Seymour Cemetery


G - N


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Carmel M Reynen.


GADD Charles photo   1895    
GADD Elizabeth May photo   1892    
GADD Mary Elizabeth photo   1893    
GAHAN Catherine Maria photo   1930    
GALLAGHER John photo   1868    
GALLAGHER unnamed female photo   1869    
GARLAND Mary photo   1880    
GARLAND Robert photo   1866    
GARRETT Joy photo   1899    
GEOGHEGAN Catherine photo   1885    
GEOGHEGAN Edith Patricia photo   1925    
GEOGHEGAN James photo   1901    
GEOGHEGAN Joseph photo   1893    
GEOGHEGAN Melitia Alice Maud photo   1900    
GEOGHEGAN Olive photo   1895    
GEOGHEGAN Thelma photo   1925    
GEORGE Ellen photo   1913    
GILBERT Elizabeth Eleanor photo   1880    
GILBERT Ernest photo   1889    
GILBERT Jane photo photo 27th May 1916 60 years wife of William
GILBERT Susan photo   1893    
GILBERT Thomas photo   1882    
GILBERT Uriah photo   1888    
GILBERT William photo   1883    
GILBERT William photo photo 21st Sept 1921 73 years husband of Jane
GILLETT Walter Scott photo photo 9th Feb 1907   R.N.
GLOSTER Alfred Kerslake photo   1907    
GLOSTER Mary Lilian photo   1885    
GLOSTER William photo   1870    
GONSAL William photo   1908    
GOULD Dinah Annie photo   1883    
GOVE Daisy Collis photo photo 7th June 1942 55 years wife of William
GOVE William photo photo 9th April 1918 28 years husband of Daisy Collis
GRACE Clarissa May photo   1893    
GRAHAM Bridget Carol photo   1890    
GRAHAM Edward photo   1875    
GRAHAM George photo   1906    
GRANT Olive photo   1903    
GRATTAN John photo   1891    
GRATTAN John photo   1949    
GRATTAN Mary photo   1926    
GRATTAN Michael photo   1891    
GREEN Rosa Augusta photo   1904    
GREEN Theodore Arnold photo   1888    
GREENAWAY Elizabeth photo   1905    
GREENAWAY Henry photo   1895    
GREENAWAY Violet photo   1888    
GREGSON Reginald George photo photo 5th April 1890 7 years son of L.S & H
GREIG Flora McDonald photo   1878    
GREIG Walter McM A photo   1882    
GROVES Annie Leah photo   1911    
GUILD Alexander photo photo 27th July 1883 27th July 1830 born at Peterculter, son of James & Eliza
GUILD Alexander photo   1894    
GUILD Beatrice photo   1878    
GUILD Eliza photo photo 16th Sept 1910 75 years born at Ellon Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Wife of Alexander
GUILD Elizabeth Jane photo photo 1894   daut of Thomas & Mary. others on HS but hard to read
GUILD James photo photo 19th Feb 1871 55 years native of Aberdeen Scotland father of Alexander
GUILD James photo   1894    
GUILD James photo   1904    
GUILD Jane photo   1870    
GUILD John photo   1864    
GUILD John photo photo 12th Oct 1910 79 years Native of Peterculter Aberdeenshire, Scotland died at Coulburn Park Seymour, colonist of 60 years, husband of Margaret
GUILD Margaret photo photo 6th June 1919 83 years died at Coulburn Park, Seymour, native of Rosshire Scotland, colonist of 57 years, wife of John
GUILD Margaret photo photo 16th Sept 1923    
GUILD Mary photo   1927    
GUILD Reginald photo photo 22nd March 1899 8th March 1899  
GUILD Thomas Irvine photo   1929    
GUILD unnamed photo   1872    
GUILD William photo   1916    
GUILD William Valentine photo   1877    
