Seymour Cemetery


O - Z


Data and Photos gathered and compiled by Carmel M Reynen.


OAK Edward     photo   1901    
OAK Florence Ann     photo   1930    
OAK Florence Maria     photo   1910    
OAK Maria     photo photo 17th Oct 1894 65 years wife of Samuel & sister of David Ware
OAK Samuel     photo photo 30th June 1914 81 years husband of Maria, also her brother David Ware
OAK Samuel     photo   1951    
OATES Anastasia Agnes     photo   1895    
O'BRIEN Elizabeth     photo   1935    
O'BRIEN mary Ann     photo   1893    
O'BRIEN Maud     photo   1892    
O'BRIEN Patrick Joseph     photo   1901    
O'BRIEN Sarah Ann     photo   1915    
O'BRIEN William James     photo   1893    
O'CALLAGHAN Edward     photo   1908    
O'CALLAGHAN Edward Vincent     photo   1890    
O'CALLAGHAN Eileen     photo   1889    
O'CALLAGHAN Madge     photo   1893    
O'CALLAGHAN William     photo   1891    
O'CALLAGHAN William     photo   1891    
OCONNOR unnamed     photo   1898    
O'CONNOR Edward     photo photo 29th Dec 1913 24 yrs 9 mths  
O'CONNOR Edward     photo   1926    
O'CONNOR James     photo   1880    
O'CONNOR Martin     photo   1923    
O'CONNOR Mary Jane     photo   1878    
O'CONNOR Mina     photo   1891    
O'CONNOR William Martin     photo   1878    
O'HEARNE James     photo   1897    
OLDFIELD Douglas     photo   1865    
OLIVER Myra Augusta     photo   1878    
O'LOUGHLAN Coleman Michael     photo   1882    
O'LOUGHLAN Ellen     photo   1873    
ONEAL Robert     photo   1901    
O'NEALE Elizabeth     photo   1899    
O'NEALE Robert Charles     photo   1886    
O'NEILL James     photo   1869    
O'NEILL unnamed     photo   1907    
ORCHARD Lillan May     photo   1894    
O'REILLY Charles Mortimer     photo photo 29th April 1893 3 years 8 mths son of Charles & Kate, died at Seymour
ORME Amelia E     photo photo 15th June 1887 57 years wife of William (mem has 1888)
ORME Lucy     photo photo 15th Jan 1878 14 years daugt of Wm Wheeley & E Amelia Orme
ORME William Wheeley     photo photo 15th Sept 1885 57 years husband of Amelia
ORR Hannah Daisy     photo photo 22nd Aug 1915 64 years daut of Mary Ann
ORR Mary Ann     photo photo 4th Feb 1901 82 years mother of Hannah Daisy
O'SHEA Ellen     photo   1904    
O'SHEA Johanna     photo photo 14th Nov 1916 14th Nov 1916 wife of John mother of John & Jane
O'SHEA John     photo photo 16th June 1887 54 Years husband of Johanna father of John, & Jane
O'SHEA John Thomas     photo photo 6th Dec 1884 18 years son of John & Johanna
O'SHEA Joshua     photo   1925    
O'SHEA Margaret     photo   1869    
O'SHEA Margaret Ellen     photo   1876    
O'SHEA Mary     photo   1899    
O'SHEA Richard     photo   1924    
O'SHEA Sarah Jane     photo photo 22nd March 1944 80 years daut of Johanna & John
O'SULLIVAN Catherine     photo photo 25th April 1920    
O'SULLIVAN James Joseph     photo   1939    
O'SULLIVAN Margaret     photo   1916    
O'SULLIVAN Michael Joseph     photo photo 15th May 1908 18 years son of Michael Joseph
O'SULLIVAN Michael Joseph     photo photo 30th Sept 1912 63 years  
O'TOOLE Thomas     photo   1873    
OWEN Louisa     photo   photo    
PARKER Catherine     photo photo 23rd March 1906 67 years wife of Peter mother of Catherine Pearce
PARKER Catherine     photo   1896    
PARKER Emma     photo   1898    
PARKER Harold Seymour     photo   1900    
PARKER Henry     photo   1884    
PARKER Peter     photo photo 17th Nov 1881 53 years husband of Catherine father of Catherine Pearce
