Scott Creek Cemetery


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Veronica Jones


Surname Given Names Photo Death Date Age Relations Notes
ADDERTON G W photo 26-5-2006 92 y Husband of Iris, father of David & Gary TX4209 Sergeant Army Medical Corps
ANDERSON nee SLATER Ivy Eliza photo 20-11-1982 84 y Wife of late Joe Remembered by family
ASPINALL Donald photo 9-6-2000   Husband of Anita, father of Richard, James, Michael & Edward, only son of Frank & Irene of Welwyn Garden City, Herts England Born 19-8-1932. Doctor
BODMER nee BRANDT Anne Karoline photo 8-8-1985     Born 5-7-1936
BRADLEY Helen photo 3-5-1920 36 y    
BROADBENT nee SCRAGGS Eileen Margaret photo 6-8-2000   Wife of Leland Keith (dec), mother of Dawn & Dean Born 16-9-1905
BROWN George Vernon photo 4-7-1981 81 y Husband of Marthe, father of Don, Judy, Robert, Jill, David, Wendy & Geoffrey  
BROWN Pearl photo 4-8-1916 36 y 10 m Wife of F G  
CAMPBELL Christopher photo 19-8-1941 63 y Son of Lieut F N  
CAMPBELL Emily photo 1-7-1917 69 y Wife of Francis Norman  
CAMPBELL Francis Norman photo 28-9-1913 70 y Husband of Emily , only son of Cpt Sir John Norman CAMPBELL KCB Lt RN
CARTHEW Ada Mary photo 19-3-1922 47 y    
CARTHEW Sarah Ann photo 21-11-1930 79 y Wife of Stephen  
CARTHEW Stephen photo 1-11-1912 70 y Husband of Sarah Ann Died Scotts Creek
CARTHEW Sydney photo 6-1-1952 70 y    
CHENOWETH Glenys photo 12-7-2006   Wife of Glen, mother of Sue & Josie, grandchildren Bianca, Stefan, Lauren, Mikayla, Hannah & Hugh Born 7-8-1939
COX Lorna Claire photo 22-3-2002   Mother of Christopher, Helen, Philip & Susan, nana & great nanna of many Born 11-12-1921
DAVIES Bertha Madeline Emily photo 2-8-1938 67 y Daughter of Francis & Emily CAMPBELL  
DAVIES nee McKENZIE Emma Gwendoline photo 4-12-1991   Wife of George. Missed by Joy, Shirley & Norman & grandchildren Born 5-6-1902
DOWLING Annie Janet photo 4-5-1962      
DOWLING Eber Omar photo 1-4-1959   Husband of Annie Janet  
DOWLING Elizabeth Agnes photo 15-6-1964 79 y    
DOWLING Samuel Nimrod photo 24-4-1959 78 y Husband of Elizabeth  
DOWLING Samuel Theodore (Bob photo 16-2-1995 82 y Husband of Beryl Joy, father of Muriel, Robert, Jennifer, devoted pop  
EIFFE Vic photo 1978   Husband of Rona Born 1916
FERRY John David photo 17-11-1964 47 y Husband of Dorothy Nance, father of Gillian & Judith  
FISHER nee FUREY Betty Doreen photo 15-10-1999 83 y Husband of John (Ian), mother of John, Jane & Pandora, grandma of 10 grandchildren  
FISHER nee FUREY Betty Doreen photo 15-10-1999 83y   501159 Sister, RAAFNS
FUREY Phyllis Isabelle photo 7-4-2004   Daughter of Thomas George & Isabella Mary, sister of Vera, Tom, Harriett, Roy, Jack, Flora & Betty (Fisher) Born 28-1-1913
GLIDDON Alice photo 17-7-1942 72nd y Wife of Philip Mark  
GLIDDON Edith photo 11-12-1919 9 m Granddaughter of Alice & Philip M  
GLIDDON Eliza photo 24-8-1912 83 y Wife of John  
GLIDDON J W Rule photo 1-11-1919 22 y    
GLIDDON John photo 26-7-1911 85 y 7 m Husband of Eliza  
GLIDDON Philip Mark photo 30-1-1956 86 y Husband of Alice  
GLIDDON Vince photo 18-11-1930 73 y Son of John & Eliza  
HAWKINS Laura Mary Evelyn photo 29-5-1933 60 y Daughter of Francis & Emily CAMPBELL  
HILL Charles photo 19-10-1978 92 y Husband of Kathleen  
HILL Elizabeth photo 1932   Wife of C John Born 1853
HILL Elsie A photo 1983 89 y    
HILL Francis photo 22-1-1969 78 y    
