Norfolk Island Cemetery


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Photos by Julie N. 2007 and Peter Applebee 2015

Current Database by Jeanice Levez 2016

Surname Given Names Photo Photo Born Died Age Spouse  Remarks
O'DONNELL Colin Squire photo   1910y 1982y     2/30 BN AIF
O'DONOGHUE Michael  photo     19/08/1846 33   Private Soldier 11th Regt
OGILVIE Edward David photo     19/06/1936   Irene Dorothea Ogilvie Lieutenant RN
OLSSON George Howard Evans (Jim) photo            
OLSSON Ida Ethelyn photo     23/06/1947 49   Kingston cemetery Norfolk Island
OLSSON Kevin James photo   27/04/1955 6/05/1982      
OLSSON Oscar photo     4/11/1939 42    
OLSSON Oscar Bruce photo     3/02/1973 44   Kingston cemetery Norfolk Island
OMBLER Robin William (Robbie) photo   1924y 1985y     husband, father and Pa of Odette, Michele, Simone, Jackie & Gisele (Gigi)
ONGHEEN Mavis Brown photo   12/05/1915 13/03/1998     mother of Valerie and Janice
ORPIN Jack Evan photo   31/12/1920 28/03/1994      
O'SULLIVAN Leo Patrick photo            
OWEN Allan Bernard photo photo   27/03/1980 71   loved son of John and Emma Owens
OWEN Ivy Elizabeth photo   2/07/1919 14/08/2011      
OWLES John photo     14/12/1806     Arrived First Fleet 26/1/1788,Fellowship of First Fleeteers 2000
OWLES John ? photo     23/12/1806      
PALMER Beryl Amy photo   24/08/1922 25/02/1998     Beloved wife of John, mother to Mick,Muguette,Sis to Ellen, Edna
PALMER Edna  photo     24/02/1950 9   Mother Beryl Amy PALMER
PARKER Lawrence Pinney photo   15/01/1923 3/02/2011   Phyllis father of Lisbeth, Stephen, Deborah & Frederick 
PARKER Lisbeth Ann photo   28/01/1949 23/05/2002     mother of Stuart, Natalie & Deb?
PARKINSON John Vernon photo   18/04/1901 11/04/1966      
PARSONS Ellen Craigelene photo   1942y 2005y     missed by George, Donna & Families
PARSONS Gary (Grunt) photo   1944y 2000y      
PARTRIDGE Ida Mabel (Putch) photo   18/02/19?8 23/?/?      
PATTERSON Allana Jane photo     27/07/1991 9d   daughter of Allan and Debra, siser to Daniel and Laura
PATTERSON Emily Vina photo     20/12/1979 62    
PATTERSON John Douglas photo photo   7/02/1982 57    
PAYNE Herbert Alan photo     28/01/1983 66 Helen father of Richard
PEAPELL Peteer Wayne photo   26/07/1949 18/08/2013   Sybill father and best mate of Simon, adored 'Poppy Pete' to William and Liam, son of Daphne and Clive, brother of Roland
PEARSON Frederick Walter photo     8/07/1930      
PEARSON Jean Elizabeth (Mabel) (Pet) photo   8/09/1929 14/08/2009     nee Quintal
PEDEL Augusta Elizabeth  photo     26/12/1963 74    
PEDEL Glen (Junny) photo   16/02/1952 2/07/2012      
PEDEL Shaune Troy photo   27/12/1971 9/12/2006      
PENDLETON Ruby photo     19/05/2006 75    
PERY Susanna  photo photo   22/08/1841 30   The wife of the Honorable W.H. Pery,died 15 days after giving birth to a daughter
PERY Susanna  Emily Lucy  photo     18/01/1842 6m   par Susanna & The Honarable W.H. Pery
PETERSON Josephine Edith photo     2/05/1933      
PETERSON Seth Lothrop photo     31/05/1912 75    
PHELPS A H photo   15/08/1838 29/10/1890     Pastor
PILKINGTON Mary   photo     17/08/1843 42   Husband Richard Pilkington
PITCHER Howard Kendall photo   22/04/1924 13/07/2008   Meg father to Merren, Andrew, David and John
PITCHER Winifred Margaret (Meg) photo     2/05/2006 77 Howard mother of Merren, Andrew, David and John
PITFIELD F.J. photo     13/03/1943 63    
PLANT Gwen photo     18/02/1994 68 Norman  
PLANT N C photo     3/07/1992 71 Gwen father of Sally, Chrisstopher and Susan, Lieutenant NV11 Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
PLANT Vivian George photo photo   9/03/1984   Enid father of Yvonne, ?, ?, Denise and George, PO R223178 Royal Navy
POLLCOCK Jane Rankin  photo   27/11/1892 28/10/1931     Hus Robert Andre Pollcock 
POLLCOCK Robert Andrew  photo   5/9/1878 10/04/1936     Wife Jane Rankin Pollcock,loved father of Juanita
POVEY Thomas Arthur  photo   3/02/1901 1/04/1972      
PRENTICE Kenneth Allan (Kap) photo   5/05/1926 3/08/2010     RNZN 6329, Wayne, Michael, Karina, Roger & Kelley
PURCELL Ruth (Topsey) photo   1927y 1995y     nee Gordon
QUANTRILL Phyllis Ray photo   1925y 1992y      
QUANTRILL Sian photo   31/01/1961 4/05/2002     mother of Dylan
QUARRELL Carmen Verna photo   1910y 2002y      
QUARRELL W H photo     23/11/1994 88   V131777 Warrant Officer II Army Postal Service
QUINTAL Ada photo     18/02/1918 9m   daughter of Leslie & Beatrice Quintal
QUINTAL Ada Ruth photo     ?     Part unreadable
