AIF
BUFFETT Thomas  photo     18/10/1900 73   Native of Pitcairn Island, wife Louisa
BUFFETT Thomas Austin  photo     10/02/1874 22   Son of David & Martha Buffett
BUFFETT Thomas Henbury photo     6/05/1868 10y8m   Beloved son of Thomas & Louisa Buffett
BUFFETT Vanda Marianna photo photo 5/06/1938 11/09/2013   Charles Born Kaunas, Lithuania, mother of Chico
BUFFETT Victoria L.R. photo     27/08/1892 53   Loving wife of Edward Buffett
BUFFETT William S photo     9/07/1972 42    
BUFFETT Yvonne Muriel photo   19/10/1952 25/10/2004      
BUFFETT MBE, OBE, LLB, JP Charles Ivens (Potts) photo   2/03/1914 14/01/1995     Private CMF and A Flt Lt (Aircrew) RAAF WWII
BURGESS Edna May photo     12/09/1968     resident of NSW, remembered by sister Daphne
BURGESS Frederick  Thomas  photo   8/03/1925 22/07/1996      
BURGESS Kathleen Agnes Kitty  photo   13/10/1896 13/08/1976      
BURGESS Mary L photo photo   16/05/1995 75    
BURGESS Wm N photo photo   15/08/1995 80    
BURKE Walter  photo     22/09/1834 28    
BURNS Martin photo     10/09/1841 40   Native county of Clare Ireland
BURRELL Byron Hugh photo            
BURRELL OBE H B photo     10/12/1960 63   1008 Wing Commander Royal NZ Air Force
BUTLER James Jordan  photo     V.D.L. 1840     3rd Fleet wife Mary 
BUTLER John photo photo   22/09/1834 28   John was Executed for Mutiny on this Island
BUTLER Mary  photo     1812y 40   2nd Fleet arrived Norfolk Island 1790,Hus James Jorden Butler
BUTTERFIELD Kevin James (Weetie) photo   5/06/1937 18/05/2008   Robin born Sydney, father to Naydene, Adon & Luke, poppy to Tamara, Matthew, Maleah, Caleb, Jason, Amelia, Jordan
CADOGAN Henry William  photo     1933y 59   children Mavis,Cora,Horace,Olwen
CADOGAN Mabel Winifred  photo     1968y 95    
CALVIN Q James Itkin photo     ??/09/1909 2y6m   Parents Estella & Nathan Q
CAMERON J W photo     10/07/1956 48 Elsie NX38076 Driver Army Service Corps
CAMPBELL Malcolm Charles photo           Infant son Wilfred & Nea
CAMR? Marlene Patricia photo            
CANNAVAN Edward  photo     17/01/1847 26   Soldier of the 11th Regt
CARR Alec Dadda photo     11/03/1976 89    
CARR Elizabeth photo     27/07/1964      
CARR Jane  photo   28/01/1913 5/05/1991     hus John,mother to Janice
CARR John photo   28/07/1916 27/12/1995     Wife Jane,stepfather to Janice 
CARR Kenneth photo     5/10/1914      
CARVER Isabel  photo     3/01/1933      
CASLAKE Joseph  photo     21/07/1843 34   Private Soldier 96th Regt.
CASSIDY Mary Anne photo     11/02/1849 36   Native of Drogheda,Hus John Cassidy
CAVANAGH John photo     22/03/1850 33y7m   Private of H.M. 99th Regt
CAVILL Richard photo   1926y 1998y   Paddy father of Anna & Neil
CHAMPION Sarah  photo     31/12/1849 43   Beloved wife of William Champion
CHANNER Arthur photo     20/08/1929 77   Commander RN
CHANNER Emillie May photo     24/06/1968 80    
CHAPMAN Beryl photo photo 1919y 2009y   Henry Francis (Tot) nee ROYER, Born Sydney, NSW
CHAPMAN Clive Edgar  photo   27/06/1929 6/04/1999     son to Edith Marion, bro to Normma (Loved brother of Jacqui & Patsy written on a stone)
CHAPMAN Edith Marion photo     22/11/1935     mother to Norma & Clive,(Dearly loved wife of Bill written on a stone)
CHAPMAN Elizabeth Isabella  photo     28/11/1923 70 John Joyce  
CHAPMAN Enid photo   6/05/1921 16/05/1982      
CHAPMAN Henry Francis (Tot) photo photo 1894y 1962y     Son of John Joyce & Isabella Chapman, Born Norfolk Island
CHAPMAN John Joyce photo     29/05/1918 70 Elizabeth Isabella  
CHAPMAN John Robert (Robbie) photo   11/09/1924 13/05/1999      
CHAPMAN Robert Paul photo     14/09/1961     loved son of Enid & Robbie
CHASE  Satte  photo photo   22/03/1936 45    
CHASE Frank Howard photo     19/01/1935?     Loved uncle of Ruby
CHASE R F photo     30/08/1903 5d   son of CCR & A Nobbs
CHEASLEY Thomas Henry photo   13/01/1898 24/08/1989      
CHOWN Alexander Robert photo     2/02/1978 29   From Lindfield N.S.W.