HILL Johanna photo 1935   Daughter of W R & C T Born 1849
HILL John photo 20-6-1944 90 y    
HILL Thomas photo 1962 80 y Husband of Elsie A  
HOK NIN   photo 10-6-1984   Husband of Regina, father of Wai-Woon & Wai-Heng Born 19-1-1922
ILSLEY nee COOK Denise Margaret photo 25-5-2000   Wife of Anthony, mother of Diana & Andrew Born 2-7-1946
JOHNSON Charlie Henning Osborn photo 19-9-1976     Born 12-3-1882
JOHNSON Kevin William photo 24-10-2001 54 y Husband of Raelene Adele, father of Adele & Lauren  
JOHNSON Linthwaite Walter (Sam) photo 1-7-1998 80 y Husband of Vera Emma (Bubs), father of Kevin & Janet  
JOHNSON Vera Emma (Bubs) photo 13-12-1997 88 y Wife of Linthwaite Walter (Sam), mother of Kevin & Janet  
KENNERICK John photo 18-6-1966   Husband of Merle  
KENNERICK nee SLATER Merle A photo 15-11-1964   Wife of John  
LEWIS Amelia photo 20-6-1983 96 y Wife of Percy  
LEWIS Ann Gamlie photo 18-2-1961 92 y    
LEWIS Annie photo 21-4-1929 82 y   Same plot as W LEWIS
LEWIS Kenneth photo 18-6-1967 32 y Husband of Kath, father of Barry, Phillip & Carolyn  
LEWIS Les photo 27-2-1988 75 y Husband of Jean, father of Robert, Peter, David & Trish  
LEWIS Percy F photo 9-9-1957 72 y Husband of Amelia  
LEWIS Robert Henry Albert photo 14-10-1953 77 y    
LEWIS W photo 4-5-1936     3479 Private 50th Battalion
LEWIS Wilfred J photo 4-9-1983 75 y Brother of Les, also Cecil, Bert & Dot (all dec) SX8856 Pte 2/48 Aust Inf Btn
LIGHTBURN Harold Anderton photo 28-8-2002 92 y Husband of Vera, father of Ken, Sandra, Anita, Sharyn & Gay, grandad Born 9-4-1910. Innovator & industrialist
LINKE Ernest Martin photo 17-12-1925   Son of F O & A M, brother of Dulcie, Len & Cliff Born 27-2-1915
LOW George Steven photo 27-9-1918 84 y Our father Died Stirling West
LOW Jean photo 10-9-1918 85 y Our mother Died Stirling West
MARKER Alfred Norman photo 9-9-1966 69 y Husband of Hilda  
MARKER Hilda Kate photo 26-10-1986 89 y    
MARKER Jessie Ellen photo 16-1-1925 31 y Wife of Harold  
MARKER Laurits A M photo 4-5-1946 82 y    
MARKER Petrea Janusine photo 27-1-1938 73 y Wife of Laurits A M  
MARKER Ronnie photo 29-8-1925 2 y Son of Jessie Ellen & Harold  
McKENZIE Annie Joyce photo 8-8-2001 90 y    
McKENZIE John photo 1942 78 y Husband of Sennie A F  
McKENZIE Sennie A F photo 4-8-1925 62 y Wife of John, mother  
McKENZIE William Allan photo 4-12-1960 61 y Husband of Annie Joyce  
MOATE Rebecca Leanne (Bec) photo 29-10-1997 20 y Mother of unborn daughters Nikea Bridgett & Tahlia Leanne, daughter of Trevor & Ursula, sister of Tarnia, Daniel & Andrew  
MURRAY Caroline Margaret photo 8-2-1998   Wife of Grahame, mother of Sam, Alice & Lucy, daughter of Hilda & Ralph HEBBRON Born 1947, Bracknell, England
NELSON Alexander photo 2-8-1951 70 y    
NELSON Archibald John Alexander photo 16-10-1998     Born 12-8-1911
NELSON Gladys Maud photo 4-7-1996   Wife of Hugh Ronald, parent of William, Patricia, Jennifer & Ronald, grand & great-grand parent Born 25-3-1919
NELSON Hugh Ronald photo 11-1-1997   Husband of Gladys Maud, parent of William, Patricia, Jennifer & Ronald, grand & great-grand parent Born 20-2-1914
NELSON Margaret J W photo 18-5-1934 53 y Wife of Alexander  
NELSON nee LEWIS Mary Amelia photo 1-9-1992 74 y    
NICHOLLS Rosa Mary Ellen photo 25-4-1935 67 y Wife of W  
NICHOLLS William photo 28-5-1951 84 y   OBE
PALMER Dexter Carl photo 28-3-2004     Born 8-12-1945. Died instantly with Irena
