Mount Barker RC Cemetery


Data and Headstones by Veronica Jones


Surname Given name Photo Photo Death Date Age Notes
AGOSTINETTO Dino photo   25-12-1999   born 26-11-1930. father of Loren, Nancy, Eddy & Tina
ALLEN Ellen photo   15-4-1919   our mother. Erected by daughters
ALLEN Thomas photo   16-7-1924   our father. Erected by daughters
BARAGLIA Ernesto photo   4-3-2008 101 y husband of Maria, father of Angela, Lena, Clair & John
BAROLO Generoso photo   3-3-1999   born 14-12-1910, husband of Rosa, father of Pio, Maria, Gemma, Rina & Pierino, loved nonno & bisnonno
BAROLO Pio Ambrogio photo   2-4-2022   Born 4-12-1930
BAROLO Rosa photo   5-7-1996   born 15-1-1909. wife of Generoso, mother of Pio, Maria, Gemma, Rina & Pierino, loved nonna & binonna
BARRETT Dorothea Eileen photo   13-9-1988 82 y wife of Lionel Clem, parent of Darrell
BARRETT Lionel Clem photo   6-7-1988 78 y husband of Dorothea Eileen, parent of Darrell
BAYLY Mark photo   15-6-2013   born 18-6-1954
BAZELEY Francis (Frank) photo   17-6-2007   born 28-11-1926
BAZELEY Michael Francis photo photo 6-9-2001   born 3-2-1962. son of Francis & late Margaret, stepson of Anita, brother of Paul & Catherine
BEHAN Patrick photo   28-4-1874 45 y  
BOLAND Ellen Teresa photo   2-3-1939 77 y our mother
BONETTI Dino photo   14-8-2003   born 23-11-1947, son of Onesta, father of Maree, Paul, Sophie, Nathan, Anna & Emily
BONETTI Modesto photo   27-10-2001   born 21-2-1918 Mello Sondrio, Italy, died Mt Barker. Husband of Onesta, father of Dino, Sandra & Mary, loved nonno
BOWE Gerald John photo   13-7-1996 72 y son of Olive & James
BOWE Olive Jane photo   28-2-1981 81 y  
BOYLE Hudson G photo   26-12-1971 67 y husband of Lucy
BOYLE M Lucy photo   7-4-1983 79 y Wife of Hudson
BRADLEY Charles photo   30-9-1907 76 y  
BRADLEY Mary photo   1-9-1918 82 y Wife of Charles
BRADLEY Susannah (Sue) photo photo 28-4-1899 24 y  
BRADLEY William photo   20-6-1864 9 y  
BROOKS William Albert (Bill) photo photo 15-11-2000   born 24-5-1931, husband, father and grandfather
BUGG John photo   17-4-1972 81 y Husband of Lucy, father of Nellie & Lucy
BUGG Lucy photo   10-11-1975 79 y Wife of John, parentmother
BURKE Michael photo   26-9-1856 40 y stone stacked on fenceline
BURNS Dora photo photo 1-9-1908 74 y Died Callington. Erected by children. Stacked along fenceline
BURNS John photo photo 1-6-1883 53 y Died Callington. Erected by children. Stacked along fenceline
BURNS Michael photo photo 19-2-1909 46 y Husband of Hannah, eldest son of John & Dora. Stacked along fenceline
BUXTON John photo   26-11-1946 87 y Husband of Sarah
BYRTH Francis Michael photo photo 3-12-1975 57 y Husband of Mary Linley BYRTH, father of Annabel, Felicity, Caroline, Nicholas, Simon & Jacinta
BYRTH Frank photo photo 22-12-1952 83 y Husband of Kate, father of Francis
BYRTH Kate photo photo 5-12-1931 50 y wife of Frank, mother of Francis
BYRTH Mary photo photo 22-8-1915 86 y erected by son F. Byrth
BYRTH Mary Caroline photo photo 24-10-2009 51 y born 24-12-1957, daughter of Francis & Linley, sister of Annabel, Felicity, Nicholas, simon & Jacinta, Aunt of Luke, Dylan, Reece, Myles, Hilary & Joel
BYRTH Mary Linley photo photo 14-4-2009   born 25-5-1925, wife of Francis Michael, mother of Annabel, Felicity, Caroline, Nicholas, Simon & Jacinta
CADD Gladys Maud (Lucy) photo photo 4-9-2019   born 3-11-1926
CAHILL Honoria photo   3-12-1887 79 y Mother of Mary HOWELL. Stacked against fenceline
CALLAGHAN Andrew John photo   31-8-1957 66 y Son of Mary
CALLAGHAN Mary photo   27-5-1939 82 y widow of Andrew
CAMERON A G, Major Hon photo   9-8-1956 61 y Husband of Margaret Eileen, father of Ian & Patricia (dec) Late 1st & 2nd AIF, Speaker of House of Representatives 1949-1956
CAMERON Margaret Eileen photo   25-9-1976 73 y wife of Major Hon A C Cameron, mother of Ian & Patricia (dec)
CAMPBELL Bridget Elizabeth photo photo 14-10-1898 28 y Died Macclesfield. Erected by her sister, Mrs BRUCE
CAREY John photo   20-7-1895 60 y  
CAREY Timothy photo   24-10-1903   Born 12-7-1871
CARROLL Patricia Ellen photo   8-10-2001 80 y wife of Robert (Bob), parent of Robyn, grandparent of Patrick
CARROLL Robert (Bob) photo   21-6-1984 60 y husband of Patricia Ellen, parent of Robyn, grandparent of Patrick
CASEY Margaret photo   27-8-1899 49 y Wife of William, Erected by her husband & adopted daughter C MORAN
CASEY P photo       no other details. Burial register Patrick 19-11-1919 75 y of Macclesfield
CHALLIS Evelyn Valentin photo   30-9-2004   born 7-6-1957, wife of Robert, mother of Gregory, daughter of Francisco & Adelina
CHELLINGWORTH Queenie Beatrice Alice photo   5-1-1993 90 y born 33-8-1902. mother of Yvonne, Mervyn & Fay
CLANCY Catherine photo   3-11-1934 73 y Wife of James
CLANCY James photo photo 24-6-1916 54 y Husband and father, died at Goodwood
CLANCY John photo       no other information. Same stone as Margaret CLANCY. Burial register 14-9-1920 68 y
CLANCY Keith photo photo   16 m [no dates] BDM Keith Ernest son of James CLANCY died 28-6-1910 1 year
CLANCY Margaret photo       no other information. Same stone as John CLANCY. Burial register 2-2-1900 79 y
CLARKE Sarah A photo   26-9-1914 33 y Wife of James F
COFFEY Jane photo   28-5-1912 39 y Wife of Michael J
COFFEY Mary photo     infant daughter of Jane & Michael J
COLEMAN Adam photo photo 6-10-1885 86 y Husband of Margaret
COLEMAN James photo   22-10-1933 70 y Husband of Sarah
COLEMAN John photo photo 18-11-1915    
COLEMAN Laurance photo       [no other details]
COLEMAN Margaret photo   1-7-1907 80 y Wife of Adam
COLEMAN Michael photo photo 6-12-1918    
COLEMAN Patrick photo photo 30-11-1907 39 y Accidentally killed
COLEMAN Sarah photo   11-2-1957 85 y Wife of James
CONDON James photo   18-8-2016 87 y Brother of Beulah & Marie, half-brother of Charles & Trevor
CONDON Mary photo photo 31-7-1927 69 y Wife of Patrick
CONDON Thomas photo   8-7-1941 53 y Husband of Gertrude, father of Beulah, Marie & James
