Carngham Cemetery


Data compiled and gathered by Carmel M Reynen


Surname Given Name Photo Photo Age Buried Remarks
Adams Amelia photo     17-June-1958 Robert Charles
Adams   photo       Amelia & Robert
Adams Robert Charles photo     27-November-1935 Amelia
Allen James photo   72yrs 01-November-1921  
Allen James Albert Hunt photo   63 years 09-March-1959  
Andersson Jeremy David photo   17yrs 12-December-1990  
Attwell Irene Margaret photo   59 Years 09-August-1964 (burried in Mark Family Grave)
Baker   photo       William Ernest
Baker William Ernest photo   79 Years 14-October-1958  
Bath   photo       Jane, John Henry
Bath Jane photo   67 years 21-July-1959 John Henry
Bath John Henry photo   71 years 19-February-1958 Jane
Baxter Annie photo   88 Years 19-July-1952 James Hugh, Don
Baxter Annie photo   87 Years 21-August-1977 James
Baxter Don photo   101 years 07-August-1987 Annie, James Hugh
Baxter Edna M L photo     19-February-1992 James D.
Baxter Fred photo     15-February-1988 Ida
Baxter   photo       Annie, James Hugh, Don
Baxter Ida Miller photo     26-March-2005 Fred
Baxter James photo     10-November-1979 Annie
Baxter James Hugh photo   80 Years 10-December-1943 Annie, Don
Baxter James D photo     17-June-2000 Edna M L
Bean Arthur Benjamin photo     21-December-1991 Hazel
Bean Hazel Winnifred photo     25-April-1994 Arthur
Beatie Emily photo   91 Years 02-December-1916 William
Beatie Henry photo   21 Years 6 July 1888 William and Emily (p)
Beatie Jane photo   67 years 09-May-1916 William and Emily (p)
Beatie William photo   57 Years 31 January 1879 Emily
Beatie William photo   10 mths 18 January 1886 William and Emily (p)
Bennett Janet Elsie photo photo 70 Years October, 1966 Nee Ringin
Benson M.G photo   47 Years 04-September-1973 Barbara & 10 Children
Blair Charles Robert photo   85 Years 06-March-1957 Winifred
Blair   photo       Charles & Winifred
Blair Winifred photo   75 Years 04-May-1950 Charles Robert
Booth William A photo   27 years 21 October 1874  
Boyle Ann photo   59 Years 20-November-1925  
Broadbent Edgar Charles photo photo 60 Years 16-May-1969 Lorna Amelia Grace
Broadbent Lorna Amelia Grace photo photo 92 years 24-April-2003 Edgar Charles
Brown ? Stewart photo photo   14-February-1909 Gertrude Jane
Brown Alexander photo photo 70 Years 17-July-1962 William Donald
Brown Arthur J photo   32 Years 27-April-1930  
Brown David photo photo 84 Years 27-August-1927 Margaret
Brown Elizabeth photo photo 86 Years 22-October-1936 John
Brown Emma photo photo 84 Years 07-October-1954 James
Brown Flora photo photo 65 years 01-December-1949 Walter T
Brown Gertrude Jane photo photo 22 Years 14-February-1909 ?Stewart
Brown James photo   63 Years 26-December-1931 Emma
Brown John photo photo 44 Years 26-September-1932 Elizabeth
Brown John Graham photo   71 Years 03-March-1956 Lillian Susannah
Brown Lizzie photo photo 22ys 7mths 22 May 1902 father James
Brown Margaret photo photo 53 Years 22 June 1896 David
Brown Walter T Brown photo photo 71 Years 31-May-1943 Flora
Brown William Donald photo photo 77 years 18-August-1967 Alexander
Brown   photo        
Brown James photo photo 75 Years 15-November-1907 daughter Lizzie
Brown Lillian Susannah photo   86 Years 31-August-1982 John Graham
Brumby Anna photo photo 70 years 21-May-1944 wife of Thomas (Hannah in indexes)
Brumby Betsy photo photo 77 years 10-March-1922 Wife of Thomas
Brumby Catherine (O'Grady) photo     9 Fab 1908 - 9 sept 1902 wife of David William
Brumby David William photo     14 May 1902 - 25 Dec 1989 Husband of Catherine
Brumby Dorothy Isabel photo     17 Feb 1905 - 13 Sept2001 Wife of John
Brumby Edward photo     27 Feb 1904 - 25 July 1982 Husband of Mollie
Brumby Elizabeth Jane photo photo 76 Years 16-March-1950 Wife of William Henry
Brumby Emma photo photo 45 Years 03-April-1914 Wife of John
Brumby Ernest John photo     23 Nov 1913 - 8 Oct 1999 Phyllis Patricia
Brumby George photo   78 Years 25-February-1922 Grace Sommerville Brumby
Brumby Grace Sommerville photo   73 Years 16-September-1931 George
Brumby John photo     24 Jan 1908 - 3 Oct 1997 Husband of Dorothy
Brumby John photo photo 48 Years 10-September-1907 Husband of Emma
Brumby Joyce photo photo 20 years   sister of Peter
Brumby Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) photo     1911 - 15 May 2000 wife of Edward
Brumby Peter photo photo 17 years   brother of Joyce
Brumby Phyllis Patricia photo     20 June 1924 - 19 July 2003 Ernest John
Brumby Thomas photo photo 72 years 11-May-1939 husband of Anna
Brumby Thomas photo photo 89 years 31-July-1922 Husband of Betsy
Brumby Travis Jayson photo   25 years 11-May-1988 son of Graham & Christine
Brumby William photo photo 58 Years 19-June-1966  