GUILFOYLE Alfred Stephen photo photo 14th Aug 1913 65 years husband of Elizabeth father of Kathleen
GUILFOYLE Elizabeth Mary Josephine photo photo 23rd April 1921 28th May 1855 wife of Alfred Stephen, mother of Kathleen
GUILFOYLE Kathleen photo photo 31st Dec 1883 5 years 1 mth daut of Alfed & Elizabeth (memorial has Catherine)
GUILFOYLE unnamed photo   1897    
GUY William T. B photo   1885    
GUYATT Helen (Nellie) photo photo 10th Feb 1933   mother of Gerald, buried with her sister Catherine Rickwood
GUYATT Kathleen Mary photo   1916    
GUYATT unnamed photo   1914    
HALE William photo   1890    
HALL George Arthur photo   1895    
HALL Mary Catherine photo photo 21st Aug 1913 42 years  
HALL Matthew Martin photo photo 23rd Oct 1943 76 years  
HALL Richard Francis photo photo 4th Oct 1914 18 years  
HAMER Ellen photo   1893    
HANCOCK Charles H photo   1896    
HANCOCK James photo   1913    
HANCOCK Moses photo   1876    
HANLEY John Maxwell photo   1916    
HANLEY Martha Esther photo photo 21st June 1944 61 years erected by her children
HANSEN Annie photo   1915    
HANSEN John Peter photo   1892    
HANSEN unnamed photo   1917    
HARPER Annie photo photo 22nd Jan 1926 71 years wife of John
HARPER John photo photo 29th Oct 1934 81 years husband of Annie
HARRINGTON John Thomas F photo   1884    
HARRIS Elizabeth photo   1903    
HARRIS John James photo   1867    
HARRIS William photo photo 1885 63 years  
HARRIS Willie photo photo 1884    
HARTNELL Emma photo   1895    
HARTNELL William Perriman photo   1895    
HASLEM James photo   1895    
HASLEM Samuel photo   1902    
HAUGH Kate photo photo 13th Aug 1906 50 years wife of Patrick
HAUGH Marie photo   1923    
HAUGH Patrick Roche photo photo 22nd Jan 1901 45 years husband of Kate
HAWKINS Hazel photo   1916    
HAYES Ann photo   1871    
HAYES William Edmund photo   1897    
HAYSEY Alice photo   1902    
HAYSEY May Victoria photo   1903    
HAYWOOD Annie photo photo 25th Oct 1886 3 I/2 years daut of E & L Heywood, grand daught of Samuel
HAYWOOD Annie Jane photo photo 1st Nov 1893 16mths daut of E & L Heywood, grand daught of Samuel
HAYWOOD Samuel photo photo 23rd Jan 1902 78 years grandfather of Annie & Annie Jane
HEATH Ernest Frederick photo   1888    
HEDMAN Carl Gohan photo   1889    
HEELEY Amy Maud photo   1867    
HEFFERNAN George photo   1876    
HEMPHILL Richard photo   1886    
HENDERSON Mary photo   1901    
HENNING Frank Charles photo   1957    
HENNING Walter Godfrey photo   1914    
HENSHALL Edith Mary photo photo 28th Jan 1950 78 years daut of Samuel & Mary
HENSHALL Maria Patricia photo   1899    
HENSHALL Mary Ann photo photo 28th June 1929 88 years wife of Samuel
HENSHALL Samuel Harding photo photo 14th Sept 1889 63 years husband of Mary
HENSHALL William Jospeh photo   1868    
HERBERT Claud photo   1899    
HERBERT Doris photo   1906    
HIGGINS Gilbert photo   1875    
HIGGINS Jane photo   1887    
HIGGINS Joseph Patrick photo   1876    
HILL Alexander photo photo 11th Sept 1913 82 years husband of Elizabeth
HILL Elizabeth photo photo 3rd May 1910 82 years wife of Alexander
HILL Emily Ellen photo photo 19th Nov 1935 65 years wife of William G
HILL Frederick Richard photo photo 10th May 1899 9 yrs 3 mths son of William & Emily
HILL George Boaz photo photo 23rd Sept 1908 14 yrs 3 mths son of William & Emily