CONLAN nee KENNEDY Mary Ann photo   12-1-1873 23 y Wife of John, daughter of William KENNEDY
CONLIN James photo   17-4-1896 60 y  
CONLIN Norah photo   10-3-1869 33 y  
CONRY Henry William photo     7 m Child of B J & Eliza.[no dates] BDM 18-7-1876 son of Bartholomew John
CONRY Rose Ethel photo     3 m Child of B J & Eliza [no dates] BDM 4-10-1877. daughter of Bartholomew John
CONSIDINE Andrew photo photo 25-12-1874 58 y Husband of Elizabeth, father of Michael. Stone broken & stacked on fenceline
CONSIDINE Elizabeth photo photo 28-6-1884 74 y Wife of Andrew, mother of Michael. Erected by Martin CONSIDINE. Stone broken & stacked on fenceline
CONSIDINE Ellen photo photo 4-3-1882 2 1/2 y Daughter of Margaret & Martin.Stone broken & stacked on fenceline
CONSIDINE Johanna photo photo 17-8-1891 43 y Wife of Michael. Headstone missing
CONSIDINE John J photo photo 22-6-1875 1 m Son of Michael & Johanna. Headstone missing
CONSIDINE Margaret photo photo 24-1-1884 34 y Wife of Martin, mother of Ellen & Michael.Stone broken & stacked on fenceline
CONSIDINE Margaret J photo photo 3-9-1878 7 m Daughter of Michael & Johanna. Headstone missing
CONSIDINE Martin photo photo 11-5-1920 75 y Son of Andrew & Elizabeth, husband of Margaret, father of Ellen & Michael, brother of Michael. Stone broken & stacked on fenceline
CONSIDINE Mary C photo photo 6-3-1875 1 y 8 m Daughter of Michael & Johanna. Headstone missing
CONSIDINE Michael photo photo 16-5-1867 17 y Son of Andrew & Elizabeth. Headstone missing
CONSIDINE Michael photo photo 14-2-1882 16 d Son of Margaret & Martin. Stone broken & stacked on fenceline. Erected by Martin CONSIDINE
CONSIDINE Michael photo photo 29-1-1879 36 y Husband of Johanna, father of Mary C, John & Margaret. Headstone missing
COOKE Anastasia photo   24-5-1933 73 y Wife of Patrick, mother
COOKE Patrick photo   30-8-1950 92 y Husband of Anastasia, father
COONAN P J photo   6-12-1955 53 y Private SX6612 2/9th Aust. General Hospital
COONAN P J (Paddy) photo       Husband of Violet, father of Pat & John [o dates]
COONAN Violet (Lin) photo   12-5-1977   born 18-7-1900, wife of P J COONAN
COOPER nee VAUGHAN Dorothy Teresa photo   26-2-2019   born 3-12-1933. Wife of Raymond Alfred (dec)
CORCORAN John Francis photo   25-5-1905 34 y  
CORCORAN Susan photo       wife of John, erected by husband and children
CORNAGGIA Attilio photo   31-5-1974 68 y Husband of Maud May, father of Luigi, Roma, Lorna & John
CORNAGGIA Karen Ann photo   26-4-2009   born 1954, wife of John, mother of Fay, Heather, Darryl & families. O.A.M.
CORNAGGIA Maud May photo   28-6-1987 77 y wife of Attilio, mother of Luigi, Roma, Lorna & John
COSGRAVE Mary photo   9-1-1900 70 y Wife of Thomas
COSGRAVE Thomas photo   4-4-1898 75 y Husband of Mary
COTTER Mary photo photo 2-2-1914 76 y Wife of Thomas
COTTER Thomas photo photo 14-6-1902 80 y Husband of Mary
COUSINS Richard photo   18-2-1936 58 y Brother of Bridget JOHNSON
CRAGO Ellen Bridget photo   14-12-1968 75 y Wife of Harry Albert, mother of John James
CRAGO H A photo   27-5-1958 63 y Husband of Ellen Bridget, father of Sheila & Brian
CRAGO John James photo   29-10-1922 2 m Son of Ellen Bridget
CRITCHLEY Catherine photo photo 20-5-1919 78 y Wife of Michael
CRITCHLEY Ellen photo photo Jun 1866   Burial register 21-6-1866 14 y child of James & Elizabeth
CRITCHLEY Ellen photo photo 13-9-1903 38 y Daughter of Catherine & Michael CRITCHLEY
CRITCHLEY James photo photo 20-2-1892   husband
CRITCHLEY James Thomas photo   16-10-1926 65 y Husband of Rosina
CRITCHLEY John photo photo May 1859   Burial register 17-11-1859 64 y of Callington
CRITCHLEY Margaret photo   16-12-1889 80 y Relict of Michael
CRITCHLEY Margaret photo       Wife of William
CRITCHLEY Mary photo photo 20-5-1872 6 m  
CRITCHLEY Michael photo photo 10-6-1897 63 y Husband of Catherine, father of Ellen, Patrick & Michael Joseph
CRITCHLEY Michael photo   7-8-1884 73 y Erected by wife Margaret
CRITCHLEY Michael Joseph photo photo 1-10-1918 44 y Son of Catherine & Michael
CRITCHLEY Patrick photo photo 29-6-1906 30 y Son of Catherine & Michael
CRITCHLEY Peter photo photo 7-10-1894    
CRITCHLEY Rosina photo   29-3-1908 48 y Wife of James Thomas
CRITCHLEY William photo        
CROMPTON Ann Dorothy photo   7-3-1991 80 y daughter of Clem & Ann, sister of John & Lucy
CROMPTON Ann Mary photo   24-4-1966 87 y Wife of Clement, mother of John, Lucy & Dorothy
CROSS Mary Ann May photo   30-9-1993   born 17-3-1909. Auntie of 10
CROSS Winifred Mary photo   25-9-1958 85 y Daughter of Hanora O'MALLEY
CUMMING Wendy photo   28-5-2015   born 27-4-1931, mother to Rosalind, Jeanette & David, loved grandmother
CURTIN E J photo   4-3-1982 66 y husband of Joyce, father of Terry, Tony (dec) & Veronica. LAC 136240 Royal Australian Air Force
CURTIN Joyce May photo   1993   born 1915. same plot as E J CURTIN
DAILEY Margaret photo   4-8-1902 68 y Wife of Michael
DAILY Francis Vincent photo   27-7-1900 25 y 6 m Son of John & Mary, died Adelaide
DAILY Hanora photo photo 10-3-1864 2 y Child of John & Mary of Adelaide
DAILY Martin photo photo 13-3-1861 5 m Child of John & Mary of Adelaide
DAILY Martin photo photo 22-5-1873 13 m Child of John & Mary of Adelaide
DALEY Julia photo photo 19-9-1902 22 y Daughter of P & J. erected by A DAIT
DALY Catherine photo   6-6-1950   Wife of Thomas
DALY Ellen photo   26-12-1962 92 y Wife of Patrick, mother of James
DALY James photo     infant Son of Ellen & Patrick [no dates] Burial register 5-12-1901 aged 11 months
DALY John photo photo 19-12-1957 82 y Son of Thomas & Margaret, brother of Mary DALY
DALY Margaret photo   17-5-1976 72 y Daughter of Thomas & Margaret
DALY Margaret photo   1-7-1935 86 y Wife of Thomas
DALY Mary photo photo 2-4-1961 81 y Sister of John DALY, daughter of Thomas & Margaret DALY
DALY Patrick photo   2-5-1941 72 y Husband of Ellen
DALY Thomas photo   6-4-1921 82 y Husband of Margaret
