Seymour Cemetery


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Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Carmel M Reynen.


ABBERLEY Elizabeth photo photo 29th Jan 1898 76 years mother of George
ABBERLEY George photo photo 23rd Dec 1917 64 years husband of Hettie son of Elizabeth, laid to rest on Xmas morn.
ADAMS Francis photo photo 3rd Dec 1896 82 years Capt.Late of Sunday Greek Station. Native of St Ives, Cornwall, husband of Sarah father of Francis Jennings
ADAMS Francis Jennings   photo 18th Oct 1857 17mths son of Francis & Sarah
ADAMS Francis Jennings   photo 1st Nov 1859   son of Francis & Sarah
ADAMS Sarah   photo 30th April 1903 83 years wife of Francis & mother of Francis & Francis died Ulverston England
ADMANS Annie Elizabeth photo   1906    
AGWIN John photo   1901    
AITCHESON Reginald Alexander photo   1893    
ALLAN John photo   1892    
ALLAN john photo   1901    
ALLEN Sampson photo   1893    
ANDERSON Esther photo   1880    
ANDERSON Samuel photo   1869    
ANDREWS Edward photo   1905    
ANTHONY William photo   1862    
APLIN unnamed (twin) photo   1906    
APLIN unnamed (twin) photo   1906    
ARCHIBALD Alexander photo   1862    
ARKCOLL Harry photo photo 18th June 1901 75 years arkcoll
ARKCOLL Rosanna photo   1908    
ARKCOLL William Alexander photo   1903    
ASELEY George Esau photo   1913    
ASH James photo   1888    
ASH Janet photo   1901    
ASHE unnamed male photo   1867    
AUGHNEY Edward photo   1869    
BAILLIE Thomas photo   1900    
BAIN unnamed photo   1913    
BAKER Arnold Charles photo   1890    
BAKER Edwin photo   1894    
BAKER Elizabeth photo   1894    
BAKER Elizabeth Mary photo   1930    
BAKER Francis E photo photo 31st May 1894 36 years son of Josiah & Harriet
BAKER Harriet photo photo 10th Jan 1921 87 years wife of Josiah mother of Francis,
BAKER Harry photo   1901    
BAKER Harry Ernest photo   1889    
BAKER Ivy photo   1905    
BAKER Jessie Louise photo   1902    
BAKER Josiah photo photo 24th April 1922 89 years husband of Harriet, father of Francis
BAKER unnamed photo   1916    
BAKER William John photo   1894    
BALDWIN Jane photo photo 30th Dec 1942   with Helen & Kate Perron
BALL Sephen photo   1896    
BALLANTYNE Ann Marshall photo   1930    
BALLANTYNE Catherine photo   1935    
BALLANTYNE Florence photo photo 1906    
BALLANTYNE Ivy Euphemia photo   1896    
BALLANTYNE John Chapmand photo   1889    
BALLANTYNE William Campbell photo   1924    
BALLANTYNE William George photo photo 1913    
BARBER Ada Phillis photo   1918    
BARNES Francis Rupert photo   1922    
BARNES George photo   1895    
BARNES Harry Joseph photo   1896    
BARRETT Amy Ethel photo   1876    
BARRETT Henry photo   1871    
BARRETT laura Rosedale photo   1873    
BARRETT William photo   1871    
BARTLE William photo   1903    
BARTON Oliver photo photo 25th Sept 1900 50 years  
BASSETT Frederick Mathias photo   1900    
BASSETT Olive photo   1895    
BATH Chales photo   1876    
BATT Thomas photo   1910    
BATTEN Frederick photo   1925    
BAXTER unnamed male photo   1865    
BAYNE Enit Yalaba photo   1889    
BAYNE Harry photo   1887    
BEMROSE Mary Agatha photo   1912    
BERG Jana E photo   1891    
BINNS George William photo photo 13th May 1916 50 years husband of Jane Ann