HILL James Morrison photo   1888    
HILL William G photo photo 6th July 1934 73 years husband of Emily
HILLS Mary Ann photo   1972    
HOBAN Martha Alice photo   1889    
HOGAN Julia photo photo 12th Nov 1886 68 years mother of Margaret McCormick
HOGAN Mary Ann photo   1887    
HOGAN Michael photo   1922    
HOLDEN Amy photo   1884    
HOLDEN Amy photo   1887    
HOLLIS William Montague photo   1889    
HOLMES David photo photo 27th May 1908 67 years  
HOLMES David John photo photo 21st Sept 1943 73 years son of Thomas & Margaret Ann
HOLMES Irene Mabel Orwin photo   1895    
HOLMES James photo photo 26th May 1948 76 years son of Thomas & Margaret Ann
HOLMES Margaret Ann photo photo 27th Aug 1920 90 years wife of Thomas
HOLMES Margaret Ann photo photo 16th Sept 1948 82 years daut of Thomas & Margaret Ann
HOLMES Mary Matilda photo photo 17th Aug 1943 68 years daut of Thomas & Margaret Ann
HOLMES Thomas photo photo 12th August 1905 70 years husband of Margaret Ann
HOPE Roy Francis Adrian photo   1908    
HOPKINS Sarah Ann photo   1921    
HOPKINS William Rutt photo   1905    
HORDERN Edward Hamilton photo photo 26th May 1908 55 years also Julia
HORDERN Julia Amelia photo photo 20th July 1936 81 years also Edward
HORNE George Henry photo   1885    
HOWARD Agnes Mary photo photo 22nd May 1872 2 years daut of Johanna & Timothy
HOWARD Johanna photo photo 13th Aug 1883 50 years wife of Timothy (d 1915)
HOWARD John photo   1865    
HOWARD John Charles photo photo 13th Feb 1944 77 years son of Johanna & Timothy
HOWARD Margaret photo photo 14th Aug 1947 86 years daut of Johanna & Timothy
HOWARD Mary Anne photo photo 29th Dec 1865 7 years daut of Johanna & Timothy
HOWARD Timothy photo photo 10th Aug 1915 88 years husband of Johanna
HOWARD Timothy photo photo 17th Sept 1926 63 years son of Johanna & Timothy
HOWQUA Guildford photo   1909    
HUGHES Allan P photo photo 4th June 1895 3 years son of Minnie & Griffith
HUGHES Minnie photo photo 14th Nov 1897 26 years wife of Griffith
HUMPHRIES Mary Jane photo   1880    
HUMPREYS Mary Ann photo   1879    
HUNTER Jane photo   1887    
HUTCHINSON William photo   1888    
ILLINGSWORTH Ethel photo   1890    
INKS William photo   1861    
JANNESE Themistscles photo   1876    
JARVIE Mary photo   1904    
JEFFERY Hazel photo   1933    
JENKINS Elizabeth photo   1874    
JENSEN Adelaide Victoria photo photo 4th June 1916 29 years wife of Dr F.J. Jensen mother of Gweneth Jean
JERRAN Jane Elizabeth photo   1874    
JESSER William James photo   1877    
JOHNSON Theresa photo   1890    
JOHNSTON Agnes photo photo 25th May 1931 79 years wife of Robert also David Johnston
JOHNSTON David photo photo 24th May 1911 33 years also Robert & Agnes
JOHNSTON Ethel Annie photo   1914    
JOHNSTON Ethel Annie photo   1936    
JOHNSTON James photo   1883    
JOHNSTON John photo   1884    
JOHNSTON Mary Ellen photo   1916    
JOHNSTON Robert photo photo 4th Sept 1886 49 years died at Yarragam Tallarook Farm? husband of Agnes also David
JONES Ann photo   1885    
JONES Annie photo photo 6th Oct 1889 65 years wife of James (d 1876)
JONES annie photo   1890    
JONES Annie photo photo 1941 1860 wife of Thos (1909)
JONES Catherine photo   1874    
JONES Chales Edward photo   1882    