QUINTAL Agnes photo     6/09/1941 72    
QUINTAL Albert Edward photo     10/12/1926 51    
QUINTAL Albert Robert photo   1893y 1940y      
QUINTAL Alice Abigail photo     23/05/1959 83    
QUINTAL Alice Maude  photo   19/1/1853 22/11/1856      
QUINTAL Amy (Tum) photo     1/01/1956 68 Swain nee Young
QUINTAL Angeline photo     31/10/1914 61    
QUINTAL Ann photo   20/10/1907 1/02/1981      
QUINTAL Anne Naomi photo     27/09/1931 94    
QUINTAL Annie Elizabeth (Mumma) photo   1/04/1898 2/01/1985      
QUINTAL Arthur  photo     19/11/1873 79   Native of Pitcairns Island
QUINTAL Atkins (Daddy at) photo           family Chon, Louwie, Rad, Kelly, Arlie, Farmer, Metter, Pearl, Jack & Rabow, also Annie, Kitty, & Muriel Quintal
QUINTAL Barbara Annette photo   24/06/1935 27/06/1993   George (Boof)  
QUINTAL Beatrice Ellen photo     5/10/1974 89    
QUINTAL Bella photo photo   5/06/1956 85    
QUINTAL Bella photo           family Chon, Louwie, Rad, Kelly, Arlie, Farmer, Metter, Pearl, Jack & Rabow, also Annie, Kitty, & Muriel Quintal
QUINTAL Caleb  photo     21/12/1819 1y3m   Infant so of Edward & Angeline Quintal
QUINTAL Caleb  photo     7/05/1873 35y8m   Beloved husband of Ann Quintal
QUINTAL Charles photo     10/09/1910      
QUINTAL Constance Ada (Cushie) photo     6/02/1981 61   daughter of Ernest and Edith
QUINTAL Cornelius  photo   1841y 1934y     Born Pitcairns,wife Ellen
QUINTAL Cpl Lister photo           Gallipoli 1914-16
QUINTAL David Richard photo   6/09/1954 12/12/2012      
QUINTAL Dinah  photo     9/05/1881 56   Husband John Quintal
QUINTAL Dinah  photo     18/01/1864 68   Widow of Edward Quintal,Eldest daughter of John Adams of the Bounty.
QUINTAL Dorothy photo   21/02/1917 26/11/1998      
QUINTAL Dorothy (Aunt Doll) photo     1/04/1963 81 Albert Barty Quintal  
QUINTAL Douglas   photo     11/12/1901 42y2m   Beloved husband of Ida Quintal
QUINTAL Edgar photo     7/12/1917     son of Gustave & Nell Quintal
QUINTAL Edith Mary photo     23/04/1941 44 Ernest Quintal  
QUINTAL Edward  photo     4/01/1901 56   Beloved husband of Angeline Quintal.
QUINTAL Ellen Moore  photo   1853y 1885y     Born New Zealand,hus Cornelius 
QUINTAL Ellis Hunt  photo     13/03/1942 58   wife Nester C Quintal
QUINTAL Emily photo     ?/01/1911 32    
QUINTAL Emma  photo     2/10/1993     Mother to Kathy.
QUINTAL Ernest Francis photo   1/02/1940 16/02/2011   Lavinia father of Jacqui and Kaaren best pa to Monique, Jazmin, Harrison and Charlotte
QUINTAL Ernest William (Bera) photo     28/02/1977 86 Edith Mary  
QUINTAL F J photo     19/01/1955 76   23242 Rifleman, Rifle Brigade
QUINTAL Fletcher Evelyn photo   8/02/1868 31/121953   Alice Daughters Rona & Emily
QUINTAL Frances A. photo     22/08/1952 74    
QUINTAL Francis Leslie photo     19/04/1941 32   killed in Greece
QUINTAL Francise E photo            
QUINTAL Frank  photo   22/10/1911 16/09/1967      
QUINTAL Fredrick Felix photo   2/12/1915 27/11/1976      
QUINTAL George E W photo     13/01/1912 47y10m Gertrude  
QUINTAL George Rawdon photo     21/12/1953 68    
QUINTAL George Roslin (Kik) photo   9/09/1926 23/09/2012   Bonnie father of David, Karenne & Marylin
QUINTAL Gertrude  photo     2?/04/1903 4m    
QUINTAL Gilbert Lorenzo (Metta) photo photo 1907y 7/08/1982 74   NX53126 Gunner 2/15 Field Regiment RAA
QUINTAL Gustav photo     18/04/1919 59 Nellie Quintal  
QUINTAL Gwenyth May photo     10/03/1990 85    
QUINTAL H G photo     28/01/1970     3567 Private 53 Battalion
QUINTAL Harriet Rosena photo     26/10/1879 9m   Infant daughter of Henry & Nancy Quintal
QUINTAL Harriett Leonara  photo     3/05/1860 2y3m   Infant daughter of Abraham & Esther Quintal
QUINTAL Harry Wesley Nicholas photo     3/03/1997 75    
QUINTAL Helen Madeline photo   1899y 1928y      
QUINTAL Henrietta Elizabeth  photo   2/11/1911 4/05/2002     Mother to Mollie & Peter
QUINTAL Henry  photo     16/07/1873 37y6m   Beloved husband of Jane Quintal
QUINTAL Henry Colridge photo     30/03/1938 73    
QUINTAL Henry Cornish photo     21/06/1958 87    
QUINTAL Henry Gilbert Campbell photo   21/01/1920 10/02/1988      
QUINTAL Herbert Eric (Johny) photo     15/12/1959 55    
QUINTAL J.Eveeyn. photo     18/12/1896 9m    
QUINTAL James Gorhambell photo     12/09/1861 2   Son of James & Priscilla 
QUINTAL James Thomas Gorham photo     20?/03/186? 8m?   Son of James & Priscilla 
QUINTAL Jane  photo   1837y 1917y     Native of Pitcairms Island
QUINTAL Jane A.Nobbs. photo     21/04/1926     see Hus John T.