PARKER unnamed     photo   1891    
PARKER William Henry     photo   1884    
PARKINSON John Thomas     photo   1900    
PARRY Catherine     photo   1914    
PARRY Charlotte     photo   1934    
PARRY Hugh Joseph     photo   1911    
PARRY John     photo   1898    
PARRY John Robert     photo   1895    
PATEN Margaret     photo   1903    
PATTERSON Alice Selina     photo   1907    
PATTERSON David     photo photo 23rd Sept 1908 76 years husband of Rebecca, father fo Mary Ann McArthur & William
PATTERSON David Dunwoodie     photo   1892    
PATTERSON Emma     photo   1879    
PATTERSON George     photo   1879    
PATTERSON James William     photo photo 4th Nov 1934 66 years not on Memorial but died Burwick, this may be just the memorial not his grave
PATTERSON Jane     photo   1882    
PATTERSON John     photo   1920    
PATTERSON Joseph Edward     photo   1911    
PATTERSON Rebecca     photo photo 4th Sept 1899 70 years wife of David mother of Mary Ann McArthur & William
PATTERSON Robert     photo   1899    
PATTERSON Selina     photo   1912    
PATTERSON Thomas     photo   1935    
PATULLO Frank     photo   1888    
PAWSON Sr Mary Xavier     photo photo 17th July 1936   also other nuns
PAYNE Elizabeth     photo   1882    
PEACOCK Adeline     photo   1860   Twin
PEACOCK Elizabeth     photo   1857   Twin
PEACOCK Jane     photo   1871   Twin
PEACOCK Johanna     photo   1895    
PEACOCK Mary Sandyman     photo   1909    
PEACOCK Matilda     photo   1867    
PEACOCK Richard     photo   1860   twin
PEACOCK Thomas     photo   1873    
PEARCE Alfred James     photo photo 22nd Dec 1907 39 years husband of Marian
PEARCE Catherine     photo photo 5th June 1931 66 years also her parents Peter & Catherine
PEARCE Charles Henry     photo   1897    
PEARCE Frances Harriet     photo photo 8th Oct 1903 39 years wife of Frederick, mother of Fredericka & Francis
PEARCE Francis     photo   1924    
PEARCE Frederica Frances     photo photo 30th Dec 1887 7 mths daut of Frances & Frederick
PEARCE Frederick John     photo photo 13th Feb 1946 83 years husband of Frances, father of Fredericka & Francis Ruby
PEARCE John Herbert     photo   1904    
PEARCE John Peter     photo   1892    
PEARCE unnamed     photo   1911    
PEARCE Walter     photo   1904    
PEERS Doreen     photo   1905    
PENTLAND Ruby Hanora     photo   1896    
PERRON Clement     photo photo 25th April 1905 79 years husband of Helen (d 1873) Jane (d 1879) & Dora (d 1884)
PERRON Clement Tierman     photo photo 2nd Feb 1871 7 years son of Helen & Clement
PERRON Dora     photo photo 13th Feb 1884 24 years wife of Clement
PERRON Helen     photo photo 17th May 1933   also Jane & Kate
PERRON Helen Mary     photo photo 6th Dec 1873 29 years wife of Clement
PERRON Jane     photo photo 4th July 1879 39 years wife of Clement
PERRON Kate Josephine     photo photo 1st Jan 1944   also Jane & Helen
PERRON Louisa Teresa     photo   1914    
PETERSON Agnes     photo photo 15th Feb 1937 23rd Aug 1879 wife of Alexander
PETERSON Alexander       photo 20th Aug 1924 4th April 1865 husband of Agnes
PETERSON Eva Victoria     photo photo 1910   names not on stone
PETERSON Mary Jane     photo photo 1905   names not on stone
PETERSON Nellie Theresa     photo photo 1921   names not on stone
PETTIFER Richard     photo   1895    
PHILLIPS Ada Minnie Matilda     photo photo 18th April 1892 7 years daut of Arthur & Mary sister of S?
