Emerald Cemetery


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Data compiled by Garry Batt


Please Note: This is a headstone list not a Burial Register.

Surname Given Names & (-Maiden Names ) Photo Photo Born Died Age Notes Location
O'Brien Catherine Mary photo   14-Dec-23 14-Jul-97   m/ Myles,Angela,Kevin,Marcus Sect2.F.09
O'Brien Joseph photo     8-Dec-01 55y h/ Jane Sect1.D.12
Ockwell Donald William photo photo 3-Dec-36 22-Apr-99   f/ Adam,Vaughn,Jarrod Sect1.F.17
O'Flaherty James M. photo   30-Jun-19 2-Jul-97     Sect4.K.30
O'Gallagher Breda Christina photo   14-Dec-20 29-Nov-07   m/ Aileen,Rory,Fergus,Eithne,Brian,Grainne Sect4.G.05
O'Gallagher Rory Padraig photo   29-Jul-19 30-Jan-92   f/ Aileen,Rory,Fergus,Eithne,Brian,Grainne Sect4.G.06
O'Keefe Louise Eileen photo   3-Aug-07 22-Dec-96   w/ Michael Denis, mum Sect2.I.09
O'Keefe Michael Denis photo   17-Sep-06 9-Feb-98   h/ Louise Eileen, dad Sect2.I.10
Oldenhof Hermina G. photo   1910 1994   w/ Hendrik, m/ four children Sect3.F.27
Oldham Richard Charles photo   no dates   71y husband and father Sect1.E.40
Oliver George William photo   5-May-26 19-Jan-99   father and grandfather Sect1.M.09
O'Loughlin Margaret Marjorie Sybil photo     13-Jul-94 82y m/ Ray Sect4.H.02
O'Meagher Augustine Lloyd photo     10-Feb-46     Sect2.A.01
O'Meagher Nellie Elizabeth photo     7-Jan-09     Sect2.A.02
O'Neill Daniel photo     28-Aug-71 67y   Sect1.M.07
O'Neill Hugh photo photo 15-Jan-23 6-Jun-96     Sect4.M.22
O'Neill Hugh photo photo   6-Jun-95 72y   Sect4.M.23
O'Neill Lucy Ellen photo     6-Feb-89 84y w/ Charles, m/ John,Marita Sect2.J.08
O'Neill Margaret Agnes photo photo 1879 1974   w/ Robert Sect1.E.17
O'Neill Patrick William "Paddy" photo     18-Apr-99 58y son/ Daniel & Ada Sect1.M.08
O'Neill Robert H. photo     16-Dec-46 77y my husband Sect1.E.16
Oner Florence Mary photo   28-Aug-17 3-Oct-91     Sect1.M.18
Oner Victor George photo   19-Apr-17 30-May-94     Sect1.M.19
Orchard John photo photo   28-Dec-15 92y h/ Sarah Sect3.B.04
Orchard John S. photo     23-Jul-49 84y   Sect3.A.06
Orchard Lillian photo     3-Sep-38 70y   Sect3.A.05
Orchard Sarah photo photo   8-Apr-09 76y w/ John Sect3.B.05
Orchard William photo     16-Jun-08 21y   Sect3.A.04
O'Regan Irene Muriel photo     29-Jul-72   dau/ Daniel & Annie O'REGAN Sect2.B.10
Osborne Albert George photo   8-Apr-21 12-Aug-90   h/ Edwina, f/ Eddie,Jeff,Gloria Sect1.L.17
Osborne Edmund H. "Ted" photo   18-Aug-06 27-Jun-88     Sect3.M.24
Osborne Gloria Jane photo   18-May-59 24-Jun-89   dau/ Albert & Edwina, sis/ Jeffrey,Eddie Sect1.L.16
Ovenden Joseph Ambrose photo   7-Sep-05 22-Mar-81     Sect1.G.06
Owen Catherine Ann photo     14-May-06 53y   Sect3.H.30
Packer William photo   1-Dec-32 14-Apr-04   husband and father Sect2.E.25
Page Daniel photo   22-Dec-64 12-Nov-07   h/ Jenny, f/ Leigh,Jaclyn Sect2.G.25
Page George photo   no dates       Sect2.F.24
Page marker only photo   no dates     [Frederick & Phyllis ?] Sect4.L.06
Pagliaro Maria Carmela photo   30-Jul-44 8-Mar-06   ptnr/ Mal, m/ Sophie,Georgie Sect1.L.35
Pajank Adolph photo   12-Jul-22 6-Mar-93     Sect4.J.11
Pajank Marianna photo   13-Oct-26 3-Jun-01     Sect4.J.12
Pan Cameron Robert photo   17-Oct-83 17-Jul-96 12y son/ Ann & Allan, bro/ Jason Sect2.I.25
Pan Rin photo   26-Nov-27 13-Mar-05     Sect2.F.29
Pan Tien photo   22-Nov-23 30-Dec-95     Sect2.F.30
Paprotta Kaethe photo   8-May-34 8-May-88   wife and mother Sect2.I.28
Papworth W.D. [William Desmond] photo     23-May-99 79y h/ Mary Sect1.L.07
Parsons Robert James photo   25-Nov-45 6-Jul-08   h/ Lorraine, f/ Sue,Bob,Gary Sect3.K.22
Pascoe William John photo   18-Sep-40 23-Aug-07     Sect3.E.14
Pearse Amy photo   1905 2007     Sect3.J.24
Pearson Jack photo     6-Apr-72 75y   Sect4.A.08
Pearson Lilly photo     29-Dec-67 71y   Sect4.A.09
Pearson Simon Rowden "Bat" photo   1-Dec-54 10-Jun-94   h/ Karen, f/ Amie,Claire Sect2.L.11
Pearton Hilda Irene Lillian photo photo 21-May-24 29-Dec-95   m/ Roderick Albert Sect3.K.03
Pearton Roderick Albert "Rick" photo   8-Jul-57 22-Jan-05   son/ Hilda Irene Sect3.K.04
Peck Euphemia Isobel photo   29-Jun-23 30-Jun-09   m/ Jill,Peter,Austin Sect4.M.15
Pepper Edna Eileen "Dinah" photo   14-Apr-20 22-Aug-87     Sect3.A.27