QUINTAL Jean photo           Twin sisters of Kik Quintal
QUINTAL Jemima Laurie photo   3/10/1921 2/10/2006     nee Buffett
QUINTAL John photo     2/11/1912 92   Beloved husband of Dinah Quintal
QUINTAL John Rupert photo   1900y 1973y      
QUINTAL John T. photo     28/04/1907 66   Beloved husband of Jane A.Quintall
QUINTAL Julia Etheline photo   1851y 1869y     Native of Pitcairns Island
QUINTAL Kate Di (Mattie) photo     17/05/1979 82    
QUINTAL Kenneth Ricky photo   23/03/1939 25/04/2012     father of April & Carissa, grandfather to Britney, Dylan,  Taj & Zya
QUINTAL Lara Christine photo   1879y 1899y      
QUINTAL Laurie  photo photo   16/10/1943 23   Died whilst P.O.W.
QUINTAL Laurie (Tilly) photo     25/01/1961 42    
QUINTAL Leslie Fairfax photo     1/03/1969      
QUINTAL Lillian photo   16/07/1896 4/10/1969      
QUINTAL Lillian Joy photo   25/09/1918 27/01/1998     wife, mother and nanny of Greg, Ellen, Greggie, ?ace, Leslie
QUINTAL Louise  photo photo   8/08/1945 56    
QUINTAL Macey Gregory (Dab-Dab) photo   11/06/1918 17/06/2000   Zilpha Isobel son of Thomas Austin Quintal, father of Dianne & Denis
QUINTAL Margaret photo     27/08/1956 76    
QUINTAL Maria  photo     12/01/1889 73    
QUINTAL Maria  photo     9/08/1945 65   hus Nicholas,daughter Lillian
QUINTAL Martha photo     11/07/1924 60    
QUINTAL Martin  photo     8/07/1985 72   Remember by Emma,Kathy,Ron and families
QUINTAL Mary photo     24/12/1966 85    
QUINTAL Mary Louisa Ann photo     6/05/1866 13m   Infant daughter of Abraham & Esther Quintal
QUINTAL Matthew William photo   3/01/1953 28/08/2005 52    
QUINTAL May photo   5/03/1919 22/03/2011      
QUINTAL Nancy Alice photo     4/03/1928      
QUINTAL Nathaniel (Powder) photo            
QUINTAL Nell photo     21/12/1946 88    
QUINTAL Nester C. photo     18/07/1971     hus Ellis  H. Quintal
QUINTAL Nicholas photo     2/07/1918 50   wife Maria,daughter Lillian 
QUINTAL no name  photo     7/8/1865 2y6m   Beloved daughter of John & Jane Quintal,farewell darling
QUINTAL Noonie photo           Twin sisters of Kik Quintal
QUINTAL Oliver Macey  photo     23/02/1922 79   Beloved husband of Jemima Quintal
QUINTAL Pearl photo photo 9/08/1919 16/11/1978      
QUINTAL Percy William (Willie Boy) photo     ?     Part unreadable
QUINTAL Perry Winslow  photo   9/2/1859 15/02/1859     Infant son Caleb & Ann Quintal
QUINTAL Robert photo photo         the rest is unreadable
QUINTAL Rodney photo     27/10/1946 9m   son of Cam & May
QUINTAL Rohoda photo     29/11/1857 15   Daughter of Arthur & Martha Quintal
QUINTAL Roy photo     25/09/1983 69   Wife Beth
QUINTAL Sarah photo   2/07/1859 3/01/1933      
QUINTAL Sarah Alice photo   1865y 1882y      
QUINTAL Stephen  photo     29/9/1876 10m    Infant son of Henry & Nancy Quintal
QUINTAL Stephen (Payee) photo   1892y 1967y      
QUINTAL Susan Jean photo   18/08/1954 19/05/1955      
QUINTAL Sylvia May photo   17/07/1912 12/04/1987     mother of Gary & Ricki
QUINTAL T A (Farmer) photo     11/02/1965 59   NX37291 Private 2/1 Aust Guard Regiment
QUINTAL Tabor photo           Born Pitcairn Island, Aunt Tabe - a great singer
QUINTAL Thornton George Ellis (Boof) photo   20/06/1932 27/07/2003   Barbara 2/401656 Korea
QUINTAL Timothy Keith photo   19/02/1960 11/11/2007      
QUINTAL Wallace  photo   1865y 1882y      
QUINTAL William  photo   1817y 1905y     Native of Pitcairns Island
QUINTAL William  photo   8/08/1891 9/08/1972      
QUINTAL William Samuel photo   6/05/1913 11/01/1978      
QUINTAL Yvonne Kate photo     11/01/1900     daughter of Estelle and Na?
QUINTAL ? Esther  photo     5/07/1952      
QUINTAL ? Lisle photo     3/02/1947 51   wife Esther,foster father of Susan Quintal
QUINTAL-CHRISTIAN Britney photo   14/10/1993 8/06/2013 19    
QUINTALL Frances Ann  photo     26/8/1891/4 22   Daughter of Jane Quintall,this stone is erected in rememberance by the sorrow  of John Adams
QUINTALL Jane  photo     7/05/1934 74   Wife of Gregory Quintall
QUINTALL Julia   photo     26/05/1892 20   Daughter of Jane Quintall,this stone is erected in rememberance of Howard Christian
QUINTALL Matthew  photo     8/12/1865 51   Native of Pitcairns Island 
QUINTALL Sarah Jane  photo     1?/04/1887 7m?   Infant daughter of Henry & Jane Quintall
QUINTALL   photo     8/07/1910 10y8m    
RALSTON Ethel May photo   4/10/1912 25/11/1971      
RALSTON William Edward (Ted) photo   15/04/1911 20/04/1978     RMAS Tingira
RANDALL Edith Maude Emily photo   6/07/1910 26/03/1988      
RANDALL Jane  photo     19/12/1913? 36   Hus Albert
RANDALL OBE Wilfred Metcalf photo   1913y 1981y      
RANKINE James photo     14/12/1842 41   Late of Kelvin Stirlingshire
RANSON Henry Harriet  photo   11/1/1849 21/01/1849     Son of Henry & Harriet Ransom
READ George H photo     18/05/1971     wife Pearle (Sydney)
REARDON Baetholomew photo photo   1/05/1807     Arrived First Fleet 26/1/1788,Fellowship of First Fleeteers 1997
REARDON Steven & Daniel  photo           father Bartholomes Reardon 
REDON Unkown photo           Here lieth Body of Ledon
REDSTONE OAM Anthony William (Toni) photo   8/10/1929 4/11/2007   Wendy father to Mandy, Grandfather to Nicole & William, partner to Helen
REED Eleanor Brenda photo   ?/07/1917 30/10/20?1   Bill mother of sons Coliln, John, Peter & David
REED William Edward photo   20/11/1894 ?     born London, husband Br?, part unreadable
REGAN Dines photo     1834y     Not sure which way round see  Regan DINES
REIDPATH Donald Graham photo   10/04/1905 1/07/1905     father of Adrienne, Deirdre, Jacqueline, Karen and ?