Brumby William Henry photo photo 79 Years 09-April-1951 Husband of Elizabeth Jane
Bruty Alfred photo   44 Years 08-March-1937 husband of Eileen Veronica
Bruty Andrew Lin photo   infant 12-October-1987 son of Robyn & Lin
Bruty Eileen Veronica photo   92 Years 13-October-1988 wife of Alfred
Bruty Lin (Lionel) photo photo 55 Years 10-October-1982  
Bruty Natalie Jane photo   Infant 20-August-1974 daughter of Eril & Paul
Burdett John photo photo 79 Years 03-August-1935 husband of Sarah
Burdett Sarah photo photo 93 Years 22-December-1947 wife of John
Burns James Francis photo photo 87 Years 01-December-1980  
Callaghan Annie Hilda photo photo 45 Years 02-January-1937  
Callaghan E.W photo   79 Years 14-February-1970  
Callaghan John photo     12-June-1939 husband of Mabel Ellen
Callaghan Lillie photo photo 82 Years 11-January-1981 wife of the late Edward William
Callaghan Mabel Ellen photo     05-October-1934 wife of John
Cameron John T (Jack) photo     15 June 1915 - 9 February 1983  
Camp Bertram photo photo 79 Years 26-August-1964 husband of Janet
Camp Janet photo photo 88 Years 17-January-1980 wife of Bertram
Camp Mary photo   86 Years 10-July-1936 Wife of william J
Camp Ruth Caroline photo     13 Nov 1886 - 16 April 1914  
Camp William J photo   86 Years 29-July-1935 Husband of Mary
Caw Christina photo     5 August 1896 wife of James Luke
Caw James photo     13-April-1922 son of Christina and James Luke
Caw James Luke photo     15-August-1932 husband of Christina
Cheeseman Allan Graham photo photo 38 Years 29-January-1973 son of James Robert and Gertrude May
Cheeseman Gertrude May photo photo 77 Years 25-June-1970 Wife of James Robert
Cheeseman James Robert photo photo 87 Years 25-June-1977 husband of Gertrude May
Cheeseman Morris James photo     29/08/1927 - 18 March 2003 husband of Ailene
Cheeseman Sarah Ann photo   74 Years 04-January-1922 wife of Thomas
Cheeseman Thomas photo   62 Years 03-August-1908 husband of Sarah Ann
Chibnall A F (Arthur Fredrick) photo   62 Years 13Nov 1855 - 9 June 1918 Husband of Ellen
Chibnall Amy photo   68 Years 04-August-1932 Wife of William A
Chibnall Arthur Len photo     16 Jan 1897 - 25 July 1916 son of AF & Ellen (Killed in France)
Chibnall Cecil photo   infant   son of Amy and William A
Chibnall Elizabeth photo   75 Years 30-June-1985 wife of William H
Chibnall Ellen photo   96 Years 23-June-1953 wife of AF
Chibnall Walter photo   32 Years 12-October-1917 son of Amy and William A
Chibnall William photo   infant   son of Amy and William A
Chibnall William A photo   77 Years 22-August-1936 husband of Amy
Chibnall William H photo   76 Years 13-January-1904 Husband of Elizabeth
Chisholm Murray photo   78 Years 22 July 1898  
Christie John photo   73 Years 04-February-1908 husband of Margaret
Christie Margaret photo   53 Years 3 April 1901 wife of John
Clarke Grace M photo     31 Januay 1909- 30 Nov 1965 William C
Clarke William C photo     7 April 1907 - 19 Feb 1978 Grace M
Clough John Ephriam photo     1899 - 14 May 1981 Murial
Clough Murial photo     31 May 1908 - 7 March 2003 John Ephriam
Clough Peter Michael photo   24 Years 20-March-1979  
Coates Ada Clarissa photo photo   22-May-1949 wife of William
Coates William photo photo   04-February-1907 Husband of Ada Clarissa
Coates William Randall Ewart photo photo infant 09-March-1909 son of William and Ada Clarissa
Coogan mary photo   73 Years 16-August-1905 wife of William Michael
Coogan William Michael photo   81 Years 30 October 1901 husband of Mary
Cook George photo photo 37 Years 25 April 1902 husband of Jane
Cook John William photo photo 86 Years 19 Sept 1903 Mary
Cook Mary photo photo 89 Years 15-June-1916 John William
Cook William photo photo 15 Years 18 February 1878 son of Mary & John William (accidently Shot
Corbett Alice Matilda photo photo 29 Years 08-June-1920  
Corbett John photo   69 Years October, 1908 husband Mary
Corbett Mary photo   63 Years 04-July-1904 wife of John
Corbett Sarah Catherine photo   30 Years 19 February 1895 daughter of John and Mary
Coster Flora Helen photo photo 84 Years 19-May-1972 wife of George Gladstone
Coster George Gladstone photo photo 73 Years 16-April-1961 husband of Flora Helen
Crawford Carmel Patricia photo     19 Dec 1950 - 11 May 1952 Daughter of Lindsay and Marion
Crawford John Charles Stewart photo photo   17 Feb 1921 - 13 Nov 1982 Husband of Rona Jean
Crawford Lindsay James photo     11 Nov 1905 - 19 Nov 1992 Husband of Marion Elizabeth
Crawford Marion Elizabeth photo     12 Nov 1912 - 15 Sept 1989 wife of Lindsay James
Crockett David photo photo 63 Years 31 January 1898 Husband of Janet
Crockett Janet photo photo 59 Years 14 June 1891 wife of David
Cross Ann photo     19-Nov-30 Fredrick J