JONES Charles photo   1889    
JONES Charles photo   1935    
JONES Edward photo   1896    
JONES Elizabeth photo   1874    
JONES Elizabeth photo   1936    
JONES Emily Lilian Gladys photo   1921    
JONES Francis Arthur photo   1947    
JONES James photo photo 28th Dec 1876 63 years husband of Annie
JONES James photo   1903    
JONES James photo photo 2nd Dec 1910 64 years husband of Maria (1926)
JONES James Mcgregor photo   1867    
JONES James Mcgregor photo   1944    
JONES Jane photo   1898    
JONES John Morison photo   1888    
JONES Maria photo photo 16th March 1926 69 years wife of James (1910)
JONES Mary Ann photo   1868    
JONES Richard photo   1914    
JONES Sarah Ann photo   1878    
JONES Sarah Ann photo   1879    
JONES Stanley photo   1897    
JONES Susan photo   1922    
JONES Susan Ann photo   1906    
JONES Thomas photo photo 1909 1849 husband of Annie (1941)
JONES Thomas Frederick photo   1869    
JONES unknown photo   c1860    
JONES Uriah Gilbert photo   1943    
JONES William photo   1944    
JONES William Ernest photo   1952    
JORDON Chales Henry photo   1871    
JORDON James photo photo 11th Oct 1909 82 years husband of Margaret
JORDON James Thomas photo   1871    
JORDON John photo   1928    
JORDON Joshua William photo   1930    
JORDON Margaret photo photo 31st Jan 1903 70 years wife of James
JORDON Selina Margaret photo   1916    
JORDON William Henry photo   1889    
JOYNSON George R photo   1910    
JUNIPER Arthur photo   1886    
KALLACK Arthur Edward photo   1905    
KEAN Edward Francis photo   1899    
KEAN Mary Catherine photo   1927    
KEAN Michael photo   1927    
KEATING Anne photo photo 2nd Nov 1900 52 years wife of William, Native of Tipperary Ireland
KEATING William photo photo 19th Oct 1905 74 years husband of Ann Native of Tipperary Ireland
KEAY Anne photo photo 20th July 1946 81 years wife of David
KEAY David photo photo 18th Dec 1894 45 years husband of Anne
KEDDIE Grace E photo   1903    
KELLEHER Bartholomew photo photo 4th May 1889 58 years husband of Margaret, father of Thomas
KELLEHER Margaret photo photo 8th July 1902 71 years wife of Bartholomew, mother of Thomas
KELLEHER Mary Agnes photo   1940    
KELLEHER Mary Ann photo   1950    
KELLEHER Thomas photo photo 5th May 1918   husband of Annie, sonof Bartholomew & Margaret
KELLEHER Veronica Mary photo photo 27th April 1931   daut of Elizabeth & Thomas Sheehan
KENNEDY James Patrick photo   1895    
KENNEDY Joseph photo photo 25th Jan 1870 54 years husband of Julia
KENNEDY Julia photo photo 18th May 1891 73 years wife of Joseph
KENNEDY Margaret photo photo 6th Oct 1892 38 years also Joseph & Julia
KENNY Henry photo   1872    
KEOGH Alice photo   1866    
KEOGH Alice photo   1890    
KEOGH Thomas photo   1889    
KEOGH unnamed photo   1863    
KERR Adam photo   1884    
KERR David photo   1903    
KERR Elizabeth photo   1880    
KERR George photo   1900    
KERR Jean photo   1901    
KERR Margaret photo   1892    
KERR Rudolf photo   1902    
KERR unnamed photo   1906    
KERRIS Blanche Fanny photo   1897    
KERRIS Bridgetina photo photo 29th April 1920   also Thomas & Mary Ann (mem states 1919)
KERRIS Edward photo   1898    
KERRIS Mary Ann photo photo 1942   wife of Thomas also Bridgetina
KERRIS Thelma Irene photo   1923    