RENNIE Emily Irene  photo     12/05/1945 46   Beloved wife of John Rennie
RENNOLDSON Anthony photo            
REYNOLDS Violet Jane  photo   1916y 1960y     nee Christian,hus Donald 
RICHARDS Jason Daniel photo   9/12/1973 20/09/1998     Infinite love of Karen, father of ?than and Savannah, son of Bob and June brojther of Dianne
RICHARDS Nell photo     13/08/1979     of Sydney, widow of Jack & ?
RICHARDS Robert Terence (Bob) photo   12/01/1935 28/08/2003     resting with his beloved son Jason
RICHARDS Rochelle Sybil photo   14/04/1961 9/07/2004     daughter o Gary & Eileen, sister to Wayne, Debra and Faye, Aunty to Daniel, Ben, Laura & Sheenie
RIDDLE-BUFFETT Bruce E photo   14/09/1929 6/02/2005     son of Joseph and Glynn Riddle, R35820 Korea 1950-51
RIPPON Gerald John photo   20/02/1931 15/04/2011      
RITSON Utrick Alexander photo   1874y 1922y     son of Utrick Alexander Ritson of Muddleswich and ? On Tyne
ROBERTS Lavinia Christine photo     24/07/1979 79 Bill daughter of Agnes and C C R Nobbs
ROBERTSON Elizabeth White  photo     11/01/1847 24   Second daughter of the late Gilbert Robertson
ROBERTSON James Scott  photo     3/01/1947 86    
ROBINSON Alice photo     24/08/1934 29 J S Robinson  
ROBINSON Colleen McCullough photo            
ROBINSON Dinah photo     19/06/1920 32 J E Buffett  
ROBINSON Enoch Cobcroft photo     6/08/1964 88   wife Jemima Louisa Robinson
ROBINSON Graham photo   13/04/1908 1/02/1992     Born & died Norfolk Island
ROBINSON Hannah  photo     24/08/1914 63    
ROBINSON Isaac  photo     19/11/1912 72   Buried at Sea
ROBINSON Jemima Louisa photo     22/07/1971 100   hus Enoch Cobcroft Robinson
ROBINSON John Southey photo   11/01/1930 28/08/2007      
ROBSON Donald Frederick photo     16/09/1957 31 Alice brother of Jennie & Aileen, RAAF No 445060
RODGERS William Walton photo     5/05/1956      
ROGERS Jane  photo     15/12/1837 36   The wife of Robert Rogers 
ROGERS Stan photo     2/06/1995   Colleen  
ROLLAND Charles Wade Car photo     18/08/1834 2m   The son of assistant surgeon Rolland,Infant grandson of Patrick Rolland,die from a severecold
ROOK Caroline Amela  photo     21/09/1946     Wife of Robert Rook 
ROOK Robert photo     ?5/09/1954 92   Wife Caroline Amela ,clerk in Holy orders
ROSE George C. photo   1903y 1943y      
ROSSITER Annie May  photo     29/03/1930 62   Beloved wife of Hardie Rossiter
ROSSITER Charles photo     13/03/1928 68    
ROSSITER Charlotte photo     14/05/1910 81 Thomas Rossiter  
ROSSITER Ethel  photo         Charles Rossiter  
ROSSITER Fred  photo     ?/03/1869 3m    
ROSSITER Hardie photo   1864y 1961y     Son of Thomas & Charlotte 
ROSSITER Kate  photo     ?/04/1866 3y6m    
ROSSITER Thomas  photo     14/03/1893 62    
ROSSITER Thomas Kenneth photo     10/02/1906 1y8m    
ROSSITER William photo     16/04/1935 35 Ivy Rossiter  
ROSSITER William Franks  photo     18/03/1888 28   Son of Thomas & Charlotte Rossiter
ROWE Francis Esquire photo     2/02/1845 32   The late storekeeper
RUDFORD Jane photo     17/05/1850 26   Hus George Rudford 
RUTLEDGE ? photo   ?/11/? 21/05/1981   Kathleen father of Ryan
RUTLEDGE Peter (Mort) photo     23/04/1990 34    
RUTLIDGE Edwin Elliott photo     31/03/1853 24   Landed on the Island 19/3/1853 from the whaling Brig Daniel Watson.
