Kensington St. Matthews Anglican Cemetery - Rose Gardens


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Veronica Jones


Surname Given name Photo Death date Age notes Source
ADDISON Evelyn Mary photo 20-7-1979   Born 10-3-1902.Wife of Gerald, mother of Donald, Brian & Geraldine  
BARTOLD Geoffrey Paul photo 31-8-2020   Born 9-10-1926. husvand of Shirley, father of David, Mark & Simon  
BARTOLD Shirley Jean photo 9-2-2018   Born 24-7-1925. Wife of Geoff, mother of David, Mark & Simon  
BATEMAN Gwen photo 12-12-2009   Born 29-1-1925. Wife of Peter, mother of Philip, Mary, Michael & Matthew  
BATEMAN Peter Patrick photo 29-10-2011   Born 3-9-1922. Husband of late Gwen, father of Philip, Mary, Matthew & Michael  
BENNETT Lilia Dawn photo 13-6-1993 73 y    
BRICE Ethelwyn Adelaide photo 23-2-1996 101 y Born 14-11-1894. Aunt of Clement Brice EVANS and family  
BROCK Ronald George photo 17-2-1992   Born 17-1-1916 Husband of Paula, father of Michael & Anthony  
CHAMBERS William Donald photo 13/08/1993   Born 2-5-1929  
COMPTON Joy H photo 4-8-2001   6-4-1916. Wife of Colin for 61 y, mother of David & Andrew  
COTTRELL Patricia photo 18-3-2004   Born 1-7-1921, loved by Christopher, Margaret, Ben, Jeremy & Melissa  
CRAVEN Barbara Monteith photo 30-6-2006   born 2-4-1918. Wife of John Burbury, mother of Antony, Rosemary & Phillip  
CRAVEN John Burbury photo 13-3-1965      
CROMPTON Alan Woodhouse photo 27-9-2010   born 11-4-1924  
CROMPTON Yvonne Isabel photo 18-9-1998   Born 16-4-1924  
DEMPSTER Lydia Mary photo 11.07.1946      
DRAPER Claire Margaret photo 1997   Born 1932. Wife of Colin, mother of Marilyn Jane and George, grandmother of Kate Sally Alana & Justin  
EDWARDS Maureen photo 1999   Born 1929. Daughter of Thomas (dec) and Audrey HICKEY  
EVANS Clement Brice photo 4-9-2002 86 y Husband of Pauline, father of John & David  
EVANS Freda May photo 25-9-2010   Born 20-7-1922. Wife of Ray, mother of Geoff, Penny & Sally  
FLOOD Marie photo 4-7-2008   Born 15-11-1920. Wife of Frederick Norman (Peter), mother of Peter, David & Richard  
FLOOD Matthew Cameron photo 9-3-1990   Born 6-6-1971. Son of David & Joan, brother of Tom, Sam & Johanna  
GOODHART Alexander Robert photo 6-11-1992   Born 7-11-1950  
GOODHART Joan Eirene photo 11-8-2011   Born 20-1-1921  
GOODHART Richard Akhurst photo 26-6-1988   Born 16-1-1918.  
GUNTER Edythe Bronwyn photo 24-7-1995   Born 10-12-1895. Wife of Capt Roy Gunter MC, aunt of Paula & Keith Kelly  
GURNER Roberta photo 25-6-1994      
GURNER Walter James Lincoln (Jim) photo 21-9-2006   Born 11-10-1924  
HAYES Jeffery photo 2003   born 1939. Husband of Kathy, father of Andrew & Christopher, father-in-law of Teresa & Christina, grandfather of Brett, Jack, Bradley & Shaylee  
HAYTER Brian Nelson photo 10-2-2000   Born 26-5-1916. Husband of Nancy Jean, father of Stephanie & James  
HAYTER Nancy Jean photo 6-2-2011   Born 30-1-1920. Wife of Brian, mother of Stephanie & James  
HICKEY Audrey May photo 27-12-2009   Born 5-1-1907. Wife of Thomas (Dec), mother of Maureen P EDWARDS  
JOSCELYNE Charles H photo 13-11-1966 65 y    
JOSCELYNNE Elizabeth A photo 3-5-1965 60 y    
LANGCAKE Mary photo 2009   born 1926  
LANGCAKE Wes photo 2008   Born 1923  
MAGNUSSEN C Hartley photo 29-8-1973   Born 22-9-1899. Husband of Gwen, parent of Rob & Pam  
MAGNUSSEN Gwendoline Ida photo 19-11-1996   Born 3-7-1905. Wife of Hart, parent of Rob & Pam  
MARSHALL Kathleen Joan Smeeton photo 7-3-1993   Born 11-10-1914. Wife of William John, mother of David & Philip  
MARSHALL William John photo 16-4-2002   Born 3-4-1910. Husband of Kathleen Joan Smeeton MARSHALL, father of David & Philip  
RALTON Donald William photo 1988   Born 1915  
REEVES Edith L photo 1997   Born 1908. From friends & the Dingle family  
REID David Argyll Campbell photo 16-11-1997   Born 28-4-1926. Husband of Janet, father of Stephanie, Elspeth, carolyn & Andrew  
REID Janet Winsome photo 14-12-2000   Born 5-4-1926. Wife of David, mother of Stephanie, Elspeth, Carolyn & Andrew  
SLATER Allan photo 26-8-2006   Born 16-6-1927, Husband of Billie  
SLATER Billie Pamela photo 27-8-2002 69 y Wife, mother and grandmother  
SOBELS Stella Henrietta photo 15-4-1993 92 y    
SQUIRE Frank photo 12.04.1989   Born 6-9-1907 Husband of Allie , Father of Betty, Pam and Geoff.  
SQUIRE Gladys Allen photo 13-2-2002   Born 12-7-1912. Wife of Frank, mother of Betty, Pam & Geoff  
STEPHENS Edward Clinton (Ted) photo 30-8-2001   Born 16-11-1913. Husband of Sophie, father of John, Heather, Owen and families  
STEPHENS nee UPPILL Sophie Olivia photo 5-11-1994 79 y Born 31-1-1915. Wife of Ted, mother of John, Heather & Owen and families  
SUNTER Catherine "Tig" photo 3-2-2003   Born 10-3-1914.  
SUNTER Helen Mary photo 5.8.1989   Born 1.6.1910  
TAMBLYN H Murray photo 1-1-1992   Born 19-10-1919  
TAMBLYN Joan photo 2005   Born 1921. Remembered by Diana & Tony and their families  
TAYLOR Desmond Cyril photo 16-5-1989   Born 15-10-1925 Husband of Elizabeth Moore TAYLOR nee SHANNON, father of Jane, Suzanne & Georgina  
TAYLOR nee SHANNON Elizabeth Moore photo 29-7-2008   Born 17-5-1922. Parent of Jane, Suzanne, Georgina & families  
THOMAS Dorothy photo 20-4-2009   Born 11-6-1921. Wife of Warren, mother of Jennifer, Christopher & Andrew  
THOMAS W Warren photo 2-3-1993   Born 28-2-1920. Husband of Dorothy, father of Jennifer, Christopher & Andrew  
WELLER Laurence Reginald photo 24-9-1987   Born 8-11-1901.Husband of Hilda Beatrice, father of Keith, Malcolm, Margaret & Geoffrey  
WELLER nee TROTT Hilda Beatrice photo 3-9-2009   Born 30-3-1907, parent of Keith R., Malcolm E.L., Margaret H. & Geoffrey R  

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