PALMER Irena photo 28-3-2004     Born 7-2-1943. Died instantly with Carl Dexter
PETTREY Glenmore James photo 18-1-1987   Father of Marlene, grandpa of Michael, Katherine, Glenys & Stephan Born 24-7-1912
POTTS Robert Albert photo 25-10-2000 78 y Husband of Thelma, children Born 14-8-1922
POTTS Thelma photo 9-1-2000 79 y Wife of Robert, children Born 11-3-1920
POWNEY Sheila M P photo 10-1-1968 58 y Daughter of Pearl BROWN  
RICKABY Aileen Elizabeth photo 6-4-1999   Wife of Daniel John, mother of Bronwyn, Graeme, Alan & Kerrie, Daughter of Frank & Olive, sister of Tania & John Born 4-3-1939
RICKABY Caroline Elizabeth Jean photo 5-4-1987 82 y Wife of Noel, mother of Heather & Dan  
RICKABY E N photo 18-10-1971 66 y Wife & family 47962 LAC RAAF
ROGERS H photo 28-2-1982 70 y Husband of Margaret, father of Gay & Ron 28344 Sergeant RAAF
SCRAGG Ann photo 8-4-1939 88 y Wife of John  
SCRAGG Edna May photo 10-4-1917 9 y 10 m    
SCRAGG John photo 14-3-1929 83 y 9 m Husband of Ann  
SCRAGG Walter M R photo 1985   Husband of late Daisy, father of Iris, Roy & Walter. Husband of Dorothy Born 1890, Pastor
SHARP Abimelich photo 1-7-1906 56 y   Died Scott Creek
SLATER Amelia Hines photo 29-9-1932 67 y    
SLATER Rinsa photo 4-6-1939 82 y    
SMITH Flora Felicia photo 22-2-1940 81 y   Pots with Auntie & Sister
SMITH Harry Ottway photo 3-1-1935 80 y Husband of Marion  
SMITH Marion photo 19-6-1925 76 y Wife of Harry Ottway  
SMITH nee HILL Myra Coralie photo 1921     Born 1882
SPARROW Darren Allan photo 7-2-1979 8 y Son of Barry & Patricia, brother of Lyndon  
SPARROW Harold Reginald John (Bluey) photo 21-5-1998 84 y Husband of Dorothy May, father & pop of John, Patti, Barry, Susan, Wendy, Kathleen & families Born 28-12-1913
SPARROW Susan P photo 1939   Mother Born 1850
SULLIVAN Peter James photo 24-7-2004     Born 21-11-1957
SULLIVAN Rachel Diane photo 30-9-1989 5 y    
TOOGOOD Dick photo 21-5-1960   Husband of Dot  
TOOGOOD Dot photo 12-11-1979   Wife of Dick  
TURNER George Alfred photo 29-9-1984 88 y Husband of Jessie Isobel, father 1st 10th Batt AIF
TURNER Jessie Isobel photo 5-5-1983 85 y Wife of George Alfred, mother  
WENDT Elisabeth photo 18-4-1904     Born 12-11-1817. Died Longwood
WHITE Benjamin S J photo 19-3-1936 18 y    
WHITE Helen E photo 29-10-1970 75 y    
WHITE J G photo 23-4-1958 34 y Husband of Mavis, father of Paul, Gordon, Lyall & Ron SX10926 Driver Army Service Corps
WHITE Marjorie Dawn photo 28-8-1927     Born 12-9-1926
WHITE Maurice R photo 27-4-1940 1 y    
WHITE Stanley G photo 7-1-1962 70 y    
WILKINSON formerly WHITE Mavis Ethel Marion photo 3-8-2003   Mother of Paul, Gordon, Lyall, Ron, Trevor, Pat & Norm Born 9-6-1921
WILLIAMS Darren Scott photo 23-4-1995   Remembered by his family  
WOOD June Mary photo 28-3-1983 27 y Mum, Dad & Ruth  
WOODHEAD Alan Ronald photo 7-8-2003 55 y Father of Cherysse & Stuart, grandpa of Jordan, brother of Keith  
WOODLANDS Clarence Oliver photo 30-10-1974 53 y Son of George & Hilda  
WOODLANDS Edwin Roy photo 6-2-1976 60 y Husband of Mary  
WOODLANDS George photo 21-1-1957 68 y Husband of Hilda  
WOODLANDS Hilda Grace photo 14-8-1985 90 y Wife of George  
WOODLANDS M H photo 22-12-2002 79 y Husband of Elizabeth (Betty), father of Brian & Lynette SX29166 Private, 2/2 Machine Gun Battalion
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