Perkins Ian Robert photo   16-Sep-44 10-Dec-91   husband,father,brother Sect4.J.15
Perrott Mary Leslie photo     22-May-10     Sect1.L.06
Peryman Stephen Michael photo   26-Dec-59 12-Apr-92     Sect3.M.29
Philip Lance William photo     23-Mar-92 40y h/ Cindy, f/ five children Sect4.L.11
Philip Mollie May photo   18-Oct-14 25-Feb-96     Sect4.L.09
Philip William photo   1918 1991     Sect4.L.10
Phillips Alfred "Bill" photo   8-Nov-13 6-Jun-96   dad Sect1.K.02
Phillips Doreen May photo   20-Aug-14 18-Sep-92   mum Sect1.K.01
Phillips Elva May photo   18-Sep-49 25-Aug-64   only dau/ Bill & Doreen, b. Dublin Sect1.K.03
Phillips Paul Anthony "Mupet" photo   29-Jul-74 14-Jan-92   son/ Leanne & Chris Sect2.H.01
Pickthall Christopher Edward photo   21-Nov-58 24-Mar-78   son/ Joy & Ted, bro/ five siblings Sect3.D.24
Pickthall Edward Augustine photo     3-Jul-77     Sect3.D.21
Pickthall Edward Lionel photo   24-Apr-33 29-Mar-89     Sect3.D.23
Pickthall Emma Isobel photo     29-Jan-86     Sect3.D.22
Pickthall Kevin John photo   12-Aug-57 1-Jun-01   son/ Joy & Ted, bro/ five siblings Sect3.D.25
Pilkington Heather Joan photo   6-Dec-45       Sect3.B.28
Pilkington Ronald Brock photo   17-Oct-19 2-Nov-94   h/ Myrtle, father and grandfather Sect3.B.29
Pirois Jenny photo   25-Apr-53 14-Aug-85   m/ Misa,Christine,Rebecca,Gerard Sect1.J.27
Pitman Merja photo   no dates     [surname from Trust] Sect4.H.19
Powell Amelia Mary photo     12-Nov-01 76y w/ Joseph Lindsay, m/ Sherrin,Lynda,Elaine Sect2.G.12
Powell Frank Howard photo   11-Feb-23 17-Apr-86   husband and father Sect3.C.25
Powell J.L. [Joseph Lindsay] photo     16-Nov-95 75y h/ Amelia, f/ Sherrin,Lynda,Elaine Sect2.G.11
Poynton Marc Robert photo   21-Oct-56 31-Dec-99     Sect1.L.37
Pratt Horace Thomas photo   1904 1985   f/ Donald,Philip,Hazel Sect4.H.23
Pratt Sylvia Victoria (-Elms) photo   1910 1993   m/ Donald,Philip,Hazel Sect4.H.24
Preston Myrtle photo   2-Aug-20 11-Dec-07 87y   Sect1.K.36
Price Alan Andrew Meyrick photo     Feb.1983 37y brother Sect2.C.21
Price Sydney photo   25-May-05 28-Jul-85     Sect4.K.08
Prideaux George Richard photo   25-Dec-17 10-Aug-90   h/ Jean Isabelle Sect3.L.27
Prideaux Jean Isabelle photo   16-Feb-19 2-Aug-08   w/ George Richard Sect3.L.28
Pritchett Victor Michael photo   11-Sep-25 21-Aug-95   h/ Jean, father and grandfather Sect3.E.34
Prout Leonard Walter photo   6-Jan-22 25-Nov-91   h/ May, f/ Michael,Carol Sect3.D.18
Pullen Leslie "Joe" photo   2-Sep-35 5-Mar-05   ptnr/ Carmel, father and grandfather Sect2.E.05
Purton Bruce Alan photo   17-Aug-55 16-Sep-97     Sect1.K.09
Purton Cyril F. photo   20-May-23 4-Oct-84     Sect1.K.08
Quicke Myrtle Ivy (-Lindsay) photo   1906 1979   w/ Albert James Sect3.F.24
Quilliam Gaye Elizabeth photo photo 28-Oct-53 1-May-75   dau/ Norma & Ken, sis/ Sue,Jenny Sect3.C.12
Quinn John Mark photo   6-Aug-16 9-Jun-92   b. Ballymote Eire Sect2.K.02
Quintrell Ernest Carlyle photo   1891 1988     Sect4.A.07
Radulski Boguslaw photo photo 30-Oct-57 11-Oct-08     Sect3.L.08
Radulski Lucyna photo photo 17-Oct-54 13-Apr-06     Sect3.L.07
Rae Christine (-Mumford) photo     25-Jan-88 46y   Sect3.J.09
Rahaley C.M. [Clement] photo     19-Jun-01 63y   Sect3.B.27
Raisin Douglas Norman photo   16-Sep-20 12-Feb-98   h/ Margaret, f/ John,Louise Sect1.K.33
Rajter Aniela photo   4-Dec-19 21-Oct-00     Sect3.C.19
Rajter Bronislaw photo   13-May-13 26-May-97     Sect3.C.20
Rajter Czeslaw photo   10-May-42       Sect3.C.21
Rance John Donald photo   11-Nov-30 18-Aug-06     Sect4.B.21
Ranger Marie photo   no dates       Sect2.I.08
Rankin W.A. [William] photo     12-Jan-87 57y h/ Dot, f/ Graeme Sect1.H.17
Rapson Dorothy Elizabeth May photo   17 Nov 1892 29-Sep-52   w/ Rufus, m/ Norma,Ronald,Keith,Kevin Sect1.B.03
Rapson Kevin photo   29-May-29 9-Sep-99 70y son/ Rufus & Dorothy, bro/ Ron,Lorna,Keith Sect1.B.02
Ravenscroft Richard James photo   24-Feb-44 30-Nov-70     Sect1.K.15
Ray David Thomas "Bluey" photo   26-Jan-34 10-Mar-94     Sect4.H.07
Reanney Darryl Chapple photo   1939 1994     Sect3.K.28
Reid Ada Harriet photo   9-Dec-08 3-Jan-02   w/ Clifford S., m/ six children Sect1.J.13