RYAN Kevin photo     11/01/1999 68    
RYDING Harry Mervyn photo   22/08/1914 3/07/1998      
RYDING Phyllis Mabel Vera photo   25/03/1916 17/07/2009      
RYNAN Irene  photo   22/02/1922 30/12/1994     Beloved wife of John James,mother to Doug,Yvonne, Julie
RYNAN J.J. photo     21/05/1975 54   wife Rene,father to Yvonne,Julie,Douglas,RAAF
RYVES John Healey photo   1921y 1999y   June father of Dale and Steve, Grandfather of Kate, Sophie, Amelia, Jamie & Emily, Johnie
RYVES June Mary photo   24/02/1924 16/12/2012   John mother to Dale and Steve
SAAL Brian Edward photo   12/03/1937 30/07/2010   Janet born Mackay, father of Sharon & Michelle, grandfather of Emma & Logan
SAINT Terence John photo   1/09/1936 16/05/1997      
SALT Douglas Kenneth  photo     15/02/1935      
SALT Kenneth Joseph Moresby photo   16/06/1942 23/03/2003     father to Shannon & Deborah
SAMPSON Alfred Hugh photo   20/05/1925 29/11/2010     missed by his family Helen, Margarita, Alice & Tori, Meg, Jean & George and grandchildren Cameron & Ella
SAMPSON Elizabeth photo     14/05/2005 89   nee Hands, remembered by son Ross, daughter Di and granddaughter Mariska
SAMPSON Jack photo     0/06/1999 40    
SANDERS Barry Wayne (Scubbie) photo     12/09/1960 1y11m   son of Bill & Sally Sanders, accidentally drowned
SANDERS Dorothy Mary Doll photo   8/10/1906 27/09/1983      
SANDERS William Winton (Bill) photo   19/03/1933 17/08/2010      
SANFORD Lee  photo     4/08/1996 49   hus David,mother to Brendan,Keiran,Kathryn
SAUNDERS Steele photo   26/08/1925 19/09/2000      
SAVAGE William  photo     24/06/1846 21   Private Soldier 11th Regt
SAYE James  photo     21/06/1842 35    
SCAISBRICK Joseph  photo     23/08/1847 8m   Son of Corpral Henry Scaisbrick
SCHMITZ Carl photo   20/04/1926 24/12/1998      
SCHMITZ Rosemary Ann photo   11/01/1939 29/07/1997      
SCHMITZ? Alice Bertha (Arlie) photo   12/07/1889 25/09/1984      
SCHREIBER Hannah Elizabeth  photo photo   20/07/1995     nee Buffett,mother of Jacqueline,Robyn,Wade,Sue,Paul,sis to David Buffett,She rest with her mother & father
SCOTT John Nunn (Scotty) photo   7/04/1924 9/10/2011   Barbara father of Mark and Michelle, John, Judith and Paul, grandad to Daniel, Melanie, Christopher and Samantha, NZ Navy No 1797
SCOWN Tony Clinton photo   16/??/1963 1/08/2005     hard to read
SELBY James ? (Bob) photo   11/07/1922 15/01/2008     born New Zealand, loved by daughter Jan, her husband Vince Reeves, their sons Mattheui, Nathan, Joel
SELBY James Edwin (Jes) photo   24/06/1944 11/08/1945     Infant of James Selby & Mary Selby
SELBY Mary Louisa photo   22/09/1920 4/12/2012     nee Quintal, loved by daughter Jan, her husband Vince Reeves, their sons Mattheui, Nathan, Joel
SELLHEIM Susan Henrietta photo     9/10/1944     widow of Major General Sellheim
SELLHEIM Victor photo photo 12/05/1866 25/01/1928 62   Major General, born Sydney, 
SEMPLE Eric Roy photo   27/05/1914 5/12/1997     father to Lester and Robyn, Ma  to Eve, Stirling, Lucy, Murray and Gabrielle
SEMPLE Janet Morgan Docherty photo   17/06/1924 28/12/2012 88 Ted  
SEMPLE L A photo photo   11/01/2006 81 Janet 132553 Leading Aircraftman Royal Australian Air Force
SEMPLE Lester Reid photo   28/07/1949 9/10/2001     Eve & Lucy
SEMPLE Thelma photo   21/08/1916 4/09/1996     mother to Lester and Robyn, Ma  to Eve, Stirling, Lucy, Murray and Gabrielle
SHARP John  photo     1841y 28   Native of Dublin,John accidentally drowned when fishing.
SHEARMAN John  photo           This stone was erected buy the Captain Wright 
SHEERS  Mary  photo     9/12/1792     nee Smith,Arrived First Fleet 26/1/1788,Fellowship of First Fleeteers 2000 
SHEPHERD Thomas Lindsay photo     11/08/1862 7m?   Infant son of John & Caroline Adams
SHERIDAN Barth (Baetholomew) photo     15/08/1840 32   Private of H.M. 50th Regt
SHERIDAN Lynette May photo   4/03/1965 15/07/2013     mother of Ngaire, Jesse, Jenna & Jonah, daughteer of Christine (nee Christian( & Warren Sheridan, missed by brothers and sisters Deborah, Timothy, Sam, Martyn (Dec'd)
SHERIDAN Martyn Peter photo   10/03/1961 13/09/2008     father to Sarn, Jocelyn & Jonny, son of Christine (nee Christian) & Warren Sheridan,  missed by brothers & sisters Deborah, Timothy, Sam, Lynette
SHERIDAN Samuel Frank photo   4/10/1987 8/09/2009     son of Kaye, Billy and Martyn (decd), brother to Cody and Timika
SHIELS Jessie Blanche photo     3/01/1986 72    
SHILLINCLAW Godfrey Vicne photo     12/06/1935      
SICSWORTH John photo     19/02/1841 37    
SIM ?anor Jean Ormsby photo   ?1/07/1933 19/05/2007      
SIM Dr Robert George Robertson photo   6/02/1928 6/06/1980     Born Dufftown Scotland,Died Townsville ,Aust 
SIM Thomas Robertson photo   15/02/1930 16/09/2010   Jean  
SIMPSON N photo     15/05/1945?      
SIMPSON Norman John photo   29/05/1929     Beverley  
SIMS Marjorie photo photo   15/10/? 70    
SMITH Annie Mary (Nancy) photo   11/04/1916 17/12/1999     daughter of Richard Beaumont & Annie Sarah Christian
SMITH Christopher Owen (Zac) photo   25/11/? 10/12/?      
