St. Marks Woodside Cemetery


Data and Photos by Veronica Jones 2013


Surname Given Name Photo Death date Age Notes
ANDERS Heather Christabel Photo 1995   Born 1924
BARTLETT Arthur Photo 22-6-1941 71 y Husband of Susan, father
BARTLETT Kenneth Photo 23-5-1955 54 y  
BARTLETT Susan Photo 22-1-1952 83 y Wife of Arthur
BLEESER Florenz Photo 30-10-1918 89 y Father of Hedwig PFEIFFER
BOYTON Frederick Ernest Photo 1969   Born 1883 Wife of Lattie
BOYTON Helena (Girlie) Photo 1950   Born 1887. Wife of Frederick
BRAUN Ronald Maxwell Photo 18-2-2003   Husband of Laurel Elizabeth, father of Robert, Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Jennifer & Ronald. Born 17-12-1920
BROCKOFF Antonie Photo 1903   Born 1838
BROCKOFF Frederick Photo 1905   Born 1814
BROWN B M Joy Photo 17-3-1967 62 y Wife of Frederick
BROWN Frederick Photo 8-9-1971 77 y Husband of Joy
CALDICOTT Harriet Mary Photo 15-2-1955 67 y Daughter of Harriet Mary & Henry George
CALDICOTT Harriet Mary Photo 2-3-1941 75 y Wife of Henry George, mother of Harriet Mary
CALDICOTT Henry George Photo 17-5-1947 84 y Husband of Harriet Mary, father of Harriet Mary
CARTER Christena Photo 17-5-1923 77 y Wife of John
CARTER John Photo 5-10-1910 71 y Husband of Christena
CHERRETT Frances Vera Photo 11-8-1965 59 y Wife of Reginald Albert
CHIVELL Margaret Photo 24-5-1952   Born 10-10-1882. Wife of Mark
CLAYFIELD H, Mrs Photo 4-5-1887 69 y Mother of the late Rev W A CLAYFIELD who was sometime Minister of St Mark's Church of England, Woodside
CORRELL Agnes (Ivy) Photo 13-12-1940 46 y Wife of Robert Bruce, mother of Shirley
CORRELL Clement William Photo 1936   Born 1912. son of William Hawken & Pauline Elizabeth, brother of Robert Charles & Mary Ida
CORRELL Elizabeth Photo 3-10-1910 67 y Wife of Robert, mother of Richard EJK
CORRELL Mabel Alice (Mabs) Photo 2001   Born 1902, wife of Richard Osborn (Dick)
CORRELL Mary Photo 20-11-1882 84 y Wife of Richard
CORRELL Mary Ida Photo 1993   Born 1908. Daughter of William Hawken & Pauline Elizabeth, sister of Robert Charles & Clement William
CORRELL Pauline Elizabeth Photo 1950   Born 1876 Wife of William Hawken, mother of Robert Charles, Clement William & Mary Ida
CORRELL Richard Photo 25-7-1869 80 y Husband of Mary
CORRELL Richard E J K Photo 4-6-1867 2 y Son of Robert & Elizabeth
CORRELL Richard Osborn (Dick) Photo 2000   Born 1911. husband of Mabel Alice (Mabs)
CORRELL Robert Photo 3-7-1879 45 y Husband of Elizabeth, father of Richard EJK
CORRELL Robert Bruce Photo 28-4-1985 88 y Husband of Ivy (dec), also Ruby, father of Eric, Shirley (dec) & Bryant
CORRELL Robert Charles Photo 1920   Born 1905 Son of William Hawken & Pauline Elizabeth, brother of Clement William & Mary Ida
CORRELL Shirley Photo 28-4-1928 5y  
CORRELL William Hawken Photo 1936   Born 1873. Husband of Pauline Elizabeth, father of Robert Charles,Clement William & Mary Ida
COVENTRY Charlotte Anne Photo 2-4-1867 31y research of initials C.A.C. Wife of Henry COVENTRY, daughter of Harriett SINCLAIR fmly BUNDY nee LOCKYER
CRAWFORD Beatrice Tertia Photo 1943   Born 1838
CRAWFORD Margaret Edith Photo 28-9-1999   Born 1-9-1923