Reid C.S. [Clifford Stanley] photo     16-Jan-97 91y h/ Ada, f/ six children Sect1.J.12
Reid Donald Kenneth photo     26-Sep-78 41y husband and father Sect1.J.11
Rendall John Geoffrey photo     22-Jul-74 29y my husband, f/ Lucas John, Lia Johanne Sect1.H.12
Rendell Wilfred photo   1923 1985   h/ Rita, f/ Alvin,Gaye,Pamela Sect2.H.08
Renkin Francis Rupert photo   12-Sep-19 5-May-97   h/ Valerie, f/ Ann,Kay Sect2.I.24
Resuggan Florence E. photo     28-Nov-57 85y mother Sect1.D.01
Resuggan William G. photo     16-Feb-32 67y father Sect1.D.02
Reynolds William photo   7-Nov-11 22-Jul-91     Sect3.L.26
Rice Albert photo   25-Mar-14 25-May-92   f/ Joyce,Beverley,Max Sect2.G.32
Rice Evelyn photo   22-May-11 20-Aug-83   m/ Joyce,Beverley,Max Sect2.G.33
Richards Frank photo     8-May-88     Sect3.E.10
Riseborough unknown photo   no dates       Sect3.B.08
Roberts Lindsay Keith photo     15-Aug-85 80y   Sect2.E.22
Roberts Shirley Blanch photo   1-Sep-24 23-Aug-93   w/ Jack, mother and grandmother Sect1.L.21
Robertson Ellie Livingstone photo   13-Apr-23 25-May-88   w/ Ken Frederick Sect1.E.35
Robertson Ken Frederick photo   26-Feb-26 23-Mar-88   h/ Ellie Sect1.E.36
Robinson Dulcie Lillian photo   26-Aug-20 1-Apr-92     Sect1.M.21
Robinson W.E. [William Edward] photo     16-Oct-77 56y VX30677 Trooper 2/7 Commando Squadron Sect1.M.20
Rockhey Jack photo   22-May-26 4-Oct-08   h/ Margaret, f/ Michelle,Michael,Jennifer,Paul Sect4.J.22
Rogils Marjorie Gladys H. (-Tricker) photo   23-Jan-17 22-Apr-89   w/ Vladimirs, m/ Helen,Bruce,Allan Sect2.C.22
Rogils Vladimirs photo   1910 5-May-82   h/ Marjorie Gladys Helen Sect2.C.23
Rokova [Isikeli] photo   no dates       Sect4.F.05
Rolfe Maude E. photo   1891 1982     Sect2.A.15
Romeril Christina Elizabeth (-Legg) photo     6-Apr-24 37y   Sect3.C.09
Rossiter John Francis photo photo 1921 1998     Sect1.K.26
Round Fred photo   21-Jun-29 11-Jun-02   husband, father and grandfather Sect4.E.17
Rout Emily photo   9-May-14 12-Apr-07   w/ Percy, m/ four children Sect3.F.35
Rout Percy photo   14-Jun-13 24-Sep-01   h/ Emily, f/ four children Sect3.F.36
Rowe Barry photo   no dates   45y   Sect4.C.11
Rozycki Sylvia (-Bertuccioli) photo   2-May-40 25-Sep-97   w/ Wladyslaw J., m/ three children Sect3.G.04
Rozycki Wladyslaw Jozef photo   19-Mar-37       Sect3.G.05
Rubino Rosa photo   17-Dec-45 22-Jul-04   m/ Bruno,Mark,Lisa, grandmother Sect1.H.20
Rudd Alice Edith photo   1920 1996   w/ Oswald Robert, m/ Carolyn,Alan Sect3.E.21
Rudd Oswald Robert photo   1918 2003   h/ Alice Edith, f/ Carolyn,Alan Sect3.E.22
Ruhland Gunter photo photo 11-Mar-37 9-Jun-84   b. Mainz Germany Sect3.H.01
Rush Acland William photo   2-Jan-28 29-Jan-93   h/ Barbara, f/ Debbie,Rodney,Peter,Bruce Sect3.K.21
Russell Aldyth Grace photo     7-Dec-93 86y   Sect3.K.14
Russell Donald Simon Wilga photo     [1980] [0y]   Sect4.C.10
Russo Vincent photo   1929 2001     Sect3.A.40
Ryan John Joseph photo   1-Apr-40 13-Nov-82   b. Ireland, gf/ Ryan John MILLS Sect2.C.04
Ryberg Edward Stephen photo     26-Jun-86 41y h/ Pauline, f/ Cindy,Darren,Carrisa Sect1.G.02
Ryberg Flora photo   no dates     m/ Gus Sect1.J.04
Ryberg Fritz photo   no dates     f/ Gus Sect1.J.05
Ryberg Irene photo   1904 1994   w/ Gus, m/ Mitzi,Pamela,Eddie Sect1.G.01
Rye John Ferguson photo   7-Oct-22 24-Jun-87     Sect3.C.23
Rynhart Joep photo   no dates       Sect1.K.11
Saddington Ernest photo   1890 1956     Sect1.E.01
Saddington Lorna photo   1911 1991     Sect1.E.02
Salmond (Edward) Fraser photo   30-Oct-03 1-Aug-82   h/ Jean Christina Sect1.M.26
Salmond Jean Christina (-Bohmer) photo   4-Oct-14 19-Mar-02   w/ (Edward) Fraser, m/ Barbara,Wendy Sect1.M.27
Salzfass Germaine photo   1899 1987   w/ Henri Sect1.B.13
Sauer Mathias photo   17-Jun-35 7-May-97   h/ Carmel, f/ four children Sect3.M.23
Saxton Gayle Louise photo     20-Nov-92     Sect2.K.03
Sayce Marie photo   1866 1919   w/ C.F. Sect1.L.11
Sayce Phyllis photo   1903 1915     Sect1.L.12
Scanlon Elvia Margaret photo   24-Oct-08 1-Aug-85     Sect2.A.20
Schroder Gerda (-Van Dijk) photo   27-Jun-20 27-Mar-03   b. Amsterdam, d. Dandenong Sect1.F.19
Schulze John photo   no dates     marker only Sect3.E.33
Scott Frank Walter photo   9-Jan-22 19-May-07     Sect3.H.04
