Kangarilla Old Bible Christian Cemetery


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Veronica Jones


Surname Given Name Photo Photo Death date Age Notes
BOTTRILL Ann photo   1890-3-11 82 y wife of John
BOTTRILL Clara Alice photo photo 1961-1-1   born 12-2-1874
BOTTRILL Edith Maude photo   1960-8-12   born 11-7-1880
BOTTRILL Eliza photo   1921-10-27 75 y wife of Stephen
BOTTRILL Horace Thomas photo   1883-4-7 1 y 5 m Son of Stephen & Eliza
BOTTRILL John photo   1882-6-13 75 y Husband of Ann
BOTTRILL Stanley John photo   1950-11-22   born 27-2-1884. Husband of Ruby, father of Claire and Thora
BOTTRILL Stephen photo   1912-3-27 65 y 5 m husband of Eliza, father of Horace Thomas
BOTTRILL Wilfred Ernest photo   1947-5-25   born 20-2-1886
GILES Lucie May photo   1954-8-29   wife of George A. BDM Victoria died Caul aged 77 y
HOOPER Hannah photo photo 1862-11-28 50 y Wife of James. From the  Isle of Wight, England
STEER George photo   1874-5-4 36 y  
THREADGOLD Henry photo   1869-12-29 18 y  
THREADGOLD John Edmund photo   1892 -12-30 84 y  
TURNER Ida May photo photo   94 y wife of John, mother of Lorna. BDM 19-7-1967 94 y Ida Rose Turner.Daughter of Stephen Bottrill
Unknown George photo   August   no other details
USHER George photo   1865-5-29 49 y  

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