PHILLIPS Albert John Roy     photo   1914    
PHILLIPS Henry     photo   1879    
PHILLIPS John Burnett     photo   1894    
PHILLIPS John Stuart     photo   1913    
PHILLIPS Thomas Burnett     photo   1883    
PICKERING William     photo   1908    
PICKERING Winifred     photo   1907    
PING Lee     photo   1890    
PINNIGER James     photo   1868    
PLAMBECK Heinrich Christian     photo photo 1915    
PLUMMER Alfred Gaims     photo   1899    
PLUMMER Benjamin     photo   1897    
POLLOCK James     photo   1886    
POPPLE Francis     photo photo 4th May 1891 18 yrs 8 mths son of M & J Popple
POPPLE Johanna     photo photo 8th Dec 1930 89 yrs 10mths wife of Mathias
POPPLE Mathias     photo photo 25th March 1907 70 yrs 7 mths huband of Johanna
PORTBURY Alfred John     photo   1871    
PORTBURY Peter John     photo   1872    
PORTER Andrew     photo   1865    
PORTER Andrew     photo   1885    
PORTER Ann Ellen     photo   1864    
PORTER Elsie Ellen     photo   1904    
PORTER Mathew     photo   1866    
PORTER Raydan Grant     photo   1901    
PORTER Sarah     photo   1906    
PORTER Thomas Robert     photo   1890    
POUT Arthur Amos Kerr     photo   1887    
POUT George Edward     photo   1875    
POUT John     photo   1886    
PRATT Charles     photo   1881    
PRATT Frederick     photo   1892    
PRATT John     photo   1876    
PRATT Louisa     photo   1898    
PRATT Stephen     photo   1888    
PRATT William Frederick     photo   1898    
PRENDERGAST Johanna     photo   1909    
PRESNELL Marion     photo   1874    
PRESTON unnamed     photo   1875    
PRIESTLEY Esther Alice     photo   1875    
PRIESTLEY Thomas James     photo   1905    
PURBRICK unnamed     photo   1872    
PURDY Morris     photo   1872    
RAFFERTY Alice Ann     photo   1878    
RAFTERY Patrick     photo photo 6th June 1877 29 years husband of Alice, born Galway Ireland (memorial has Rafferty)
RAMAGE Dulcie Maud     photo photo ? July 1916 1 year daut of Norman & Evelyn
RAMAGE Harold     photo photo 26th July 1916 1 day? daut of Norman & Evelyn
RAMSAY Bridget     photo photo 20th Jan 1959 80 years wife of Robert
RAMSAY Mary Beatrice     photo   1905    
RAMSAY Robert Ogilvy     photo photo 9th Dec 1915 38 years husband of Bridget
RANDLE John Cole     photo   1874    
RAPHAEL Abraham     photo photo 6th Oct 1914 50 years memorial says 1814 husband of Annie
RAPHAEL Anna Maria     photo   1905    
RAPLEY Flora Campbell     photo   1889    
RATTAN George     photo   1919    
RATTAN Mary     photo   1891    
RAY Cecil Gordon     photo   1890    
RAY Walter Vincent     photo   1885    
REA Emma     photo photo 29th July 1888 65 years wife of James
REDFORD Anna Maria     photo   1905    
REDFORD Mary Ann     photo   1940    
REDFORD Richard     photo   1907    
REDMOND Ellen     photo   1895    
REDMOND Patrick     photo   1872    
REGAN Catherine     photo photo 1972   wife of Daniel Mother of Daniel & Maria
REGAN Daniel     photo photo 3rd June 1903 62 years husband of Catherinem 1171) father of Daniel & Maria
REGAN Daniel Joseph     photo photo 27th April 1907 31 years died at Melbourne in a railway accident, son of Daniel(1172) & Catherine (1171)
REGAN Maria Frances     photo photo 23rd July 1919 30 years daut of Daniel (1172) & Catherine
REID Eliza     photo photo 17th April 1862   wife of John Moore
REID Florence     photo   1916    
REID James     photo photo 16th Aug 1905 72 years husband of Jane
REID Jane     photo photo 24th Jan 1903 55 years wife of James
REID Mary Ann     photo photo 25th Sept 1946 61 years wife of William (1955) Mother of William (1914)
REID Robert Arthur     photo   1894    
REID William John     photo photo 22nd Dec 1914 9 mths son of William (1955) & Mary (1946) HS say William Peter but memorial & Index say William John
REID William Peter     photo photo 28th Nov 1955 67 years husband of Mary (1946) father of William
RENNIE Elizabeth     photo   1887    
RENOU Harriet Elizabeth     photo photo 2nd July 1885 21 years daut of P. & E.H. Renou
REYNOLDS John     photo   1874    
RICE Charles     photo   1890    
RICE Peter     photo   1891    
RICE Sarah     photo   1891    
RICHARDS Esther Ann     photo   1882    
RICHARDS Mary Ann     photo   1873    
RICKWOOD Catherine Mary     photo photo 26th Aug 1944 6th Dec 1897 erected by her husband also her sister Helen Guyatt
RIGG George     photo   1865    
RITCHIE Annie Frances     photo photo Aug-40 69 years others on here but unable to read
RITCHIE John     photo   1907    
RITCHIE Linton Robert     photo photo 9th March 1932 72 years  
ROBB John     photo   1900    
ROBERTS Helen     photo photo 17th Nov 1932 72 years wife of William (1917)
ROBERTS Henry     photo photo 4th Aug 1879 38 years erected by his mother Johanna
ROBERTS Henry William     photo photo 1892 8th Nov 1890/ 1 year 10mths  
ROBERTS John     photo photo 1908   no other info stone broken
ROBERTS Thomas     photo   1905    
ROBERTS William     photo   1908    
ROBERTS William     photo photo 23rd May 1917 58 years husband of Helen
ROBINSON Adeline     photo photo 15th May 1865 2yrs 2 mths daut of Helena & Thomas
ROBINSON Albert     photo   1891    
ROBINSON Charles     photo   1887    
ROBINSON Frances May     photo   1898    
ROBINSON George     photo   1876    
ROBINSON George     photo   1893    
ROBINSON George     photo   1908    
ROBINSON Hannah     photo   1920    
ROBINSON Harold Victor     photo   1912    
ROBINSON Helena     photo photo 27th March 1909 78 years?  