Seamer Joyce photo   27-Feb-23 6-Aug-05     Sect3.E.13
Semmens George Segbert C. photo   29-Mar-01 19-Feb-77     Sect1.C.21
Semmens Gwendoline Annie (-Durham) photo   20-Nov-03 2-Jul-93     Sect1.C.22
Semp Wojciech photo     30-Mar-87 68y husband and father, b. Lwow Poland Sect4.D.07
Sexton Grace photo   22 Jun 1899 4-Oct-91   our mother Sect3.E.26
Shackleford Zeb Jacob photo   24-Mar-83 29-Jan-92 8y   Sect4.L.17
Shackler John William photo photo 10-May-22 11-Dec-95   h/ Lyn Sect2.E.03
Shackler Lyn Vera photo photo 7-Feb-25 27-Sep-87   w/ John, m/ Terence,Gillian, b. England Sect2.E.04
Shanahan Audrey Elizabeth photo   2-Jun-29 22-Sep-89   mum and grandma Sect2.H.03
Shanahan James William photo   31-Oct-22 10-May-99   dad and grandpa Sect2.H.04
Share Isabel Mary photo   no dates       Sect1.L.38
Sharma Rajendra photo   3-Aug-46 5-Nov-85     Sect1.G.29
Sharpe Claude E.A. photo     2-Apr-89 85y   Sect2.G.27
Sharpe Ellen D.P. (-Dedrick) photo     15-Jan-91 85y   Sect2.G.28
Sharpe Howard Wilby photo   5-Jan-27 17-Mar-90     Sect3.L.23
Shepherdson John photo     20-Mar-87 71y   Sect2.E.19
Sherriff Fred photo     5-Feb-14 27y son/ Margaret Sect1.M.01
Sherry Charlotte Mary photo   20-Nov-00 1-May-94   m/ Mick,Fred Sect1.E.27
Simek Zdena Susan photo   4-Mar-27 21-Apr-09     Sect4.H.28
Simmons Lorris Harwal photo   1945 1954     Sect1.K.05
Simms Tina Louise photo   10-Mar-73 9-Apr-87   dau/ Margaret & Michael, sis/ Leanne Sect4.B.14
Simpson James W. photo     27-May-67 64y h/ Charlotte Sect1.E.24
Simpson Kynan Caley photo   21-Dec-88 20-May-89     Sect2.I.17
Simpson Margaret photo     4-Aug-71 80y   Sect1.E.25
Skews Margaret Isobel photo   3-Jun-11 24-Nov-91   w/ Allan, m/ Julia Sect3.E.29
Skinner Clary Richard photo   no dates       Sect3.A.20
Skinner Garry Charles photo   17-Jul-54 31-Dec-94   h/ Tracey, f/ Christopher,Andrew,Sarah Sect3.L.22
Skinner Jack Richard photo   25-Apr-42 9-Dec-89     Sect3.A.18
Skinner Rachael Elizabeth photo   22-Nov-20 26-Jan-92     Sect3.A.19
Skinner Ricky Stephen photo   23-Jun-62 14-Jul-86   brother Sect3.A.21
Sklanicz Imre "Jim" photo   9-Jan-31 9-Mar-01   h/ Mary, f/ Erica,Barbara,John Sect3.E.05
Slade Lorna (-Horswood) photo     6-Dec-87     Sect2.A.06
Slater Edna Pearl (-Wackenshaw) photo   5-Sep-08 31-Dec-89   w/ Robert Martin Sect2.D.16
Slater Robert Martin photo   4-Apr-00 15-Oct-82   h/ Edna Pearl Sect2.D.15
Slijkerman John photo   16-Oct-44 13-Jul-99   h/ Greta, f/ Yolanda,Corey,Marcella Sect2.L.03
Slucki Tadeusz photo   09 May 1899 15-Aug-88     Sect2.J.05
Smartt Nathaniel Augustus photo     29-Oct-69 91y   Sect4.D.01
Smethurst Rubena photo     14-Feb-10 58y   Sect3.G.01
Smethurst William photo     14 Dec 1891 39y   Sect3.G.02
Smith Amethyst May photo   1-Nov-92 8-Nov-92     Sect4.L.20
Smith Arthur William photo   16-Mar-29 2-Mar-00   h/ Margaret, f/ five children Sect1.H.18
Smith Clarice Olive photo   1-Dec-08 21-May-94   w/ Harold Sect2.B.20
Smith Edna Margaret photo   8-Jul-26 10-Dec-01   mother and grandmother Sect3.B.11
Smith Eric Douglas photo   15-Jun-13 4-Jan-06   h/ Beryl, f/ Jan,Doug Sect3.J.32
Smith Eric George photo   13-Mar-28 8-Dec-90   husband, our father Sect3.B.12
Smith Frances photo     8-Mar-89     Sect3.L.13
Smith Gertrude May photo     11-Feb-94 77y   Sect3.H.32
Smith Harold T. photo   1-Mar-07 13-Apr-85 78y h/ Clarice Sect2.B.21
Smith Jean Grace photo     28-Aug-98 84y w/ John Henry Sect2.J.13
Smith John Henry photo     8-Apr-89 78y h/ Jean Sect2.J.14
Smith John Raymond photo   5-Jan-25 1-Jul-01   h/ May, f/ Lyn,Julie,Jan Sect4.E.14
Smith Lawrence Joseph photo   22-Sep-32 14-Jul-94   h/ Sue, f/ five children Sect4.J.08
Smith Michael J. photo   1-May-52 20-Mar-87   h/ Karen, f/ Belinda,Plaxy Sect2.F.27
Smith Peter Richard photo     18-Nov-08 64y   Sect2.A.17
Smith Robert photo   1943 1996   son/ Bob & Maggie Sect3.M.03
Smith Roger Aitchison photo   1967 1991   son/ Jillian & David, bro/ Nigel,Pamela Sect4.L.23
Smith Sarah Jane "Jinny" photo   9-May-15 25-Sep-95   b. Emerald Sect4.J.20
Smith Suzanne Helena photo   13-Jul-38 9-Apr-00     Sect4.J.09
Soar Stephen photo     25-Nov-86     Sect3.L.01
Solomon J.C. [John Charles] photo     14-Oct-00 90y h/ Edith Sect3.M.14