CHRISTIAN ? Kathleen  photo     8/10/1992 83    
CHRISTIAN Abby Constance photo     20/11/1881 8y7m   Beloved daughter of Driver & Lucy Christian
CHRISTIAN Agnes MacDonald (Aggie) photo   17/01/1937 24/12/2000     mother to Alison, Stephen, Sarah
CHRISTIAN Albert  photo     19/02/1861 18    
CHRISTIAN Alec (Ya Ya) photo     4/10/1973      
CHRISTIAN Alex Nash photo     7/07/1958 36    
CHRISTIAN Alice M. photo   1860y 1926y      
CHRISTIAN Allan Guy photo   31/10/1910 1/05/192?      
CHRISTIAN Allbert E (Hunkie) photo   16/08/1907 12/12/1773      
CHRISTIAN Allen Charles  photo     6/02/1942 22    
CHRISTIAN Andrew  photo     26/05/1862 21   Beloved son of Charles & Charlotte Christian
CHRISTIAN Andrew Johnstone Nash photo     9/09/1935 51    
CHRISTIAN Anna photo     14/10/1954 83    
CHRISTIAN Anna Maria (Nin) photo   23/02/1899 14/10/1986      
CHRISTIAN Ansbury G Jim photo   8/05/1922 13/05/2006   Shirley father of Jo-Anne, Rae, Alan
CHRISTIAN Arthur Munro  photo   22/10/1926 31/12/1993      
CHRISTIAN Augusta E. photo     11/04/1886 28   Beloved wife of Selwyn
CHRISTIAN Austin photo     10/05/1963 88    
CHRISTIAN Bela  photo            
CHRISTIAN Benjamin Eustace photo   16/12/1916 4/10/1980     wife Naomi,father to Josephine & Joy
CHRISTIAN Bernie photo     7/01/1960 65 Maria Christian  
CHRISTIAN Carty photo photo   27/09/1956 68   Mother Alice Hunt Christian
CHRISTIAN Catherine photo     6/04/1956 71 Austin Christian  
CHRISTIAN Charles  photo     22/05/1886 67   Native of Pitcairn Island,belove husband of Charlotte Christian
CHRISTIAN Charles Allan  photo   25/3/1855 9/12/1910     Beloved husband of Nora Christian
CHRISTIAN Charles Antony photo   18/11/1945 1/12/1945     Baby son of Ben & Naomi Christian
CHRISTIAN Charles Driver photo     22/10/1906 77   wife Lucy,Choirmaster at Pitcairn & Norfolf Is
CHRISTIAN Charles Ett photo     31/03/1949 62    
CHRISTIAN Charles Henry  photo   no date no date     Beloved son of Howard & Amy Christian
CHRISTIAN Charlotte  photo     16/08/1883 61   Beloved wife of Charles Christian Sr
CHRISTIAN Charlotte Marie Elizabeth (Girlie) photo   13/12/1894 4/09/1982 88    
CHRISTIAN Clara Amy photo     19/06/1947 62 Isaac Christian  
CHRISTIAN Craiglene photo     13/12/1929 12   Beloved daughter of Julius & Naomi Christian
CHRISTIAN Debbie Anne photo   5/02/1965 19/05/2005   Neil mother of Cameron & Ryan
CHRISTIAN E. Pearl  photo     17/02/1899 18y10m   Beloved daughter of H & Alice Christian
CHRISTIAN Edwin photo     31/08/1933 68   wife Edwina
CHRISTIAN Edwina  photo     11/01/1943 75   hus Edwin
CHRISTIAN Eliza photo     25/03/1895 16    
CHRISTIAN Ellen  photo   1837y 1910y     Native of Pitcairns Island
CHRISTIAN Emily Sarah photo     21/07/1966      
CHRISTIAN Ephraim photo     20/05/1920 75 Polly  
CHRISTIAN Ephraim photo       1y6m   son of Eustace & Lara Christian
CHRISTIAN Ernest Selwyn photo   10/05/1907 25/11/1977      
CHRISTIAN Ernie photo   18/12/1934 9/11/1994   Marg  
CHRISTIAN Ethel Julia (Telly) photo   8/02/1900 5/01/1933   Herbert (Brudsen) nee Menges, mother of Julius, Bertha, George, Nancy & Henry
