Emerald Cemetery


A - F


Data compiled by Garry Batt


Please Note: This is a headstone list not a Burial Register.

Surname Given Names & (-Maiden Names) Photo Photo Born Died Age Notes Location
Aaltonen Bertha McBey photo   1911 1986   w/ John, our parent Sect4.A.12
Aaltonen John photo   1904 1991   h/ Bertha McBey, our parent Sect4.A.13
Abbott Percival Arthur photo     28-Nov-85 66y   Sect1.L.32
Abraham Marion J. photo   27-May-55 23-Aug-03     Sect3.M.32
Abson Keith O.C. photo   11-Jun-12 28-Sep-88   man of magic Sect3.L.14
Addison Jeffery George photo   11-Aug-44 23-Aug-99   husband and father Sect3.E.18
Aitken J.D. [James Donald] photo     24-Apr-94 71y h/ Dara, f/ Ian,Helen,Robert Sect3.H.31
Aitken Keith Argyle photo photo 28-Dec-16 12-May-96   h/ Norma, f/ Graeme,Betty,Keith,Julie Sect4.L.19
Aitken Norma A. (-Levings) photo photo 24-Mar-16 27-Jul-93   w/ Keith Sect4.L.18
Allen Louisa (-Haine) photo   1899 12-Dec-86   m/ James,Louisa,Frederick, b. London Sect1.E.31
Allen Ralph A. photo   1898 3-Sep-87   b. UK Sect1.E.32
Allgood W.G. [William George] photo     19-May-93 79y VX76774 Sapper Sect3.J.18
Allwood Augusta Mary photo   1901 1989     Sect4.D.06
Anderson Kaye photo   6-Oct-49 1-Aug-91   w/ Paul, m/ Samantha,Kylie Sect1.J.28
Angley James Vincent photo     8-Oct-93 91y h/ Alma, f/ Ronald,Vincent Sect3.L.09
Ansell Ella photo   1909 1973     Sect1.A.16
Armstrong Glen Francis photo   7-Jul-56 1-Jun-92   h/ April, f/ Ben,Andrew Sect3.D.27
Asling Ronald Francis photo   25-Jan-18 19-Jun-64   h/ Gwen, f/ seven children Sect3.D.01
Atanasoff Boris N. photo   28-Aug-25 22-Nov-92   h/ Veronica Sect3.B.30
Atherton Robin photo     23-May-88 75y   Sect1.E.30
Atkinson Malcolm John photo   4-Sep-38 25-Aug-90   husband and father Sect3.E.23
A'Vard George Alexander photo   3-Jun-14 21-Apr-07   son/ George Walter & May Sect3.J.04
A'Vard George Walter photo   21 Oct 1890 15-Jul-66     Sect3.J.05
A'Vard Mary Beatrice (-Wyatt) photo   26-Jan-15 20-Dec-00     Sect3.J.06
A'Vard May (-Cleghorn) photo   18 Dec 1893 5-Nov-79     Sect3.J.07
Ayles Brynhilda photo   26 Jan 1895 1-Feb-91     Sect2.G.22
Bachmaier Helmut photo   25-Jan-32 20-Mar-85   husband and father Sect4.K.16
Badgery John Edward Paul photo   28-Sep-30 15-Mar-85     Sect2.F.12
Baguley Walter James photo   11-Apr-20 15-Dec-94     Sect3.J.23
Baird John William photo   17-Nov-40 16-Sep-95     Sect3.A.39
Balding Denis John photo   13-Jul-68 27-Mar-99   son/ Loretta & John, bro/ Rachel Sect4.K.28
Baldrey Charles photo   15-Dec-27 20-Oct-95   our parent Sect1.G.23
Baldrey Phyllis photo   1-Dec-17 23-Oct-92   our parent Sect1.G.24
Banks Craig photo photo 8-Oct-57 27-Aug-01     Sect3.J.36
Barker Frederick photo     12-Mar-79 73y   Sect1.H.05
Barker Katie May photo     2-Sep-01 91y   Sect1.H.06
Barnes Nancy photo   1915       Sect2.G.17
Barnes Stanley photo   13-Apr-33 16-Jan-96   brother and uncle Sect1.F.16
Barnych Miranda Ann photo   1980 1997     Sect2.D.09
Barrow Marjorie Jean photo   1-Jan-26 22-Aug-06     Sect2.A.13
Bartacek Karel photo   1-Jan-25 5-Jan-09 84y h/ Beryl Sect1.L.36
Bartlett David Andrew photo   30-Sep-54 20-Oct-00     Sect3.L.16
Bathgate Francis George Vessie photo   13-Feb-20 6-Mar-92   b. Scotland Sect3.J.16
Beacon Colin J. photo   no dates       Sect1.H.22
Bear Phyllis Sandra (-A'Vard) photo   10-Aug-47 18-Oct-00     Sect3.J.08
Beaumont Ray photo   no dates       Sect2.C.10
Beecroft John photo     5-Aug-67   son/ James & Mary, our brother Sect2.A.04
Bell Clyde photo   2-Mar-12 4-Jun-03   h/ Lorna, f/ Suzanne,Christine Sect4.F.01
Bell Graham "Mike" photo   13-Apr-39 22-Jun-89     Sect3.J.13
Bell Hugh H. photo     22-Sep-15     Sect4.A.01