DALY Thomas photo   15-7-1932 62 y Husband of Catherine
DALY nee O'BRIEN Patricia Mary photo   28-6-2009   born 2-3-1946. wife of Michael Francis, parent of Keelin (Dec), Richella and Shane
DAMETTO Renzo photo   11-10-1996   born 25-11-1932, husband of Caterina, father of Paolo, Maria Teresa, Claudio and Sandro
DARMODY Bridget photo photo 21-10-1854 55 y erected by sons. Stone against fenceline
DARMODY Michael photo photo 9-5-1865 63 y erected by sons. Stone against fenceline
DARMODY William John photo photo 25-10-1914 77 y Son of Bridget & Michael., late pf Parachilna. Stone against fenceline
De JONG Cornelis photo   13-6-1987   born 5-2-1916, husband of Lambertena, father of Ken, Jack, Dora, Gerry, Ellen, Dianne, Joanne, Peter, Betty & Margo
De JONG Lambertiena photo   22-9-1999   born 19-10-1917 wife of Cornelis, mother of Ken, Jack, Dora, Gerry, Ellen, Dianne, Joanne, Peter, Betty & Margo
De LACEY James Patrick photo   5-12-1870 48 y Husband of Julia
de WIT Bastiaan Petrus Wilhelmus photo   2-2-1998   born Wageningen Holland 19-4-1915,husband of Ann & late Jacobina, dad of Ans, Bas, Wim, John, Hubert, Annamarie, Toni, Carl & their families
de WIT Johanna Maria photo   10-7-2002   born Oss, Holland 28-9-1917 wife of Bas, mum of Ans, Bas, Wim, John, Hubert, Annamarie, Toni, Carl & their families
DEANE-FREEMAN A J photo   16-10-11994 70 y Signalman VX135864. Husband of Evelyn, father of Christopher, Judith, Patrick, Thomas & Peter
DELLA- MINA Anselmo photo   27-4-1960 52 y Husband of Phyllis, father of Joyce, Rhonda, Laurie, Donald, Lorna & Jeffrey
DELLA- MINA Jeffery Albert photo   20-4-1979 25 y youngest son of Anselmo & Phyllis, loved by brothers & sisters. Died result of accident
DELLA-MINA Phyllis May photo   13-5-1982 67 y wife of Anselmo, mother of Joyce, Rhonda, Laurie, Donald, Lorna & Jeffrey
DELLORO Angelo photo   17-10-1968 57 y Husband of Cecilia, father of Cirrillo, Maria & Giovanni
DELLORO Cecilia photo   27-3-20 92 y Wife of Angelo, parent of of Cirillo, Maria and Giovannie
DIMITRIJEVICH Maria photo   22-8-1970 59 y Wife of Jim, mother of Heather, Anna, Mario & Pauline
DOHERTY Honoriah photo   7-1-1905 71 y Wife of Patrick
DOHERTY Patrick photo   19-11-1905 68 y Husband of Honoriah, died at Adelaide Hospital
DOWLING Thomas Rev photo   7-6-1868    
DOYLE Francis Olive (Ollie) photo   29-8-1990 91 y wife of Will, parent of Des
DOYLE Maureen photo photo 29-7-2009   born 30-5-1930, wife of Des
DOYLE William Joseph (Will) photo   3-7-1987 90 y husband of Francis Olive (Ollie), parent of Des
DUNNE Annette Mathilda photo photo 17-6-1935 39 y Wife of John Patrick, mother of Annie Margaret & William Francis
DUNNE John Patrick photo   12-1-1964 76 y  
DUNNE William Francis photo photo   infant Son of Annette Mathilda & John Patrick. BDM 19-8-1932 1 hour
EARLS Ellen photo   16-5-1926   Child of Joseph & Mary
EARLS Frank (Francis James) photo   24-2-1891   Child of Joseph & Mary
EARLS Harry (Henry Joseph) photo   10-10-1915   Child of Joseph & Mary
EARLS Joseph photo   8-1-1882 63 y Husband of Mary
EARLS Mary photo   19-5-1911   Wife of Joseph
EDES Wendy Elizabeth photo   6-8-1998 63 y born 31-10-1934, mum of Philip, Karen & Andrea and families
FARRELL Ann photo   8-2-1898 72 y Wife of Patrick
FARRELL Elizabeth photo   21-4-1942 70 y wife of Patrick Thomas, parent of Mary, William & Walter
FARRELL Patrick photo   12-4-1913 86 y Husband of Ann. Stone broken stacked against fenceline
FARRELL Patrick Thomas photo   24-11-1937 69 y Husband of Elizabeth, parent of Mary, William and Walter
FAUST Martha photo   16-11-1988 82 y wife of Norman Edward, mother of Norm, Veronica & Terry
FAUST Norman Edward photo   24-6-1984 73 y husband of Martha, father of Norm, Veronica & Terry
FELIX Albert James (Jim) photo   22-12-1996   born 7-1-1917, husband of Doris, father of Valerie, Colin, Alan, Maureen & Peter, father-in-law, grandfather
FELIX Doris photo   1-3-2011   born18-12-1918, wife of Albert, mum, grandmother & great grandmother
FIORA Dante Peter photo photo 7-9-2011   born 19-11-1924
FIORA John photo   27-5-2022   born 6-6-1935
FIORA Paolina photo   16-5-1992 87 y wife of Salvatore G, mother of Dante, Ugo, Mary, Jessie, Veronica, Reg, John, Brian & Paul
FIORA Salvatore G photo   5-8-1976 83 y Husband of Paolina, father of Dante, Ugo, Mary, Jessie, Veronica, Reg, John, Brian & Paul
FITZGERALD Ellen photo photo 26-11-1913 74 y Wife of Thomas Francis
FITZGERALD M A photo       A token from employees of Mt Barker Tannery
FITZGERALD Mary Agnes photo   21-9-1925 57 y Parent of May, Frank & Will
FITZGERALD Michael photo   1-2-1951 85 y Parent of May, Frank & Will
FITZGERALD Thomas Francis photo photo 5-2-1922 87 y Husband of Ellen
FITZPATRICK Ellie photo photo 2-7-1878 20 y Daughter of Patrick & Margaret
FITZPATRICK James photo photo 12-2-1861 66 y a beloved father
FITZPATRICK Margaret photo photo 15-4-1885 59 y Wife of Patrick
FITZPATRICK Patrick G photo photo 2-10-1874 53 y Husband of Margaret
FLOOD Catherine photo   5-4-1876 66 y hard to read and stacked by fence
GAMLIN Arthur photo   8-2-2001 83 y Husband of Lena May, father of Warren
GAMLIN Lena May photo   11-4-1975 64 y Wife of Arthur, mother of Warren
GEE Ivy Eileen photo   30-12-1987   born 1901
GEE Percival Clyde photo   27-4-1967   born 1896
GILL Ann photo   12-10-1906 76 y  
GILL William photo   13-12-1903 70 y  
GOMMERS Jane photo   20-2-1939 84 y Wife of John
GOMMERS John photo   15-5-1925 76 y Husband of Jane
GOSS Roy photo photo 13-6-1966   born 28-5-1928, husband of Teresa, father of Glenn, Garth & Shalane
GREEN John Ernest photo   22-10-1905 20 y killed in shunting accident Broken Hill. Erected by his workmates on the BHP traffic
GREEN Mary photo   30-12-1925 59 y Wife of Michael, mother
GREEN Michael photo   10-7-1942 78 y Husband of Mary
GREEN Thomas William photo   28-4-1900 13 y 9 m Died Mount Barker Junction. Same plot as John Ernest GREEN