ROBINSON Henry William     photo   1905    
ROBINSON Henry William     photo   1924    
ROBINSON Jane Emiline     photo   1918    
ROBINSON Jessie     photo   1923    
ROBINSON Malcolm Samuel     photo   1870    
ROBINSON Martha     photo   1876    
ROBINSON Mary Ann     photo   1876    
ROBINSON Mary Jane     photo   1909    
ROBINSON Nellie     photo   1902    
ROBINSON Nelly     photo   1901    
ROBINSON Samuel Francis     photo   1893    
ROBINSON Thomas     photo photo 30th May 1893 73 years husband of Helena
ROBINSON unnamed     photo   1915    
ROBINSON unnamed     photo   1896    
ROBINSON William     photo   1864    
ROGAN Arthur Henry     photo   1896    
ROGAN Walter Davies     photo   1893    
ROGERS John     photo   1863    
ROGERS John     photo photo 27th June 1873 52 years  
ROGERSON Gladys Eveline     photo   1893    
ROLFS George Herny     photo   1910    
ROLFS Marguarite     photo   1898    
ROSS Archibald     photo   1904    
ROSS George     photo photo 31st July 1887 3 mths son of Margaret & John
ROSS Georgina     photo photo 18th Aug 1886 16 yrs 4 mths daut of Margaret & John
ROSS John     photo photo 25th Sept 1898 23 years son of Margaret & John
ROSS John     photo photo Dec-20 86 years husband of Margaret
ROSS Margaret     photo photo 5th March 1887 43 years wife of John mother of Mary, Georgina, George & John
ROSS Mary     photo photo 22nd April 1874 14 days daut of Margaret & John
ROULSTON Isabella Jane     photo   1886    
ROULSTON William     photo   1889    
RUFFY Jessie     photo   1899    
RUFFY Thomas     photo   1882    
RUFFY William James     photo   1884    
RUSSELL Anastasia     photo photo 5th Oct 1891 48 years  
RUSSELL Ellen     photo photo 23rd May 1902   also Mathias & John
RUSSELL John Warr     photo photo 4th Sept 1936   also Ellen & Mathias
RUSSELL Mathias     photo photo 18th Dec 1892   also Ellen & John
RUSSELL Thomas     photo   1912    
RUTHSATZ Paulina     photo   1887    
RYAN Christopher John     photo   1917    
RYAN Christopher S     photo   1933    
RYAN Ellen     photo photo 30th April 1926 83 years wife of John (d 1916) mother of Thomas & James
RYAN James Thomas     photo photo 28th March 1896 21 years son of John & Ellen
RYAN Jane     photo   1906    
RYAN John     photo   1890    
RYAN John     photo   1911    
RYAN John     photo photo 13th Aug 1916 70 years husband of Ellen father of Thomas & James
RYAN John Joseph     photo   1892    
RYAN Mary     photo   1879    
RYAN Mary     photo   1889    
RYAN Mary     photo   1891    
RYAN Michael     photo   1902    
RYAN Michael James     photo   1882    
RYAN Mona Mary     photo   1910    
RYAN Sarah Ann     photo   1936    
RYAN Sr Mary Agnes     photo photo 27th Feb 1938   Rev Mother, also other nuns
RYAN Thomas     photo photo 6th Dec 1879 9 years son of John & Ellen
RYAN unnamed     photo   1909    
RYAN William Dwyer     photo   1878    
SAGGERS Winifred Particia     photo   1924    