BINNS Jane Ann photo photo 19th April 1955   wife of George W
BISHOP Ada Jane photo   1919    
BISHOP Amy photo   1883    
BISHOP Frances photo   1878    
BISHOP Henry photo   1916    
BISHOP Jane photo   1878    
BISHOP Leslie Gordon photo   1889    
BISHOP Rebecca photo   1910    
BISHOP Roy Wilton photo   1890    
BLACK Alexander photo photo 26th Jan 1910 22years also Helena & William
BLACK Bernard photo   1860    
BLACK Helena photo photo 8th March 1884 3 weeks daut of William & Mary Ann
BLACK William photo photo 23rd Jan 1913 37 years also Helena & Alex
BLAIR Bridget photo   1913    
BLAKE Briget Agnes photo photo 11th April 1945   wife of John Alexander M
BLAKE John photo photo 24th Dec 1899 3 yrs son of J.A & B.A Blake (mem has 1895)
BLAKE John Alexander M photo photo 26th Dec 1910 48 years husband of Bridget (1945)
BLAKE Nellie Barbara photo photo 9th May 1898 3 years daut of J.A & B.A Blake
BLUM Ellen photo   1899    
BLUM George photo   1880    
BODDY Edith Helen photo photo 2nd April 1906 1 years daut of Edward & Helen
BODDY Edward Henry photo photo 3rd Feb 1936 67 years husband of Helen Jane
BODDY Eliza photo   1873    
BODDY Helen Jane photo photo 1953 85 years wife of Edward Herny
BODDY unnamed photo   1902    
BOGLE Jane photo   1887    
BOLTON Mary Ellen photo photo 2nd Aug 1947 76 years daut of Thomas & Mary Jane
BOLTON Mary Jane photo photo 25th June 1942 82 years wife of Thomas
BOLTON Sarah Jane photo photo 18th July 1883 4 mths daut of Thomas & Mary Jane
BOLTON Thomas photo photo 23rd April 1907 68 years husband of Mary Jane
BORLASE Ellen McLachlan photo   1918    
BORLASE Samuel Uren photo   1945    
BORLASE Samuel Victor photo   1897    
BOURKE Annie Jean photo photo 18th Aug 1916 65 years  
BOURKE John Thomas photo   1936    
BOURNE Henry photo   1890    
BOURNE Mary A photo   1900    
BOWDEN Fanny photo photo 14th Oct 1878 44 years wife of John mother of Lily & Minnie
BOWDEN John photo photo 13th April 1894 73 years husband of Fanny father of Lily & Minnie
BOWDEN Lily May photo photo 16th July 1893 26 years daut of John & Fanny
BOWDEN Minnie photo photo 31st July 1929 58 years daut of John & Fanny
BOXSHALL Betty photo   1938    
BOYLE Elizabeth photo photo 12th Jan 1904 73 years wife of Hugh,
BOYLE Hugh photo photo 7th Dec 1898 65 years native of Coothill, Co Cavan Ireland. Husband of Eliza father of Mary Mellor
BOYLE Michael photo photo 4th July 1895    
BRADLEY Ellen photo   1874    
BRADLEY George Fredrick photo   1883    
BRADLEY Maud Ellen photo   1883    
BRADLEY Richard photo   1881    
BREADY Samuel photo   1909    
BRIDGES Ann Eliza photo   1872    
BROCK Isabella Scott photo   1871    
BROOK Eliza photo photo 28th Feb 1867 52 years wife of John. Died at Tallarook
BROOKS Ada photo   1893    
BROOKS Benjamin photo photo 18th Oct 1891 68 years husband of Emma
BROOKS Emma photo photo 28th Oct 1902 78 years wife of Benjamin
BROPHY Michael photo   1905    
BROPHY Sarah Jane photo   1898    
BROWN Catherine photo photo 24th Jan 1880 47 years born New*y Co. Down, Ireland, wife of Joseph
BROWN Emily Catherine photo photo 16th Oct 1897 24 years daut of Catherine & Joseph
BROWN James photo   1870    
BROWN Joseph photo photo 1906    
BROWN Mathew photo   1873    
BROWN Robert photo   1864    
BRYANT Hilda May photo   1882    
BUCHANAN James photo   1883    
