Crafers Church of Epiphany C/E Memorial Garden


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On headstone On headstone On headstone On headstone On headstone AND from other sources PLAQUE Location &
SURNAME GIVEN NAMES DOB or age DOD or age NOTES /COMMENTS etc. PHOTO type of memorial
ASHTON Eileen Alice 81 yrs 14/11/1987 Wife of George photo Garden Plaque
ASHTON George Allan 95 yrs 11mths 19/04/1998 Husband of Eileen photo Garden Plaque
AYRES Arthur Ernest c1853 2/04/1921 68 yrs; Husband of Barbara Agnes; photo Church Window
AYRES Barbara Agnes c1852 28/02/1924 72 yrs; Wife of Arthur Ernest; photo Church Window
AYRES Barbara Erlstoun ?? 11/7/1897   photo Church Window
BENNETT Lilian Deakin 17/04/1921 24/08/2002 81 yrs Lived Southern Cross Homes Plympton at time of death photo Garden Plaque
BINKS Ellice Beatrix (Biddy) 27/11/1920 13/06/2010 Wife of Eric; photo Garden Plaque
BINKS Eric 21/02/1918 23/02/2008 Husband of Ellice; Born Yorkshire, England; Died Adelaide, SA photo Garden Plaque
BLEBY Gordon Edward Henry 1910 1976 b:14/10/1910 Adelaide, SA; OBE; ED; LLB; Chancellor Diocese of Adelaide & the Murray 1970-1978; photo Church Plaque
BRUMMITT Peter Elliott 1/09/1932 3/12/2009 Husband of Barbara; Father of David, Kate, Jules and Ros; photo Garden Plaque
BRYCE Katie Lucette 24/2/1883 23/09/1970 nee Magarey; Mother of Alison (Judy) & John (Jack) photo Garden Plaque
CARNIE John Alfred 82 yrs 10/09/2009 M.P. (Sth. Australia); b:30/3/1927 Barmera (Riverland) SA; Husband of Bernice photo Garden Plaque
CHAMBERS James 27/12/1903 1977 Of Wonnaminta Station via Broken Hill and Wonnaminta House, Crafers photo Church Plaque
CORD-UDY Garth Laurence 58 yrs 28/05/1986 Birth registered as "Garth Laurence UDY" photo Garden Plaque
DAVILL Dalton Keith 1936 2008 72 yrs photo Garden Plaque
DUNLOP Peter John Hammersley 22/02/1929 1/02/2009 Loved Husband of Elizabeth; Father of Erik and Roald; photo Garden Plaque
EDMUNDS Charles Augustus 1883 1941 Husband of Maggie; d: 7/6/1941 Nth Adelaide; Church warden at Crafers, Epiphany 1918 to 1941 photo Church Plaque
EDMUNDS Maggie Ramsay 1885 1972 Wife of Charles; d: 20/12/1972 St Peters, Adelaide, SA photo Church Plaque
FISHER Alice Elizabeth c1895 12/01/1970 Wife of Guy; (nee SQUIRES); Of Pine Hill Mt. Lofty; Wall Plaque given by their family in 1970 photo Church Plaque
FISHER Guy 5/11/1890 27/08/1968 Husband of Alice; Of Pine Hill Mt. Lofty; Wall Plaque given by their family in 1970 photo Church Plaque
FULLGRABE Frances ?? ?? Bell tower restored in 1987 in memory of William & Frances FULLGRABE photo Church Plaque
FULLGRABE William ?? ?? Bell tower restored in 1987 in memory of William & Frances FULLGRABE photo Church Plaque
GILES James (Jim) Ramsay 31/10/1931 28/06/2010 Husband of Ruth (nee PAULL); Father of Andrew, Sarah, Janet, Susan & Rebecca; photo Garden Plaque
HALL Edna 4/08/1915 22/12/2009 Died at Stirling Hospital; photo Garden Plaque
HARRIS Walter Edward 95 yrs 11mths 2/10/2003 Born Rose Park (QEH?) 9/11/1907 to Waltrer James & Nellie (nee DICKIN) HARRIS photo Garden Plaque
HATCHER June 61 yrs 19/06/2002 b: c1941 photo Garden Plaque
HEARN Nance Adell c1910 22/05/1972 Wife of Alfred 62 yrs; photo Church Plaque
HUGHES Alfred Charlton 29/08/1918 4/02/2009 Son of Harold White & Ethel Margaret (nee GWYNNE) HUGHES photo Garden Plaque
HUNT Alwyn 27/12/1928 6/01/2009 Husband of Roma; Father of Peter & Julie; Father-in-law of Craigie; Grandfather of Matthew & Caelen; photo Garden Plaque
HUNT Roma Dawn 15/09/1929 29/01/2003 Wife of Alwyn; Mother of Peter & Julie; Mother-in-law of Craigie; Grandmother of Matthew & Caelen; photo Garden Plaque
HUNTER Peterson Campbell 67 yrs 8/07/2004 b: c1937 photo Garden Plaque
INGER Theodosia Logier 8/06/1890 18/12/1954 Organist & Choirmaster for 25 yrs; 64 yrs; (nee HARDEN); Wife of Henry Edward INGER; photo Church Plaque
JENKINS Kenneth Thomas 1915 2007 Reverend; AO (Order of Australia); BA (Lampeter, Wales); MA (Oxon [Oxford) England) photo Garden Plaque
LEAH Dorothy Ann 1928 2007 Wife of Lloyd; Mother of Peter & Andrew; B: 31/10/1928 D: 2/4/2007; (nee De ROSE); photo Garden Plaque