SANDOW Vernal L     photo   1908    
SAUNDERS Dorothy Gladys     photo   1909    
SAWYER Selina     photo   1877    
SAYLE Thomas     photo   1891    
SCANLON Michael     photo   1883    
SCHULTZ Labina C     photo   1906    
SCOTT Elena     photo   1888    
SCOTT Leslie Shotto     photo   1902    
SCOTT Seymour     photo   1898    
SHARP Edward     photo   1866    
SHARPLEY Emelie Irene     photo   1899    
SHATTOCK John     photo   1890    
SHATTOCK John William     photo   1922    
SHATTOCK Lilian Marion     photo   1884    
SHATTOCK Mary Jane     photo   1943    
SHATTOCK Mary Jane     photo   1880    
SHEEHAN Elizabeth Agnes     photo photo 16th Oct 1933 wife of Thomas (d 1941) Mother of Vera Mary Kellerher
SHEEHAN Johanna     photo photo 7th Oct 1888 21 years daut of Mary & John
SHEEHAN John     photo photo 30th Jan 1909   husband of Mary father of Johanna
SHEEHAN Mary     photo photo 30th Dec 1887 46 years wife of John mother of Johanna
SHEEHAN Thomas     photo   1896    
SHEEHAN Thomas     photo photo 28th Dec 1941   husband of Elizabeth Agnes father of Vera Mary Kellaher
SHEEHAN William James     photo   1946    
SHIELDS Annie     photo   1913    
SHIELDS Annie Duncan     photo photo 17th Jan 1909 50 years wife of David
SHIELDS David     photo photo 14th May 1934 79 years husband of Annie Duncan Shields
SHIELDS Robert     photo   1900    
SHIELDS unnamed     photo   1896    
SIDEBOTTOM John Henry     photo   1904    
SILK Ann     photo   1911    
SILK William Patrick     photo   1917    
SIMMONS Hanorah     photo   1916    
SIMMS Charles     photo   1897    
SIMPSON James     photo   1903    
SIMPSON Olive     photo   1900    
SKERMER Gordon Vincent     photo photo 29th Jan 1940 13 yrs 8 mths son of Samuel & Sarah accidently drowned
SKERMER Margaret     photo photo 15th Oct 1916 68 years mother of William & Peter
SKERMER Peter     photo photo 21st Sept 1898 19 son of Margaret,
SKERMER Raymond Leonard     photo photo 5th July 1924 3 days son of Samuel & Sarah
SKERMER Samuel     photo photo 18th Oct 1951 70 years husband of Sarah father of Gordon, & Raymond
SKERMER Sarah Agnes Maud     photo photo 9th April 1961 72 years wife of Samuel mother of Gordon & Raymond
SKERMER William S     photo photo 4th June 1898 28 years son of Margaret, Accidently drowned
SKINNER Talbot Henry     photo   1883    
SLATTERY Andrew     photo   1872    
SLOPER Chales Joseph     photo photo 18th Jan 1891 16 years son of George & Hannah
SLOPER George     photo photo 5th Nov 1896 82 years husband of Hannah, father of Charles & James
SLOPER Hannah     photo photo 9th June 1926 92 years wife of George mother of Charles & James
SLOPER Henry George     photo   1933    
SLOPER James     photo photo 17th Feb 1887 24 years son of George & Hannah
SLOPER Mary Ann     photo   1864    
SLY Alice     photo   1874    
SMALE Mary     photo photo 22nd March 1901 75 years also son W.E & M.G.