CHRISTIAN Fetcher Ewan photo   8/06/1932 14/07/2001      
CHRISTIAN Fisher photo     25/10/1926   Maude Christian  
CHRISTIAN Fletcher photo   1/09/1833 3/03/1912   Susan Nobbs Born Pitcairn Island
CHRISTIAN Frances photo       71    
CHRISTIAN Frank Bell photo   4/10/1886 22/12/1964     wife Jessie,father to Ruth,Christine,Ian
CHRISTIAN Franklyn Consett Reuben (Frankie) photo     21/10/1989 65   Nicholas, Timothy & Richard, RAAF 43930
CHRISTIAN Frederick Walter photo photo 22/11/1927 28/06/1989      
CHRISTIAN G E (Teddy) photo     4/04/1977 49 Irene father of Stepphen, Susan, Louise, Beryl and Glynn
CHRISTIAN George Brightman photo     10/11/1954 75 Josephine Isabel  
CHRISTIAN George Henry photo   1853y 1940y     Native of Pitcairns Island
CHRISTIAN George Howard photo     12/06/1930 40    
CHRISTIAN George Selwyn  photo     1/02/1889 32    
CHRISTIAN George Starr photo     13/11/1982 80 Hagar Louisa Christian father of Lorette and Jan
CHRISTIAN Gilbert  photo     10/01/1865 21   Beloved husband of Jemima Christian
CHRISTIAN Gilbert Augustien photo   28/03/1909 3/04/1951      
CHRISTIAN Gwendoline (Aunty Gwen) photo   24/04/1922 22/02/2004      
CHRISTIAN Hannah Maria photo   1865y 1870y      
CHRISTIAN Harvey Brooke  photo   18/6/1875 23/09/1961     par Charles D. & Lucy M.C. Christian
CHRISTIAN Hoder Stanley photo   17/08/1920 23/07/1996     Hus of Agnes Christian
CHRISTIAN Hunt .S. photo     8/06/1905 59y8m   Beloved husband of Alice Christian
CHRISTIAN Ian  photo     19/01/1937 1y6m   Beloved son of F & J Christian
CHRISTIAN Irene photo   1927y 2007y      
CHRISTIAN Isaac  photo     31/10/1877 52y6m    
CHRISTIAN Isaac Goldie photo     13/09/1966 83 Clara Amy  
CHRISTIAN Jacob  photo     16/10/1877 44   Beloved wife of Maria Christian
CHRISTIAN Jane  photo   2/12/1865 16/12/1943      
CHRISTIAN Jessie Wentworth photo   1896y 1958y     hus Frank,mother to Ruth,Christine,Ian.
CHRISTIAN John Reuben photo     2/09/1915 16   son of Reuben and Anna Christian
CHRISTIAN John Stephen photo   1843y 1918y     Native of Pitcairns Island
CHRISTIAN John Thornton photo   1862y 1869y      
CHRISTIAN Josephine Isabel photo     7/02/1940 57 Brightman Christian  
CHRISTIAN Joyce photo     30/04/1986      
CHRISTIAN Julius Herbert photo   7/01/1893 15/07/1963      
CHRISTIAN Julius Rubin (Caesar) photo   28/05/1920 25/05/1985      
CHRISTIAN Laura  photo   1880y 1909y      
CHRISTIAN Laurence Moore photo   19/04/1927 28/02/2013   Patricia father of Susan, Colleen & Kathryn
CHRISTIAN Lawrence Wayne (Pop) photo   9/10/1957 12/09/2011     son of Dolly & Dalyell Christian, brother of Moochie, Tatie & Meg, Uncle to Alethea, Mitchell, Tennille, Bekki, Nick, Holli, Josh, Jesse & Harper
CHRISTIAN Leonard photo     19/11/1926 75 Jane Christian Late of Pitcairn Island
CHRISTIAN Lucy  photo     13/10/1904 65y4m   Beloved wife of Charles Driver Christian
CHRISTIAN Mary  photo     2/01/1866  69   Native of Pitcairns Island,
CHRISTIAN Mary Elizabeth (Dolly) photo     30/12/1984 77    