DAY Ivy Laurel Photo 12-10-1996   Born 23-10-1916 wife of Lionel Melville Murray (Mel) parent of Muriel, Melville & Bevin
DAY Lionel Melville Murray (Mel) Photo 4-6-1963   Born 22-3-1906 husband of Ivy Laurel, parent of Muriel, Murray & Bevan
DISCOMBE Eliza Standard Photo 11-4-1927 72 y  
DISCOMBE Emily Jane Photo 21-4-1929 63 y  
DISCOMBE Sarah Ann Photo 11-10-1910 84 y Wife of Thomas. Plus plaque
DISCOMBE Thomas Photo 31-12-1902 76 y Husband of Sarah Ann
EARLS E L Photo 5-12-1950 51 y 3804 Pte 32nd Batt. Husband of Ada, dad of Pat & Kay
EDGELOE Eliza Ann Photo 1934   Born 1859. Same headstone as Fanny Ada SACHS
EDGELOE May Parker Photo 1959   Born 1897. Same headstone as Fanny Parker SACHS
ESAU Herman Charles Frederick Photo 11-8-1901   Husband of Mary
ESAU Herman Charles Frederick Photo 18-7-1883 22 y Child of Herman Charles Frederick MD
ESAU Mary Photo 6-4-1916 83 y Wife of Herman Charles Frederick MD
ESAU Wilfred Photo 2-6-1895 17 y  
FERK H H Photo 2-9-1872   Husband of Juliane AH. Born 11-5-1800, late of Hamburg
FERK Juliane A H Photo 3-5-1876 74 y Wife of H H
GALLAS Louisa Photo 24-6-1959 70 y Wife of Paul Frederick
GALLAS Paul Photo 19-4-1968 80 y Husband of Louisa Caroline
GALLAS Ronald Bruce Photo 1998   Brother of Alf, Ivy, Syd, Grace & Shirley. Born 1922
GELLERT Colin Charles Photo 25-5-1988   Born 5-5-1910, husband of Dorothy Eileen (Muff) & father of Peter Frank
GELLERT Dorothy Eileen (Muff) Photo 27-6-2002 92y Wife of Colin Charles & mother of Peter Frank
GELLERT Peter Frank Photo 11-3-1949 11 y Son of Dorothy Eileen (Muff) & Colin Charles
GREEN Deryck Richard Photo 11-10-1982 51 y Husband of Mary, father of Dianne, Neville & Janet
GREEN Ernest James Photo 6-7-1941 55 y Husband of Kate Savina
GREEN Florence Photo 16-1-1987 92 y Wife of Frederick Walter, mother of Geoff, Malcolm & Derry
GREEN Frederick Walter Photo 8-8-1969 79 y Husband of Florence, father of Geoff, Malcolm & Derry
GREEN Malcolm John Photo 29-3-1953 29 y Husband of Joan, daddy of Helen, Neil & Robyn
GREEN Walter Geoffrey Photo 27-7-1980 61st y Husband of Edna, father of Maxwell, Robert, John, Margaret & David
GREEN nee NANKIVELL Marilyn Lesley Photo 30-6-2001 53y Wife of Max, mother of Carolyn & Anthony. Born 17-7-1947 Minlaton
HALSTEAD Ellen Hill Photo 16-11-1869   Born 14-4-1867
HALSTEAD Mary Photo 5-12-1871   Born 24-4-1858
HAZELWOOD Clifford Photo 23-4-2006   Husband of Kathleen, parent of Phillip, Valerie (Dec), Bevan, Annette, Grant & families. Born 8-4-1921
HAZELWOOD Valerie Louisa Photo 26-5-1968   Daughter of Cliff & Kathleen, sister of Phillip, Bevan, Annette & Grant
HAZELWOOD nee MILLER Kathleen Dawn Photo 3-3-2006   Wife of Cliff, parent of Phillip, Valerie (Dec), Bevan, Annette, Grant & Families. Born 4-5-1928
HOOPER Byard Lindsay Photo 25-6-1904 11 y 8 m Son of Mary Snow & Peter
HOOPER Mary Photo 6-7-1917 27 y Daughter of Mary Snow & Peter, sister of Byard Lindsay & Winifred
HOOPER Mary Snow Photo 5-12-1916   Wife of Peter, mother of Byard Lindsay, Mary & Winifred
HOOPER Peter Photo 15-4-1924 65 y Husband of Mary Snow, father of Byard Lindsay, Mary & Winifred