Bell Isabell Margaret photo   11-Sep-13 31-Jul-91   w/ Douglas, m/ Margaret,Les Sect4.L.29
Bell James Edwin "Mick" photo   22-Aug-16 30-May-92   husband, father and grandfather Sect4.M.16
Bell Lorna Joan (-Mackrell) photo     26-Mar-08 91y mum and grandmother Sect4.F.02
Bellman Jed Roby photo   15-Nov-76 7-Dec-95     Sect1.H.21
Bennett Amy Agnes (-O'Neill) photo   1907 1999   m/ Bob Sect1.E.18
Berg Arthur Henry photo     25-Jul-81   f/ Ormond,Geoffrey,Lorraine,Rhonda,Colin Sect2.G.29
Berg Joyce Bertha photo     5-Jun-94   m/ Ormond,Geoffrey,Lorraine,Rhonda,Colin Sect2.G.30
Berka Alois Julius "Louis" photo   29-Jul-16 29-Dec-95   husband, father and brother Sect3.D.31
Berry David photo photo 17-Jul-15 14-Sep-01   h/ Margaret, f/ Janet,Diana,David,Robin Sect3.K.19
Berry Margaret Elizabeth photo photo 18-Jun-21 25-Mar-07   w/ David, m/ Janet,Diana,David,Robin Sect3.K.20
Berry Mervyn Desmond "Bill" photo   12-Jul-28 15-Jun-89     Sect2.I.11
Berry Olive "Gwen" (-Brown) photo   14-Nov-27 5-May-01     Sect2.I.12
Bertocco Adriano Ivano photo   5-May-41 30-Nov-83     Sect2.E.12
Best Louisa photo     23-Feb-07 63y w/ John Sect1.A.07
Billings Ena Millicent (-Wall) photo   15-Oct-00 7-Aug-89     Sect1.L.27
Birch John Walter "Wally" photo   28-Oct-24 12-Jan-04   bro/ Elsie May KITNEY Sect1.J.09
Black Darren Robert photo   5-Jul-67 16-Jul-83     Sect2.E.02
Bladier Evelyn Joyce photo   20-Aug-23 20-Jul-09   w/ Bert, m/ Janet,Robert, grandmother Sect1.B.09
Bladier Sarah Ann photo   19 May 1892 23-Mar-86   m/ Olive,James,Bertrand,Estelle Sect1.C.15
Blair C.D. [Colin Duncan] photo     2-Nov-95 82y h/ Mary Millicent, f/ Kenneth,Helen Sect4.G.01
Boakes Roy photo   26-Oct-59 9-Aug-81   son/ Rosemarie & Eddie Sect1.C.07
Boggon Patricia (aka Bogon) photo     25-Jun-85 67y ptnr/ Robert George Sect2.B.18
Bolduan Agnes photo   1872 1933     Sect3.B.01
Bolduan August photo   1833 1923     Sect3.A.02
Bolduan Ferdie photo   1903 1913     Sect3.B.02
Bolduan Marie photo   1834 1907     Sect3.A.03
Bolduan William photo   1872 1961     Sect3.B.03
Boon Jantje Mulder photo   7-Jul-24 26-May-04   m/ Anne,Jane,Henk Jr.,Fred Sect4.G.21
Borchardt Harro E.J. photo   22-Mar-37 13-Aug-05     Sect2.C.12
Boskovic Boris photo   16-Jun-56 17-Nov-81   bro/ Lydia Sect2.D.14
Bottomley Arthur George photo   16 Aug 1897 9-Mar-92     Sect2.H.22
Bottomley Basil William Hearn photo   1907 1990     Sect3.E.11
Bottomley Marion Flora photo   1909 1991     Sect3.E.12
Boucher Jozef Peter "Joep" photo   14-Sep-46 30-Oct-06   h/ Lil, f/ Jolande,Elona, b. Vaals Holland Sect2.G.14
Boyett Charles Raymond photo   1897 1973   h/ Mary Sect1.M.11
Boys Alfred S. photo     13-May-69   h/ Anne Sect1.C.03
Boys Catherine Anne photo     25-Aug-91   w/ Alf Sect1.C.04
Bracker Herta photo   1922 1981   wife and mother Sect3.H.02
Brady Larisa photo   5-Feb-75 20-Feb-02     Sect2.D.21
Brash Jaqueline Marianne photo   19-Jul-45 16-Dec-95   w/ Allan, m/ Miranda,Tanya,Karen Sect1.K.27
Brassington Michael John photo   no dates       Sect3.B.25
Brauer Tony photo   12-Mar-42 6-Jan-96   h/ Marion, f/ Sabina, son/ Nancy & Ted Sect2.I.06
Breakey Mary Louise photo     5-Oct-81 53y my wife Sect2.C.08
Breit Ursula photo   9-Aug-19 31-Oct-06     Sect4.J.02
Breit Wilhelm photo   7-Nov-08 9-Feb-90     Sect4.J.01
Brennan Hazel Edna photo   31-Oct-25 11-Jun-93   wife, mother and Nanna Sect4.M.04
Brennan Yovanka photo     23-Aug-84 64y   Sect2.C.28
Brew Franklin photo photo   10-Feb-89     Sect2.J.01
Brewster Bertha photo   1912 1997   w/ Bruce, m/ Bronwyn,Robyn,Brion,Roslyn Sect1.E.12
Brewster W. Bruce photo   20-Jun-10 19-Apr-03   h/ Bertha Sect1.E.13