SMALE Mary Grace     photo photo 5th July 1934 80 years also Mary & William
SMALE Richard Guild     photo   1902    
SMALE William Edward     photo photo 13th May 1909 58 years son of Mary, also M.G
SMALE William James     photo   1909    
SMALE William Thomas     photo photo 5th Oct 1889 24th May 1889 son of A & C Smale also Grace Morrish
SMITH Ann     photo   1905    
SMITH Hugh Samuel     photo   1895    
SMITH John     photo   1883    
SMITH John     photo   1895    
SMITH Newham     photo photo 18th Feb 1916   Private, A.I.F Depot
SMITH William Henry     photo   1919    
SOMERS Thomas     photo   1892    
SORRAGHAN Patrick     photo   1894    
SORRAGHAN Thomas     photo   1892    
SPARKE Charles     photo   1885    
SPEED Annie Emma     photo   1902    
SPENDLOVE Ann     photo photo 30th June 1904 85 years wife of John
SPENDLOVE John     photo photo 9th Aug 1869 63 years husband of Ann
SPOONER John     photo   1881    
SPURR Clementina Matilda     photo   1909    
SPURR Dorothy Gladys     photo   1909    
SPURR Ernest Charles     photo   1906    
STANTON Francis Jacob     photo photo 1953   just surname
STANTON Mary Jane     photo photo 1905   just surname
STEVENS Arthur Sydney     photo   1907    
STEVENS Carol Anne     photo   1889    
STEVENS Ernest Norman     photo   1892    
STEVENS Ernest Oliver     photo   1890    
STEVENS Harry Townsend     photo   1907    
STEVENS Oliver Charles     photo   1903    
STEVENSON Leslie George     photo   1908    
STEWART Colin     photo photo 25th Setp 1901 88 years husband of Margaret also sister-in law Jane McLennan
STEWART Duncan     photo photo 3rd June 1927 72 years husband of Susan, (note seems to be wrong year on HS)
STEWART Gideon     photo photo 1862 48 years Esq. of Cobyboyn near Seymour,
STEWART Margaret     photo photo 18th Jan 1906 88 years wife of Colin sister of Jane McLennan
STEWART Susan     photo photo 25th April 1944   wife of Duncan, mother of Alice
STEWART Thomas     photo   1874    
STIDWELL Bertie     photo   1889    
STILLMAN Arthur     photo   1902    
STILLMAN Edith Veronica     photo   1905    
STILLMAN Elsie     photo   1898    
STILLMAN Emily Josephine     photo   1890    
STILLMAN Harry Bakersville     photo   1893    
STILLMAN Kate     photo   1893    
STIRLING Alexander     photo photo 25th Aug 1919    
STIRLING Harold Howell     photo   1891    
STONES Letitia Ruth     photo   1872    
STRAHAN John     photo   1885    
STRATTON James     photo   1900    
STUBBS Maud     photo   1900    
STUBBS Thomas Maxwell     photo   1895    
SULLIVAN Agnes Aileen     photo   1895    
SULLIVAN John     photo   1885    
SULLIVAN Peter     photo   1872    
SULLIVAN Simon     photo   1897    
SUMMERS John     photo   1874    
SUTHERLAND Alexander     photo   1895    
SUTHERLAND Charlotte     photo photo 1919 27 years dau of William & Mary Annie
SUTHERLAND Daniel     photo   1864    
SUTHERLAND Elizabeth     photo   1880    
SUTHERLAND Fannie Louise     photo   1932    
SUTHERLAND Hugh Mann     photo photo 21st Sept 1916 28 years son of William & Mary Annie
SUTHERLAND Mary Ann     photo photo 25th Sept 1940 80 years wife of William mother of william, Charlotte & Hughie
SUTHERLAND Olivina Leslie     photo   1946    
SUTHERLAND Robert Nichell     photo   1896    
SUTHERLAND William     photo photo 1896 2 weeks son of William & Mary Annie
SUTHERLAND William     photo   1878    
SUTHERLAND William Andrew     photo photo 3rd Sept 1944 83 years husband of Mary Annie father of William, Charlotte & Hughie
SUTTON Catherine     photo   1912    
SUTTON Emily     photo   1918    
SUTTON Ernest Charles     photo   1887    
SUTTON George     photo   1880    
SUTTON Louisa A     photo   1888    
SUTTON Stephen     photo   1888    
SUTTON Stephen     photo   1902    
SWIFT Elizabeth Jane     photo photo 1st Aug 1914 26 years wife of Thomas mother of Thomas
SWIFT Thomas     photo photo 20th May 1893 infant son of Thomas & Elizabeth
SWIFT Thomas     photo photo 20th June 1930 62 years Husband of Elizabeth
SYDENHAM John Robert     photo   1908    
TANNER Susan     photo   1869    
TASKER Annie Flora Eliza     photo   1899    
TASKER Ellie Vera     photo   1908    
TAYLOR Charles Everett     photo photo 6th Jan 1923 84 years husband of Ellen
TAYLOR Ellen     photo photo 2nd Feb 1917 79 years wife of CE Taylor
TAYLOR Emily Louise     photo photo 16th June 1950 94 years wife of James Lloyd
TAYLOR George Pedrina     photo   1916    
TAYLOR James     photo   1906    
TAYLOR James Lloyd     photo photo 10th August 1910 71 years husband of Louisa Emily
TAYLOR John A     photo   1906    
TAYLOR Margaret     photo   1907    
TAYLOR Mary     photo photo 27th Feb 1944 72 years daut of Charles & Ellen
TAYLOR Mary Elizabeth     photo   1905    
TAYLOR Susan Edith     photo   1906    
TAYLOR William George     photo   1907    
TEBBLE Arthur     photo   1907    
TEBBLE Elizabeth     photo   1892    
TEBBLE Elizabeth Harriet     photo   1897    
TEBBLE Lydia Annie     photo   1877    
TEBBLE Thomas     photo   1892    
TEMPLE Agnes     photo   1884    
TEMPLE Ann Selina     photo   1867    
TEVENA Marian Elizabeth     photo   1889    
THOMAS David Percy     photo   1938    
THOMAS John     photo   1891    
THOMAS Letitia     photo   1886    
THOMAS Walter     photo   1900    
THOMPSON Albert     photo photo 13th Aug 1897 28 years son of William & Martha
THOMPSON Ethel May     photo   1891    
THOMPSON Fanny     photo   1893    
THOMPSON Jemima Richmond     photo photo 21st Oct 1884 2 years Indexes have Jessie Richmond daut of Jemima (Butler) & George. Died Richmond.