KERRIS Thomas photo photo 29th April 1923   also Bridgetina & Mary Ann (wife)
KERRIS William Edward photo   1914    
KEY Alicia photo   1911    
KEY Ellen photo   1920    
KEY Florence Mabel photo   1889    
KEY Francis George photo   1876    
KEY Francis Thomas photo   1892    
KEY Fredk Benbow photo   1887    
KIMPTON Richard James photo   1913    
KIMPTON Sarah photo   1910    
KING Thomas photo   1874    
KINGHORN John photo   1862    
KIRKOM unnamed photo   1861    
KITTLER Frederick photo   1872    
KNAPSEY James photo   1908    
KNAPSLEY Amelia photo   1867    
KNAPSLEY Ethel photo   1891    
KNAPSLEY James photo   1942    
KNAPSLEY John photo   1916    
KNAPSLEY Lydia photo   1901    
KNAPSLEY Margaret Florence photo   1872    
KNAPSLEY Mary Adeline photo   1899    
KNAPSLEY unnamed photo   1858    
KNIGHT Abraham photo   1878    
KOHN Margaret photo   1902    
KRUGER Cristeana photo   1875    
LACEY Gregory Charles photo   1905    
LACEY Harry photo   1902    
LADHAMS Sydney photo   1889    
LAMBDEN Elizabeth photo photo 13th June 1955 83 years wife of James
LAMBDEN James Arthur photo photo 31st August 1924 63 years husband of Elizabeth
LAMOND Thompson photo   1861    
LAN Ah photo   1864    
LANCASTER William Henry photo   1878    
LANCEBY Jane Elizabeth photo   1904    
LANE Murray photo   1893    
LAWRIE Andrew photo   1906    
LAWRIE Andrew Caldwell photo   1901    
LAWRIE Elizabeth photo   1928    
LEAHY Edward photo photo 7th March 1916   private, A.I.F Depot
LEAHY Timothy William photo   1916    
LECKIE John photo   1908    
LEE Annie photo   1887    
LEE John photo   1894    
LEE TET Cornelius photo photo 14th Aug 1947 62 years husband of mary, father of Norman & Colin also his sister May
LEE TET Joy Myrtle photo   1906    
LEE TET May Louisa photo photo 20th May 1895 10 yrs 3mths sister of Cornelius
LEE TET Rachel photo   1913    
LEE TET Robert photo   1926    
LEETE Margaret photo   1903    
LENNON Martha Olive photo   1894    
LEONARD Isabella photo   1884    
LEONARD James photo   1881    
LESLIE Caroline Elizabeth photo photo 2nd June 1895 50 years wife of George Leslie
LESLIE George photo photo 20th Aug 1904 28th Jan 1846 husband of Caroline
LEWIS Lena Constance photo   1893    
LING Pat photo   1890    
LIPSCOMBE Annie photo   1918    
LIPSCOMBE Roy Thomas photo   1913    
LODGE Thomas photo   1886    
LOOBY Annie photo   1912    
LOOBY Doreen photo   1914    
LOOBY Norah photo   1915    
LUBECK August Emmiel photo   1883    
LUBECK Edward photo   1905    
LUBECK Edward E photo   1913    
LUBECK Emma Louise photo   1911    
LUBECK Ernest photo   1925    
LUBECK Hans Daniel photo photo 18th July 1930 82 years husband of Sarah
LUBECK Magnus Oskar photo   1883    
LUBECK Sarah photo photo 9th Feb 1893 49 years wife of Hans Daniel
LUBECK unnamed photo   1901    
LUBECK unnamed photo   1925    
LUMB Walter E photo   1930    
LUMSDEN Alice Brasch photo   1888    
LUMSDEN Robert photo   1884    
LUSH Violet photo   1896    
LYNCH Ann Maud photo photo 1st March 1907 37 years also John & Margaret
LYNCH Elizabeth photo photo 8th Oct 1915   also John & Margaret
LYNCH John photo photo 8th Oct 1886 60 years native of Cork Ireland husband of Margaret
LYNCH John photo   1925    
LYNCH Kate photo   1925    