Bridge George Henry photo   2-Jul-08 31-Mar-93     Sect3.L.30
Bridge Lillian Myrtle photo   8-Mar-18 25-Aug-91     Sect3.L.31
Briggs Doris Mary photo   11-Sep-32 5-Jul-90   w/ Wal, m/ Pam,Peter,Jenny Sect3.G.31
Briggs Walter Keith photo   14-Sep-29 18-Jun-99     Sect3.G.32
Broadley Peter photo   28-Jan-27 29-Jun-98   b. Dumbarton Scotland Sect4.L.26
Brodsky Randie photo     26-Dec-74 85y   Sect1.J.24
Brown Michael Antony photo   8-Apr-64 12-May-85     Sect2.B.19
Browne Patrick Ernest photo   26-May-32 18-Sep-07 3d son/ Doris & Patrick, bro/ six siblings Sect3.M.10
Bruckmann Anita photo   10-Apr-59 25-Nov-78   dau/ Phyllis Sect3.G.07
Bruckmann Phyllis photo   4-Apr-34 25-May-07   m/ Anita Sect3.G.08
Bruvels Herbert Arthur photo   1931 1994   h/ Margaret, f/ five children Sect1.G.20
Bruvels Margaret Isobel photo   1936 2001   w/ Herbert arthur, m/ five children Sect1.G.21
Budds Frank photo   10 Apr 1897 28-Jul-85   h/ Mary Sect3.G.20
Bull Alan William photo   10-Feb-07 30-Oct-89   husband, father and great grandfather Sect3.B.32
Bull Elizabeth Jean (-Campbell) photo   18-Dec-10 3-Apr-00   w/ Alan, mother and grandmother Sect3.B.31
Bull Ronald E. photo   28-Aug-41 8-Sep-79   f/ Nicole,Jason,Naomi Sect1.J.08
Burgess John Anthony photo   28-Jan-67 8-Mar-87 20y brother Sect4.F.13
Burgess Lyla Mary photo     21-Sep-82 70y   Sect2.A.14
Burns Mick photo   1926 1989   b. Strathbane District, Tyrone, Ireland Sect2.C.13
Butler Kristine Joy (-Fraser) photo   17-Oct-51 5-Sep-85   w/ Malcolm, m/ Caine Sect2.H.07
Butler Shaun photo   no dates       Sect2.L.02
Butterworth Dorothy photo     12-Jan-43 12   Sect1.D.08
Butterworth Lillian Ethel "Bon" photo     9-Feb-05 88y w/ Roy, m/ Graeme,Dorothy Sect1.D.08
Byrne Grace Lorraine photo   20-May-18 27-Oct-01     Sect2.F.10
Byrne John Martin photo   12-Feb-09 11-Dec-84     Sect2.F.11
Bystricky Alois photo   1-May-04 2-Jun-86     Sect2.G.19
Caarels Dirk photo     28-Jun-79 86y h/ Thonia Sect4.A.05
Caarels Hendricus photo   1923 26 Dec 1995? 72y   Sect4.D.04
Caarels Thonia photo     1-Dec-66 71y w/ Dirk Sect4.A.06
Cairns Emily Elizabeth photo   1866 1942     Sect4.L.04
Cairns James photo   1849 1917     Sect4.L.05
Cameron Angus James Moore photo   20-Sep-02 27-Sep-02   son/ Ewen & Clare, bro/ Tahlia Sect2.E.16
Cameron Duncan Leslie Thomas photo     15-Apr-83   h/ Annette, f/ Vanessa,Kristen,Karly Sect3.J.02/3
Cameron Felicity Jane photo   31-Mar-69 6-Jan-98     Sect1.M.33
Cantwell June Miriam (-Clements) photo   no dates       Sect3.B.06
Cantwell Walter James photo   27-Feb-10 15-Mar-05   h/ June Miriam, f/ Margaret,Lucille,Martin Sect3.B.07
Carbis Muriel Edna (-Hoe) photo   6-Mar-24 4-Sep-97   mother, grandmother, GG grandmother Sect3.B.21
Carlton Geordie Robert photo photo 3-Feb-81 15-May-95   son/ Cheryl & Raymond, bro/ Bree Sect4.H.10
Carlton Kaye Isobel (-Casey) photo   11-Nov-60 31-Mar-93   dau/ Owen & Florence Sect4.J.10
Carroll Donald Maxwell photo   19-Sep-17 13-Jun-89   h/ Joan Sect3.L.12
Carroll James Ansel photo   25-Dec-08 12-Aug-85   father and grandfather Sect4.K.18
Carse Katherine Jane photo   15-Oct-86 22-Jul-07   dau/ Chris & Debra, sis/ Morgan Sect2.C.26
Carter Ernest photo   1913 1997   h/ Yvonne, f/ four children Sect3.L.03
Carter Lawrence Grafton photo   22-Dec-26 20-Mar-94   f/ Colin,Graeme,Bronwyn Sect1.L.42
Carter Lily photo   no dates       Sect4.H.26
Carton F.J. [Frederick] photo   no dates       Sect4.F.14
Carville Francis A. photo   10-Jan-15 12-May-08     Sect2.C.06
Carville Mary photo   1-Apr-16 9-Aug-93     Sect2.C.07
Caven Mary E. photo photo 28-Sep-21 11-Jul-08     Sect4.E.16
Caven Vincent John photo photo 4-Jan-20 24-Jan-07     Sect4.E.15