LENDON Alan 11/08/1903 12/07/1973 F.R.C.S (Fellow Royal College of Surgeons); Husband of margaret; photo Garden Plaque
LENDON Margaret 30/11/1909 30/06/1999 nee EDMUNDS; wife of Alan; photo Garden Plaque
MACDONALD Angus 92 yrs 12/08/1995 Colonel, Royal Scots Fusiliers; MBE (Member of British Empire); photo Garden Plaque
MACDONALD Phoebe Kathleen 21/11/1902 1/06/2006 wife of Angus; Previously married to Edward (Peter) KEESEY photo Garden Plaque
MCDONALD Alwyn Leo Bede 5/06/1916 19/08/1965 Husband of Joan; Father of Christine, Jennifer & Wayne; photo Garden Plaque
MCDONALD Gertrude Caroline 1906 1991 Wife of Kenneth; photo Garden Plaque
MCDONALD Kenneth Herbert 1907 1998 Husband of Gertrude; photo Garden Plaque
MCLOUGHLIN Neville John 16/07/1944 4/02/2008 64 yrs photo Garden Plaque
MITCHELL Cynthia Barbara 24/12/1920 8/04/2005 Beloved wife of Roy; Niece of Phoebe; photo Garden Plaque
MUSSARED Frederick John 18/05/1901 24/04/1976 Husband of Thelma photo Garden Plaque
MUSSARED Thelma Jane 9/11/1902 23/04/1982 Wife of Frederick photo Garden Plaque
NEWLAND Eleanor Joyce 13/01/1922 28/10/1977 Mother of David, Becky, Susan & Barbara; photo Garden Plaque
NOTTLE James Edward 19 yrs 19/06/1975 b: c 1956 photo Garden Plaque
PEARCE Doris 88 yrs 4/06/1996 b: c1908 photo Garden Plaque
PORTER Rodney Crawford 69 yrs 19/12/2004 b: 9/3/1935; Husband of Delwyn; photo Garden Plaque
RUSSELL J. G. ?? ?? Pioneer worshipper at Crafers Epiphany church; Commissioner photo Church Plaque
RUSSELL Mrs. ?? ?? Pioneer worshipper at Crafers Epiphany; 1965 Legacy from daughter Myrtle helped build Church Hall; photo Church Plaque
RYMILL Alleyne Katharine "Lalla" 28/04/1942 12/04/2008 Unmarried; Died at Mary Potter Hospice, North Adelaide, SA photo Garden Plaque
RYMILL Henry 20/05/1936 8/12/2002 66 yrs photo Garden Plaque
RYMILL Katharine Lucy 24/05/1913 22/10/2008 Daughter of Herbert Lockett & Shylie Katharine (nee BLUE) RYMILL photo Garden Plaque
SIEKMANN Jean Louise 90 yrs 23/07/2002 b: c1912 photo Garden Plaque
STARLING W.A. c1883 3/05/1967 William Albert b: c1883; d: Stirling SA on 3/05/1967; photo Church Plaque
STARLING Mrs W. A. 19/01/1883 ?? ??? 1973 Evelyn May (nee HOWARD) b: 19/01/1883 at North Kensington; died 1973; photo Church Plaque
STEPHENSON Joan 19/04/1910 22/07/1996 Wife of Wilfred Henry (Seat given by John & Denise STEPHENSON)   Seat Plaque
STEPHENSON Wilfred Henry 16/02/1907 28/08/1992 Husband of Joan (Seat given by John & Denise STEPHENSON)   Seat Plaque
STOKES Emily Rebecca 93 yrs 24/01/1929 Wife of Francis William; photo Church Window
STOKES Francis William ?? 1930 Husband of Emily Rebecca; photo Church Window
SUTCLIFFE Lance Edward 9/06/1935 8/03/1988 Associate Priest at Crafers Epiphany Church 1975 to 1984 photo Seat Plaque
TINESZ Erna Maria 30/06/1930 7/01/2006 Wife of Ernest; photo Garden Plaque
TINESZ Ernest Albert 30/12/1921 5/12/2007 Husband of Erna; photo Garden Plaque
TURNER Dudley Charles c1886 3/03/1958 died Crafers; 72 yrs photo Church Window
TURNER Kathleen Maud c1886 12/09/1957 (nee AYERS); died Nth. Adelaide; 71yrs; photo Church Window
VARDON Joseph 65 yrs 30/04/1970 Husband of Mollie photo Garden Plaque
VARDON Mollie 92 yrs 24/08/1998 Wife of Joseph photo Garden Plaque
VINCENT Geoffrey Russell 9/01/1913 10/07/1997 Wife of Vera photo Garden Plaque
VINCENT Janet Elizabeth 26/02/1945 8/12/2007 nee CHERRY photo Garden Plaque
VINCENT Janet Elizabeth 26/02/1945 8/12/2007 Epiphany Church Lights donated in her memory 2009 photo Church Plaque
VINCENT Vera Hughes 10/12/1915 8/05/2009 Husband of Geoffrey photo Garden Plaque
WARD Guthrie Lloyd 30/03/1918 2/09/2002 Husband of Meg photo Garden Plaque
WARD Meg Spencer 22/12/1918 12/06/2002 Wife of Guthrie photo Garden Plaque
WHITE Alice (June) June 3/04/1926 9/11/2003 (nee Carpenter); Loving wife of Merv photo Garden Plaque
WHITE Mervyn ( Merv) Giddings 12/06/1922 23/05/2001 Husband of June (Alice June) photo Garden Plaque
WISE Louisa ?? ?? Wife of Reverend Perry William Charlton WISE; Rector of this Parish 1897-1900 photo Church Plaque
YOUNG Frances c1831 12/08/1906 Widow of Gavin David YOUNG of Arthur Seat Mt Lofty; David died before Frances photo Church Plaque
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