LYNCH Margaret Ruby photo photo 18th March 1907 76 years wife of John
LYONS Cecil James photo   1888    
LYONS Frederick W photo   1888    
LYONS John photo   1889    
LYSTER Catherine photo photo 30th Sept 1922 74 years Native of Seymour, wife of James
LYSTER Clement photo photo 31st May 1883 5 years son of James & Catherine
LYSTER James photo photo 27th Dec 1904 74 years native of kilkenny Ireland husband of Kate
LYSTER John photo photo 1st Nov 1878 44 years brother of James
LYSTER Margaret photo   1878    
LYSTER Mary photo photo 13th Jan 1881 9 years daut of James & Catherine
LYSTER Mary Ann photo   1883    
MADIGAN Catherine photo photo 16th Dec 1903 81 years native of sherb? Co Clare Ireland
MADIGAN John photo   1906    
MAHER Bernard photo   1894    
MAHER Catherine photo   1930
MAHER Constance mary photo   1912    
MAHER Daniel photo   1867    
MAHER Daniel photo photo 27th Aug 1884 86 years husband of Johanna
MAHER Daniel Joseph photo photo 28th Oct 1916 14 years son of William & Elizabeth
MAHER Elizabeth Monica photo photo 21st April 1940 72 years wife of William Henry
MAHER Johanna photo photo 29th Sept 1902 82 years wife of Daniel (d 1884)
MAHER Johanna Elizabeth photo   1933    
MAHER John photo photo 17th Feb 1862 32 years husband of Margaret (memorial has 1860) (Index has Magor)
MAHER Margaret photo photo 6th Dec 1892 72 years wife of John
MAHER Thomas photo   1914    
MAHER William Henry photo photo 24th Jan 1917 54 years husband of Elizabeth Monica
MAHON Margaret Anna photo photo 15th Sept 1908 78 years wife of Thomas
MAHON Thomas photo photo 11th October 1878 36 years husband of Margaret Anna
MAILES Chales Arthur photo   1902    
MAILES Victoria Z photo   1916    
MAILES William Charles photo   1915    
MALCOLMSON Charles E photo   1876    
MALCOLMSON Sarabell Ash photo   1885    
MALHAM James photo   1907    
MALHAM John photo   1924    
MANSON Clarice Isobel photo   1913    
MANSON John photo   1924    
MANSON John James photo   1878    
MANSON Margaret photo   1885    
MANSON Mary photo   1920    
MAPLE William photo   1870    
MARKS Henry photo   1870    
MARLEY William Arthur photo   1886    
MARSHALL George photo   1886    
MARTIN Eliza Jane photo   1915    
MARTIN Eric Edward photo   1909    
MARTIN Mary photo   1878    
MARTIN Mary Olive photo   1887    
MARTIN Michael photo   1901    
MARTIN Phillip photo   1906    
MATHESON Chistina photo   1908    
MATHEWS Henry photo   1909    
MATHEWSON Andrew photo   1880    
MAY Francis Gilbert photo   1869    
MAY Ivy Lavinia photo   1910    
MAY Lelita photo   1867    
MAY unknown photo   1861    
MC ALLISTER Louisa photo   1894    
MC ARTHUR Flora photo   1875    
MC ARTHUR John photo   1924    
MC ARTHUR Mary Ann photo photo 7th June 1908 36 years (Nee Patterson ) wife of Duncan McArthur
MC AULEY John photo photo 23rd Jan 1885 23 years son of John & Mary also Margaret McLean
MC CARTHY Cornelius photo   1872    
MC DERMONTT James photo   1873    
MC DONALD Ann Eliza photo   1864    
MC DONALD John photo   1888    
MC DONALD Mary Ann photo   1886    
MC DONALD Sarah Jane photo   1868    
MC DONALD unnamed photo   1907    
MC GAHAN Thomas James photo   1929    
MC GINTY Mary photo   1907    
MC GINTY Reginald photo   1911    
MC GIRR James photo   1878    