Cross Ellen photo   63 Years 4 March 1901 wife of James
Cross Fredrick J photo     23-May-29 Ann
Cross George M photo   54 Years 1 July 1916 son of James and Ellen Husb of Lillia
Cross James photo   53 Years 31 January 1882 Husband of Ellen
Cross Lillia photo   68 Years 25-Dec-29 wife of George m
Cross Thomas B photo   2 Years 28 January 1875 son of James and Ellen
Crowther Edgar photo     2 July 1861 - May 13 1863  
Curley Francis Martin photo photo   03-June-1947 husband of Mary Ann
Curley Mary Ann photo photo   07-March-1964 wife of Francis Martin
Curley Redmond John photo photo 50 Years 16-March-1932 Sarah Evangeline
Curley Sarah Evangeline photo photo 75 Years 09-December-1951 Redmond John
Currie Alan Thomas photo     15 April 1930 - 21 June 1995 husband of Margaret
Dalton Donald Gordon photo     28 Sept 1942 - 4 Nov 2000 father of Kim and Daniel
Dames Catherine photo   72 Years 12 June 1903  
Davies Lewellyn photo photo 70 years 18-February-1946  
Davies Mary photo photo 30 Years 06-March-1909 see Douglas
Dawber William photo   31 Years 21 March 1867 Late of Wigan Lancashire
De Graffe Eliza photo photo 67 Years 25-February-1905 Jacob
De Graffe Jacob photo photo 70Years 29 November 1900 Eliza
Denman Eileen photo photo   unknown 1939 see Martin
Denman Joseph photo photo   unknown 1966 see Martin
Dixon Ann photo   87 Years 21 July 1915 wife of Joseph
Dixon Joseph photo   69 Years 2 February 1887 husband of Ann
Douglas Annie photo photo 16 years 8 May 1879 daughter of George and Margaret
Douglas George photo photo 80 Years 15 April 1834 - 19 Sept 1914 husband of Margaret colonist of 62yrs
Douglas John Shaw photo   81 Years 25-March-1948 husband of Lillie Kent
Douglas Lillie Kent photo   84 Years 06-March-1931 wife of John Shaw Douglas
Douglas Little Georgie photo photo 4 y 11 mths 15-March-1913 son of William and Euphemia
Douglas Margaret photo photo 89 Years 07-July-1926 wife of George
Douglas Margaret photo   81 Years 27-November-1940 daughter of George and Margaret
Douglas Mary photo photo 30 years 27th October 1891 At Benalla, daught of George and Margaret and wife of Charles Davies
Edward Annie photo   68 Years 12-August-1928 wife of James
Edward James photo   48 Years 14 May 1903 husband of Annie
Elkins Lorna Beryl (Jan) photo     11-November-1985 wife of David John
Ellis Murial Susan Evelyn photo   79 Years 25-August-1981 wife of William
Ellis William photo   72 Years 10-June-1967 husband of Murial
England Eva Joan photo     21 Dec 1903 - 4 Jan 1992 mother of Ean, Janey, & Eric
Fallon Anastasia photo photo 59 Years 23-March-1944 wife of John Patrick
Fallon Elizabeth photo photo 74 Years 21-July-1920 wife of Patrick
Fallon John Patrick photo photo 84 Years 17-February-1968 husband of Anastasia
Fallon Patrick photo photo 64 years 18-December-1907 husband of Elizabeth
Featherston Mary photo photo 79 Years 21-May-1907 Ralph
Featherston Ralph photo photo 78 Years 26 November 1901 Mary
Fenton Edward photo   63 Years 4 March 1889 Husband of Maria Native of Antrim Ire
Fenton Fredrick photo   72 Years 22-November-1926 Janet
Fenton Fredrick James photo photo 65 years 17-August-1935  
Fenton Irene Gladys photo photo 69 Years 20-December-1978 Thomas
Fenton Janet photo   67 Years 08-March-1928 Fredrick
Fenton Maria photo   83 Years 24-May-1911 wife of Edward
Fenton Thomas photo photo 69 Years 17-February-1966 Irene Gladys
Ferguson Angus photo   24 Years 29 June 1865 son of Murdock
Fisher Margaret Quick photo photo 79 Years 03-January-1921  
Foley Patrick photo photo 75 Years 26-October-1973 Carngham Postmaster 1938 - 1973
Fraser Alexander photo photo 76 Years 20-October-1906 husband of Christina
Fraser Annie photo photo   1871 - 1951  
Fraser Christina photo photo   1878 - 1957  
Fraser Henry John (Jack) photo photo   6 June 1919 - 4 May 1998 Husband of Breta Isabel
Fraser John photo photo 55 Years 28-May-1938 Mary
Fraser Margaret photo photo   18-March-1919  
Fraser Mary Harriet photo photo 83 Years 03-December-1968 John
Fraser Robert W Charles photo photo   16-September-1919 husband of Margaret (surname may be Charles) Killed in Action
Fraser Simon Alexander photo photo infant    
Gardner Elsie Jane photo   76 Years 11-January-1973 wife of John Edward mother of John William
Gardner Emily photo photo   born 1857 d 1927 wife of William Morris
Gardner Gladys Caroline photo     28 May 1933 - 8 October 1998 wife of Bill
Gardner Gregory John photo photo 18 Years 04-July-1978 result of Accident
Gardner Harry George photo   88 Years 04-August-1969  
Gardner Joan Margaret photo photo 53 Years 28-July-1975 daughter of John and Margaret
Gardner John Edward photo   83 Years 27-December-1967 hus. Of Elsie Jane father of John William