CHRISTIAN Mary Ellen Olivia photo     11/10/1895 41    
CHRISTIAN Mary Lucy  photo     22/05/1874 6d   Infant daughter of Driver & Lucy Christian
CHRISTIAN Maud photo         Fysher Christian  
CHRISTIAN Maxwell Dalyell (Dags) photo   26/04/1925 7/05/2004   Dolly father of Moochie, Tatie, Laurie and Meg
CHRISTIAN Miriam  photo   1829y 1911y     Native of Pitcairns Island
CHRISTIAN Muriel photo     26/12/1896 7    
CHRISTIAN Muriel M. photo   1923y 1965y     nee Hedley,hus Lober,sis to Doreen & Ron
CHRISTIAN Naomi   photo     31/05/1928     Beloved wife of Julius Christian
CHRISTIAN Naomi Augusta  photo   9/12/1921 16/11/1992     hus Benjamin E,mother to Josephine,Charles,Joy
CHRISTIAN Nathan  photo     28/10/1860 15y4m    
CHRISTIAN Nicholas Carty photo     8/01/1970 50    
CHRISTIAN Nora  photo   15/2/1860 4/01/1940     Beloved wife of Charles Allan Christian
CHRISTIAN Olwen Agnew  photo   9/09/1914 30/03/1997     nee Cadogan
CHRISTIAN Patricia Grace (Bebbie) photo   18/12/1922 9/05/1991   Nick mother of Jim, Trudy, Ken and Anne
CHRISTIAN Peggie photo     12/05/1884 64   loving wife of Fletcher Christain
CHRISTIAN Polly photo     5/05/1920 75 Ephraim  
CHRISTIAN Quisa Heagar photo   21/10/1915 28/10/1997     part unreadable
CHRISTIAN Raymond George (Smudge) photo   8/09/1944 4/03/2008      
CHRISTIAN Reuben Elias photo     1/02/1920 59    
CHRISTIAN Rita  photo   30/11/1899 16/04/1983      
CHRISTIAN Ron (Blimp) photo   15/05/1934 13/05/1993      
CHRISTIAN Ruth Kilminster photo     28/11/1959 70    
CHRISTIAN Sanford H. photo   20/01/1892 4/05/1971      
CHRISTIAN Sarah Grace  photo   1866y 1915y      
CHRISTIAN Sarah Jemina photo     14/01/1920 74    
CHRISTIAN Scott photo   14/09/1975 2/03/1987 11   Par Kevin & Jan,bro to Samantha 
CHRISTIAN Scott photo   14/09/1975 2/03/1987 11   Accidentally killed, son of Kevin & Jan, brother to Samantha
CHRISTIAN Shirley photo   25/05/1944 16/12/1994      
CHRISTIAN Stanley Nathanial  photo     1933y     father to Bela
CHRISTIAN Stephen  photo   28/03/1864 30/03/1864     Infant son Stephen & Ellen Christian
CHRISTIAN Stephen  photo   2/04/1894 2/09/1972      
CHRISTIAN Stephen (Nig) photo   14/07/1916 2/10/1983      
CHRISTIAN Sydney Charles Wallen photo   8/12/1927 26/08/1998   Edith father of Neville & Maxine, pa of ali, Kobi and Alana
CHRISTIAN Unreadable photo       62    
CHRISTIAN Vivian May photo   1908y 19/09/1963     Born Whangarei,NZ
CHRISTIAN Walter  photo     10/06/1972 73    
CHRISTIAN Walter Lawry (Frank) photo     16/12/1951 54    
CHRISTIAN Wesley photo     2/?/? 45 Helen father of Christine, Marie and ?
CHRISTIAN OBE Eustace photo     17/10/1944 74 Lara  
CHRISTIAN/MACKIE Nola Kay photo photo 22/09/1843 29/07/2012      
CHRISTIAN-BAILEY Charles Herbert (Mick) photo   1931y 2007y   Valerie father of Olivia & Virginia, Poppy of Alex, Hannah, Michael & Simone
CHRISTIAN-BAILEY Valerie Shirley photo   ??/??/1945 ??/??/2012   Charles Mother of Olivia & Virginia
CHRISTIAN-MENGES Nancy photo   1926y 2009y   Peter mother of ?