Sornig Marcella photo   5-May-22 9-Feb-85   w/ Max, m/ Alan Sect2.F.13
Southern Albert photo   28-Dec-23 17-Aug-95   b. England Sect3.C.28
Southern Ivy photo   19-Sep-14 16-Jul-96   b. England Sect3.C.29
Southey Jason G. photo   16-Sep-72 28-Mar-94 21y son/ Graham & Barbara, bro/ Craig,Angela Sect1.B.11
Sparks Charles Alfred William photo   2-May-13 22-Sep-74   h/ Gladys Loizou, father Sect3.D.04
Sparks Gladys Loizou photo   19-Apr-20 14-Mar-02   w/ Charles Alfred Sect3.D.05
Spiller Alan Raymond photo     6-Aug-46 15y   Sect1.G.03
Spiller Frederic Leslie photo     21-Jun-53 61y   Sect1.G.04
Spruhan Jack Rockhey photo   22.05.1926 4.10.2008   h/ Margaret  
Spurrell D.V. [Douglas] photo     28-Jul-96 73y h/ Alva, f/ six children Sect2.L.01
Stammers Arthur W. photo   12-Nov-07 26-Apr-99   h/ Winifred F., our father Sect1.J.14
Stammers Winifred F. photo     19-Apr-80   w/ Arthur W., m/ Kathleen,Freda,Dorothy Sect1.J.15
Stanborough marker only, [Audrey] photo   no dates       Sect2.D.17
Stanbridge Graham Douglas "Doug" photo     19-Dec-79 38y h/ Irene, f/ Denise,Michelle,Andrew,Mathew Sect1.L.15
Stangl Elaine (-Eudey) photo   10-Sep-36 26-Dec-95   dau/ Jack Joseph & F. Helena EUDEY Sect2.A.11
Stapleton Hilda photo     2-May-36     Sect4.C.01
Stapleton Mary photo     31-Oct-31 63y   Sect4.C.02
Statham Kathleen Flora photo   6-Oct-08 4-Jul-86     Sect4.B.20
Steele Polly Anne photo     10-Dec-92 58y   Sect2.K.04
Stelling Adian David Sean photo     11-Nov-99 13y bro/ six siblings Sect1.H.19
Stephen Francis Robert photo   1-Apr-38 10-Dec-91   son/ Robert & Raynor, bro/ four siblings Sect3.E.37
Stephens Clarence Robert "Bob" photo   17-Sep-11 2-Aug-97   h/ Raynor, f/ five children Sect3.E.35
Stephens Helen Marie photo   15-Dec-80 23-Dec-80     Sect2.D.03
Stephens Raynor Therese (-Dennis) photo   28-Jun-17 18-Jun-98   w/ Clarence, m/ five children Sect3.E.36
Stephenson Murray Francis photo   19-Oct-39 11-Sep-72   h/ Traudie, f/ Anna Marie,Glen Sect1.C.01
Stevens John photo   10-Jan-18 24-Mar-83     Sect4.E.03
Stewart Freda Irene photo   26-Jun-17 24-Apr-03   w/ Reg, m/ Sue Sect1.F.01
Stewart Kathleen photo   no dates       Sect2.B.16
Stewart Peter Douglas photo   9-Mar-40 21-Jul-98     Sect3.A.38
Stewart Robert James John photo   5-May-20 24-Jun-96   our brother Sect1.G.05
Stewart Ronald Kyle photo   8-Aug-30 7-Jul-90   h/ Patricia, f/ Shane,Michele, grandfather Sect3.C.30
Stirzaker Carl photo   15-Apr-32 21-Mar-00   h/ Florence Sect1.E.22
Stirzaker Florence photo   25-Feb-18 22-Jan-05   w/ Carl Sect1.E.23
Strachan Elva Mary "Val" photo   21-Sep-31 15-Oct-94   ptnr/ Cliff, mother Sect3.M.02
Strathdee Alexander photo     19-Sep-88 60y husband, father and grandfather Sect3.L.15
Stratilatis Nichola Despina photo   10-Jun-72 25-Feb-97   dau/ Kyriakos & Joan, sis/ Jane Sect3.M.26
Stringer Charles Eden photo   12 Jul 1893 3-May-93   f/ Heather,Keith,Neil,Jean, grandfather Sect4.L.14
Struebe Gertrude photo   9-Jan-25 7-Apr-05     Sect1.A.14
Strunn Jean (-McInerney) photo   5-Oct-30 11-May-97   w/ Jack, dau/ Myrtle & Leo Sect2.G.36
Stuart Mary photo   1840 30-Aug-23 82y w/ William, b. Melbourne Sect4.B.01
Stuart William photo     09 Dec 1898 62y h/ Mary Sect4.B.02
Styling Diane June photo   23-Oct-67 20-Sep-86   dau/ June & Ron, sis/ Louise,John,Peter Sect1.L.08
Suidgeest Glenn Nicholaas photo   1965 1993 28y f/ Kerryn, son/ Barbara & Nicholaas Sect3.L.10
Szatke Charles (Karoly) photo   21-Apr-18 24-Sep-83   h/ Joan, f/ Catherine (Sue),Christopher Sect2.E.18
Szewczynski Annelise photo   1-May-27 30-Nov-98     Sect3.B.26
Tait James Leonard photo   22-Feb-32 18-May-05   h/ Val, f/ David,Darren,Christine,Scott Sect3.C.32
Tait Ron photo   20-Jan-31 11-Feb-10     Sect1.E.39
Talens Gerald photo   23-Nov-20 30-Dec-00     Sect2.L.05
Taylerson Lillian Catherine photo photo 2-Sep-24 15-Sep-04   wife and mother Sect4.M.30
Taylerson William photo photo 21-Mar-17 24-Nov-05   husband and father Sect4.M.31
Taylor Doreen photo   1920 2000     Sect4.M.10
Taylor Edmund "Ted" photo   1922 1998     Sect4.M.09
Taylor Lois Anne photo   8-Mar-45 5-Nov-85   w/ Peter, m/ Rick and Peter Anderson Sect2.H.06
Tazzyman Philip Norman photo   17-Jun-41 21-Oct-92   h/ Pamela, f/ David,Amanda, grandfather Sect3.B.19