Cawood Lindsay photo   6-Jun-49 30-Aug-84     Sect2.D.23
Cechin Kellie Marie photo   16-Nov-80 10-Sep-00   dau/ Bruno & Gaye Sect4.J.23
Chambers Gregory photo     12-Apr-90 46y my husband Sect3.L.24
Chapman Edythe Rose photo   24-Apr-15 19-Oct-02     Sect1.G.34
Charles Alice     13-Jun-34 13-Apr-09     Sect4.D.08
Charles Bruce Norman photo   21-May-57 5-Jul-87   son/ Alice & Norman Sect4.C.15
Charleston Eileen Ethel photo   2-Oct-13 27-Jul-97     Sect3.F.26
Chauvin Edward photo     16-Mar-83 72y   Sect3.H.14
chinese Japanese ? photo   no dates       Sect1.A.21
Chivers Wendy photo   10-Jun-33 25-Dec-92     Sect3.H.33
Christie Victor Hugh Trevlyn photo     6-Nov-92     Sect4.F.04
Chrysaphis Demos photo   1912 1995   h/ Elsa, f/ Christine,Anne,Sylvia,Katrin Sect4.J.19
Civelli Jack Francis photo     21-Mar-80 57y h/ Hazel, f/ Frank Sect2.C.09
Clague Ronald Thomas photo   28-Dec-14 25-Oct-92     Sect3.F.37
Clark Robert G. photo   1973 1991     Sect2.I.05
Clark Rodney Murrell photo     14-Feb-82 32y h/ Patricia, f/ Rebecca,Benjamin Sect3.H.12
Clarke Kathleen Mary photo     28-Jul-88 76y   Sect2.L.10
Clarke Leslie Albert A. photo     20-Oct-85 77y h/ Trixie Elizabeth Sect2.E.14
Clarke Trixie Elizabeth photo     10-Apr-83 73y w/ Leslie Albert Sect2.E.15
Cleeland George Arthur photo   1914 1994   h/ Emily, f/ five children Sect3.E.19
Cochrane Beryl Leonore photo     25-Jan-76 74y my wife, m/ Joan,Robert Sect4.C.09
Cole Peter John photo   9-Jul-42 6-Oct-99   Dad, we love you. Sect1.J.20
Collins Henry photo     28-Jun-83   h/ Edna Sect2.B.11
Collins Janice Marion photo   8-Jan-42 24-Feb-97   m/ Joanne L., Jonathan E. Sect4.K.24
Collins Keith Wallace photo   19-Dec-43 15-Mar-01   f/ Joanne L., Jonathan E. Sect4.K.25
Collis Elsie photo     20-Oct-87 74y sis/ William Sect1.D.23
Collis William Henry John photo     16-May-82 78y   Sect1.D.24
Compton Robert photo   1909 25-Aug-86     Sect4.F.06
Condopoulos Elizabeth photo   31-Jul-22     w/ John Sect3.A.28
Condopoulos John photo   6-Sep-20 30-Nov-94   h/ Elizabeth Sect3.A.29
Condron Margaret Janet (-Nicholls) photo   7-Mar-28 20-Feb-95   our mother Sect3.J.29
Connell C.J. [Charles John] photo     1-Nov-97 72y h/ Jessie, f/ Sherryl,Pamela Sect4.K.29
Connell Jess photo     1987     Sect4.D.05
Connelly Patrick Daniel photo   7-Jul-12 27-Jan-05     Sect1.G.33
Cook H.E. [Harold Edward] photo photo   27-Oct-95 75y   Sect2.J.19
Cook John Peter photo   29-Oct-33 7-Feb-85   husband, father and grandfather Sect1.L.33
Cook Kathleen photo photo Mar.1927 Jun.2008   our mother Sect2.J.20
Cooper Anthony John photo   6-Dec-58 8-Dec-85   son/ Gary Francis & Kay Maria Sect1.D.25
Cooper Elise [-Tschampion] photo photo no dates       Sect1.K.04
Cope Lily photo   no dates     mum Sect2.C.19
Cope Thomas photo   no dates       Sect2.C.20
Cordaz Ricky Shane photo     31-Dec-90 27y   Sect2.J.16
Counsel Christine photo   30-Sep-54 8-Sep-63   dau/ Patricia & D'Arcy, sis/ four siblings Sect2.K.09
Counsel Julian D'Arcy photo   18-Aug-20 16-Mar-97   h/ Patricia Kathleen, f/ five children Sect2.K.07
Counsel Patricia Kathleen photo   23-Aug-26 11-Nov-05   w/ Julian, m/ five children Sect2.K.08
Courtney Mabel Jean photo     26-Apr-96     Sect3.E.32
Courtney Richard John photo   5-Dec-43 10-Nov-92     Sect3.E.31
Coward Gladys Lillian Maud photo   16-Oct-15 17-May-95   w/ John Leonard B. Sect3.B.09
Coward John Leonard Bertrum photo   25-Sep-13 18-Oct-93   h/ Gladys Lillian M. Sect3.B.10
Cox Christina photo     23-Jun-86 93y w/ Ernest John Sect3.F.18
Cox Doris Marjorie photo     26-Jun-88 79y w/ George J., m/ Rosalind,Pamela,George Sect2.G.24
Cox Ernest John photo     24-Jan-66 74y h/ Christina, f/ Ray,Joyce Sect3.F.19