GREENSLADE Stephen photo   26-5-2007   born 27-10-1930, husband of Frances, father of Michael, David, Julie & Richard L.C. & families
HAIMES John Kevin photo   19-3-2015   born 23-8-1939, husband of Mary Josephine, father of Martin, Bernard, Melissa, Rachel and families
HARDY Dawn photo   17-6-2007   born 6-3-1933, wife of Norm, mum of Garry, Gai, Debbie & Sherri, nanna of Tammy, Nicki & Mitchell
HARDY Norm photo   23-1-2014   born 8-1-1929, husband of Dawn, dad of Garry, Gai, Debbie & Sherri, poppy of Tammy, Nikki & Mitchell
HASSAM Julie photo   3-11-1987 32 y Wife of Trevor, mother of Jaimie, Mardi & Kirby
HASSAM Kirby photo   3-11-1987 2 y Daughter of Trevor & Julie, sister of Jaime & Mardi
HAWTHORNE Eric Henry photo   3-12-2003   born 3-3-1943, husband of Shirley Dorothy
HEFFERNAN Anne photo photo 13-5-1949 72 y Wife of James
HEFFERNAN Elizabeth photo photo 21-3-1972   Daughter of James
HEFFERNAN Ellen photo photo     Daughter of James. Burial register Ellen Gertrude 28-10-1922
HEFFERNAN James photo photo 10-11-1952 93 y Husband of Anne, father of Elizabeth, Mary & Ellen
HEFFERNAN Mary photo photo     Daughter of James. Burial register 24-5-1905 16 y
HERBIG Gertrude photo   4-11-1959 49 y Wife of Paul
HERBIG Paul Alfred photo   20-4-1975 73 y Husband of Gertrude
HOGAN Susan photo photo 15-2-1883 60 y erected by her son Michael CLANCY
HOSKIN Frank Lloyd photo photo 13-5-1996   born 23-1-1916, husband of Josephine, father of Barbara, Kevin & Jennifer
HOSKIN Josephine May photo   7-5-2012   born 9-5-1919, wife of Frank Lloyd, mother of Barbara, Kevin & Jennifer
HOWELL Mary photo   31-3-1912 84 y Daughter of Honoria CAHILL
HUGHES Michael Anthony photo   16-11-2006   born 15-3-1966, son of Thomas & Carmel, brother of Christine & Donna
HUTSON Charlie photo   8-4-1982 64 y husband of Margaret (Peg)
HUTSON Margaret (Peg) photo   9-11-2003 81 y wife of Charlie
INGLIS Peter Francis photo   7-9-1998   born 3-11-1937, husband of Margaret, father of Jane & Allison
INGRAM James Alfred photo   30-1-2001 89 y husband of Sylvia May, father of Michael, Justin & Sean
INGRAM Mary Ruby Bell photo   20-11-1943   born 29-11-1912, daughter of Alfred & Mary, sister of James, Aunt of Michael, Justin & Sean
INGRAM Michael James photo   20-5-1015   born 27-3-1948, father of Aniella, eldest son of James & Sylvia, brother of Justin & Sean
INGRAM Sylvia May photo   14-6-1999 81 y wife of James Alfred, father of Michael, Justin & Sean
INGRAM nee NEAGLE Mary Jane photo   20-1-1955   born 4-8-1875, wife of Alfred Charles Bell INGRAM, mother of James Alfred & Mary Ruby Bell, grandmother of Michael, Justin & Sean
JOHNSON Bridget photo   21-8-1968 93 y Wife of Frederick, sister of Richard COUSINS
JOHNSON Frederick Joseph photo   29-12-1943 67 y Husband of Bridget
JONES D G photo   14-4-2004 88 y husband of Kath, father of Bryon, Rosemary & families. Private SX22833 10/48 Infantry Battalion
JONES Kathleen Marcella photo   23-10-2016   born 20-1-1915, wife of Don, mother of Bryon & Rosemary, grandma & great-grandma
JONES Leo photo     2 y Charles Leo died 19-9-1894 son of Robert JONES & Johanna KELLEY
KAIN Bridget photo photo 20-4-1905 76 y Wife of Patrick, died at Macclesfield
KAIN Hannorah photo photo 20-4-1861 13 y Child of John & Mary
KAIN John photo photo 28-3-1885 85 y Husband of Mary, Died Little Dublin. Erected by children
KAIN Mary photo photo 14-4-1897 81 y Wife of John. Died Little Dublin. Erected by children
KAIN Patrick photo photo 14-6-1912 85 y Husband of Bridget
KAIN Thomas photo   11-5-1867 17 y 7 m only son of John & Mary
KAVANAGH Bridget photo   30-5-1881 51 y Wife of John. Died at Kanmantoo, erected by children
KAVANAGH John photo   10-8-1892 62 y Husband of Bridget. Died at York. Erected by children
KAVANAGH Margaret photo photo 2-3-1893 15 y Daughter of Mary & John
KAVANAGH Mary photo   23-5-1885 30 y 6 m Daughter of Miles & Margaret KAVANAGH
KAVANAGH Mary photo   22-9-1893 42 y Wife of John, mother of Margaret
KAVANAGH Peter photo   2-10-1883 32 y 11 m Son of Miles & Margaret
KELLY Bridget photo   27-2-1910 89 y Wife of Austin
KELLY Ellen photo   7-4-1875 7 y Daughter of Margaret
KELLY Michael photo   1871   Husband of Margaret. Erected by Margaret
KENNEDY William photo   10-4-1863 16 y Son of William
KITSON Henry photo   28-6-1905 83 y Husband of Mary, father of Michael
KITSON Henry B photo   26-2-1958 91 y Husband of Mary
KITSON Mary photo   17-9-1905 75 y Wife of Henry, mother of Michael
KITSON Mary photo   5-7-1961 90y Wife of Henry B
KITSON Michael photo   21-4-1894 33 y Son of Mary & Henry
KOWALEWSKI Maria photo   1-9-1998   born 11-7-1926, wife of Wiktor, mother of Edgar, Wanda & Eleonora, nana of 8 grandchildren
KOWALEWSKI Wiktor photo   12-8-1988   born 17-4-1923, husband of Maria, father of Edgar, Wanda & Eleonora, papa of 8 grandchildren
LANDY Phillip photo photo 26-7-1918 60 y PP, Reverend, Priest of Archdiocese of Adelaide & 30 years Parish Priest of Mt Barker
LANGDON Christopher Yorke photo   2-5-1984 infant son of Rowena & Peter, brother of Melissa
LAYBURN Joseph photo   9-9-1929    
LAYBURN Mary photo   14-6-1919 46 y Wife of Joseph
LEDGER Clara photo   28-5-1945 50 y Wife of Eric Lewington
LEGG Dorothy Rose photo   25-5-1968 63 y  
LEONARD Bridget photo photo 14-9-1865 3 y broken and stacked against fence
LEONARD Darby photo   18-1-1909 87 y Husband of Johanna
LEONARD Johanna photo   1-11-1909 82 y Wife of Darby
LEONARD John photo photo 12-3-1866 10 y  
LEONARD John photo photo 4-5-1862 42 y broken stacked against fence
LEONARD John photo   27-8-1883 24 y Son of John & Margaret
LEONARD Martin Joseph photo   13-11-1901 36 y  
LEONARD Muriel photo   17-9-1946   Daughter of late Margaret & Patrick of Windmill Hill
LEONARD Thomas photo photo 15-12-1895 80 y  
LEONARD Thomas photo photo 20-6-1869 102 y  
LONERGAN Stan photo   24-12-1986 69 y husband of Tup, father of Jim