Gardner John Robert photo photo 76 Years 04-September-1962 husband of Margaret Esther
Gardner Margaret photo   75 Years 16 January 1898 wife of William
Gardner Margaret Esther photo photo 86 Years 09-March-1973 wife of John Robert
Gardner Rose Annie photo photo 16 Years 28-April-1935 daughter of John and Margaret (in indexes as Gardiner)
Gardner William photo   77 Years 17-September-1906 Husband of Margaret
Gardner William photo photo infant 10-March-1909 son of William Morris and Emily
Gardner William Morris photo photo   born 1851 d 1926 Husband of Emily
Gilhooley Jane photo     13 Dec 1853 - 21 October 1973 (nee Nicholson)
Gilhooley Richard photo     17 May 1859 - 28 May 1934 with Jane
Gillespie Geoffrey David photo   50 years 30-September-1978  
Gorman Edmond photo photo 54 Years 24 February 1865 husband of Mary Interred at Scarsdale
Gorman Joanna photo photo 37 Years 26 September 1902 daughter of Edmond and Mary
Gorman Mary photo photo 72 Years 12-July-1907 wife of Edmond
Gorman Michael photo photo 42 Years 6 April 1903 son of Edmond and Mary
Gray Fredrick Cecil photo   72 Years 23rd November 1993 husband of Alice
Gray   photo        
Greenbank Alfred photo photo 14months 06-March-1921 son of Leonard and Charlotte
Greenbank Althea photo   90 Years 11-May-1995  
Greenbank Anna Elizabeth photo photo 77 Years 18-November-1959 wife of Thomas
Greenbank Annie photo   29 Years 14 april 1864 wife of Leonard
Greenbank Charlotte photo photo 79 Years 29-July-1958 wife of Leonard
Greenbank Dorothy May photo photo 68 Years 01-September-1954 wife of Richard
Greenbank Eliza photo   48 Years 27 August 1891 wife of Leonard
Greenbank Euphemia photo photo 73 Years 29-October-1948 wife of William
Greenbank James photo photo 20 Years 04-October-1917 (Killed in Action)
Greenbank John photo   72 Years 06-September-1946 husband of Henrietta
Greenbank Leonard photo photo 79 Years 18-May-1957 Husband of Charlotte
Greenbank Leonard photo   90 Years 04-December-1924 husband of Annie
Greenbank Leslie John photo   86 Years 09-March-1989  
Greenbank Richard photo photo 72 Years 22-June-1956 husband of Dorothy May
Greenbank Sarah photo photo 38 Years 03-January-1913 wife of Thomas
Greenbank Thomas photo photo 4 Years 01-September-1911 son of Sarah and Thomas
Greenbank Thomas photo photo 78 Years 22-November-1948 husband of Sarah and Anna
Greenbank Thomas photo   68 Years 8 June 1894  
Greenbank William photo photo 77 Years 16-April-1946 Husband of Euphemia
Greenbank William photo photo 20 Years 30-March-1933 son of Sarah and Thomas
Greig Margaret photo   67 Years 17 March 1868 mother of William & James
Griffin Bradley Peter photo     26 Nov 1971 - 3 March 1998 son of Peter & Daphne
Grinham   photo        
Gunn James photo   2yrs 8 mths May 16 1864 John
Gunn John photo   1 Year 27 April 1859 died at Buninyong
Haggis James photo   84 Years 29-January-1941 husband of Mary rose
Haggis John photo photo   July 1862 - December 1921  
Haggis Mary Rose photo   71 Years 02-December-1944 wife of James
Hall Doris H photo   68 Years 25-September-1967  
Hall George photo photo 54 Years 03-October-1920 Husband of Sarah
Hall George James photo   81 Years 26-March-1981  
Hall Maria photo   70 years 17 October 1897 wife of Charles
Hall Sarah Ann Amelia photo photo 90 Years 04-May-1965 wife of Geoge
Hall Walter photo   69 Years 08-March-1918 son of Charles and Maria
Hall Charles photo   80 Years 15-October-1905 Husband of Maria
Hamilton George photo photo   187? of Scotland
Harrison Shirley Jean photo photo 62 Years 20-September-1991 wife of Lindsay dau of Ivy Lightfoot
Hayles Daryl William photo     11-August-1990 husband of Joan
Hayward Ada Florence photo photo 59 Years 15-February-1949 wife of george
Hayward Annie photo photo 17 Years 22-February-1914 Parents S & E Hayward
Hayward Austin James photo   18 Years 26-December-1957  
Hayward Elsie photo photo 64 years 17-January-1975  
Hayward Elspeth photo photo 48 Years 26-April-1906 Wife of William T
Hayward Father & Mother photo        
Hayward George Andrew photo photo 64 years 24-February-1952 husband of Ada
Hayward George Rex photo   69 Years 18-October-1978  
Hayward Henry photo photo 52 Years 28-November-1948 husband of Mary
Hayward Henry photo photo 77 Years 16-May-1940 husband of Isabella
Hayward Henry photo photo 76 Years 13-April-1961 husband of Jane
Hayward Isabella photo photo 65 years 28-July-1942 wife of Henry
Hayward Jane photo photo 71 Years 13-September-1954 wife of Henry
Hayward June photo photo 12 Years 26-May-1945  
Hayward Lizzie photo photo 24 Years 11-November-1917 Parents S & E Hayward
Hayward Mary photo photo 74 Years 27-October-1975 wife of Henry
Hayward Mervyn photo photo 24 Years 02-July-1952 result of Accident