Cox Jane photo   1913 6-Jun-90   w/ Leslie Sect3.L.25
Cox William Henry photo     2-Feb-87 60y h/ Fran, f/ ten children Sect3.F.25
Coxhill Anna photo   22-Sep-38 30-Nov-94     Sect4.L.27
Coxhill Paul R. photo   20-Jun-66 20-Jul-06     Sect4.L.28
Craft Faith photo photo 27-Sep-28 26-May-03   w/ Leslie Sect4.K.27
Craft Margaret photo photo 13-Aug-55 9-Feb-02   dau/ Faith & Leslie Sect4.K.26
Craick Christine Joan photo   1-Jun-44 30-Jan-07   m/ Gordon,Andrew,Douglas Sect4.E.18
Cranfield Duncan William photo   27-Nov-65 19-Jan-00     Sect4.G.17
Crerar Albert John photo     15-Nov-91 93y h/ Elizabeth, f/ Jean,Beth Sect4.L.12
Crerar Elizabeth Ellen photo     23-Dec-87 88y w/ Albert John, m/ Jean,Beth Sect4.L.13
Cresswell Trenham A. photo   1902 1982     Sect2.B.13
Cripps Corrie Mavis photo   22-Jan-07 14-Sep-90   b. Devonport, Tas. Sect3.H.07
Cripps Ernest George Casbourn photo   22-Aug-06 2-Jul-95   b. Moonee Ponds, Vic. Sect3.H.08
Critchton James photo   no dates       Sect2.L.08
Crook Bridget Joan (-Evans) photo   4-Jul-22 19-Mar-04   m/ Brenda, gm/ Dan,Jake Sect4.F.16
Crook Ian Edward photo   11-Jan-25 8-Oct-03   f/ Brenda, gf/ Dan,Jake Sect4.F.17
Crooke Thomas Gordon photo   20-Mar-19 27-Nov-98   h/ Phyllis, f/ Janice,Sandra,Pamela Sect3.G.22
Cullen Norman C. photo     21-Dec-89 62y husband Sect2.J.17
Cullinan Maureen Bridget photo     23-May-93   b. Galway Ireland Sect2.E.01
Cunningham John Thomas photo   14-Feb-24 27-Jul-83   h/ Merle, f/ Siobhan,Sean Sect2.E.13
Cupid Margaret Diane photo   13-Apr-50 6-Apr-00 49y   Sect2.G.10
Currie Ralph Dauncey photo   28-Jan-26 19-Jan-91   h/ Marjorie, f/ David,Gillian,Rowan Sect3.M.25
Curtis Cyril Frank photo   12-Apr-16 25-Sep-79     Sect1.B.01
Cusack Francis Joseph photo     16-Sep-78 87y   Sect2.B.07
Czigler Katalin photo   28-Jan-41 20-Dec-07   w/ Robert, m/ Peter,Katalin Sect2.B.17
Dalziell Thomas William photo     23-Nov-90 100y f/ Alan, gf/ Mark,David Sect3.G.03
Danne Geoffrey F. photo   4-Jul-20 17-Oct-86   h/ Elizabeth Sect3.A.31
Darby Frederic William photo   1907 1992   husband and father Sect4.K.14
Darby Maude Clara photo   1912 1998     Sect4.K.15
D'Arcy-Evans Isabel Dorothy H. (-Blair) photo   21-Oct-25 21-Nov-05   w/ Peter, m/ Paul,John,Ian,Clare Sect3.M.19
D'Arcy-Evans Paul William photo   no dates     h/ Catherine, f/ Simon,Kylie Sect3.M.21
D'Arcy-Evans Peter photo   23-May-24 30-Jul-06   h/ Isabel D., f/ Paul,John,Ian,Clare Sect3.M.20
D'Argaville Geoffrey W. photo   12-Feb-21 25-Oct-94   h/ Jean/ f/ Larry,Adrian, grandfather Sect3.B.24
Darlow Kelvin photo     12-May-84 33y h/ Dawn, f/ Kellie,Aaron Sect2.E.11
Davey Albert George photo     30-May-85 75y   Sect1.D.22
Davey Alice Anne photo     28-Oct-35   w/ George, our parent Sect1.C.10
Davey Constance Mary photo     13-Oct-19 6y   Sect1.D.21
Davey George photo     17-Aug-38   h/ Alice Anne, our parent Sect1.C.11
Davey Henry Maitland photo     7-Nov-43 39y our brother Sect1.D.19
Davey Susan photo     20-Mar-46 70y   Sect1.D.20
Davidson Sandra Frances photo   3-Jun-45 16-Jun-02   w/ Douglas, m/ Kathryn,Bronwyn Sect1.E.38
Davies Alan John photo   20-Jun-43 24-May-97   h/ Barbara & Melodina, f/ eight children Sect1.L.05
Davies Aprille Rowena photo   6-May-64 27-Feb-82 17y 2nd dau/ Evan & Nada, sis/ five siblings Sect3.G.06
Davies Barbara Cynthia (-White) photo   16-Feb-44 14-Mar-89   w/ Alan, m/ Narelle,Kelly,Stacey,Ciaran Sect1.L.04
Davies Clarence John photo     20-Sep-90 81y h/ Delphie, f/ Alan,Neil Sect3.C.17
Davies Neil Richard photo     27-Jun-90 38y son/ Jack & Delphie, bro/ Alan Sect3.C.18
Davies Scott Paul photo   24-Feb-88 27-Feb-88     Sect4.C.13