Teichmann Ivo Alexander photo   18-Feb-28 26-Dec-87   b. Prerov Czechoslovakia Sect2.H.18
Temminghoff Bernadine Mary (-Kleinsman) photo   4-Dec-34 2-Apr-91   b. Haakabergen Holland Sect3.D.17
Tevelis Arvids photo   3-Jul-19       Sect3.H.20
Thatcher Claris Blanche photo   1914 1995   w/ Stanley Leslie, m/ five children Sect1.D.28
Thatcher Frederick James photo   17-Jul-15 21-Aug-03   h/ Stella, f/ Lyn,Bryan Sect3.E.15
Thatcher Stanley Leslie photo   1909 1977   h/ Claris Blanche, f/ five children Sect1.D.29
Thatcher Stella (-Hawkins) photo   1-Jun-15 28-Jul-91   w/ Frederick James, m/ Lyn,Bryan Sect3.E.16
Thomas Yvonne Florence photo   10-Oct-43 16-Nov-08   w/ Doug, m/ Shelley,Suzie,Janelle,Kerri Sect1.L.39
Thompson John photo   3-May-10 1-Jan-85   h/ Valda, f/ Greg,Andrew Sect1.J.25
Thompson Lorraine photo   19-Jan-54 20-Jul-99   w/ Earl, m/ Yvette,Mark,Dene,Renee Sect3.D.26
Thompson Valda photo   1-Apr-30 2-Aug-06   w/ John, m/ Greg,Andrew, grandmother Sect1.J.26
Thornton Alan Cecil photo photo 1928 2003   husband Sect3.G.33
Thornton Marion Stanford photo photo 1916 1990   w/ Alan, m/ Yvonne,Heather,John,Geoffrey Sect3.G.34
Thyer David photo   10-Nov-84     son/ Garry & Jeanette, bro/ Kylie Anne Sect4.F.07
Thyer Kristopher Garry photo   13-May-86   infant son/ Garry & Jeanette, bro/ Kylie Anne Sect4.F.08
Thyer Paul photo   15-Aug-87   infant son/ Garry & Jeanette, bro/ Kylie Anne Sect4.F.09
Tiernan Carol Lesley photo   7-Jan-58 17-Feb-06   m/ Quinton,Lucas,Troy Sect3.M.04
Tittensor Emma Kate photo photo 3-Nov-74 9-Jun-82     Sect3.K.06
Tittensor Jonathon Paul photo photo 17-Nov-72 9-Jun-82     Sect3.K.07
Tittensor Sheila photo photo 26-Sep-46 8-Nov-97   m/ Jonathon,Emma, Brigitte BOON Sect3.K.08
Tolerton Daniel photo   15 Jan 1898 21-Mar-84   f/ Moreen Sect2.E.26
Tolerton Moreen photo   10-Jul-28 16-May-95   dau/ Daniel Sect2.E.27
Tonner Eda Mavis photo     6-Aug-83 82y   Sect4.H.04
Tootell Lindsay G. photo   1908 1982     Sect1.F.09
Torwald Erik photo   28-Jun-09 9-Aug-01     Sect3.K.18
Treadway Kathry Ann photo   5-Oct-62 22-Aug-84   dau/ Bob & Enid Sect3.D.02
Treadway Merrelle Virginia photo   25-Jun-72 21-Jul-74   dau/ Bob & Enid Sect3.D.03
Tripovich Eva (-Keeton) photo   1882 1936   w/ Peter P., m/ four children Sect1.K.18
Tripovich James Theodore photo   5-May-13 10-Dec-83   eldst son/ Peter Phillip & Eva Sect1.K.20
Tripovich Lucy Esmarelda "Esmae" photo   29-Sep-17 25-Jun-04   dau/ Peter Phillip & Eva Sect1.K.21
Tripovich N.P. "Bill" [Norm Phillip] photo     5-Jul-99 83y f/ Paul, son/ Peter & Eva, grandfather Sect1.K.19
Tripovich Peter Phillip photo   1881 1936   h/ Eva, f/ James Theodore, Lucy Esmarelda Sect1.K.22
Truscott John Edward photo   1936 1993     Sect4.K.02
Tschampion Adolphe photo photo   [1949] [88y] our parent Sect1.J.01
Tschampion Annie photo photo   [1954] [83y] our parent Sect1.J.02
    photo photo          
Tschampion Hulda photo photo   [1973] [72y] our sister Sect1.J.03
Tulloch Gordon Wilson photo     23-Feb-81 77y h/ Kathleen Patricia Sect1.M.15
Tulloch Kathleen Patricia photo     12-Jun-74 63y w/ Gordon, m/ Marie,Joy,Robert,Anne Sect1.M.14
Turco Everina photo   5-Sep-36 12-Apr-02   wife, mother and grandmother Sect3.A.35
Turner John Stanley "Stan" photo   5-Jun-07 28-Dec-99   b. Hobart Sect4.K.04
Turner Stella Grant photo   6-Feb-18 14-Dec-05   b. Melbourne Sect4.K.05
Turvey Neil photo   1929 1985   husband and father Sect2.C.27
Tyrrell Samuel Gordon photo   17-Jan-78 2-Jun-85     Sect3.G.21
unknown Eva photo   no dates       Sect3.J.25
unknown Rose photo   no dates       Sect2.G.34
unmarked mon amour photo   no dates       Sect3.M.18
Unknown Dad photo   no dates       Sect2.F.31
unreadable Mathew photo   no dates       Sect1.F.18
van Ameringen Elias Marcus "Bob" photo   26-Apr-23 1-Apr-09   h/ Rein, f/ Frieda,Robert,Willie,Doreen Sect3.G.29
van de Velde Willem photo   18-Jul-38 28-Jan-95   f/ Jason,Ruth,Jeannie,Kelly Sect4.J.07
van den Akker Robert Johannes photo photo   28-Nov-58     Sect2.I.01
van der Hulst Johannus Marinus photo   9-May-31 28-Jun-92   husband and father Sect2.D.01
van Graas Arnoldus Cornelius photo   2-Aug-55 18-Apr-02     Sect4.A.15