Hayward Robert Elliot photo   24 Years 28-October-1930 father of Robert born 25 November 1930
Hayward William T photo photo 75 Years 07-June-1930 husband of Elspeth
Hayward Father & Mother photo       children, S. W. H & Ellen Hayward
Heathcote Phebe photo   35 Years October 8 1858 wife of William
Heathcote William photo   41 Years April 18 1862 husband of Phebe
Hogarth Edith Maud photo photo   1903 - 1975 wife of Robert Dudley
Hogarth Hazel May photo     6 May 1930 - 3 Sept 1966 wife of Robert Malcolm
Hogarth Robert Dudley photo photo   1898 - 1950 husband of Edith Maud
Hogarth Robert Malcolm photo     12 March 1928 - 30 March 1998 husband of Hazel
Hopper Thomas photo photo 79 Years 22 July 1886  
Hose James photo   84 Years 29-January-1948 Mary
Hose Mary photo   70 years 02-December-1944 James
Howard Margaret photo   79 Years 21-July-1917 wife of Thomas
Howard Thomas photo   83 Years 01-December-1916 Margaret
Howlett Alice photo photo 92 Years 10-April-1993 wife of Edwin Joseph
Howlett Betty photo photo 7 Years 01-January-1937  
Howlett Edwin Joseph photo photo 71 Years 18-June-1961 Husband of Alice
Howlett Emilie Eleanor photo photo 80 Years 08-November-1949 wife of Robert
Howlett Robert photo photo 80 Years 21-July-1943 husband of Emilie Eleanor
Hunt Amy photo   77 Years 17-January-1923 wife of James
Hunt James photo   56 Years 12 March 1889 husband of Amy
Hurley John Garvan (Spot) photo photo   15 April 1919 - 26 Nov 1990 husband of Bobbie
Jones ? Mary photo photo   4 March 189? daughter of Thomas & Eleanor
Jones Abina photo photo   02-February-1926 wife of George
Jones David photo photo 78 Years 18 December 1890 husband of Sarah
Jones Eleanor photo photo 32 Years 27 December 1880 wife of Thomas
Jones George photo photo 60 Years 16 January 1898 husband of Abina
Jones George William photo photo 8 Years 23 July 1872 son of George and Abina
Jones Henry photo photo 32 Years 3 March 1901 son of George and Abina
Jones Sarah photo photo 69 Years 4 September 1884 wife of David Jones of Snake Valley
Jones Sarah Ruth (index has Sarah Ellen photo photo 3 Years 17-February-1909 daughter of Thomas & Eleanor
Jones   photo        
Kennedy   photo        
Kirkman Joseph Alfred photo     2 November 1920 - 7 July 2002  
Leeman Catherine photo   73 Years 12-November-1933 wife of Samuel
Leeman John photo   37 Years interrred in Tasmania 1912 son of Samuel & Catherine
Leeman Samuel photo   62 years Unknown 1919 Husband of Catherine
Lewis Benjamin photo photo 66 Years 02-September-1928 husband of Maria
Lewis Eliza photo photo 84 Years 11-August-1907 wife of Thomas
Lewis Henry photo photo 63 Years 21 May1893  
Lewis Maria photo photo 21 Years 6 October 1891 wife of Benjamin
Lewis Mary photo photo 11 weeks 10 April 1862 daughter of Thomas & Eliza
Lewis Thomas photo photo 41 Years 6 July 1863 husband of Eliza
Lewis Thomas photo photo 83 Years 26-February-1944  
Lightfoot Ivy Marguerita (nee Young photo photo 29 Years 17-June-1936 mother of shirley, Charles, Maisy & June
Linder Mary Ann photo   78 Years 18 April 1897  
Linsley John Dixon photo   53 Years 24-February-1909  
Lockley Louisa photo   1y 11 mths 16 October, 1862  
Lund Elsie Maud photo photo   22 May 1910 - 28 August 1999 (nee Greenbank) wife of Olaf
Lund Olaf Robert photo photo   10 August 1919 - 4 June 1975 husband of Elsie
Mark Adah photo photo      
Mark Amelia photo photo Infant    
Mark Edward photo     1820 - 1886 Husband of Mary Ann
Mark Elizabeth photo photo 52 Years 01-September-1918 daughter of Frank & Mary
Mark Elizabeth Ann photo photo 81 Years 3-Sep-53 wife of Phillip Edward
Mark John Joseph photo photo 64 years 12-July-1923 husband of Elizabeth Mark
Mark John Saunders photo photo infant   grandson of Frank & Mary
Mark Mabel photo photo 32 Years 03-March-1931  
Mark Marion (May) photo     21 Dec 1904 - 15 Jan 1995 Mother of Audrey and Valda
Mark Mary Ann photo     1828 - 1893 wife of Edward (nee Brady
Mark Myrtle Daisy photo photo infant   granddaughter of Frank & Mary
Mark Phillip Edward photo photo 79 Years 28-February-1948 Husband of Elizabeth Ann
Mark Phillip John photo photo 8 Years 20-March-1917  
Mark Roy photo photo infant   grandson of Frank & Mary
Mark Zillah photo     1865 - 1885 daughter of Edward and Mary Ann
Martin Christina photo   75 Years Unknown 1950 see Denman
Martin Francis photo photo 36 years unknown 1934 see Denman
Martin Francis photo   87 Years 15 June 1903  
Martin Mary photo   37 Years Unknown 1941  
Martin Mary photo   57 Years 7 July 1860 Wife of James
Martin Mary photo   94 Years 26-September-1918  
Martin William photo   72 Years unknown 1940 see Denman
Matheson Donald photo photo 17 Years 26 November 1887 son of JD