Davis Charles T. photo     20-Dec-84 69y   Sect4.L.21
Davis Mary Delia Ada photo   1916 2001   m/ Bonnie,Robert Sect4.L.22
Davis Pearl Margaret photo   no dates       Sect4.H.03
Daw Sheila photo   7-Sep-25 13-Nov-03     Sect4.K.32
Daw William Henry George photo   7-Mar-30 14-Sep-92     Sect4.K.33
Dawson Alan Francis photo   2-Aug-22 29-Jan-95   h/ Lesley C., f/ Robert,Margaret,Janet,Kay Sect3.A.26
Dawson Lesley Caroline photo   1-Jun-22 25-Jan-92   w/ Alan, m/ Robert,Margaret,Janet,Kay Sect3.A.25
Day John William photo   10-Mar-09 3-Jul-86   h/ Kitty Florence, f/ John,Jim,Margaret Sect4.A.10
Day Kitty Florence (-Ashford) photo   29-Oct-16 14-Nov-04   w/ John William, m/ John,Jim,Margaret Sect4.A.11
Day Nola Winifred photo photo 23-Feb-36 4-Mar-08     Sect3.K.24
de Chalain Kate photo   14-Apr-78 5-Jul-91     Sect3.C.31
de Coite Florence Robina (-King) photo photo 22-Jul-24 19-Mar-98   w/ Bob, m/ Richelle,Neil,David Sect4.J.06
de Coite Robert James photo photo 2-Sep-22 18-Apr-08   h/ Florence, f/ Richelle,Neil,David Sect4.J.05
de Graaf Margaretha Alida photo   3-Nov-28 17-Apr-82     Sect2.D.10
de Haas Cynthia M.A. photo   24-Apr-69 6-Aug-85     Sect4.K.07
de Jong Willemina (ter Horst) photo   29-Sep-10 26-Sep-92     Sect3.K.05
de Wit Coral Joy     18-Jul-16 26-Jul-98   w/ Tobias, formerly Hodgins Sect3.D.30
Deane Martina (-Meister) photo photo 21-Feb-61 30-Oct-97   w/ Joel, dau/ Peter & Melitta Sect3.L.19
Deans Eileen Pearl photo     30-Jul-71 48y my wife, our mother Sect2.A.03
Delfos Isaac "Jack" photo   23-Sep-26 13-May-00   h/ Suzanna, f/ Neil,Nic,Rodger,Ray Sect4.H.01
den Hartogh Gwendoline Elsie photo photo 15-Dec-19 25-Dec-99   w/ Max, m/ Graham Anthony Sect3.G.12
den Hartogh Max photo photo 12-Mar-19 22-Sep-88   h/ Gwendoline, f/ Graham Anthony Sect3.G.11
Dettman Glen Charles (Dr.) photo   13-Nov-21 11-Oct-94   h/ Nancy, f/ Clive,Ian,Robyn Sect4.K.19
Devereux Alanna Eileen photo   23-Aug-15 6-Jan-96   w/ Frank, m/ Denise Sect1.M.17
Devereux Joseph Francis photo   30-Mar-07 10-Oct-89   h/ Alanna, f/ Denise Sect1.M.16
Devitt Dorothy photo   4-Nov-06 21-Mar-93     Sect2.H.28
Dickinson Mark Douglas photo   7-Aug-58 26-Jul-84   brother Sect2.F.07
Diesing Klaus Peter photo   17-Apr-45 6-Feb-87   h/ Lorraine, f/ Richard,Danielle Sect2.F.28
Dobson Wilfrid photo   3-Apr-06 28-Feb-91     Sect2.I.27
Dodd   photo   no dates       Sect2.C.17
Doherty Eileen Mary photo   20 Sep 1899 16-Jun-91   dau/ John & Catherine Sect2.F.01
Donald Mary S.C. photo     13-Jun-63     Sect4.C.04
Donald Robert S. photo     2-Oct-21     Sect4.C.05
Downie George B. photo   27 Apr 1894 31-Jul-94     Sect4.E.07
Downie Kevin G.W. photo   17-Aug-32 26-Dec-98   h/ Beverley, f/ Leanne,Karyn Sect4.E.09
Downie Phyllis J.A. photo   04 Nov 1898 5-May-86     Sect4.E.08
Dowsey Peter John photo   29-May-52 2-Sep-91     Sect3.J.38
Doyle Anne Maria photo   20-Sep-56 8-Feb-99   mother, sister and aunt Sect2.I.23
Doyle Kevin F. photo   10-Apr-15 2-Oct-92     Sect2.H.24
Doyle Maureen B. photo   10-Oct-19 8-Mar-92     Sect2.H.25
Drever Roy photo   28-Apr-28 9-Sep-92     Sect4.G.08
Drew Edward Adam photo     9-Feb-97 61y   Sect2.K.14
Druiven Henrica "Josie" photo   8-Jul-24 28-May-97   m/ Cathy,Siny,Josie,Hans,Hilda,Will,Trish Sect2.G.15
Druiven Johannes "Hans" photo   22-Oct-20 11-May-04   f/ Cathy,Siny,Josie,Hans,Hilda,Will,Trish Sect2.G.16
Drummond Benita Mary (-Spicer) photo   10-Aug-62 8-Sep-94     Sect2.I.04
Drury Elma Jean (-McPherson) photo   23-Mar-33 21-Oct-96     Sect2.A.21
Dryden Josh B. photo   1977 1997     Sect1.M.34
Dryden Wayne L. photo   1947 2004     Sect1.M.35
Dubbeld Adrianus photo   19-Jan-10 7-Apr-95     Sect3.F.28