BUCKOKE Ellen Conventry photo   1889    
BUCKOKE Samuel Coventry photo   1888    
BUGGY Edward Hugh photo   1974    
BUGGY John photo photo 13th July 1914 53 years husband of Margaret
BUGGY Margaret photo   1940    
BUGGY Margaret Theresa photo   1951    
BUGGY Martin photo photo 2nd April 1901 44 years born Kilkenny Ireland
BULLEN Frederick photo   1898    
BULLEN Gertrude photo photo 1st January 1898 3mths 3 wks daut of J.B & A Bullen
BURKE Annie Mary photo   1895    
BUTLER Catherine Gertrude photo photo 2nd April 1901 33 years wife of Frank mother of Madeline & Eileen
BUTLER Eileen Cecelia photo photo 12th Aug 1900 11 years daut of Catherine & Frank
BUTLER Eliza Jane photo photo 24th Dec 1886 76 years wife of James
BUTLER Eliza Jane photo   1904    
BUTLER Francis de Tallis photo   1943    
BUTLER Gertrude M photo   1901    
BUTLER James photo   1889    
BUTLER Madeline May photo photo 31st March 1901 3 years daut of Frank & Catherine
CAFFERY unnamed photo   1915    
CAIN William photo   1907    
CALLAHAN Peter photo   1872    
CALLAN Mary Ann photo   1899    
CALLAN Mary Redford photo photo 5th Oct 1905 42 years daut of Richard Redford * name spelled Callen on headstone*
CALLAN Robert Alexander photo   1927    
CALLAN Sydney John photo   1909    
CALLEN David photo photo 18th July 1886 60 years husband of Rebecca
CALLEN James photo   1898    
CALLEN John photo   1902    
CALLEN John photo photo   1yr 10mths also Sarah Rebecca (not mentioned in indexes, may be just a memorial
CALLEN Michael photo   1857    
CALLEN Sarah Rebecca photo photo 1876 3 years also John aged 1 yr 10mths
CALLIPHONAS Chauncy King photo photo 3rd July 1860 18 years  
CAMBREY Thomas Edward photo   1904    
CAMERON Donald Chisholm photo   1896    
CAMERON Ethel Flora photo   1894    
CAMERON Jane photo photo 6th Dec 1891    
CAMERON Janet Emiston photo   1899    
CAMERON Mary photo   1887    
CAMERON Neil Moleswoth photo   1887    
CAMPBELL Duncan photo   1872    
CAMPBELL Jane photo   1933    
CAMPBELL Mary photo   1904    
CAMPBELL William photo   1902    
CARDWELL Charles Edward photo   1892    
CARROLL Eliza photo   1878    
CARROLL Mary Catherine photo   1907    
CARROLL Patrick photo   1873    
CARTER John photo   1910    
CARTER Mabel Gerte photo   1920    
CARTWRIGHT Henry photo   1873    
CARTWRIGHT Mary Jane photo   1873    
CASEY Horace Byron photo   1887    
CASSIDY Fredrick William photo   1875    
CHADWICK Elizabeth photo photo 29th Jan 1884 75 years wife of Thomas
CHADWICK Harriet photo photo 15th May 1900 69 years 2nd wife of Thomas. Of Sheffield Enlgand
CHADWICK Thomas photo photo 4th Sept 1894 77 years husband of Elizabeth
CHAULK Arthur Herbert photo   1881    
CHEESEWRIGHT William Lewise photo   1885    
CHISHOLM Alexander photo   1932    
CHISHOLM Ellen photo   1913    
CHISHOLM Ellen photo   1901    
CHISHOLM Frazer photo   1900    
CHISHOLM James photo   1905    
CHISHOLM John photo   1925    
CHISHOLM Margaret photo   1888    
CHISHOLM unnamed (twin) photo   1906    
CHISHOLM unnamed (twin) photo   1906    
CHISHOLM William photo   1889    
CHISHOLM William photo   1916    
CHITTICK Irvine photo   1877    
CHITTICK James photo photo 4th Feb 1911 71 years husband of Mary Jane, Native of Co Tyrone Ireland
CHITTICK James Henry photo   1905    