Matheson Donald photo photo 87 Years 07-June-1904 husband of Elizabeth
Matheson Elizabeth photo photo 97 Years 6 January 1886 wife of Donald
Matheson John Duncan photo photo 76 Years 20-June-1921 husband of Rachel
Matheson Rachel photo photo 74 Years 16-October-1921 wife of John Duncan
Mayberry James Campbell photo photo 64 years 20-January-1955  
McDonald Ada photo     22-December-1938 charles
McDonald Alan Clyde photo   75 Years 25-March-2000  
McDonald Bruce Edwin photo     18 April 1981 - 16 July 2004  
McDonald Charles photo     19-January-1962 Ada
McDonald Charles photo   59 Years 17 July 1889 Husband of Janet
McDonald David photo photo 68 Years 13-November-1936 Husband of Jane
McDonald Jane photo photo   10-July-1954 wife of David
McDonald Janet photo   69 Years 10-July-1924 wife of Charles
McDonald Katrina photo photo 9yrs 5mths 03-May-1964  
McDonald Mary photo   63 Years 18-November-1943 daughter of Charles & Janet
McDonald Rose Ann Poynton photo photo 23 Years 30-May-1907  
McDonell Alexander photo   9 mths   son of Helen and Andrew
McDonell Andrew photo   67 Years 8 October 1893 husband of Helen died at Albert Park
McDonell Helen photo   34 Years 24 July 1877 wife of Andrew
McDonell Helen photo   2 Years   daughter of Helen and Andrew
McErvale Catherine photo photo     daughter of John & Henrietta
McErvale Esther photo     1859 - 1930 wife of Phillip
McErvale Henrietta photo photo   1820 - 1885 wife John
McErvale Henrietta photo photo     daughter of John & Henrietta
McErvale J Robert photo     04-September-1931  
McErvale John photo photo   unknown 1885 husband of Henrietta
McErvale Phillip photo     01-March-1936 husband of Esther
McErvale William photo photo      
McGaghran John photo photo   11-January-1907 father of Matthew
McGaghran Matthew photo photo     son of John
McIntosh Amy Lillian photo photo 89 Years 18 September 1884 wife of Norman
McIntosh Angus photo   73 Years 06-March-1936 Catherine
McIntosh Catherine photo   81 Years 19-September-1939 Angus
McIntosh Kenneth James photo photo 18 years 13-September-1975 Son of Alex and Marie
McIntosh Norman Laughaln photo photo 62 Years 28-November-1957 husband of Amy Lillian
McIntosh Robert Michael photo photo 33 Years 21-November-1985 Son of Alex and Marie
McKay Alexander photo photo 69 Years 30-January-1918 son of John and Kate
McKay Barry John photo     6 March 1939 - 16 August 1998 son of Stanley and Elizabeth
McKay Catherine photo photo 73 Years 08-July-1937 wife of David
McKay David photo photo 74 Years 12-August-1938 husband of Catherine
McKay Ian Stanley photo     2 August 1925 - 21 January 1992 father of Lindon John
McKay John photo photo 55 Years 25 January 1873 husband of Kate
McKay Kate photo photo 97 Years 19-November-1917 wife of John
McKay Lindon John photo     17 Dec 1950 - 4 April 1959 son of Ian Stanley
McKay Malcolm photo photo 61 Years 10-October-1919 son of John and Kate
McKay William photo   83 Years 13-July-1942  
McKechnie Angus photo   72 Years November 1881 husband of Margaret, Native of A?shire Scotland. Died at Chepstow
McKenzie Elspeth photo photo 6 Years Unknown 1873 daughter of Alexander & Kate
McKenzie Johanna photo photo 9 mths 7 March 1873 daughter of Alexander & Kate
McLaughlan Isabella photo   80 Years 06-February-1921 wife of James
McLaughlan Isabella photo   73 Years 10-June-1953 daughter of James and Isabella
McLaughlan James photo   77 Years 01-March-1914 Husband of Isabella
McLaughlan Jean photo   73 Years 02-November-1937 daughter of James and Isabella
McLaughlan William photo   31 Years 18-May-1912 son of James and Isabella
McLean Andrew photo photo 73 Years 18-June-1988 Mary McLean
McLean Annie Margaret photo photo 76 Years 01-May-1954 William Alexander
McLean Annie May photo photo 17 Years 13-February-1922 Plaque on end repeats the stone
McLean Mary photo photo 89 Years 8 Sept 1910 - 16 June 2000 Andrew McLean
McLean William Alexander photo photo 83 Years 04-August-1955 Annie Margaret
McLean William Alexander photo photo infant 3 Februrary 1911 Plaque on end repeats the stone
McLennan Kenneth photo   39 Years 14 April, 18?6` native of Ross Scotland, Accidently Killed
McNulty Owen photo photo 45 Years 25-February-1912 husband of Margaret
McQuillan Elizabeth May photo photo 83 Years 15-August-1994  
McQuillan Mary Ellen photo photo 66 Years 04-August-1938 wife of Thomas
McQuillan Thomas photo photo 86 Years 23-March-1957 husband of Mary Ellen
McRae Alexander photo photo 25yrs 10mth 10 March 1892 son of John and Margaret
McRae Ann photo photo 12ys 3 mths 30 April 1874 daughter of John and Margaret
McRae Margaret McIntosh photo photo 88yrs 11-September-1915 wife of John, Died in Launceston Tas