SMITH F.K. photo     11/09/2001 75   Wife Nancy,father to Andrea,
SMITH Florence Louise photo photo 1899y 1984y 44   Born Capetown
SMITH James Bruce (Jim, VK9NS) photo   10/10/1928 10/02/2009     born Leith, Scotland
SMITH John photo     14/08/1843 28   Private of H.m. 96th regt 
SMITH John George  photo     10/12/1843 3    
SMITH Robin Mark photo     4/11/1989 34   youngest son of Nancy & Les, accidentally drowned
SMITH Roy Andrew photo   27/06/1917 6/12/2009   Monica  
SMITH Stephen  photo     1/07/1846     Native of Dublin,Murdered by prisoners,Leaving a wife and three children
SMITH Stuart photo   3/10/1887 15/06/1971     Veteran of World War 1 1916-1919
SMITH William photo     8/01/1968     NX5220 Sergeant 2/4 Infantry Battalion
SNELL Alfred R photo     28/06/1959 70   2217 Private 19 Battalion
SNELL Dianne Norma photo photo 4/11/1942 26/04/2012   Keith mother of Andrea & Jonathan Nana of Croyden Keith & Timi Grace
SNELL Dorothy photo   25/06/1904 25/10/1994     formerly Long, resident of N? 1927-1934
SNELL Edmund George (Joaty) photo photo 24/05/1915 2/08/1991     Died New Zealand
SNELL Eileen photo   23/12/1938 21/02/2008 69    
SNELL Elsie Kathleen photo     23/11/1974 58    
SNELL Evelyn Polly photo     29/12/1957 54    
SNELL Frederick Stanley photo     9/10/1991 64   2/401165 Private 2 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
SNELL Helen B. photo     29/3/1895 23    
SNELL Herbert Edwin photo   27/12/1924 28/01/2008 83    
SNELL Ike photo photo   28/08/1961 86    
SNELL J. ( Joseph) photo photo   22/09/1834 22   J. was Executed for Mutiny on this Island 
SNELL John Graham photo photo   0/02/1966 19    
SNELL Kathleen photo     18/02/1981 79 Eddie  
SNELL Keith photo photo   12/02/1962 50    
SNELL Keith Leslie photo   23/12/1941 16/06/2010   Dianne father of Andrea & Jonathan, Poppa of Croyden Keith & Timi Grace
SNELL Theodore Arthur photo     25/06/1975 ?    
SPACKMAN Jean Florence photo     2/11/1975 56    
SPREAG Major Sydney Raymond photo   31/12/1915 5/04/1999   Mary father of R?,  51st Recon Regiment Royal Armoured C?
SPREAG Roxanne Kirsty Christian (Roxy) photo photo 19/03/1987 11/07/2003     daughter of Roland & Megan
STANDFIELD Peter Hubert photo   5/10/1928 11/03/2014     Descendant of the Tolpuddle Martyr's
STANTON Daniel Frances photo     13/06/1973 25   Par Tom & Gwen,wife Muriel 
STANTON Jane  photo     25/05/1973     Infant daughter of Dan & Muriel
STANTON T.F. photo     9/10/1993 78    
STARR Alice Prudence photo     12/09/1914 32 Herbert Starr  
STEPHENSON Ern photo            
STEPHENSON Lottie photo            
STEVEN Jill Helena photo   22/08/1952 5/07/2010     nee McCoy, daughter of Leo & Marie McCoy sister of Kaye & Anne
STEVENS R W photo     2/12/2001 77 Rosie father of Reg (dec'd), Tony, Lance, Glenda & Sue, NX179486 Corporal Army Service Corps
STEWART Charlotte Jane  photo   no date no date     Daughter of John Montgomery & Emma Coane,Mother to Emma Elizabeth Nobbs
STOKER Mrs A E photo     6/10/1956 70    
STOREY William  photo photo   9/01/1838 29   Native of the city of Dublin,This stone was erected by Laurence Frayne to comemorate his Memory
STRAUSS Carl Hans Nathan (Charlie) photo   10/11/1901 30/11/1993      
STURGESS William   (Pop) photo     1/06/1966 88    
SUGGATE  Helen photo     23/05/1945     parents of Rachel, Leonard & Percy
SUGGATE MICE MIEE Frederick Chenery photo     11/11/1934     Born Beccles, Suffolk, England
SULLIVAN Charles Arthur photo     30/09/1918 28d   son of Charles & Susan Sullivan
SUMMERSCALES Herbert photo   20/09// 28/01/19?   Lucy  
SUMMERSCALES Lucy Laura Axten photo     2/01/1991 91 Herbert  
SWAIN John photo     27/04/1950   Amy  
SWARBRICK P photo     12/03/1943 27   49847 Corporal NZ Infantry
SWIFT Anne photo   24/08/1922 16/08/1994   John Swift mother of Collin, Terry & Keith Swift
SWIFT John (C B W)  photo   30/09/1918 21/01/2000      
SWYNENBURG Maria photo   14/02/1942 18/01/1998     born Rotterdam
SWYNENBURG Maria  photo   14/02/1942 18/01/1998     born Rotterdam,Died Norfold Island.
SWYNENBURG Pieter photo   21/12/1930 27/01/2011     born Denhelder
TANDY William  photo     31/12/1815 28   Drown whilst bathing in Emily bay 
TANNER Ellen Margaret photo   13/04/1921 22/08/2011      
TAYLOR Elizabeth Isabella  photo     9/11/1904 75    
TAYLOR James photo   1854y 1913y   Rachel Hope Taylor (Quintal) daughters Martha (Marty) Taylor, Jessie Taylor, Selina Taylor & William Taylor
TAYLOR Jessie  photo     1898y     par James & Rachel Hope Taylor
TAYLOR Martha (Marty) photo     1942y     par James & Rachel Hope Taylor
TAYLOR Rachel Hope photo   24/03/1849 15/08/1933   James Taylor nee Quintal, daughters Martha (Marty) Taylor, Jessie Taylor, Selina Taylor & William Taylor
TAYLOR Selina photo     1899y     par James & Rachel Hope Taylor
TAYLOR William photo     21/09/1865 2y   Beloved so of William & Isabella Taylor,Accidentally drowned
TAYLOR William photo     1/08/1913     par James & Rachel Hope Taylor
THOMAS Donald photo   22/11/1928 1/07/1982   Lois  
THOMAS Helen Amelia photo   1903y 1982y      
THOMAS Iris photo     11/01/1954 42   No Image
THOMAS Lilly Florence (Sally) photo         Alfred N (Freddie) mother of Jack, Roy, Don & Brian
THOMPSON Mary  photo     10/08/1846 44   hus Thomas Thompson
THURBY Elizabeth  photo     17/05/1793 30    
THURBY William  photo     7/5/1794 1    
TIEDKE Fritz Karl Wilhelm photo   11/08/1920 5/08/2005   Maria Isabel  
TIEFENTHALER Daniel photo   1904y 11/06/1905 ?   Born Austria
TIGHE Sally photo   10/03/1934 21/07/2004      
TIM Edna Alice Lloyd photo     30/10/2005   Tom daughter of William & Brisellia Fyfe
TIMMS Infant daughter photo     25/09/1933      
TIMMS Madge photo     25/09/1933   B A Timms  
TINGAY John Joseh (Joe) photo   24/09/1917 14/04/1994     born London
TOOL John photo     1834y 30?    