CHUBB Arthur photo           husband, father and Grandad of Sib, David, Natalie, Jason, Mitchell and Byron
CHUBB Seabury Lorraine photo   30/09/1920 10/08/2011     nee Bataille
CLAPP Ethel Florrie Clare photo     23/09/1944 56    
CLAPP Harry photo   1869y 10/03/1951     born in Surry, England
CLAPP Mary Elaine photo     18/06/1997 90 Jack  
CLAPP S H J (Jack) photo     14/08/2001 88 Mary Elaine (Marge) NX42173 2/2 Field Company Royal Aust Engineers 6th Div AIF
CLAPP   photo     11/12/1977 61   438130 Flt Sgt,  R NZ AF
CLAR? Hazel Myrea photo photo 1/02/1940 14/12/2005      
CLARK Enid photo     3/05/1985 56 Garry R  
CLARKE Garry Robert (Clarkey) photo     22/05/2012 78   father of Alesa, Michael & Brent, granddad to Rocky, Shae, Nekohl, Talia & Hana Ora great granddad to Kylah, Tian & Quaden
CLARKE Lesley Percival photo     27/09/1930   Elsie father of  Ola, Jim, Donald, Christine & Kevin
CLARKSON Eliza photo   15/10/1905 3/01/1989   Thomas Clarkson born Miss Everett
CLARKSON Thomas photo     0/07/1968   Eliza Clarkson died Tauranga, New Zealand
CLIFTON Charlotte ( Lottie ) photo   no date no date     See Father Thomas Henry Clifton
CLIFTON Thomas Henry  photo   no date no date     see Daughter Charlotte Clifton
CLYDE Margaret photo   13/02/1939 18/04/2011      
COCHRANE Kenneth Damien photo   24/05/1942 26/09/2005      
COFFEE Thomas  photo     18/09/1835 39   Native of County of Tipperary Ireland
CON? Lucyen photo     11/07/1930     drowned
CONDON Bessie photo     1/09/1948 81 Philex Condon  
CONWAY James  photo     25/07/1840 7y6m   Son of Sergt Conway 96th Regt
COOK Jemma photo   24/10/1921 17/08/2001   Sam mother of Bette & son-in-law Rod, grandmar of Ben, mother of Eileen & John
COOK Jennifer Joy photo   8/04/1937 28/03/2012      
COOK Sam photo   27/06/1918 29/03/1978   Jemma father of Eileen, John & Bette
COOK William C photo     13/11/1963 ?   son of William Maslin & ?
COOPER ?aret Babette (Greta) photo     ?   Harold mother of ? & Maureen Nora - Part unreadable
COOPER Edith Lillian (Nanna Boob) photo   20/06/1926 21/08/2000      
CORBETT Ada Sullivan photo     14/10/1943 82 Waties Corbett  
CORBETT Betty photo     12/08/1971      
CORE George Mason  photo     18/01/1832 2m    
CORE Jane photo     20/04/1833 4m    
COSTELLO Bridgett photo            
CRAIG Moyna Irene photo   6/11/1927 23/09/2012   Eric nee Christian, mother of Reuben, born NZ
CRAIG MBE Eric Nelsson photo         Moyna father of Reuben,  442292 Sgt NZDFIS 1942-46
CRANE Robert Alec (Bob) photo   12/08/1943 9/11/2007   Colleen father of Darren, David and Deanne
CROGER Margery Wade (Chalgrove) photo   8/10/1906 21/12/1998     younger twin daughter of Charles & Ethel Rossiter, mother of Jill, Gran of David, Philip, Christine
CROMBIE Lois Marie photo   10/10/1928 15/04/1996     hus Alan,mother to Ken,Bill,Jenna.