McSwan Donald photo photo 47 years 24 May 1873 Euphemia, William, Norman, John
McSwan Euphemia photo photo 34 years 15 September 1867 Donald, William, Norman, John
McSwan John photo photo 56 years 23-March-1909 Donald, Euphemia, William, Norman
McSwan Norman A photo photo 15yrs 8 mths 09-November-1907 Donald, Euphemia, William, John
McSwan Sarah Ann photo photo   14-May-1951 wife of John mother of Donald & Norman
McSwan William photo photo 4 Years 6 September 1868 Donald, Euphemia, Norman, John
Mitchell Elizabeth photo photo 66 Years 3 August, 1869 wife of John
Mitchell John photo photo 68years 16 February, 1870 husband of Elizabeth
Mitchell Sarah photo photo 22 years 21 July 1868 daughter of John & Elizabeth
Morcombe Annie Lillian photo   87 Years 28-May-1987 daughter of George and Mary
Morcombe George photo   79 years 01-August-1939 husband of Mary
Morcombe George photo   72 Years 1 February 1901 Husband of Matilda
Morcombe Mary photo   82 Years 09-October-1943 wife of George
Morcombe Matilda photo   74 Years 25-December-1906 wife of George
Morcombe Rose photo photo   4 January 1901 - 29 Feb 1969 wife of William
Morcombe Vickie Lorraine photo photo 3 years 18 March 1961 - 7 August 1964 daughter of William & Valerie
Morcombe William photo photo   29 May 1892 - 1 Feb 1971 husband of rose
Morcombe William photo photo   28 July 1930 - 22 March 1993  
Morland Ann photo   25 Years June 1864 wife of Robert
Morland George photo        
Morland Robert photo        
Murray James photo photo 7 mths 13 October 1865  
Murray Jane photo   70 Years 13 October 1902 Mother of John
Murray John photo   10 Years 25 Feb 1874 son of Jane
Murray Margaret Glen photo photo 84 Years 23-October-1914  
Murray William photo photo 19yrs 6 mths 20 April 1893  
Murray William photo photo 68 Yrs 28 September 1897  
Nason Thomas Robert photo   31 Years August 28 1871  
Nice Ernest James photo photo 93 Years 31-May-1969 Husband of Isabella
Nice Ernest James photo photo 54 Years 24-October-1969 husband of Phyllis
Nice Isabella photo photo 78 Years 10-July-1966 wife of Ernest James
Nice Phyllis May photo photo 71 Years 13-October-1988 wife of Ernest James
Nice Sarah photo   59 Years 31 October 1885 wife of Robert
Nice Robert photo   76 Years 23-April-1912 husband of Sarah
Nicholson Annie Christina photo     unknown 1981  
Nicholson Annie Christina photo     unknown 1929  
Nicholson Jane photo     13 June 1831 - 17 May 1906 wife of Joseph
Nicholson Joseph photo     6 July 1830 - 22 June 1908 husband of Jane
Nicholson Joseph Joshua photo   37 Years 07-November-1907 husband of sarah Ann
Nicholson Mary Amelia photo     unknown 1936  
Nicholson Sarah Ann photo   52 Years 11-May-1921 wife of Joseph
Nicholson William photo   83 Years Unknown 1950  
Nunn Albert John photo   63 Years 16-February-1981  
Nunn Alfred Thomas photo photo 73 Years 20 Januaray 1961 Hannah Jane
Nunn Amy A photo photo 17 Years 17-December-1927  
Nunn Annie Egerton photo photo 72 Years 17-February-1987 wife of Edwin Walter
Nunn Clifford David photo photo 62 Years 25-September-1983  
Nunn Dorothy Christine photo photo 86 Years 26-August-1994 wife of Roy HJ
Nunn Edward Donald photo photo 81 Years 08-June-1980 husband of Vera Rose
Nunn Edwin Walter photo photo 67 Years 18-November-1978 Husband of Annie Egerton
Nunn Elizabeth Rose photo   79 years 23-December-1991 wife of Kelvin Alfred
Nunn Eric Thomas photo   52 Years 11-November-1969 husband of Phyllis Ross
Nunn Evelyn photo photo 72 Years 14-April-1953 wife of Walter
Nunn Flora May photo     3 Oct 1893 - 20 Feb 1987  
Nunn Hannah Jane photo photo 65 years 29-December-1953 Alfred
Nunn Harrold photo photo 22 years 17-May-1952 Accidently Killed
Nunn Kelvin Alfred photo   89 Years 28-August-2003 husband of Elizabeth Rose
Nunn Margaret May photo   85 years 28-October-2000 wife of Stanley Gordon
Nunn Max photo   9 mths 19-September-1936 son of Stanley and May
Nunn Melville Ross photo     18 March 1940 - 22 April 2004 husband of Janice
Nunn Patricia Leslie photo   53 Years 05-June-1989  
Nunn Phyllis Ross photo   83 Years 28-November-2004 wife of Eric Thomas
Nunn Ronald (Ben) photo     21 Oct 1935 - 14 Feb 2003  
Nunn Ronald Thomas photo     27 April 1961 - 20 August 1962  
Nunn Roy H J photo photo 77 Years 01-June-1983 husband of Dorothy
Nunn Vera Rose photo photo 94 Years 05-February-1999 wife of Edward Donald
Nunn Walter photo photo 66 Years 07-May-1952 husband of Evelyn
Oddie Alice photo   76 Years 14-September-1933 daughter of Thomas Ralph Oddie
Oddie Francis photo   82 Years 10-May-1944 son of Thomas Ralph Oddie
Oddie James photo photo 7 1/2 yrs 28 November 1868 son of T R and Sarah Oddie
Oddie Jane photo photo 78 Years 08-September-1908 wife of TR Oddie