van Graas Johannes Gerardus photo   6-Jun-23 28-Nov-08   h/ Maria Theodora, f/ seven children Sect4.A.16
van Graas Maria Theodora Anna photo   22-Jan-26 9-Jan-08   w/ Johannes Gerardus, m/ seven children Sect4.A.17
van Horick Petrus Maria photo   5-Dec-20 1-Jun-96   parent of nine children Sect2.K.05
van Horick Theodora Johanna (-Forrer) photo   17-Jun-21 5-Feb-97   parent of nine children Sect2.K.06
van Leuverden Gilles photo   no dates       Sect3.D.19
van Mekeren Harry photo   27-Apr-32 21-Aug-90   h/ Ria, father Sect3.J.26
van Munnen Jan photo   28-Nov-25 2-Apr-04   h/ Anna-Maria, f/ Dirk,Ron Sect4.L.08
Vandenberg Johanna "Janny" photo   4-May-30 26-Jan-08     Sect1.K.34
Vandenberg Maarten photo   16-Aug-31 16-Sep-09     Sect1.K.35
Vanderaa Frederick photo   6-Sep-14 10-Dec-96   h/ Matty, f/ Maurice Sect3.D.12
Vanderdrift Frank J. photo   17-Oct-28 8-Jul-98   h/ Kaye Lila Parris Sect2.B.12
Vaney Edward Neil photo   15-Dec-15 13-May-81   h/ Leslie, f/ Michael,Mark, grandfather Sect4.C.08
Veale David Ernest photo     1-Nov-85 74y   Sect1.L.31
Vegt Willem Cornelis photo   6-May-21 17-Oct-04     Sect3.H.03
Veith Diane Janet (-Brewer) photo   10-Jun-49 13-May-86   m/ Emanuel Sect4.H.17
Veith Emanuel photo   26-Sep-80 24-Dec-03   son/ Diane Janet Sect4.H.18
Vidakovic Danilo "Dane" photo   1931 1987     Sect2.G.20
von Piechowski Franz photo   15-May-07 19-Jan-87   h/ Hedwig, f/ Helga,Gisela,Heinz Sect1.C.23
von Piechowski Hedwig photo   29-Nov-09 21-Dec-01   w/ Franz, m/ Helga,Gisela,Heinz Sect1.C.24
Vortman Bianca photo   21-Jan-78 17-Aug-92   dau/ Jim & Barbara, sis/ Jason Sect1.M.25
Vryens Wilhelmus Hubertus photo   1-Oct-29 21-Aug-86   h/ Joanne, father and Opa Sect2.G.05
W. A. [A.W. initials only] photo   no dates       Sect3.F.31
Waddell Anthony Graeme photo   22-May-58 22-Sep-93   h/ Ingrid, f/ Cameron,Ashley,Aaron Sect1.D.03
Wain Steven Frazer photo photo 24-Feb-68 6-Oct-08     Sect4.G.22
Wain Steven Frazer photo photo no dates     h/ Bek, f/ Lily,Noah Sect4.G.23
Waldon Marie Elizabeth photo     3-Jan-99     Sect3.L.21
Wall Eileen May photo   23-Jul-06 27-Oct-91     Sect1.L.30
Wallace Mollie May photo   1906 1994     Sect3.G.23
Wallace Rita Jean photo   7-Sep-25 18-Dec-05     Sect2.J.06
Wallis John Leslie Arthur photo   25-Jul-43 9-Sep-06   f/ Amanda,Brett Sect3.M.05
Walmsley Shirley May photo   29-Jan-38 8-Mar-02   wife, mother and sister Sect3.B.23
Wapshott Jason photo   5-Mar-66 2-Oct-97 31y h/ Leanne, f/ Luke,Jake,Madeline Sect1.K.17
Ward Billy photo photo 11-Jul-16 10-Apr-98     Sect1.M.30
Ward Dorothy Winifred photo   13-Sep-13 11-Mar-87   w/ Frederick W., m/ Patricia,Margaret,Alan Sect1.E.20
Ward Ezra Delesaki photo     10-Jul-83 66y   Sect2.E.17
Ward Frederick William photo   3-Feb-11 19-Sep-81   h/ Dorothy, f/ Patricia,Margaret,Alan Sect1.E.21
Ward James Henery photo   1904 1974     Sect1.J.23
Ward William Ernest photo photo 11-Jul-16 10-Apr-98   h/ Dorothy, f/ Noel,Mary Sect1.M.31
Waring Shirley June (-Madigan) photo     17-Jun-93   w/ Phil, m/ James,Cathie,Kirsty Sect1.E.19
Warner Cyril Dunstan photo   7-Mar-16 9-Jan-85     Sect4.M.14
Warr Amy Mary photo photo   6-Mar-70   w/ Bob Sect1.H.10
Warr R.C. "Bob" [Reginald] photo photo   28-Feb-74     Sect1.H.11
Waters Peter Charles photo     30-Sep-92 44y h/ Judy, f/ Tony,Brad Sect2.G.07
Watson Janet photo     4-Apr-83 43y   Sect2.A.18
Weimo Rolf Andor photo   1919 1987 68y   Sect2.H.19
Weiss Adolph photo photo no dates       Sect2.D.27
Welch Albert Edward photo   1909 1986   our parent Sect1.H.03
Welch Albert Edward photo     26-Feb-35 56y h/ Wilhelmina Sect1.E.04
Welch Louisa photo   1911 1990   our parent Sect1.H.04
Welch Norton Ingleigh "Pip" photo   1923 2002   h/ Anne, f/ Norton,Eunice Sect1.E.03
Welch Robert Arthur photo   2-Mar-17 31-May-82   son/ Wilhelmina & Albert Sect1.E.06
Welch Wilhelmina photo     16-Jul-64 77y w/ Albert Edward Sect1.E.05
Wheat Carolyn Anne photo   3-Apr-51 23-Jun-01   wife and mother Sect4.G.03
White Edward Charles photo     20-Nov-82     Sect1.G.09
White Lilian Rosina photo     3-Nov-91     Sect1.G.10
White Myrtle Rita photo     16-Dec-88   yngst dau/ Elizabeth A. & Charles W. Sect2.H.21
Wiering Johanna Catharina photo   25-Apr-31 31-Jul-96   w/ Piet, mother and Oma Sect2.L.04