LONERGAN Tup photo   26-7-1991 75 y wife of Stan, mother of Jim
LORIGLIOLA Domenica photo   22-7-2008   born 25-7-1929 Italy, died Littlehampton, wife of Gino, mother of David & Anna
LORIGLIOLA Gino photo   30-11-1985   born 9-4-1928 Italy, died Littlehampton, husband of Domenico, father of David & Anna
LUCEY Denis J photo   17-5-1934 4 y Son of J & R LUCEY
LUGG William photo   3-1-1965 79 y Son of late John & Mary. Driver 1696 48 Battalion
MALONE Bridget photo photo 19-6-1923 90 y Wife of Matthew
MALONE Matthew photo photo 24-2-1905 74 y Husband of Bridget. Erected by wife and children. Died at Macclesfield
MALYCHA Anthony Benon photo   27-11-1976   born 16-6-1920, husband of Catherine, parent of Meredith & Paul
MALYCHA Maureen Catherine photo   3-1-2001   born 18-8-1925, wife of Anthony Benon, parent of Meredeith & Paul
MALYCHA Susan photo   27-6-1975 88 y  
MALYCHA Vincent photo   24-9-1953 76 y husband of Susan
MANSER Bryce George photo   6-1-2004   born 15-11-1936, husband of Veronica
MARECHAL Louis Josephus Alida photo   6-2-1979   born 29-9-1911 Holland, husband of Maria Johanna, papa, opa & father-in-law
MARECHAL Maria Johanna Matilda photo   27-10-1979   born 23-11-1912 Holland, wife of Louis Josephus Alida, mamma, oma & mother-in-law
McCOURT Emmelie photo   26-8-1883 27 y Wife of Arthur
McCOURT Sarah photo   28-8-1883 2 d Daughter of Emmelie & Arthur
McDONALD Katie photo   19-1-1894 24 y Daughter of Margaret & James, died North Street, Adelaide
McDONALD Margaret photo   7-5-1902 65 y Wife of James, mother of Katie, died Elizabeth Street, Adelaide
McEVOY William Joseph photo photo 7-10-1925 64 y PP, Very Reverend, died Mount Barker
McLAREN Donald Herbert photo photo 7-1-2003   born 25-12-1933, husband of Maureen, father of Richard, Claire, Sara, Andrea & James
McLOUGHLIN Marjorie Ann photo   19-1-2016   born 31-1-1931. Wife of Vincent, mother to Tony, Claire, Paul & Kate
McLOUGHLIN Vincent Patrick photo   22-7-1987   born 8-9-1926. Husband of Marjorie, father of Kate, Paul, Claire & Tony
McMAHON Ellen photo photo 18-2-1918 82 y Mother of Michael & John
McMAHON John photo   30-6-1879 18 y Son of Martin & Ellen
McMAHON John photo   22-5-1878 46 y  
McMAHON Michael photo   19-12-1871 9 y 7 m  
McMAHON Murdoch Joseph photo   18-1-1869 28 y  
McMAHON Norman (Mick) photo   6-7-1988 49 y rememberd by your friend Peter, Eileen, Shirley & Mick
McNAMARA   photo   Feb 1882 2 w Child of Thomas & Mary
McNAMARA Bridget photo photo 30-12-1908 65 y Wife of Michael died at Macclesfield
McNAMARA Bridget photo   25-4-1885 75 y  
McNAMARA John photo   7-3-1889 64 y Brother of Francis
McNAMARA Mary Ann photo photo 28-5-1890 20 y  
McNAMARA Michael photo   23-5-1931 84 y Husband of Bridget
McNAMARA Peter Aloysius photo   20-6-2016   born 14-3-1931. Husband of Mary Patricia, father of Keryn, Bronwyn, Rosslyn, Gavin & Darryn
McNAMARA nee O'BRIEN Mary Patricia photo   25-8-1999   born 28-11-1933. Wife of Peter Aloysius, mother of Keryn, Bronwyn, Rosslyn, Gavin & Darryn
McNAMARA-CUTLER Juanite Lee photo   7-9-2014   born 13-5-1988. Wife of Chris, mother of Michael, Chali-Lee & Blake. Daughter of Gavin & Lee-Anne, sister to Kayla
McVEITCH Marie Theresa photo   25-10-2001   born 26-9-1918, sister of Frank or Frances Eileen TOWNS, Aunt of Peter
MELDRUM Mary Magdelene "Min" photo   30-9-1993   Born 22-12-1917. daughter of Rosie & William RYDER
MILLIGAN James Melville photo   22-12-2002   born 25-7-1923, husband of Mary Margaret, parent of Michael, Peter & Kathleen
MILLIGAN James Thomas photo   28-10-1965    
MILLIGAN Sarah May photo   24-1-1978    
MONAGHAN Arthur photo   27-1-1887 21 y Son of James & Mary
MONAGHAN Catherine photo   13-4-1879 9 y Child of Patrick & Hanoria of Kanmantoo
MONAGHAN Hanorah photo   20-5-1923 89 y  
MONAGHAN John photo   18-1-1870 10 m Son of James & Mary
MONAGHAN John photo   16-5-1884 16 y Child of Patrick & Hanoria of Kanmantoo
MONAGHAN Mary photo   26-10-1879 67 y Wife of Arthur
MONAGHAN Mary photo   6-4-1901 38 y Daughter of Patrick & Honorah
MONAGHAN Mary photo   10-1-1966 88 y  
MONAGHAN Mary photo   4-12-1910 3 m Grand-daughter of Patrick & Hanorah
MONAGHAN Patrick photo   12-7-1915 80 y erected by his wife and children
MONAGHAN Patrick photo   4-11-1923 49 y  
MOONEY Sister Michael (Margaret) photo   11-10-1936   Born Margaret Mooney
MOORE Ann photo   17-2-1877 5 y  
MOORE Bridget photo   24-5-1905 78 y Wife of Joseph
MOORE James Bennett photo   1-6-1909 52 y 6 m Husband of Margaret, died at Coomandook, erected by wife and family
MOORE Joseph photo   9-3-1914 87 y Husband of Bridget
MOORE Margaret photo   19-10-1944 86 y Wife of James Bennett
MOORE Michael photo   16-1-1877 10 y  
MULDOON Imelda Ann photo   18-1-1945 57 y  
MULDOON James Vincent photo   9-9-1924 37 y  
MULDOON John Joseph photo   30-5-1902 11 y Son of John Joseph
MULDOON John Joseph photo   14-8-1914 62 y Husband of Mary Jane, father of John Joseph
MULDOON Mary photo   16-9-1962 76 y  
MULDOON Mary Jane photo   15-1-1940 83 y  
MULDOON Stanislaus Valentine photo   26-1-1958 56 y  
MULDOON William John photo   31-7-1956 75 y Died at broken Hill
MULLINS Catherine photo   1872   child of Patrick & Margaret MULLINS
MULLINS Edward Daniel photo       Child of John & Mary MULLINS. B.31-12-1859 died 16-1-1882
MULLINS John photo   25-6-1923 89 y  
MULLINS Margaret photo   2-4-1905 97 y Wife of Patrick
MULLINS Mary photo       Child of John & Mary MULLINS. Born 16-4-1882 died ?
MULLINS Mary photo   9-2-1923 80 y wife of John, mother of Thomas James, Edward Daniel, Patrick & Mary
MULLINS Michael photo   6-2-1917 71 y child of Patrick & Margaret MULLINS
MULLINS Michael photo   23-9-1956 89 y Husband of Lily Doreen, father of Pat, Bryan & John
MULLINS Michael Bryan photo photo 18-12-2003   Born 2-12-1929. Brother of Mary Patricia & John, Uncle
MULLINS Patrick photo       Child of John & Mary MULLINS. Born 10-3-1872 died 19-2-1892 19 y.