HOOPER Winifred Photo 7-10-1931 47 y 2nd daughter of Mary Snow & Peter, sister of Byard Lindsay & Mary
HOWARD James George Photo 9-12-1865 51 y  
HOWLAND Emily Slee Photo 17-7-1970 69 y Parent of Margaret
HOWLAND Mervyn Edward Photo 1-7-1964 60 y Parent of Margaret
JONES Frederick James Photo 29-3-1978 53 y Husband of Mavis Annie, father of Henry, Ronald & Gloria
JONES Mavis Annie Photo 8-1-1996 77y Wife of Frederick James, mother of Henry, Ronald & Gloria
KLEINSCHMIDT Annie Elizabeth Photo 20-10-1974 85 y Wife of Ernest Richard, mother of Howard
KLEINSCHMIDT Ernest Richard Photo 15-5-1956 73 y Husband of Annie Elizabeth, father of Howard
KLEINSCHMIDT Helena J M Photo 21-8-1926 77 y Mother
KLEINSCHMIDT Herbert Photo 3-2-1933 51 y Son of Reinhold W
KLEINSCHMIDT Herman Alfred Photo 28-6-1956   Husband of Lavinia Mary
KLEINSCHMIDT Howard Clifton Photo 9-11-1974 63 y Husband of Gwen, father of Kevin
KLEINSCHMIDT Lavinia Mary Photo 29-7-1952 74 y Wife of Hermann Alfred
KLEINSCHMIDT Reinhold W Photo 20-6-1916 65 y Father of Herbert
KOOP Selina Photo 29-8-1915 24 y Wife of Clem
LANGBEIN Ada Gertrude Photo 8-7-1989 79 y Wife of Roy, also Ned & Edgar, mother of Bill, Ken, Pat & Kay
LANGBEIN Alice Sarah Photo 1982 70 y mother, mother-in-law & grandma of Barbara, Peter, Jade, Bob Coralie, Jason, Kelly. Ken, Dianne, Samantha, Shane & Michael
LANGBEIN Caroline A E T Photo 21-5-1895 70 y  
LANGBEIN Jack Kenneth Alex Photo 14-11-1960 52 y Husband of Alice, father of Barbara, Bobby & Kenneth
LAUTERBACH Jack Photo 29-4-1952 53 y Son of the late Jack & Josephine
LAUTERBACH Johannes A G (Jack) Photo 15-10-1937 64th y Husband of Josephine Marie, father
LAUTERBACH Josephine Marie Photo 28-3-1953 80th y Wife of Johannes AG (Jack), mother
LOECHEL Ernest August Photo 6-3-1950   Born 2-12-1875 husband of Win, father of Stan & George
LOWEN Edwin Waybrett Photo 20-10-1913   Father of Maud Mary
LOWEN Maud Mary Photo 3-12-1897   Daughter of Edwin Waybrett
MAXWELL Gwendoline Mary Photo 21-12-1992 61y Wife of Barry, mother of Linda & Meredith
MERTIN Clive Hedley Photo 31-8-2000   Husband of Angela Cecil, father of Shirley & Alexandra. Born 26-6-1932
MILLER Allen Ben Howard Photo 16-4-1964 67 y  
MILLER Heather Photo 2003   Born 1942. Wife of Roy, mother of Brett, Jodie, Damien & Families
MILLER Keith Howard Photo 4-7-1992 56 y Father of Ricky and Wayne
MILLER Roy Photo 1984 42 y Born 1942 Husband of Heather, father of Brett, Jodie & Damien
MILLER Ruby Christina Anna Photo 22-2-1972 67 y  
MORGAN Eric Alan Photo 17-10-1973 20 y  
MORGAN Thomas Hugh Photo 30-5-1999   Husband of Marjorie Joan, parent of Richard, Sheila, Geoffrey, Alan. Neil, Trevor & David. Born 2-11-1918
O'CONNOR Sarah Photo 26-2-1864    
OLDFIELD Arthur Edward Photo 1-9-1909 58 y Husband of Ellen
O'REILLY Albert Charles Photo 4-10-1987 87 y Husband of May Adeline, parent of Iris, Kevin, Colin, Brian, Mary, Rosemarie & Malcolm (dec)
O'REILLY Kevin Albert Photo 3-3-1986 59y  
O'REILLY May Adeline Photo 8-8-1982 82 y Wife of Albert Charles, parent of Iris, Kevin, Colin, Brian, Mary, Rosemarie & Malcolm (dec)
PFEIFFER [Florence Eunice] Photo [16-10-1901]   Daughter of Hedwig PFEIFFER [from BDM]