CROMBIE Lois Marie photo   10/10/1928 15/04/1996   Alan remembered by children Ken, Bill, Jenna
CROZIER Francis Royden Moira photo     27/05/1956     Lieut-Colonel Royal Irish Fusiliers
CULKEEN Edith photo   1878y 1960y     Aunt of Lauri, Joy, John & Gaye
CUNNINGHAM James photo     14/09/1851 25   Private of H.M. 99th Regt
CURLEY Nicholas  photo     27/11/1842 38   Native of the country Galway
CURRELL Charles Ratcliff  photo     9/011/1846 16m   The son of William Currell
CURTAIN John Cornelius photo     13/09/1968 42   of King Island
CUTTING Betty Kathleen photo   26/01/1926 13/10/1988     nee McAuliffe, daughters Judy & Patty, Nanny to Emma, Todd, Jessica & Justine 
DALE John Hooper photo     1/05/1989 73 Peg  
DALE Peg photo   29/12/1919 17/04/2003      
DALEY Charles  photo     3/07/1841 41   Native of the City of Dublin
DALTON William  photo     29/12/1853 31   Private of H.M. 99th Regt, Drowned while bathing at Emily Bay
DARLING Sally photo   8/06/1907 26/06/1984   Harry Darling  
DAVIES Dolores Silva Elizabeth photo   14/12/1930 26/02/2003     nee Buffett,
DAVIES Karl photo   19/06/1927 18/08/2009   Kate  
DAVIES Shannon Kim (Mitta) photo   9/02/1978 19/02/2009 31   missed by Mumma, dad, Mum, Doosy & Ronan, daughters Ella & Matilda
DAVIS Dr Hubert Garth (Mick) photo   20/03/1913 9/04/1969      
DAVIS Jennifer Joan photo   27/11/1941 1/01/2002      
DAVIS Muriel (Adams) photo   1914y 1988y     mother of Patricia & grandmother of Sashie
DAVISON Ellen Agnes photo   10/11/1908 29/09/2007   Leslie nee Nobbs, mother of Richard (dec'd at 24 yrs) & Janice, Nana to Rick, Kerry, Steven & Stuart, GG to ?, Bryon, Dante, Jack, ?, ?, ?
DAVISON Leslie Horace  photo   5/08/1903 17/08/1985     Part unreadable
DAVISON Muriel Helen photo   19/01/1924 22/05/2003     nee Young
DAVISON Robert Ernest photo     8/07/1921   Bim born Murrumburrah, NSW, father of Helen, Robert, Philip and Adele
De CHESNE Ivan photo     21/01/1969 56    
de RIJK Cornelis (Case) photo   5/10/1924 31/07/2009   Lorraine born s'Hertogenbosch, Nederland, father of Lawrence, Helene, Patricia and Michelle (Cornelis Johannes Maria dde Rijk) ?
DEAN Archibald Herbert photo     3/09/1939 48    
DENNEEN Patrick  photo     5/04/1841 40   Native county of Limerick Ireland
DIEGELMAN Max E. photo     6/01/1969 46    
DIEGELMAN Max Eugene  photo   13/11/1922 6/01/1969     Missouri,OWO, US Navy, World War 11
DIERCK Barbara Leah photo     14/12/1961 78 Christian Frederick Dierck Born Christchurch, New Zealand
DINES Regan photo     1834y     not sure which way round see  Dines REGAN
DOUGLASS John photo     13/02/1837 3w   Infant so of Wm Douglass. 
DOURAN Alice Ivy photo   24/07/1912 9/06/2002     mother of Gug, Uckoo, Prail & Loo
DOURAN Richard photo photo   28/04/1957 68   father of Nornie, Cordina, Richard, Aileen & Kerry
DOWNES Lucie Aveline photo   4/09/1896 18/09/1967   Frank mother of Beverley
DRUMMON H  photo     22/09/1834 26   H. was Executed for Mutiny on this Island 
DUFFY John photo     29/01/1852 34   Corp of H.M. 99th Regt
DUFTY Daisy photo     9/05/1969      
DUFTY Georgiana Phyllis photo   1859y 1905y     nee Adams
DUGDALE John Lawrence photo   8/05/1911 17/01/1986     born Victoria, father of Joan & Margaret
DUGGAN Laurence  photo     11/09/1839 40    
DUNBAR John photo     17/03/1933 64    
DUNNING Avis photo   29/08/1904 4/10/2000     nee Allen, mother of Raymod & Brian
DUNNING John Patrick photo   ? 1978y      
DUVALL Gordon Craddock photo photo 21/12/? 7/?/?      
DUVALL? Katherine Gertrude Frances photo photo          
DYER Allan Samuel photo   20/10/1923 16/05/2002   Joyce son of Samuel George Dyer, brother of Olive
DYER Samuel George photo     28/11/1986 89    
EASTWOOD Cecil photo   16/01/1905 24/01/2000   Paulette father of Ina
EASTWOOD Paulette photo   1/10/1918 12/06/2010   Cecil stepmother of Ina
EDGAR Henry Stephenson photo   1848y 1937y      
EDWARD Albert (Bert) photo     29/06/1986 76   No Image
EDWARD Clare (Bubba) photo   17/08/1944 25/02/2014     missed by father (Paul), Glenn, Vince, never forgotten by grandchildren James, Anna, Amy, William, Ben, Brooke and Claudia
EDWARD David Thomas (Lass) photo   21/02/1915 17/02/1984      
EDWARD Douglas Brightman photo   1/01/1928 15/05/1963     son of Victorine Maria (nee Christian) Edward
EDWARD Duncan Leslie photo photo   28/06/1976     Always loved Jamie, Renee, Lisa
EDWARD Elvira Eliza (Bussie) photo     9/04/1996 84 Bert  
EDWARD Francis (Frank) photo     10/07/1989 56    
EDWARD Helen Louisa Clare photo     1986y 74 James  
EDWARD Jackie photo   1/02/1931 8/10/2001   Bill  
EDWARD James Douglas photo     1966y 59 Helen  
EDWARD John George (China) photo   22/11/1937 25/09/2011 73    
EDWARD Polly photo     15/07/1943 26 David Edward Adopted daughter of Alex & Elizabeth Carr
EDWARD Sybil Agnes  photo   13/10/1933 22/08/2014   Stan & Bill nee Jensen, mother of Raewyn, Robyn, Graeme & Melvin
EDWARDS C.Victor H.N. photo   5/01/1905 19/11/?      