CHITTICK Margaret photo   1877    
CHITTICK Mary Jane photo photo 31st March 1919 82 years wife of James
CHITTICK unnamed photo   1909    
CHITTICK unnamed photo   1906    
CLANCY Thomas photo   1912    
CLARK Charles Ernest photo   1874    
CLARK John Thomas B photo   1871    
CLARK unnamed male photo   1864    
CLARKE Phennella photo   1876    
CLEARY William photo   1891    
CLEEVE Ethel May photo   1904    
CLINCH Mary photo   1893    
CLYDESDALE Agnes photo photo 9th Sept 1950   daut of Kate & Robert
CLYDESDALE Annie photo   1899    
CLYDESDALE Catherine (Kate) photo photo 6th March 1928 73 years wife of R.J
CLYDESDALE Christina photo photo 15th April 1940 47 years sister of William & Winifred
CLYDESDALE Nellie photo   1898    
CLYDESDALE Robert James photo photo 15th July 1944 90 years husband of Catherine (Kate)
CLYDESDALE unnamed photo   1909    
CLYDESDALE unnamed photo   1916    
CLYDESDALE William photo photo 6th May 1904 25 years contractor, native of Ballarat, killed while erecting a water tower at Shepparton, also sisters Winifred and Christina
CLYDESDALE Winifred May photo photo 31st Oct 1923 40 years sister of William & Christina
COLE Richard photo   1889    
COLLAS Dorothy Lizette photo   1839   this should read 1939
COLLAS Edward Nelson photo   1897    
COLLAS Lisette photo   1937    
COLLINS Anne photo   1884    
CONLON Michael photo   1887    
CONN Robert F photo   1873    
CONNELL Joseph photo   1879    
COOK Clarice Maud photo   1896    
COOK William photo   1872    
COOPER Alice Maud photo photo 27th July 1892 20 years daut of George & emiley
COPE Evan William photo   1892    
COPELAND James photo photo 2nd Jan 1913 78 years husband of Mary Ann
COPELAND Mary Ann photo photo 13th May 1911 72 years wife of James
COWLEY Carol photo   1905    
COWLEY James photo   1927    
COX Sabina photo   1892    
CRAWFORD Grace Mildred photo   1881    
CRAWFORD Samuel Harold photo   1878    
CRAWFORD William Robert photo   1882    
CREEDON James photo   1892    
CREEDON Johanna photo   1892    
CREEDON unnamed photo   1912    
CROCKER Margaret photo   1902    
CROCKER Martha photo   1908    
CROSS Audrey May photo   1911    
CROSS Charlotte photo   1895    
CROTHERS unnamed photo   1914    
CULLEN Edward Charles photo   1911    
CURTIS Bridget photo   1892    
CURTIS William photo   1895    
CURTIS William photo   1893    
DALE Arthur photo   1899    
DALE Martha photo   1894    
DALTON Daisy Ruby photo   1897    
DALTON Ellen Violet photo   1897    
DALTON Mabel Beatrice photo   1897    
DAND Anne photo   1865    
DANIELS Florence E photo   1893    
DARCY Catherine photo   1871    
DARCY Catherine photo   1880    
DARCY Cora Elizabeth photo   1897    
DARCY Emma Mary photo   1914    
DARCY Margaret M photo   1887    
DARCY Michael Daniel photo   1887    
DARCY Michael Patrick photo   1879    
DARCY Olive photo   1896    
DARCY Patrick photo   1916    
DARCY Thomas photo   1915    
DARCY William photo   1928    
DARMONDY Daniel Joseph photo   1916    
DAVIES Corina photo   1873    
DAVIES Margaret photo   1886    
DAVIS John photo   1895    
DAVIS Maria photo   1873    
DAWES Elizabeth photo photo 9th Jan 1886 56 years wife of James mother of Elizabeth Chadwick
DAWES James photo photo 20th May 1884 67 years husband of Elizabeth father of Elizabeth Chadwick