THOMPSON Martha     photo photo 21st Aug 1913 77 years wife of William mother of Albert
THOMPSON Thomas     photo   1867    
THOMPSON William Thomas     photo photo 7th Nov 1888 54 years husband of Martha & Father of Albert
THOMPSON William Thomas     photo   1918    
THOMSON Chales     photo   1878    
THOMSON Eliza     photo   1889    
THOMSON Jessie Richmond     photo   1894    
THOMSON Robert Bruce     photo   1891    
THORLEY Mary     photo   1887    
THRUM Ann     photo   1904    
THRUM Frederick William     photo   1905    
TIBB James     photo   1907    
TIBB Mary Elizabeth     photo   1925    
TIERNAN Augustine     photo   1860    
TIERNAN Peter     photo photo 27th Feb 1865 47 years Possible husband of Catherine McNally (listed as such)
TIERNAN Theresa     photo   1874    
TOBIN Mary Josephine     photo   1901    
TOMKINS Charles     photo   1911    
TONKIN Arthur Leonard     photo   1894    
TOWL Maud Eleanor     photo   1901    
TOWNSEND Alma Guilo     photo   1889    
TRACEY Patrick     photo   1879    
TRISTAN Harold     photo   1894    
TRISTAN William Henry     photo   1897    
TUDOR Alice     photo   1894    
TURLEY Mary     photo   1882    
TURNER Albert John     photo   1895    
TURNER Ann     photo   1900   twin
TURNER Annie     photo photo 15th Sept 1969   wife of Francis
TURNER Doris Francis     photo   1910    
TURNER Ellen Jane     photo photo 1961 1878 also George Edward
TURNER Francis Jasper     photo photo 23rd Aug 1930   husband of Annie (d 1969)
TURNER George Edward     photo   1905    
TURNER George Edward     photo photo 1935 1874 also Ellen Jane
TURNER James Bennett     photo   1879    
TURNER James Smith     photo   1920    
TURNER Jane     photo   1900   twin
TURNER Sarah Ann     photo   1900    
TURNER Victor Stanley     photo   1932    
VANSUILICOM Albert Champness     photo   1864    
VANSUILICOM Chales Allen     photo   1864    
VAWDREY John Glascott     photo   1912    
VEAL Hilda Beatrice     photo   1898    
VEAL unnamed     photo   1897    
WALES Charles     photo photo 12th May 1928 89 years & Louise
WALES Elizabeth     photo photo 8th Aug 1904 61 years also Robert
WALES John Robert     photo photo 20th Dec 1895 18 years & Elizabeth
WALES Louisa Lang     photo photo 19th April 1890 7 years & Charles
WALKER Edward Raymond     photo   1907    
WALKER Frank Herbert     photo   1892    
WALKER unnamed     photo   1908    
WALKER William     photo   1893    
WALL Margaret     photo   1877    
WALL Nicholas     photo photo 21st Dec 1904 78 years  
WALLACE Kate     photo   1871    
WALLACE Miriam     photo   1871    
WALLDER Edith     photo   1891    
WALLDER George     photo   1911    
WALLDER Percival George     photo   1889    
WALLER Thomas     photo   1912    
WALLIN Frances Lousia     photo   1881    
WALLIN Lars Peter     photo photo 24th March 1916 79 years husband of Sarah
WALLIN Sarah Ann     photo photo 16th Oct 1931   wife of Lars Peter
WALLIS Alan     photo photo 19th Aug 1902 4 years son of Henry & Annie L Wallis
WALLIS Amelia Mary     photo   1906    
WALLIS Ellen (Nellie)     photo photo 13th July 1880 26th Dec 1879 daut of Henry & Mary
WALLIS Ellen Maria     photo photo 18th Nov 1875 26th Feb 1870 daut of Henry & Mary
WALLIS George Orme     photo photo 25th Dec 1893 3 mths son of Henry & Annie L Wallis
WALLIS Hannah Maria     photo photo 24th July 1864 11th Sept 1863 daut of Henry & Mary
WALLIS Henry     photo photo 20th Feb 1854 26th Dec 1846 son of Henry & Mary