MULLINS Patrick photo   23-4-1921 77 y Son of Patrick & Margaret MULLINS
MULLINS Patrick photo   14-5-1873 62 y husband of Margaret
MULLINS Stephen Michael photo   6-12-2019   born 2-1-1969
MULLINS Thomas James photo       Child of John & Mary. Born 26-2-1878 died 11-5-1878 10 wks
MUNRO Mary Alice photo photo 10-8-1894 2 y 7 m Eldest daughter of J & N. Stone by fence. Now missing 2022
MURPHY Agnes Minnie photo   21-9-2004 88 y Wife of Thomas Edward, mother of 9 children
MURPHY Bridget photo   1941   Born 1869
MURPHY Bryan Francis photo   31-7-1979    
MURPHY Catherine photo   25-1-1973 73 y wife of Cyril, mother of Leon & Graham
MURPHY Cyril Garfield photo   5-5-1991 91 y husband of Catherine, father of Leon & Graham
MURPHY Dennis photo photo 28-7-1910 72 y Husband of Margaret
MURPHY Gregory Augustine photo   1976   born 1902, father of Josephine & Catherine
MURPHY James photo   1924 94 y  
MURPHY John photo   1939   born 1863
MURPHY Margaret photo   22-7-1911 74 y Wife of Dennis
MURPHY Margaret Cecilia photo   1982   born 1897
MURPHY Meira Susanna photo   11-9-1968 92 y  
MURPHY Michael Joseph photo   21-10-1931   Husband of Meira Susanna
MURPHY Natalie Dawn photo   31-7-1979    
MURPHY Patrick photo   1-6-1959 84 y Son of James
MURPHY Patrick Edward photo photo 28-9-1902 39 y  
MURPHY Thomas Edward photo   19-11-1999 92 y Husband of Agness Minnie, father of 9 children
NEAGLE A Rose photo   11-9-2011   born 29-2-1916, wife of John Leo (Jack, mother of Trevor, Dee, Bill, Moria & Nick
NEAGLE Agnes photo   8-7-1948 78 y Wife of John
NEAGLE Catherine photo photo 18-2-1902 34 y Wife of P F, who died Mt Barker
NEAGLE Deirdre Susan (Dee) photo   22-1-2005   born 13-3-1952, daughter of Jack & Rose, partner of Marg, sister of Trevor, Bill, Moria & Nick, Auntie of Darcy & Seamus
NEAGLE Ellen photo   12-10-1912   Wife of James
NEAGLE James photo   22-10-1941   Husband of Ellen
NEAGLE John photo   13-8-1925 63 y Husband of Agnes
NEAGLE John Leo (Jack) photo   19-11-1999   born 6-6-1912, husand of A. Rose , father of Trevor, Dee, Bill, Moira & Nick
NEAGLE Lily Ann photo   13-12-1943    
NEAGLE Mary photo photo 25-2-1937 71 y Wife of Patrick
NEAGLE Mary photo   16-4-1910 80 y Wife of Thomas
NEAGLE Patrick photo photo 2-3-1949 82 y Husband of Mary
NEAGLE Thomas photo photo 13-5-1904 80 y Husband of Mary
NEAGLE Thomas Leo photo   1979   Husband of Olive
NEAGLE Trevor John photo   12-7-1954   Son of Jack & Rose
NOLAN Bridget photo photo 11-11-1923 78 y Wife of Michael
NOLAN Michael photo photo 10-10-1909 68 y Husband of Bridget
NOTTLE Alan Michael photo   19-11-2010   born 5-4-1935. parent of Ann Marie & Howard
NOTTLE nee McGOLDRICK Geraldine photo   23-10-2020   born 15-1-1928. parent of Ann Marie & Howard
NOYE Robert Thomas photo   12-12-1923 49 y Husband of Margaret
NOYEN Helen photo       infant of Hendrickus Wihelmus & Lena Maria. Helen Mary died 4-10-1961 3 wks
NOYEN Hendrickus Wilhelmus photo   29-9-1980   Born 24-5-1918
NOYEN Lena Maria photo   13-3-1980   Born 25-6-1919
O'BRIEN Bridget photo   11-4-1889 52 y Wife of Thomas
O'BRIEN Bridget photo   1-6-1915 73 y Wife of John
O'BRIEN John photo   30-4-1925 78 y Husband of Bridget
O'BRIEN John photo   10-3-1892 99 y Husband of Margaret
O'BRIEN John photo   20-11-1856 43 y Father of Bridget O'LEARY
O'BRIEN John Louis photo   2014   born 1935, son of Pat & Mary, father of Leisa, Mary-Kathleen, Sara, Gregory John & Talitha
O'BRIEN Lavinia Olive photo   21-7-1856 71 y  
O'BRIEN Margaret photo   12-2-1901 103 y Wife of John, mother of Thomas
O'BRIEN Margaret Rose photo   17-9-2010   born 4-10-1917, wife of the late William Michael, mother of Peter, Patricia, Rosalie & Moya
O'BRIEN Patrick John photo   17-5-1942 65 y  
O'BRIEN Peter Christopher (Chris) photo   2013   born 1940, son of Pat & Mary, husband of Yan Shiping, father of Daniel & Sophie
O'BRIEN Sr. Ignatius (Theresa) photo   27-12-1919 36 y Sister of Mercy Wilcania Forbes Congragation
O'BRIEN Thomas photo   1-9-1931 83 y Son of Margaret & John
O'BRIEN Thomas photo   18-2-1894 72 y Husband of Bridget
O'CONNOR John photo photo 27-12-1890 25 y Son of Mary
O'CONNOR Mary photo photo 27-11-1891 51 y Mother of John
O'CONNORS Michael photo   31-5-1876 34 y  
O'DONNELL Clara Harriett photo   26-6-1939 73 y Wife of Thomas Leslie
O'DONNELL Mary photo   12-7-1867   Wife of Michael
O'DONNELL Mary Ann photo   21-7-1932 75 y  
O'DONNELL Michael photo   13-7-1907   Husband of Mary
O'DONNELL Thomas Leslie photo   27-5-1942 75 y Husband of Clara Harriett
O'DONNELL nee CONLIN Catherine photo   10-5-1874 25 y Wife of Michael, daughter of Malachi & Catherine CONLIN of Bulls Creek
O'LEARY Alison Mary photo photo 13-9-2001   born 16-7-1916, daughter of Leo & Pearl, sister of Gweneth Joyce
O'LEARY Bridget photo   4-10-1930 89 y Daughter of John O'BRIEN
O'LEARY Catherine photo photo 23-6-1914 70 y Wife of James
O'LEARY Elizabeth photo   11-7-1923 40 y  
O'LEARY Gweneth Joyce photo photo 7-6-2005   born 4-6-1915, daughter of Leo & Pearl, sister of Alison Mary
O'LEARY James photo   14-11-1880 11 m  
O'LEARY James photo photo 9-7-1895 59 y Husband of Catherine
O'LEARY James Vincent photo   29-12-1950   Husband of Muriel
O'LEARY Jeremy photo photo 26-9-1964   born 24-9-1964, son of Claire & Bryan
O'LEARY Leo photo photo 9-2-1958   Husband of Pearl
O'LEARY Mary photo   18-12-1891 16 y  
O'LEARY Michael photo   9-4-1883 49 y  
O'LEARY Nellie Theresa photo   13-9-1924 41 y of Hawker. Erected by her loving brothers
O'LEARY Pearl photo photo 11-1-1965   Wife of Leo
O'LOUGHLIN Bridget photo   13-2-1895 90 y  
O'LOUGHLIN Edward Francis photo   15-9-1980 85 y Brother of Thomas
O'LOUGHLIN Elizabeth Jane photo   1-12-1920 80th y Wife of Patrick E
O'LOUGHLIN George photo   11-12-1977   Husband of Madge
O'LOUGHLIN Honorah photo   14-5-1916 87 y Wife of Michael
O'LOUGHLIN James Royden photo   20-10-1973 81 y Husband of Winifred, father of Kevin
O'LOUGHLIN Kevin photo   11-1-1964 39 y Son of James Royden & Winifred
O'LOUGHLIN Laurence photo   10-6-1898 79 y  
O'LOUGHLIN Margaret photo   1951   born 1869, wife of Thomas
O'LOUGHLIN Michael photo   1-3-1905 72 y Husband of Honorah
O'LOUGHLIN Michael Andrew photo photo 22-4-1937 75 y Husband of Winifred, father of Mary
O'LOUGHLIN Patrick E photo photo 9-11-1893 61 y Husband of Elizabeth Jane
O'LOUGHLIN Thomas photo   8-2-1973 79 y Brother of Edward Francis
O'LOUGHLIN Winifred T photo photo 14-2-1950 77 y Parent of Mary
O'LOUGHLIN 1908 Winnifred Myrtle photo   6-3-1971 75 y Wife of Roy
O'MALLEY Evelyn photo   7-9-1945 66 y Wife of Patrick James. Same plot as Peg WOODLAND
O'MALLEY Hanora photo   14-7-1911 73 y  
O'MALLEY John Henry photo   12-12-1967 83 y husband of Winifred Laura Jane, father of of Bill, Bob, Max, Michael, Pat & Peg
O'MALLEY John Murray photo   22-9-1971 56 y Husband of Kathleen, father of Margaret
O'MALLEY Kathleen Sarah photo   26-11-1997 78 y mother of Margaret, nanna of John,???.E & Karen
O'MALLEY Martin Patrick photo   23-6-1965 45 y  
O'MALLEY Patrick photo   2-2-1905 68 y Father of J J
O'MALLEY Patrick James photo   17-2-1957 81 y Husband of Evelyn. Same plot as Peg Woodland
O'MALLEY Robert Desmond photo   1-6-1976 61 y loved by Treenor, Tony & Eric
O'MALLEY Winifred Laura Jane photo   26-12-1975 79 y wife of John Henry mother of Bill, Bob, Max, Michael, Pat & Peg
O'NEILL Anne photo   6-10-1897 78 y Wife of John
O'NEILL Arthur photo   3-8-1949 84 y Husband of Winifred
O'NEILL Arthur photo   26-3-1913 62 y Husband of Bridget
O'NEILL Bridget photo   9-3-1904 61 y Wife of Arthur
O'NEILL Honnorah photo     3 y  
O'NEILL Jane photo   18-9-1904 85 y Wife of Thomas. Stacked against fence
O'NEILL Jane photo photo 3-4-1885 37 y Wife of Thomas, mother of Thomas Francis. Stacked against fence
O'NEILL John photo   22-8-1882 64 y Husband of Anne D
O'NEILL John James photo   28-12-1926 71 y Husband of Bridget C. erected by his wife and children
O'NEILL Nellie photo   25-8-1898 5 y Child of P & E. died at Kanmantoo
O'NEILL Thomas photo   2-8-1878 65 y Husband of Jane. Stacked against fence
O'NEILL Thomas Francis photo photo 29-4-1890 14 y Son of Jane & Thomas. Stacked against fence
O'NEILL Winifred photo   21-6-1908 42 y Wife of Arthur
O'REILLY Catherine photo   7-3-1866 72 y  
O'REILLY Jane photo photo 16-8-1893 67 y erected by husband
O'REILLY John photo   22-4-1913 79 y Husband of Jane
PAPINI Dario photo   17-7-2000   born 13-1-1931. Husband of Rina, father of Ans, Rosemary, Andrea, Diana & Sonia
PLONSKY Rosa photo   1957   born 1896. Wife of Henry [Albert Felix] mother of Hilda, Maria & Heinz. BDM died 5-10-1958
PLOTZ Ernest Anton photo   11-9-1977    
PLOTZ Mary Veronica photo   12-4-1979    
QUAINI Arturo photo   13-12-1953 18 y our son
QUINLAN James photo   15-4-1880   Rev.