MC GIRR Jeremiah photo   1873    
MC GUIRE Mary photo   1881    
MC GUIRE Thomas photo photo 1st July 1902 88 years  
MCALPIN Agnes photo   1906    
MCALPIN Archibald photo   1891    
MCALPIN Ellen photo   1942    
MCALPIN Jane Ann photo   1920    
MCALPIN Manie photo   1911    
MCALPIN unnamed photo   1907    
MCCORMACK Honora photo   1914    
MCCORMACK Julia M photo   1899    
MCCORMICK Bridget photo photo 4th March 1877 11 yrs 5 mths daut of Daniel & Margaret
MCCORMICK Daniel M photo photo 24th March 1890 46 years husband of Margaret father of Bridget
MCCORMICK Margaret photo photo 9th Aug 1919 71 years wife of Daniel mother of Bridget
MCINTIRE Charlotte photo   1877    
MCINTIRE Letitia E photo   1872    
MCINTIRE Rebecca Letitia photo photo 26th Sept 1916 75 years wife of William Andrew
MCINTIRE William Andrew photo photo 28th Sept 1906 71 years husband of Rebecca
MCINTOSH Margaret photo   1908    
MCKAY Hugh photo photo 1899    
MCKAY Marjorie photo photo 1899    
MCKEDDIE David photo photo 18th June 1944 84 years stone broken, this is the base
MCKEDDIE Elizabeth photo   1940    
MCKEDDIE Percy photo   1895    
MCKEEN Martin photo   1876    
MCKENNA unnamed photo   1881    
MCKENZIE Alexander photo   1891    
MCKENZIE Caterina (Chrissie) photo photo 23rd Oct 1896 22 years daut of Colin & Isabella
MCKENZIE Colin photo photo 13th March 1891 35 years husband of Isabella, father of Chrissie, & Janet
MCKENZIE Colin Alexander photo   1914    
MCKENZIE Isabella photo photo 10th Jan 1902 73 years wife of Colin, mother of Janet & Chrissie
MCKENZIE Isabella Stewart photo   1913    
MCKENZIE Janet photo photo 13th April 1922 72 years daut of Colin & Isabella (memorial has Jessie)
MCKIMMIE Louisa Jane photo   1882    
MCKIMMIE Maria photo   1904    
MCKIMMIE Robert John photo   1886    
MCKINNON Edna photo   1907    
MCLACHLAN Daniel photo photo 29th Oct 1931 70 years husband of Eliza (spelled Mclaughlin in indexes)
MCLACHLAN Elizabeth M photo   1947    
MCLACHLAN Ellen E photo   1893    
MCLACHLAN Helen photo photo 27th July 1906 73 years wife of John mother of Samuel
MCLACHLAN John photo photo 8th May 1907 77 years husband of Helen father of Samuel
MCLACHLAN Robert Stewart photo   1932    
MCLACHLAN Samuel photo photo 1861 2 years son of Helen & John
MCLACHLAN Vivian photo   1888    
MCLAREN Addeller Mary photo   1899    
MCLAUGHLIN Frederick photo photo 17th July 1890 2yrs 7 mths son of James & Sarah
MCLAUGHLIN James photo photo 19th Aug 1916 70 years husband of Sarah father of Ruby & Frederick
MCLAUGHLIN Maud photo   1899    
MCLAUGHLIN Ruby Violet photo photo 21st Dec 1905 10 yrs 6 mths daut of James & Sarah (Memorial has Maud Ruby)
MCLAUGHLIN Sarah photo   1931    
MCLEAN Frederick George photo   1887    
MCLEAN Margaret photo photo 23rd April 1921 88 years wife of John McLean, Also John McAuley
MCLEAN Margaret Georgina photo   1885    
MCLENNAN Jane photo photo 16th April 1888 71 years sister of Margaret Stewart
MCMILLAN Archibald photo   1897    
MCMILLAN Harold Gordon photo   1895    
MCNAIR unnamed photo   1865    
MCNALLY Catherine photo photo 27th Sept 1857 36 years wife of Peter Tiernan
MCNALLY James Joseph photo photo 12th April 1873 3 years son of Mary & Patrick
MCNALLY Mary photo photo 17th July 1919 78 years wife of Patrick