Dubbeld Gre photo   12-Aug-12 24-May-85   [Geertje] Sect3.F.29
Duggan Andrew Bryn photo   3-Mar-71 4-Mar-98   father and brother Sect1.L.41
Duivenvoorden Leen photo   1-Apr-18 17-Aug-88   h/ Martha, f/ twelve children Sect3.L.18
Duivenvoorden Martha (-de Groot) photo   17-Dec-18 8-May-89   w/ Leen, m/ twelve children Sect3.L.17
Duke Humphry C.F. photo   1906 1986     Sect2.A.19
Durance William John photo   no dates     h/ Margaret, f/ five children Sect1.C.08
Dwyer Terry photo   1962 1968     Sect1.G.14
Dyer Susan Margaret photo   27-Jul-49 7-Oct-03   w/ Lindsay, m/ Renee,Jan Sect4.F.19
Eagles George W. photo   no dates       Sect4.E.12
Eather Samantha photo   9-Mar-89 14-Mar-89     Sect4.G.16
Eberle Frank John photo   15-Feb-09 16-Oct-94     Sect2.H.27
Edlinger Genoveva Elfriede photo   23-Nov-46 13-Jul-94   w/ Franz, m/ Heidelinde, Harald,Janet Sect4.K.10
Edlinger Heidelinde photo   3-Jan-68 8-Mar-87   sister Sect4.K.11
Edwards Chloe L. photo photo 7-Mar-91 10-Apr-91     Sect3.F.22
Edwards Maree L. photo photo 2-Apr-62 10-Apr-91   w/ Daril, m/ Kimberley,Christopher,Chloe Sect3.F.23
Edyvane Beryl (-Horswood) photo     7-May-76     Sect2.A.05
Eeles Sidney photo     Jan.1983   late RAF 39/45 Sect1.F.14
Eigendorp Antonius photo   26-Aug-20 14-Apr-05   husband, father, Opa and great Opa Sect4.G.24
Elder Michael Robert photo   30-Nov-45 6-Oct-90   h/ Christine, f/ Joanne,Mark,Bill,Shelley Sect3.E.24
Elenius Erik Torwald photo   28-Jun-09 9-Aug-01     Sect3.E.24
Elenius Inez Euphemia (-Westerholm) photo   10-Jun-02 30-Jan-94   w/ Erik, m/ Ebba,Leif,Tor Sect3.K.17
Elliot David John photo   21-Apr-69 28-Oct-94   brother Sect2.F.25
Elo Leslie photo   25-Sep-38 12-Jun-84   f/ Victor,Gabrielle Sect2.D.26
Emary John H. photo   5-Aug-28 24-Sep-99   h/ Jackie, f/ five children Sect4.G.20
Emden Lorraine (-Snook) photo   27-Sep-12 20-Sep-04   b. Tambellup, WA Sect2.D.24
Emden Walter Harold photo   26 Feb 1896 15-Aug-84   b. Hamburg Sect2.D.25
Engelke Marcella Regina photo   15-Jan-37 1-Jul-09   w/ John, m/ Kirsten,Remco,Cynthia Sect4.K.06
Eudey F. Helena (-Meeking) photo   15-Nov-08 2-Aug-01   [Florence] Sect2.A.09
Eudey Jack Joseph photo   1906 1977     Sect2.A.10
Everitt David John Gittings photo   29-Mar-38 19-Jun-96   h/ Jane, f/ Jonathon,Richard,Diana Sect3.J.21
Everitt Richard Douglas photo   10-May-67 9-Feb-95   son/ David & Jane, bro/ Jonathon,Diana Sect3.J.22
Ewart Les photo   23-Jan-26 29-Dec-92     Sect3.K.11
Ewenson Shirley Lorraine (-Letts) photo   25-Apr-42 28-May-98   w/ John, m/ Amanda,Simone,Jasmine Sect2.E.07
Ewin Clive W. photo   1-Apr-24 23-Jul-94     Sect3.M.12
Excell Dorothy Clyve photo   25-Nov-18 15-Jun-93     Sect2.D.12
Excell John Elliot "Bill" photo   11-Sep-17 2-May-82     Sect2.D.13
Fagioli Dominic-Tree photo   Apr.1980 Oct.1980   son/ Gwenda, twin/ Fern-Lily Sect2.D.07
Fairbridge Thomas Ord photo     22-Nov-41     Sect1.D.30
Falcon A. photo   no dates       Sect2.B.03
Falcon I. photo   no dates       Sect2.B.04
Fallon Clarence W.E. photo   1915 1992     Sect3.H.23
Fallon Leonard W.S. photo   1947 1986     Sect3.H.24
Farrall H.W. [Hubert] photo     4-Feb-94 72y h/ Shirley, f/ Garnett,Chris,Jayne Sect4.H.15
Farrelly Marie Cecilia photo   28-Dec-36 22-Mar-92   w/ Jim, m/ Tony,Ciaran Sect2.H.20
Fausch Eugene Walter photo   1914 1996   h/ Gladys Emily Sect3.L.05
Fausch Gladys Emily photo   1917 2009   w/ Eugene Walter Sect3.L.06
Fawcett Audrey May (-Usher) photo   10-Feb-21 7-Mar-08   w/ Stewart G., m/ four children Sect1.J.21
Fawcett Stewart Gordon Powell photo   19-Sep-00 30-Sep-74   h/ Audrey May, f/ five children Sect1.J.22
Fegradoe George photo   1923 1985     Sect3.K.13