REARDON Patrick Joseph photo   7-8-1933 47 y Husband of Margaret
REDMOND Bridget photo photo 26-9-1921 99 y  
REDMOND Elizabeth photo photo 21-7-1911 91 y  
REDMOND Elizabeth Ann photo photo 21-10-1904 44 y  
RENC nee GASTEIGER Anna photo   15-7-2012   born 2-4-1936, wife of Frank, missed by her children & grand & great gandchildren
REORDAN Catherine photo photo 15-2-1913 63 y Wife of Patrick
REORDAN Ethel photo   14-7-1950   Daughter of James & E M
REORDAN James photo   20-10-1921   Father of Ethel
REORDAN Patrick photo photo 23-6-1909 63 y Husband of Catherine
RICHARDS Phyllis Jean photo   2-5-2013 92 y wife of Stanley Reuben, mother of Monica, Margaret, Theresa, Mary & Colleen
RICHARDS Stanley Reuben photo   25-10-1994 85 y husband of Phyllis Jean, father of Monica, Margaret, Theresa, Mary & Colleen
RIECKEN Kate photo   4-8-1860 1 y 7 m  
RITSON Mary photo   11-11-1888 40 y Wife of William. Stacked against fence
ROBB Cecil (Tom) photo   1-11-2005   born 23-1-1923. father of Jeanne, William & families
ROBB Hedwig (Heather) photo   6-2-2017   born 20-1-1935. Mother of Jeanne, William and families
ROFFEY Dulcie Jean photo   23-3-2008   born 17-6-1918. wife of John Albert, mother of Marg, Reg, James, Brian, Kathleen, Garry, Christine, Sue and families
ROFFEY John Albert photo   3-6-1963   born 30-11-1912, husband of Dulcie Jean, father of Marg, Reg, James, Brian, Kathleen, Garry, Christine, Sue and families
ROGAN Francis photo   20-9-1995   born 5-10-1924, husband of Theresa, father of Bruce & Rosemary
ROLLISON Edward Manning photo     7 y BDM 13-11-1874
ROLLISON Mary photo   19-8-1908 75 y  
ROLLISON William photo   30-3-1902 73 y husband. Erected by his children
RUNDLE Joseph photo photo 7-11-1870 8 y Son of Joseph & Mary
RYAN John Francis photo photo 6-12-1877 23 y 4 m Husband of Anne Cecelia. Died Hahndorf. Stone broken in two against fence
RYDER Catherine Imelda photo photo 14-6-1884 11 y 3 m Daughter of John & Susanna. Stacked against fence
RYDER Helen photo   1951   Born 1874
RYDER Mary Jane photo   10-6-1875 7 y 8 m Daughter of John & Susanna. Stacked against fence
RYDER Rose photo   13-8-1970 85 y Wife of William Francis
RYDER Susanna photo photo 13-6-1900 54 y Wife of John, died Little Dublin, erected by husband and children
RYDER Thomas Stephen photo   1948   Born 1869
RYDER William Francis photo   17-5-1936 64 y Husband of Rose
SALMON Bridget photo   3-3-1885 25 y Daughter of Manus
SALMON Ellen photo   29-5-1883 20 y Sister of Margaret
SALMON Manus photo photo 5-9-1888 59 y Father of Bridget
SALMON Margaret photo   25-8-1866 8 m Sister of Ellen
SANDERSON John photo photo 1-12-1984 55y husband of Gloria, father of Christine, Helen, Catherine, David, Peter, Jane & Rachel
SBRIZ Antonio Luigi (Tony) photo   2-8-2002   born 1926, husband of Cornelia Carmela, father & father-in-law of Rina and Tony, Gino and Tina, poppa of Stacey and Daniel
SBRIZ Cornelia Carmela photo   22-11-2013   born 1926, wife of Antonio Luigi (Tony), mother & mother-in-law of Rina and Tony, Gino and Tina, poppa of Stacey and Daniel
SHELLEY Margaret photo   17-5-1895   died at Mt Barker
SHERIDAN Jim photo       Son of Phillip & Catherine [no dates}
SILVESTRI Meschino Lucio photo   31-8-2015   Born 14-12-19149. Loved by all of his family
SIMMS Emanuel D photo   21-12-1890 62 y Husband of Hanorah
SIMMS Hanorah photo   2-11-1915 84 y Wife of Emanuel D
SKIPPER Annie photo   9-5-1914 74 y Stacked against fence
SKIPPER Mary photo   11-1-1875 9 y Stacked against fence
SKIPPER Octavus photo   21-4-1903 78 y Stacked against fence
SKIPPER Robert photo   11-4-1875 16 y Stacked against fence
SMORDOWSKI David James photo   16-6-1971 1 y 10 m brother eternal of Mark Anthony
SMORDOWSKI Edmund "Eddie" photo   16-6-2012 63 y  
SMORDOWSKI Maria photo   12-7-1974 24 y wife of Eddie
SMORDOWSKI Mark Anthony photo   29-1-1992   born 21-9-1968, brother eternal of David James
SMORDOWSKI Zofia photo   16-12-2010 85 y wife of Zygmut
SMORDOWSKI Zygmunt photo   16-6-1979 57 y husband of Zofia, father, father-in-law & grandfather
STUART Margaret Amelia photo photo 31-5-1899 78 y stone broken in two, against fence
STUNDEN F photo   26-6-1942 35 y SX16555 Trooper, 9 Armoured Regiment AIF. Pots with Dad & Frank
SUTER Charles Vincent photo   17-9-1998   born 3-12-1911, husband of Carmen, father of Arthur and Susan
SUTHERLAND Kenneth photo   27-4-2004 87 y united with his wife
SUTHERLAND Veronica (Rona) photo   12-11-1999 86 y loved and loving wife
SWEENEY Ellen Sophie photo   26-1-1871 1 y Child of Michael & Anna. Stone broken against fence
SWEENEY John photo   1-2-1866 3 y 11 m Child of Michael & Anna. Stone broken against fence
SWEENEY Mary photo   16-2-1867 15 d Child of Michael & Anna. Stone broken against fence
TARCA Attilio photo   29-9-1972 64 y Husband of Doreen, father of Lena, Mary, Betty, David & families
TARCA Doreen photo   12-3-2013 91 y wife of Attilio, mother of Lena, Mary, Betty, David & families
TAVERNER Johanna Eileen photo   1971   born 1890, wife of Cecil, mother of Cyril, Bill, Phil, Brian, Claire & Mary
TERRANI Massimo Vittorio photo   10-1-1985   born 2-1-1903 Mello Italy, died Littlehampton, husband of Primina Maria, father of Elsa, father-in-law of Riccardo
TERRANI Primina Maria photo   6-7-1982   born 1-3-1906 Mello Italy, died Littlehampton, wife of Massimo, mother of Elsa, mother-in-law of Ricardo
THOMAS Catherine photo   1-10-1909 47 y Wife of John
THOMAS Elizabeth Josephine photo   13-10-1932 68 y Wife of James
THOMAS James photo   4-11-1937 75 y Husband of Elizabeth Josephine
THOMAS Mary Elizabeth photo   2-8-1961 71 y Daughter of Elizabeth Josephine & James THOMAS
TONKIN Elizabeth photo   8-9-1945  
TONKIN George photo   19-5-1932 66 y Husband of Elizabeth, father of Mary Eileen
TONKIN James photo photo 25-2-1876 4 y 7 m  
TONKIN John photo photo 29-6-1936 74 y  
TONKIN Mary photo photo 31-5-1903 72 y Relict of late George
TONKIN Mary Eileen photo   24-2-1915 16 y Daughter of George
TONKIN Mary Elizabeth photo photo 12-10-1888 27 y  
TONKIN Robert James photo photo 10-4-1893 19 y Youngest son of George & Mary
TOOLE Mary photo   14-1-1886 52 y against fence
TOWNS Frances Eileen photo   1999   born 1913, wife of Frank, parent of Peter
TOWNS Frank photo   1985   born 1911, husband of Frances Eileen, interred Lawnton Qld
TURNER Joan photo   15-8-2015   born 18-9-1926, wife of Philip, mother of Loreto, Dennis, Colleen, Neil, Janet, Philip and familes
TURNER Loreto Joan photo   16-10-1967 18 y  
TURNER Philip A photo photo 23-2-2020   Born 2-8-1961
TURNER Philip John photo   9-11-2012   born 25-4-1913, husband of Joan, father of Loreto, Dennis, Colleen, Neil, Janet, Philip and familes
UNKNOWN   photo        
UNKNOWN   photo       childs grave?