MCNALLY Michael John Patrick photo photo 30th June 1914 43 years son of Mary & Patrick
MCNALLY Patrick photo photo 14th Feb 1917 86 years husband of Mary (memorial has 1914)
MCNALLY Thomas photo   1931    
MCPHAIL unnamed photo   1909    
MCPHEE Sarah photo   1882    
MCPHILLIPS Hugh photo   1873    
MEEHAN Ann photo   1863    
MELLOR Hughie Hurst photo photo 1896 11mths son of J & Mary Mellor
MELLOR Mary Ellen photo photo 26th may 1896 35 years wife of J.Mellor, daut of Hugh Boyle
MENZIES Elizabeth photo   1907    
MENZIES William photo   1907    
MEWLING John photo   1874    
MILLER Chistina photo photo 17th Dec 1928 45 yrs 2nd wife of Thoms
MILLER Lillias photo photo 9th April 1908 43 yrs 9 mths wife of Thomas
MILLER Thomas Ormand photo photo 25th June 1938 73 years husband of Christina & Lillias
MILLS Robert James photo   1889    
MINOGUE Emma Mary photo   1919    
MINOGUE John Patrick photo   1944    
MINOGUE Louise Agnes photo   1938    
MITCHELL Walter Watkins photo   1888    
MOLONEY John photo photo 28th July 1904 57 years  
MONTGOMERY Jane photo   1871    
MOONEY Georgina May photo   1886    
MOORE August G photo   1908    
MORGAN Allan Esdale photo   1901    
MORGANTI Dennis photo   1902    
MORISON George photo   1891    
MORISON Malcolm Kenneth photo   1912    
MORISON Mary Sheehan photo   1906    
MORLEY Walter photo   1908    
MORRIS Henrriette photo   1870    
MORRIS Isabella photo   1867    
MORRISH Francis photo   1874    
MORRISH Grace photo photo 16ht Sept 1884 96 yrs 6 mths also William Smale
MORRISH Jane photo   1937    
MORRISH Mary photo photo 15th Nov 1896 76 years wife of William
MORRISH William photo photo 8th Nov 1896 80 years husband of Mary
MORRISON Alice Elizabeth photo   1922    
MORRISON Archibald photo   1897    
MORRISON George photo   1911    
MORRISON George Edward photo   1924    
MORRISON James photo   1875    
MORRISON Jane photo   1865    
MORRISON Jane photo photo 18th March 1929 87 years wife of John Jock
MORRISON John Jock photo photo 23rd feb 1898 1840/ 58 years born at Seymour husband of Jane
MORRISON Mary Therese photo   1914    
MORRISON Rupert photo   1903    
MOTT William photo   1869    
MOULDEN Percy Chales photo   1901    
MOWAT William photo   1890    
MOYLE Elizabeth photo   1875    
MULLIN Eliza photo   1877    
MULVEY Patrick photo   1872    
MURPHY Patrick photo   1890    
MURRAY James Albert photo   1878    
NEAL Catherine photo   1916    
NEAL James Alexander photo   1933    
NEAL James Edward photo   1897    
NEAL Margaret Ann photo   1932    
NEAL Margaret Catherine photo   1893    
NEAL Thomas photo   1934    
NEVILLE Thomas photo   1873    
NEWELL Annie photo   1911    
NEWELL John Joseph William photo   1916    
NEWELL William photo   1944    
NICHOLLS Edgar Albert photo   1901    
NICHOLLS Henry photo   1896    
NICHOLLS Isabella Grace photo   1906    
NICHOLLS Isabella Jane photo photo 19th Aug 1890 33 years wife of Richard
NICHOLLS Richard photo   1902    
NICHOLLS William photo   1908    
NICHOLSON Thomas George photo   1871    
NICHOLSON William photo   1881    
NORRIS Edith Josephine photo   1901    
NORTON Elizabeth photo photo 21st June 1890 52yrs 6mths wife of Joseph Norton
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