DAWSON Catherine photo photo 12th Sept 1900 60 years wife of William
DAWSON Stuart photo   1913    
DAWSON unnamed photo   1864    
DAWSON unnamed photo   1867    
DAWSON William photo photo 10th Sept 1900 71 years husband of Catherine father of Mary
DAY Francis Eleanor photo   1901    
DE GROOT Ellen Harriet photo photo 5th Feb 1877 3 years daut of John & Ellen
DEADY Hannah photo   1903    
DEASY Hugh Irwin photo   1865    
DEMPSEY Elizabeth photo   1911    
DEMPSEY Honora photo   1894    
DEMPSEY John photo photo 16th Jan 1899 85 years husband of Margaret
DEMPSEY John Patrick photo   1885    
DEMPSEY Margaret photo photo 22nd March 1870 51 years wife of John
DEMPSEY Mary photo   1905    
DEMPSEY Mona photo photo 16th Dec 1920 7 years daut of William (d 1915)
DEMPSEY Patrick photo   1907    
DEMPSEY William photo   1908    
DEMPSEY William Patrick photo photo 11th August 1915 46 years father of Mona
DENNIS John photo   1892    
DENNIS John photo   1898    
DENSWORTH Louisa Mary photo photo 6th Oct 1957 87 years wife of Walter
DENSWORTH Margaret E photo   1930    
DENSWORTH unnamed photo   1897    
DENSWORTH Walter Joseph photo photo 27th May 1917 54 years husband of Louisa M,
DEWSNAP unnamed male photo   1904    
DEWSNAP unnamed male photo   1904    
DICKS John photo   c1864    
DOLAN Margaret Jane photo   1921    
DOLAN Michael photo   1932    
DOLLY James photo   c1864    
DONALD Esther photo photo 11th April 1875 45 years wife of George
DONALD George photo photo 5th Jan 1906 78 years husband of Esther
DONNELLY Bernice Ella photo   1911    
DONNELLY Rose photo   1919    
DONOVAN Colin photo   1906    
DONOVAN James photo   1901    
DORAN Elizabeth photo   1902    
DORRINGTON Leslie Seymour photo   1903    
DOSSER Agnes Winifred photo photo 1894 infant daut of Harry & Jane
DOSSER George Harold photo photo 1895 infant son of Harry & Jane
DOSSER Harry photo photo 13th Aug 1944 82 years husband of Jane, father of Winifred & George
DOSSER Jane photo photo 29th May 1943 77 years wife of Harry mother of Winifred & George
DOTTER Caroline photo   1894    
DOTTER Dennis photo   1892    
DOTTER Fredolin photo   1894    
DOXEY Alice Emily Ethel photo photo 18th May 1889 31 years daut of JC? Doxey
DOXEY Alice Maud photo   1897    
DOXEY John Going photo photo 1909   information Edwardian Index.
DOXEY Lola photo photo 23rd April 1911 9 mths daut of Marion & Ambrose
DOXEY Marion May photo photo 24th August 1911 28 years Nee Eagleson, wife of Ambrose
DOXEY Mary Anne photo photo 28th Oct 1908 75 years  
DOXEY Mary Margareta photo photo 17th Feb 1917 5 mths daut of JG & MA Doxey
DOXEY Mary Maud photo photo 23rd Aug 1876 14mths daut of JC? Doxey
DOXEY Pauline photo photo Sept 1876 13 years daut of JC? Doxey
DOYLE Catherine photo   1898    
DOYLE Elizabeth photo photo 5th Nov 1904 55 years wife of John
DOYLE Elizabeth M photo photo 7th Aug 1908 54 years 2nd wife of John
DOYLE Frances photo   1903    
DOYLE Frances Ruby photo photo 6th March 1924 32 years daut of Frances & Frederick Pearce , wife of Ray
DOYLE Helena Jessica photo   1894    
DOYLE Hugh Vermon photo   1897    
DOYLE John Burnett photo   1885    
DOYLE Margaret T photo   1914    
DOYLE Mary photo   1876    
DOYLE Ralph Argyle photo   1895    
DREW Adelaide Jane photo photo 25th May 1955 74 years daugt of Chales & Jane