TRICKETT William photo     4/09/1917 69   born North Sydney
TRICKEY Phyllis 'Kaiser' photo   7/04/1944 24/04/2012     No Image
TULLNER Angeline Mavis photo   12/02/1938 31/08/2012     missed by Frank, Ray, Kathleen Jeremy
TURNER Charles  photo     1/10/1850 20   Drown when fishing at Rope Rock 
TURTON Cynthia photo   23/01/1926 22/01/2006   Ronald  
TURTON Ronald photo   10/11/1922 2/12/1998   Cynthia  
UNDERWOOD W A B (Bill) photo photo 24/11/1899 14/10/1983 83   born Reigatee, Surrey
UNDERWOOD Winifred (Marian) photo   25/01/1907 19/11/1994     born Aberddeen, Scotland, children B?rry, S?eila, Pat & Sue
UNKNOWN Amy Eliza (Byee) photo   1892y 1933y     Mary, Eric, Kik
UNKNOWN Auwas Mitta photo   9/02/1978 18/02/2009     Karlene, Charlotte, Kiri, Snapper, Adam, Deborah, Temanu & Atua
UNKNOWN Eddie photo     30/09/1981 76    
UNKNOWN Elle photo            
UNKNOWN Esme photo   9/09/1930 11/07/1998     Lyle, Allan, Neil, James
UNKNOWN George photo            
UNKNOWN Henrietta Elizabeth  photo photo   28/?/1958     Part unreadable
UNKNOWN  James Alan  photo   21/02/1928 14/01/2001      
UNKNOWN James Nicholas photo           grandson of Nicholas Carty Christian
UNKNOWN  John photo     20/06/1935     Husband of  ??
UNKNOWN Laura photo     24/08/1942 35    
UNKNOWN Marli Elizabeth photo   21/10/2011 21/10/2011      
UNKNOWN Roy photo   ??/??/1908 ??/??/1972     unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           headstone unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           hard to read
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN   photo           Hard to read
UNKNOWN   photo           hard to read
UNKNOWN   photo           unreadable
UNKNOWN  A.M.B. & H.B. photo            
UNKNOWN  A.R. photo     1831y      
UNKNOWN  Arch ( Blix) photo            
UNKNOWN  B.C photo     1833y      
UNKNOWN  Cecil photo       2y3m    
UNKNOWN  CHN photo            
UNKNOWN  Florence photo   no date no date      Infant
UNKNOWN  G.M.C. photo     1832y      
UNKNOWN  J.C. photo     1833y      
UNKNOWN  J.I. photo            
UNKNOWN  J.M.A. photo     1831y      
UNKNOWN  J.N. photo     1832y      
UNKNOWN  Kezia photo     28/03/1868 24   Died from Tiphoid Fever
UNKNOWN  M.A.B. photo     1833y      
UNKNOWN  M.H photo            
UNKNOWN  P.H.H. photo     1828y      
UNKNOWN  P.M photo            
UNKNOWN  P.S photo            
UNKNOWN  Pa ( Uncle Greg) photo            
UNKNOWN  R.E photo            
UNKNOWN  R.F. photo     1829y      
UNKNOWN  R.S photo            
UNKNOWN  T.E. photo     1833y      
UNKNOWN  T.E.D. photo     1867y      
UNKNOWN  Unknown photo           Departed ????? Aged ??? Years
UNKNOWN  Unknown photo            
UNKNOWN  Unkown photo            
UNKNOWN  Vivienne photo   no date no date  8    
UNKNOWN  W.H, photo            
UNKNOWN  W.S. photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo     ?/02/1882 2d   Son of Capt ? the rest is unreadable
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
UNKNOWN    photo            
VALE Dorothy Anna Christian photo   13/11/1901 24/02/1993   Holman (Homie) daughter Moyna, son-in-law Eric and Grandson Reuben
VALE Holman (Homie) photo   10/10/1893 25/05/1948   Dorothy Anna Christian born Auckland, NZ,  daughter Moyna, son-in-law Eric and Grandson Reuben
VAUX Richard Henry photo   ??/07/1886 20/07/1963 77    
VINCENT Thomas William photo   1922y 1998y   Jean father of Virginia & Erle, grandfather of Gizella, Suzanne, Dianne & Callum
Von MOLTKE Ellen photo     30/07/1962 92    
Von MOLTKE Henry Thodor  photo   1863y 1935y      
VON RIEBEN ANDRE Margaret  photo     24/?/19?2 75   of Ceres Furner South Australia
WADE Joseph  photo     2/10/1847 23    
WALDRON Harry Hamilton photo   12/09/1891 26/06/1963     from Auckland, New Zealand
WALKER Elizabeth  photo     11/06/1849 3w5d   Daughter of Matthew & Jane Walker
WALKER John photo     1838?      