WALLIS Henry     photo photo 19th Feb 1878 May 1822 husband of Mary fathr of Henry, Hannah, Ellen& Nellie
WALLIS Mary     photo   1907    
WALLIS William James     photo   1910    
WALSH Bridget     photo   1924    
WALSH James     photo   1914    
WALSH John     photo   1897    
WALSH Margaret     photo   1887    
WARD Arthur     photo   1930    
WARD Colin Arthur     photo photo 1914 infant son of Maud & John
WARD Harry     photo   1883    
WARD Jane     photo   1929    
WARD John Charles     photo photo 1914 1887 husband of Maud father of Colin
WARD Maud     photo photo 1970 1886 wife of John
WARDEN unnamed     photo   1913    
WARE David     photo photo Nov-20 81 years brother of Maria Oak
WATKINS Elizabeth     photo   1879    
WATSON Emma     photo   1887    
WATSON Emma Akren     photo   1890    
WATSON Florence May     photo   1883    
WATT Edward Harold     photo   1880    
WATT John     photo   1875    
WATT Robert Bevan     photo   1867    
WATT William     photo   1860    
WEBB unnamed     photo   1912    
WEDLOCK Robert Edward     photo   1891    
WEICE Fntz     photo   1915    
WELCH Ernest Stephen     photo   1904    
WELLS Jemima Stewart     photo   1907    
WESTERDALE John     photo   1875    
WESTPHAL Emma     photo   1872    
WHEELER Adelaide     photo photo 12th Feb 1921 66 years wife of John Joshua
WHEELER Alexander     photo   1914    
WHEELER John Joshua     photo photo 11th Feb 1906 58 years husband of Adelaide
WHEELER Lauence Augustine     photo photo 2nd Feb 1917   erected by his wife
WHITE Alice     photo   1888    
WHITE Jessie     photo   1872    
WHITE John     photo   1861    
WHITE Julia     photo   1869    
WHITE William     photo   1888    
WHITECHURCH Isabella     photo   1867    
WHITECHURCH Richard Robert     photo   1876    
WHITECHURCH Ronald     photo   1908    
WHITING George Kellock     photo   1909    
WHITTAKER George     photo   1873    
WHITTAKER George     photo   1924    
WHITTAKER Rose     photo   1900    
WHITTAKER William John     photo   1915    
WHYMAN William     photo   1866    
WILLCOX unnamed     photo   1864    
WILLIAMS Ellen     photo   1909    
WILLIAMS John     photo   1874    
WILLIAMS Martha     photo   1882    
WILLIAMS unnamed     photo   1909    
WILLIAMS unnamed     photo   1925    
WILLIAMS Walter     photo   1899    
WILLMOT Margaret Louise     photo   1898    
WILLOUGHBY Eric Basil     photo   1909    
WILSON George Thomas     photo   1871    
WILSON Isabella Carol     photo   1885    
WILSON unnamed     photo   1908    
WINNICOT unknown     photo   1857    
WOOD Alice Annie     photo   1873    
WOOD Kathleen Lorraine     photo   1916    
WOODGATE Henry William     photo photo 18th Aug 1884 58 years Erected by Margaret
WOODLOCK Elizabeth     photo   1896    
WOODLOCK Elizabeth     photo   1900    
WOODLOCK Patrick     photo   1897    
WOODS George     photo   1897    
WOOLCOCK Albert     photo photo May 1892 3yrs 4 mths very hard to read
WOOLLEY Sarah Jane     photo   1877    
WRIGHT Ada Elizabeth     photo   1870    
WRIGHT Ellen     photo   1912    
WRIGHT Fanny     photo photo 30th May 1925 78 years wife of William
WRIGHT Teresa Stella     photo   1899    
WRIGHT William Charles     photo photo 15th Feb 1910 70 years husband of Fanny. Died at Rooky Hill Northwood.
YOUNG Francis Seymour     photo   1892    
YOUNG Robert     photo   1877    
YOUNG William     photo   1883    
YOUNG William Edward     photo   1889    
YOUNG William T     photo   1908    
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