DREW Charles Henry photo photo 4th July 1911 79 years husband of Jane, Father of Adelaide
DREW Jane photo photo 22nd June 1908 54 years wife of Charles, mother of Adelaide,
DRIVER Alice photo   1878    
DRIVER John Haywood photo   1910    
DRIVER Richard photo   1881    
DRIVER Thomas photo   1887    
DRUMMOND Valerie Patricia photo   1945    
DUELL Laura H.S. photo   1911    
DUNLOP Alice Maud photo   1900    
DUNLOP Margaret photo photo 1st Feb 1889 25 years wife of Joseph
DWYER Sarah J photo   1902    
DYER Thomas George photo   1887    
EARL Arthur Roland photo   1882    
EARL Rhoda photo photo 1872    
EASDALE Harold photo   1878    
EDWARDS Samuel Joseph photo   1906    
EGAN Ellen photo   1923    
EGAN Ellen photo   1943    
EGAN James photo   1865    
EGAN James John photo   1931    
EGAN John Martin photo   1885    
EGAN Lawrence photo   1909    
EGAN Maria Agnes photo photo 29th Aug 1933 1850 also Thos & Peter
EGAN Patrick photo   1909    
EGAN Peter James photo photo 30th Aug 1945 1877 also Thos & Maria
EGAN Richard photo   1944    
EGAN Susan photo   1906    
EGAN Thomas Michael photo photo 24th July 1928 1848 also Maria & Peter
EGAN unnamed photo   1868    
ELLIOT Thomas photo photo 25th May 1899 41 years erected by brother James
ELLIS G photo   1901    
ELLS Nellie Celilla photo   1904   reads Cecilia in Indexes
ELLS Thomas Edgar photo   1907    
ETHERIDGE Mary photo   1884    
EVANS unnamed photo   1863    
FAHEY Ann photo   1877    
FAITHFUL William photo photo 25th May 1892 23 yrs 2 mths  
FAN Tee photo   1896    
FARRELLY Catherine Margaret photo photo 1953 87 years wife of Laurence, ,mother of Kitty & Partrick Emmet,
FARRELLY Catherine May (Kitty) photo photo 20th April 1906 16 mths daut of Catherine & Laurence
FARRELLY Laurence Josh photo photo 7th April 1918 61 years husband of Catherine Margaret, father of Kitty & Patrick
FARRELLY Patrick Emmet photo photo 2nd Feb 1945 53 years son of Laurence & Catherine
FARROW John photo   1894    
FENNER Georgina Stewart photo   1907    
FERGUSON Alexander photo   1873    
FERGUSON Claud Richard photo   1895    
FERRIS Edwin photo   1893    
FERRIS Hubert photo   1894    
FERRIS Samuel photo   1900    
FERRIS Sarah photo   1895    
FIELD Maude Lucy photo   1923    
FINDLAY Annie Emma photo photo 1945   also Ernest
FINDLAY Ernest George photo photo 1951   also Annie
FINN Bedillla photo   1900    
FINN Clara photo   1881    
FINN John White photo   1888    
FINN Julia photo   1873    
FINN Mary Matilda photo   1895    
FITZGERALD Coms Gerald photo   1910    
FITZGERALD Elizabeth photo   1892    
FITZPATRICK Annie photo   1906    
FITZPATRICK John photo   1880    
FITZPATRICK Patrick photo   1887    
FITZPATRICK Rose photo   1909    
FITZPATRICK Sr Mary Michael photo photo 7th June 1946   also other nuns
FLEMING John photo   1901    
FLEMING Rudolph photo   1893    
FOLEY Alice photo   1909    
FOLEY Ellen photo   1916    
FOLEY Thomas photo   1928    
FORD St Mary Catherine photo photo 23rd March 1954   also other nuns
FORRISTOL John photo   1873    
FOX Ada photo   1913    
FRANCIS Garnet Joseph photo   1916    
FRAZER Mary Ellen photo   1896    
FULLER Robert Good photo photo 21st Feb 1891 61 years erected by friends
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