Wilcock Eileen May photo photo 10-Sep-18 17-May-98   w/ Randolph, m/ Philip,Barbara,Janet,John Sect3.K.26
Wilcock Philip Lindsay photo   3-Dec-46 6-Dec-96   h/ Mary Aisi, f/ Randolph Jon Sect3.K.30
Wilcock R.S. [Randolph Sydney] photo photo   18-Feb-98 78y h/ Eileen, f/ Philip,Barbara,Janet,John Sect3.K.25
Wilczynski Stanislaw photo   10-Nov-14 11-Nov-87   Polish army officer Sect2.H.26
Willard Lily "Billie" photo   8-Oct-31 15-Jan-99   w/ Derek, m/ five children Sect4.H.27
Williams Alice Maude photo photo 9-Jun-17 9-Sep-04   w/ Tom, mother and Nana Sect3.K.10
Williams Doreen Joan photo   28-Oct-24 17-May-09   w/ John, m/ John,Christina,David,Robert Sect3.L.02
Williams Faye E. photo   1-Sep-36 4-Sep-96     Sect1.J.33
Williams Heather Joy (-Hart) photo   1951 1992   w/ Russell, m/ Sally,Christopher Sect1.A.12
Williams Ian McKenzie photo   1922 1985 62y son/ Christopher James & Lilian Sect4.H.09
Williams Peter John photo   10-Sep-55 10-Jul-08   ptnr/ Marion, father and grandfather Sect3.M.31
Williams Reginald Thomas "Tom" photo photo 7-Dec-13 28-Feb-90   h/ Alice, father and Pa Sect3.K.09
Williams Stanley John photo     31-Jan-85 73y   Sect4.K.17
Williams Teresa photo     26-Feb-86 45y   Sect2.H.09
Williams William Lloyd photo   8-May-34 28-Jul-99     Sect2.H.10
Willy Christopher Francis photo   28-Aug-49 6-May-85   h/ Julie, f/ Andrew,Jessica,Katie Sect4.H.20
Wilson Allan David photo   3-Jul-53 17-Aug-88   son/ Geoff & Bette, bro/ Jan,Glenn Sect1.E.28
Wilson Clifford Thomas Alexander photo   23-Nov-13 8-Dec-98   f/ Tena,Maxine,Kate Sect4.L.15
Wilson Ian Martin photo     16-Mar-86 16y   Sect4.M.13
Wilson Leslie Harry photo   26-May-14 26-Jun-06   bro/ Clara, uncle/ Peter,Pamela,Rodney Sect1.A.08
Wilson Mavis Winifred (-Marriot) photo   18-Nov-13 13-Dec-96   m/ Tena,Maxine,Kate Sect4.L.16
Winkler Frank photo photo 29-Apr-54 18-Jul-94   husband, stepfather, brother Sect4.B.18
Wirth Gladys "Diddy" photo   2-Dec-07 27-Aug-92     Sect4.G.09
Wisniowski Jan "John" photo   12-Feb-26 10-May-98 72y   Sect1.J.31
Wolfe Christopher Michael photo   1919 1987   h/ Lilian, f/ Paul,Laurence,Lilian,Eamon Sect2.G.13
Wong Cheng Hee photo   1903 1983   father and Pa Sect4.H.11
Wookey William photo   no dates     [given name, from Trust records] Sect2.E.06
Worley John Malcolm photo   17-Feb-46 12-Sep-93   husband, father and brother Sect2.D.18
Worrall Layla photo   1954 1990     Sect1.K.24
Worrell Clement Richard photo photo   31-Mar-34 15m   Sect3.C.10
Worrell John Francis photo   26 Dec 1899 21-Aug-75   f/ Dulcie,Olive,Robert,Melva,Billy,Moyna Sect1.K.07
Worrell Norman Leslie photo photo   5-Feb-02 63y   Sect3.C.11
Worrell Rita Alice photo   18-Apr-01 4-Jun-62   m/ Dulcie,Olive,Robert,Melva,Billy,Moyna Sect1.K.06
Worrell Robert Kevin photo     21-Mar-32 2y son/ John Francis & Rita Alice Sect1.H.07
Worrell Terrence Richard photo   18-Jan-37 19-Feb-08     Sect3.D.09
Wositzki Frantisek "Frank" photo   31-Mar-26 11-Dec-02   father and grandfather Sect1.L.34
Wositzky Clare (-McMurray) photo   17-Jan-21 26-Jan-91   mother, b. Wigtown Scotland Sect2.F.26
Wright Leo Vincent photo   13-Apr-15 14-Feb-02   h/ Roma, father and Pa Sect3.F.34
Wright Ruby photo   1887 1971 84y   Sect1.J.17
Wright Samuel photo   1886 1966 80y   Sect1.J.18
Wurz Walter Anton photo   28-May-35 26-Dec-88   f/ five children Sect2.H.23
Yapp George Frederick photo     21-Feb-54 72y f/ Lucy Sect1.E.07
Yapp Gladys Mary photo     22-Jan-89 97y m/ Lucy Sect1.E.08
Yapp Lucy photo     8-Jun-05 87y dau/ George Frederick & Gladys Mary Sect1.E.09
Young Robert John photo   8-Nov-57 22-Jun-96     Sect4.F.03
Young Ronald C. photo   1915 1985     Sect2.I.29
Zandt Beatrix I.M. photo   23-Feb-46 18-Dec-86   w/ Bart, m/ five children Sect1.C.25
Zaymus Gerda photo   26-Nov-13 21-Jul-05     Sect4.L.37
Zemdegs Arturs photo   no dates       Sect2.C.18
Zidek Drahomira Diane photo   9-Nov-41       Sect2.K.12
Zidek Vaclav photo   15-Oct-32 28-Dec-95   f/ six children Sect2.K.13
Ziegenbein Alfred Heinrich photo photo 12-Jan-18 3-Aug-95   h/ Letty, father and grandfather Sect2.I.16
Ziegenbein Marie photo photo 23 Dec 1892 2-Apr-89   m/ Werner,Alfred Sect2.I.15

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