WALKER Matilda photo     30/12/1850 4y7m   Daughter of Matthew & Jane Walker
WALLACE G.W. photo     2/06/1938     55194 RFM,Rifle Brigade
WARD Almar May photo   1/05/1924 1/07/1980   Brian nee Young
WARD D P photo     11/04/1963 54 Dorothie Josehine Ward Commander Royal Navy
WARD Dillon photo photo 4/03/1918 23/07/1981   Grace  
WARD Dorothie Josephine photo     2/05/1993 83 Dudley Patrick Ward nee Mackinlay, died Dafto, NSW, mother of Desmond and Tony Madden
WARD Mabel photo   30/09/1907 27/08/1990     ? Billie
WARREN Frank A. photo     11/08/1861 18   Native of Providence Rhode Island USA Who was murdered by a Creek miscreant on the ship Hope
WATERHOUSE George Wilson photo     14/10/1895      
WATT G.S. photo     16/06/1959 69   Auckland Mounted Rifles.
WATT Unreadable photo     ?/07/1942      
WELLESLEY Emily photo     11/01/1922 70 George Bailey  
WELLS Ivy Alexandra  photo     25/07/1976     Hus Bert,mother to Graeme & Nancy
WELLS Matthew  photo   1884y 1971y     Late of Sydney & Santo,Back to the sea again
WELSH Peter John photo   27/09/1938 9/05/2010   Helen Dad of David & Susan, Poppa of Rowan, Sam, Brookiyn & Bella
WELSH JP Charles John photo   1901y 1977y     born Northumberland, England, father of Peteer, Ian, Catherine
WELSH MBE Kathleen Janet photo   1904y 1993y     mother of Peter, Ian & Catherine
WESTWOOD Jill photo   31/08/1927 6/11/2010   Ross mother of Robert, Gran to Kirk & Marguerite
WESTWOOD Ross photo photo 20/12/1920 13/12/2011   Jill father of Robert, pa to Kirk & Marguerite
WESTWOOD William  photo   7/8/1820 13/10/1846 26   par Ann & James Westwood,Born Essex U.K,1837 Transporred to NSW,1841 Life sentence Port Arthur & Norfolk Is
WHALEN Danl (Daniel ) photo     6/10/1841 42   Native of Belfast Ireland 
WHEATLEY A?e Linda photo   27/07/1904 1606/1986   Donald (decd) ? Herbert (decd), John, Ce?ma & Muriel, ? David, Jan, Kim, Catherine & Laura
WHISKER Dora Eunice  photo     13/08/1948      
WHITING Peter Arthur photo   30/11/1922 15/01/1976      
WHITTLE Elizabeth photo     20/04/1912 25 Fred Whittle  
WILKINSON Henry M.C. photo     22/05/18? 21    
WILSON Amellae Rodolphi photo            
WILSON George Allen photo     3/10/1976     brother of Kathleen, Betty and Susan
WILSON Keren Happuch photo     18/02/1935 35   mother of George, Kathleen, Betty and Susan
WINGATE James photo     4/06/1836 40   Private 50th Regt
WINNER A F (Bill) photo   1925y 1998y      
WINNER Margaret (Binty) photo   1923y 1969y     nee Gordon
WISE Allen George photo   1881y 1939y   Rena dad to Nancye & Viola
WISEMAN Jessie Sinclair (Cookie) photo     22/03/1975   W A Wiseman nee McIntosh, mother of William and Peter
WOOD Doris Mildred photo   29/05/1923 24/11/2003      
WOODS James photo     22/03/1842 11m6d   Son of Private Andrew Woods 
WOOLLEY Dawn Cecelia photo   6/06/1930 14/08/2012   Graeme mother of Wayne & Lee, Nan of Drue, Skye, Danni'Elle, great Nan of Alyssa and Tiare
WOTHERSPOON Dolores Pearl photo   17/09/1917 27/01/2010 92   nee Buffett
WOTHERSPOON R.B. Bob photo     13/08/2006 84    
WOTHERSPOON Robert Blackwood (Squash) photo   1/01/1922 13/08/2006 84    
WRIGHT Alexander Kenneth photo   30/01/1930 21/11/2004   Ann  
WRIGHT Thomas Saulsbury  photo     7/2/1843 105   Native of Frodringham Yorkshire
WYETH Percy William  photo   10/8/1870 ?/08/1890     Surrey England
YAEGER Helen E photo photo   17/11/1922 73    
YAGER Ellen photo     6/08/1951   Thornton Yager  
YAGER Elva Mable photo   4/08/1912 23/08/1998      
YAGER Francis (Sonny) photo     27/03/1969      
YAGER John Thornton photo     28/06/1965 75   Missed by daughter Elva
YEAMAN A R photo photo   19/10/1956 82    
YEAMAN Celia photo   2/08/1906 4/05/1982     daughter Rangi
YEAMAN Edward Francis photo   22/02/1912 20/06/1994      
YEAMAN Frank photo     2/04/1941 59    
YEAMAN Margaret Maude photo     7/11/1975 86    
YEAMAN Oenone Harriett photo   25/05/1923 16/06/2000     mother of Lorraine, Kathleen, Colleen, Sandra & Patricia, sister Alice Inez
YEAMAN Susan Mary photo            
YORK Thomas  photo     17/01/1834 22    
YOUNG Charles Rupert  photo     14/12/1878 1y9m   Beloved son John & Louisa Young
YOUNG Charlotte  photo     11/12/1878 9y3m   Darling daughter of Frederick & Mary Young
YOUNG Frederick  photo     19/03/1860 3y5m   Son of Frederick & Mary Young
YOUNG George Henry  photo     7/11/1896     Beloved son of John & Lily Young
YOUNG Jemima  photo     5/05/1868 39    
YOUNG John photo     30/11/1960      
YOUNG John Forrester photo   13/07/1854 13/11/1913     In loving memory of our dear Father
YOUNG Katherine Susan photo     22/06/1907 14   Beloved daughter of John & Louisa E.Young
YOUNG Louisa  photo     23/03/1920 64   Beloved wife of John Young
YOUNG Olivia photo   1882y 1959y      
YOUNG Robert Charles Grant  photo     2/05/1860 9   Eldest son of Frederick & Mary Young 
YOUNG Rose Christine photo   20/09/1890 2/12/1980      
YOUNG Rupert photo     19/06/1926      
YOUNGMAN James R photo   1902y 1962y      

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