EDWARDS Chas Robert photo     28/08/1951 77    
EDWARDS Emily photo     7/05/1961 86    
EDWARDS Emily (Lillie) photo     29/08/1957 48   Beloved wife of Victor Edwards
EDWARDS J H photo     4/06/1906 76    
EDWARDS Mary Nora photo     1950y      
EDWARDS Thomas  photo     3/09/1845 26   Native of Liverpool
EDWARDS Victorine photo     1/07/1948 44 Jas D Edwards  
EDWARDS William photo           Part unreadable
EDWARDS William Harold photo     28/05/1953      
EGGINS Penelope June photo   2/06/1922 2/03/2012     nee Christian
EKMAN Elizabeth Mary (Betty - Aunt Sleps) photo   17/09/1931 22/06/2011   Tony mother of Carol, Debbie and Christine 
ELLIOT Thomas John photo   7/04/1894 29/04/1982     born Bristol, England
EULEEN Gilbert-Kiernan photo           together with Ben Kiernan grandson
EVANS Alfred William Forrest  photo   18/10/1908 6/06/1965     wife Betty
EVANS Andrew  photo     June ?      
EVANS Andrew (Peak) photo     11/09/1984 80    
EVANS C G photo photo   12/03/1961 58 Rose N117028 Private Infantry
EVANS Catherine  photo     3/09/1894 55   Beloved wife of George F.M. Evans
EVANS Chad Spencer photo     17/01/1999     par Adrian & Anna,bro to Kyle,Gregor,Tyler
EVANS Charles  photo     20/08/1956 69    
EVANS Charles Leopold photo     22/07/1975 58 Margaret Florence father of Margaret, Phyllis, Douglas, Michael, Gizelle, Peter, David and Paul
EVANS Charles M. photo     5/08/1944 82   wife Clara,foster father to Charles Menzies
EVANS Clara  photo     1/04/?95 52    
EVANS Colleen Victoria photo   15/02/1963 4/05/2004   Tardy nee Green, daughter of Bill & Denise, sister of Peter & Martin, mother of Elliott, Brogan & Dominic
EVANS Dave photo     13/02/1971 73    
EVANS Denai-Jane photo photo 7/05/1987 11/07/2003     Shane
EVANS Dorothy Elizabeth Girdwood photo   1909y 1991y     ( Betty )hus Alfred,
EVANS Douglas James Maxwell photo   14/07/1951 8/08/2001     always remembered Kaye, Scott, Megan & Tae
EVANS E Young  photo   1895y 1972y   Ivy Chloride (nee Wilcox) father of Lennard, Owen & Roy, 3478 7th LH 1914-18 War
EVANS Edwin Ryland photo     4/09/1962 78   son of Rowland and Evangaline Evans
EVANS Emily Evangeline photo     6/10/1899 45   hus Rowland Evans
EVANS Ernestine photo   3/02/1909 20/05/1990      
EVANS Ernestine  photo     20/09/1935 4y6m   Beloved daughter of E.& F. Evans
EVANS George photo     6/05/1910 76    
EVANS George Albert (Sonny) photo   1902y 1975y      
EVANS George Rowland photo     17/01/1941 79    
EVANS Hannah Ktherine photo           beloved wie & mother of Edwin & Margaret Evans
EVANS Helen Susan (Neno) photo   1898y 1973y      
EVANS Letty Joy photo   5/10/1932 4/02/2013   Borry Evans mother of Duncan and Morgan, grandmother of Clinton, Maree, Jamie, Aimee, Renee, Matthew and Montana
EVANS Margery Ann photo   1936y 1983y      
EVANS Mary  photo     21/01/1957 79    
EVANS Owen Rowland photo   18/04/?28 19/04/?20 82    
EVANS Phoebe photo     1954y      
EVANS Richard photo     14/01/1931 23   Beloved son of Andrew & Phoebe Evans
EVANS Robert Elbon Lawrence photo     16/08/1993 18m   son of David & Laurie
EVANS Rodger Stuart photo   1957y 1988y      
EVANS Rose photo     19/10/1987      