VAN ECK Johannes Bernardus photo photo 8-9-1965 26 y born Leuth, Holland
VAN ECK Steven Trent photo photo 15-11-1975 21 m born 15-2-1974, son of Joe & Betty
VAN EYK Josephus Wilhelmus Cornelis photo photo 5-9-1986   born 18-1-1923
VAN EYK Maria Andriana photo photo 17-8-1974   born 11-4-1926, Blyenburg.
VAN HOOFF Edward photo       Burial register Edward Johannes 15-3-1960 51 y also Edward James 21-8-1963 2 y.
VAN KAATHOVEN Petrus photo   20-7-1997   born 22-4-1918, husband of Johanna, father of Anneka, Terry, John, Jo, Sjeeke (dec), Jos, Peter, Miki & families
van KAATHOVEN nee SWINKLES Johanna photo   11-1-2002   born 11-3-1920, wife of Petrus
Van RYSBERGEN-MOESKOPS Corrie photo   26-4-2005   born 10-11-1925, wife of Gerard, mother of Anne-Mieke, John, Paulina, Joseie & Gerard jnr
VAN SOMEREN Antonina Paulowna (Nina) photo   29-9-2007 84 y wife of Wilhelmus Theodorus, mother of Willie, Joseph, Tony, Paraska, Nina & Dianne
VAN SOMEREN Joseph photo   8-1-1958 11 y  
VAN SOMEREN un-named photo   1971 baby BDM 27-7-1971 1 hr female child of Antonius Wilhelmus VAN SOMEREN of Littlehampton
VAN SOMEREN Wilhelmus Theodorus photo   11-3-1977 59 y Husband of Nina, father of Willie, Joseph, Tony, Paraska, Nina & Dianne
VAUGHAN Catherine photo   23-3-1940 71 y parent of Sam
VAUGHAN James Patrick photo   19-12-2013   born 4-5-1969, son of Patrick (Sam) & Judy, brother of Mark, Joanne (Dec) and Jennifer, uncle of Lucas, Taylor & Bella
VAUGHAN Marietta Dawn photo   19-7-1989 52 y wife of Robert
VAUGHAN Robert Michael photo   25-8-2001 61 y husband of Marietta
VAUGHAN Sam Whittaker photo   21-12-1934 67 y parent of Sam
VICTORY   photo photo   11 m Child of Mary & Luke, no other detail
VICTORY   photo photo   7 m Child of Mary & Luke, no other details
VICTORY Elizabeth photo photo 15-5-1855   Child of James & Mary of North Gumeracha. Stacked against fence
VICTORY James photo photo 25-9-1853 79 y Of County Westmeath, Ireland,
VICTORY Mary photo photo 19-2-1860   Child of James & Mary of North Gumeracha
VICTORY Mary photo photo 15-5-1861 30 y Wife of Luke
WAGENKNECHT Arthur Otto photo   10-3-1997 82 y husband of Nell, father of John, Pat, Margaret, Mary, Ann & Jane
WAGENKNECHT Howard photo   18-12-2002 83 y born 25-10-1918, husband of Lucy, father of Valmai and Helen
WAGENKNECHT Lucy photo   4-10-1999 82 y born 12-2-1916, wife of Howard, mother of Valmai and Helen
WAGENKNECHT Nellie Amelia photo   11-9-2000 92 y wife of Arthur, mother of John, Pat, Margaret, Mary, Ann & Jane
WAIT Mary Grace photo   19-10-1954 64 y Wife of A J
WALSH Catherine photo   15-2-1875 1 yr Daughter of Thomas WALSH & Mary Fennell of Rory Banks (Strathalbyn). Broken along fence
WALSH Frank photo   23-5-1979 63 y Husband of Pat, father of Colleen, Michael, D'arcy, Tony, Brian, Tom, Des, John, Rick, Julie & Paul
WALSH John Bernard photo   12-3-2011   born 18-3-1952, husband of Jillian Dawn nee BAVERSTOCK, father of Trudy, Scott and Stacy
WALSH Pat photo   6-11-1986 75 y wife of Frank, mother of Colleen, Michael, D'arcy, Tony, Brian,Tom, Des, John, Rick, Julie & Paul
WALSH Paul Martin photo   9-5-2014   born 14-12-1956, son of Frank & Pat, brother of Colleen, Michael, D'Arcy, Tony, Brian, Tom, Des, John (Dec) Rick and Julie (dec)
WATSON Jean photo   24-2-1971 55 y Wife of Reg, mother of Ian & Coralie
WATSON Reg photo   1-8-1987 74 y husband of Florrie & the late Jean, father of Ian & Coralie
WEBBER Dorothy Constance photo   17-5-1965 56 y  
WEBBER Walter James photo        
WHELAN Nicklas photo   31-10-1878 52 y Native of Kilkenny, Ireland. Erected by friend, Patrick FARRELL
WILLIAMS Bridget photo   19-10-1860 36 y sister
WILLIAMSON Johanna photo   31-7-1895 85 y erected by her children
WILLIAMSON John Bruce (Jack) photo   15-4-1982 54 y  
WILSON John photo   25-10-1868 69 y Brother-in-law of Julia DeLACY
WILSON Mary photo   16-11-1876 70 y Sister of Julia DeLACY
WINDLEY Ethel May photo     12 y daughter of Charles & late Dulcie of Bank Bank NT. BDM 25-6-1950 died North Adelaide
WISHART Maggie photo photo 23-4-1897 38 y Wife of William, Gilbert Street, Bowden on the Hill
WOODLAND Dorothy Dawn photo   17-8-1940   born 25-10-1925
WOODLAND Ernest photo   1968   born 1891
WOODLAND Hazel Gwen photo   26-6-1973 72 y wife of Roy, mother of Peggy
WOODLAND Leonard Keith photo   18-11-1985   born 3-2-1916
WOODLAND Peg photo   7-3-1973 50 y Daughter of Roy & Hazel
WOODLAND William Roy photo   14-12-1976 75 y husband of Hazel, father of Peggy
WOODLAND Winifred photo   1954   born 1893
ZILM Margaret Mary photo   25-4-1999    
ZILM Richard William photo   22-7-1985    

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