PFEIFFER Hedwig Photo 29-7-1905 40 y Daughter of Florenz BLEESER
PFEIFFER Trevor John Photo 6-1-1958   Brother of Sadly missed by mun, dad, Judith, Malcolm & Carol
PIKE Thomas Evan Photo 8-11-1941    
PIKE nee CHRISTIE Janet Photo 31-10-1932 78y  
ROE Charles Photo 23-2-1956 73y Husband of Sarah, father of Tom. Pte 1900. 35 Batt 1st AIF
ROE Sarah Ann Photo 15-10-1978 91 y Wife of Charles
RUTTER Walter John Photo 23-9-1984 68 y Husband of Agnes, father of Anthony & Dawn
SACHS Fanny Parker Photo 1980   Born 1896. Same headstone as EDGELOE Eliza Ann & Fanny Parker
SCHOELL J H C Photo 30-10-1918 75 y father
SEGAT Angelo Photo 4-3-2005   Husband of Giuseppina, father of Paul & Maurice, father-in-law of Silvana, Nonna of Lee and Simone
SEGAT Maurice Photo 16-10-1995   Partner of Leanne, son of Angelo & Guiseppina, brother of Paul, Brother-in-law of Silvana. Uncle to Lee and Simone
SINCLAIR C A C Photo 2-4-1867 32 y SEE COVENTRY Charlotte Anne
SINCLAIR Harriet Photo 8-1-1873 63 y Widow of John Ross
SINCLAIR John Ross Photo 31-8-1869 66 y Husband of Harriet
SLEADER Edward Andrew Photo 4-11-1944 70 y Husband of Gertrude Annie
SLEADER Gertrude Annie Photo 22-4-1930 50 y Wife of Edward Andrew
SMITH Alfred William Severn Photo 22-6-1946   Husband of Florence Anna
SMITH Clyde Alfred Photo 26-4-1995   Born 14-7-1927, husband of Maureen, father of Peter, Gregory & Neil, grandpa
SMITH Florence Anna Photo 23-9-1967   Wife of Alfred William Severn
SMITH Frederica Helen Photo 6-9-1884 16 m  
SMITH Jacob Robert Photo 28-11-1897   Born 2-4-1848
SMITH Margaret Frederica Photo 9-5-1883 25 y Wife of J R, daughter of Hermann Charles Frederick & Mary ESAU
SPARROW Frederick [William Discombe] Photo 21-11-1886 3 y Child of R & S [information from BDM]
SPARROW Herbert [Lionel Discombe] Photo 9-12-1880 3 m Child of R & S [information from BDM]
SPARROW Lionel [Harold Discombe] Photo 21-3-1890 3 y Child of R & S [information from BDM]
SPARROW Reginald J B Photo 11-8-1922 74 y Husband of Susannah
TEAKLE Augusta Photo 27-7-1899 37 y Wife of George
TEAKLE Henry Thomas Photo 31-12-1885 4y 2 m  
TIDSWELL Phillip Anthony Photo 4-9-1953 16 d Son of Jack & Helen
TOLMER Albinia Frances Photo 26-5-1964   Wife of Herbert Gerald
TOLMER Herbert Gerald Photo 9-4-1941   Husband of Albinia Frances
VERCO Kenneth Everard Photo 24-9-1907   Born 27-2-1906
WARREN Helen Josephine Photo 7-4-1992   Born 25-9-1909
WEIGHT Edward Photo 16-4-1855 40 y  
WOODROW Bertha A Photo 18-7-1945 89y Mother
WOODROW Joseph J Photo 23-8-1916 60y Father
WRIGHT Arthur Photo     Child of Mary A & Charles. BDM research Arthur Charles d. 10-8-1864
WRIGHT Barbara Joy (Barbie) Photo 13-6-1996   Wife of Paul, mother of *arren, Donna & Nikki, special mum of Rhiannon & Amy
WRIGHT Charles Photo 1914   Father of Elizabeth, Arthur & Sarah. Born 1882
WRIGHT Elizabeth Photo     Child of Mary A & Charles. DBM research Elizabeth d. 18-10-1863 9 y
WRIGHT Mary A Photo 1892   Born 1822. Mother of Elizabeth, Arthur & Sarah
WRIGHT Sarah Photo     Child of Mary A & Charles. BDM research Sarah Ann Carter d. 14-12-1876 14 y


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