Ferres Robert James photo   13-Jun-31 10-Oct-92   h/ Annette, f/ Michael,Tony,Jenny,Geoff Sect3.G.16
Fidler Dorothy Mary photo   11-Jul-39 2-Oct-86   wife and mother Sect3.H.21
Fidler Francis Edward photo   22-Nov-21 5-Sep-92     Sect3.H.22
Fielder Francis Patrick photo     17-Dec-62     Sect2.B.01
Fielder Leon photo     28-Apr-47     Sect2.B.02
Fitzgerald Jessie photo     21-Jul-71 88y w/ Wallace Roy Sect4.B.11
Fitzgerald Wallace Roy photo     2-Oct-70 87y h/ Jessie Sect4.B.12
Fitzsimmons Christina Lucy photo   6-Nov-43 24-Jun-99     Sect2.D.28
Flaton Ida photo   1916 2001     Sect3.D.28
Flaton Martinus W.Y. photo   1913 1992     Sect3.D.29
Fleming Eric James photo   no dates     h/ Nellie Marjorie, father Sect1.F.04
Fleming Ina photo     26-Aug-31     Sect1.F.05
Fleming Kenneth Herbert photo   10-May-25 25-Aug-85   h/ Joyce, f/ Margaret,Carol,Linda,Rhonda Sect4.H.08
Fleming Nellie Marjorie photo     [1960] [61y] w/ Eric James, mother Sect1.F.03
Fleming Vincent photo     2-Feb-23     Sect1.F.06
Flint Michael photo   19-Jul-37 15-Nov-81   h/ Pauline, son/ Joan & Harry Sect1.K.16
Fogarty Catherine photo   1900 1984     Sect2.F.08
Foote Margaret Ruby photo   1909 1992 83y   Sect2.K.01
Forbes William "Boom Boom" photo   25-Oct-44 8-Jun-04     Sect1.J.32
Ford David Reginald photo   7-Dec-36 22-Oct-92   h/ Valwyn, f/ David,Rhonda Sect3.J.37
Ford Frances Jean photo   19-May-09 30-Oct-00   w/ James Sect4.E.10
Ford James photo   12-Jul-08 20-Apr-59   h/ Frances Jean Sect4.E.11
Forrer Malvena Mary photo   1910 1988   w/ Chris, m/ Garry Sect3.E.06
Francis Cedric Claude photo   6-Sep-07 27-Jun-82   h/ Mildred Lenore M., f/ thirteen children Sect1.K.13
Francis Julia Marjorie photo photo   14-Mar-87     Sect4.B.16
Francis Mildred Lenore Martha photo   4-Feb-14 4-Dec-08   w/ Cedric Claude, m/ thirteen children Sect1.K.14
Francis Natalie Lily photo photo 13-Mar-87 15-Mar-87     Sect4.B.17
Franklin Rhoda photo   9-Oct-29 1-Jul-06     Sect2.J.12
Fraser Colin E. photo   15-Mar-37 18-Sep-94     Sect4.K.12
Fraser G.R. [George] photo     19-Sep-88 60y h/ Betty, f/ Steven,Kris,Mark,Ian,Brian,Anita Sect1.E.29
Fraser Jean photo     13-Jan-20     Sect1.A.02
Fraser John Stewart photo   2-Jan-23 25-Oct-01     Sect3.L.04
Fraser Kenneth H. photo     18-Feb-68 58y husband, f/ Rosaline,Noel Sect1.J.19
Fraser Natalina Bianca photo     6-Mar-80   w/ Noel Sect2.A.12
Fraser Walter Joseph photo     3-Sep-61 87y   Sect4.A.02
Fraser William T. photo   15-Jan-35 17-Jul-91     Sect4.K.13
Frazzetto Catherine Mavis photo photo 16-Nov-45 8-Nov-96   w/ Sam, m/ eight children Sect2.I.13
Frazzetto George photo     19-Jul-88 46y   Sect2.J.18
Frederiksen Reginald photo   no dates       Sect4.E.20
Frith Jeffrey Robert photo   22-Apr-43 1-Sep-78     Sect1.J.07
Frith Kenneth Walter photo     4-Aug-80 34y   Sect1.J.06
Frith Raymond Tonkin photo     13-Jul-86   h/ Winifred Ada, f/ Graeme,Ann Sect4.L.24
Frith Winifred Ada photo     6-Aug-83   w/ Raymond, m/ Graeme,Ann Sect4.L.25
Fry Geoffrey William photo   21-Jun-33 27-Oct-99   h/ Greta (Margaret), f/ Jennifer,Mark Sect1.K.29
Fulton Taylor Briharne photo   18-Jul-93 18-Jul-93     Sect4.H.14
Furlong Dorothy Lansdale (-Williams)     2-Dec-04 17-Feb-59     Sect3.A.15
Furlong Leslie A. photo   20-Nov-06 6-Aug-91     Sect1.K.10
Furness John Durance photo     6-Mar-90 63y d. Kallista Sect1.D.14
Furness Myrtle May photo     9-Aug-77   w/ Walter James, parent Sect1.D.15
Furness Ruth photo     26-Apr-86 27y   Sect1.D.13
Furness Walter Eric photo   9-Apr-29 27-May-00   f/ Ian,Neil Sect1.D.11
Furness Walter James photo     24-Jan-54   h/ Myrtle May, parent, an Anzac Sect1.D.16
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