EVANS Rosina Beatrice photo   15/08/1914 22/05/2011      
EVANS Roy Alfred Young photo   1934y 1970y     daughters Caryn & Suzanne
EVANS Victoria photo   29/10/1901 8/09/1988     Part unreadable
EVANS William Hodson photo     19/04/1926     wife Rachael Evans
EVERETT ? photo     19/04/1935     also our dear dad interred Northern Suburbs Cemetery, Sydney
EVERETT Delia (Ma) photo     17/07/1938     also our dear dad interred Northern Suburbs Cemetery, Sydney
EVERETT George Hart photo   17/04/1847 3/02/1849      
FAIR Robert  photo     5/08/1829 27    
FARNSWORTH Howard George photo   31/07/1904 23/03/1979   Kathleen born Duffield, England
FARNSWORTH Kathleen Joyce photo   21/07/1923 21/09/2007   Howard born Norwich, England
FEAR George Lionel photo     8/08/1951      
FIELD John H photo     20/05/1931 67 Janet Field  
FINDLAY Gordon photo     14/04/1975 75    
FINDLAY Gwynneth Mary photo     16/09/1990 78 Gordon sister of Joan, Harvey & Marie
FISH Charles photo           dad of Allen, Annie, Sadie
FISH Ethel Pinkerton photo   no date no date      
FITZ-GIBBONS John photo     8/03/1832 26    
FITZPATRICK Jack William photo   9/07/1936 14/04/1999   Dyann father  of Marc, Dean & Brigitte
FITZPATRICK Patrick Leo photo     15/04/1951 23    
FLAHERTY Pat  photo     26/12/1842 32   Native of the Cong, Co. Mayo Ireland
FLEEMAN Alf H photo   25/10/1894 28/05/1961     born England, died New Zealand, missed by Jim, Doreen
FOOTE Eldon Douglas photo photo 29/12/1924 17/05/2004   Anne Born Alberta, Canada
FORBES Ernest Twysden photo photo ?/12/1902 9/02/1966   Mavis born Auckland, NZ, father of Barbara
FORBES Mavis Amy photo   1911y 1973y   Twys mother of Barbara, grandmother of Christine
FORD Thomas  photo     21/12/1842 23   Native of London 
FORRESTER Joyce   photo   15/01/1929 29/03/1996 67    
FORSYTH Ada Diana Amy photo     4/09/2013 89 William (Bill) mother of Graham & Pamela
FORSYTH W F photo   1/11/1922 8/12/2001 79 Diana father of Graham & Pamela, NX156757 Lance Corporal 5 Field Company RAE
FORTUNE Kenneth Wilmond photo     26/02/1980 75 Olwyn father of Noel (Dec) & Elaine, grandfather of Linda, Mark, Nickolas, Vickie, Alam & Marilyn, Uncle of Joe, John, George, Barry
FORTUNE Noel Kenneth photo     5/05/1958 29 Betty father of Marilyn & Alan, bro of Eleanor & Kenneth, accidentally killed while flying
FOSTER George  photo     3/09/1931 71    
FRANCIS Henry Nicholas photo           Part unreadable
FRANCIS Louis Evelyn photo   21/12/1929 29/04/2008      
FRASER Edwin Monte (Snipe) photo   22/03/1936 25/12/1976      
FRASER Margaret  photo     21/12/1949     hus Sandy Fraser
FRASER Sandy  photo     26/04/1958      
FRESHWATER C W photo     29/01/1999 73 Marie NX168245 Private 2/28 Infantry Battalion, father of Barry and Anne
FROST Walter Rex photo     20/03/1970     Bro Alan,Brother inlaw of Anne,Uncle to Gavin,Stuart,Penny Candy
FULLARTON Raymond James photo photo     52   NX 111776 18th Battalion Part unreadable
FULLER Dorothea Mary photo   1920y 2003y      
FULLERTON Margaret  photo     29/04/1842 23   Husband John Fullerton Private 96th Regt
FYSH Lottie photo     ?/01/1918      
FYSH Maria photo     ?/01/1918      

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