Oddie Olivia J photo photo   08-March-1913  
Oddie Sarah photo photo 74 Years Oct 1821 - 19 June 1896 wife of T R Oddie
Oddie Thomas Ralph photo photo 98 Years unknown 1927 colonist of 75 years
O'Donnell Ann photo photo 22 years died 1866 Erected by Thomas Howard
O'Donnell Mary photo photo   27 December 1898 wife of william
O'Donnell Mary photo photo 82 Years Died 1870 Erected by Thomas Howard
O'Donnell William photo photo   11 October 1896 Husband of Mary
O'Laughlan Dorothy Benedict photo     13-December-1993 wife of Francis O'Laughlan
O'Laughlan Francis photo     18-May-1995 husband of Dorothy
Page Abraham photo photo 75 Years 5 December 1897 husband of Elizabeth Erskine
Page Elizabeth Erskine photo photo 60 Years 17 December 1899 wife of Abraham
Page John G photo        
Page Peter photo photo 30 Years 18 November 1889 husband of Sarah Ann
Page Peter Angus photo photo   18 Jan 1888 - 27 Feb 1964 son of Peter and sarah
Page Sarah ann photo photo 37 Years 13 June 1901 wife of Peter
Parry Elizabeth photo photo 42 years May 1874 wife of John
Parry Ellen photo photo 14 Days May 1874 daughter of Elizabeth & John
Parry Myn photo photo 2 yrs 8 mths 11-July-1921 daughter of Rev R F & Annie Parry
Patterson Frank W photo photo 71 Yrs 23-September-1971  
Patterson Lily (nee Mark) photo photo 81 Years 21-March-1980 wife of Frank
Phillips Evan Thomas photo     30 September 1890 husband of Winifred
Phillips Jane photo   60 Years 29 October 1880 wife of William
Phillips Mary Alice photo   10 months unknown 1885  
Phillips See Thomas photo       Granddaughter of Jane & william
Phillips William photo   85 years 01-September-1904 husband of Jane
Phillips William photo   6 Years 10 May 1885 son of Evan and Winifred
Phillips Winifred photo   73 Years 09-March-1924 wife of Evan Thomas
Pitts Leonard Neil photo photo   15 Oct 1925 - 8 March 1986 husband of Lois
Porteous Andrew photo photo 9 Wks unknown 1880  
Putz Herbert photo     24 May 1925 - 13 January 1989 husband of Marlene
Quance William Henry photo     28-April-1924  
Quilliam Elizabeth photo   34 years 09-June-1919 wife of James
Quilliam James photo   72 Years 19-July-1952 husband of Elizabeth
Quilliam Laurence James (Wix) photo photo 53 yrs 22-January-1993 husband of Carol Jean Father of Darren
Quilliam Mirron Elizabeth photo photo 80 yrs 02-December-1986 wife of William Charles
Quilliam William Charles photo photo 86 yrs 19-July-1990 husband of Mirron Elizabeth
Quinn Catherine photo     1838 - 1910 wife of John
Quinn John photo     1932 - 1881 husband of Catherine
Quinn William photo     1879 - 1912 son of John and Catherine
Reilly Eileen Lilian (Nin) photo     11 Dec 1919 - 17 April 1993 wife of Peter
Reilly Peter photo   55 Years 23-October-1974 husband of Eileen (Nin)
Reilly Terrence H photo   23 Years 17-August-1968  
Richardson Frances photo photo 79 years 08-February-1983 wife of Robert
Richardson Robert photo photo 74 Years 20-November-1986 husband of Frances
Ringin Andrew photo photo 48 years 26 November 1882 son of William & Elspeth
Ringin Elspeth photo photo 86 Years 14 November 1890 wife of william
Ringin James photo photo 14 Years 4 April 1880 son of Andrew & Janet
Ringin Janet photo photo 80 Years 09-December-1922 wife of Andrew
Ringin Stanley John photo photo 54 Years 15-November-1978 son of Doris and Andrew
Ringin William photo photo 63 Years 17 August 1877 Husband of Elspeth
Robb Christina photo photo 79 years 4 Sept 1879 wife of David
Robb David photo photo 87 Years 7 May 1887 husband of Christina
Roddis Alf C photo   77 Years 02-January-1946 husband of Jane
Roddis Harold Burns photo     8 Jan 1906 - 12 July 2002 Husband of Eileen
Roddis James Miller photo photo 79 years 10-April-1947 husband of Jane Louisa
Roddis Jane photo photo 29 Years 15 September 1900 wife of Alf C
Roddis Jane Louisa photo photo 62 Years 11-August-1926 wife of James Miller
Roddis Richard George photo photo infant 19 September 1895 son of Jane & Alf C
Rowler Catherine photo photo   1830 - 1901 wife of Michael
Rowler Ellen photo photo   12-October-1962  
Rowler James photo photo infant   son of Michael & Catherine
Rowler Johanna photo photo   23-May-1954 wife of Thomas
Rowler John photo photo infant unknown 1872 son of Michael & Catherine
Rowler Margaret M photo photo   20-December-1948  
Rowler Michael photo photo   1823 - 1896 husband of Catherine
Rowler Thomas photo photo   05-June-1953 husband of Johanna
Rowler William photo photo   01-August-1936  
Russell Amy Vera photo photo 6 yrs 10 mths 6 March 1889  
Russell Annie Lewis photo photo 38 Years 22 June 1869 wife of Phillip
Russell Beryl Effingham Lawrence photo photo   10 April 1896 - 20 Sept 1986 wife of Phillip
Russell Blanche Ritchie photo photo   26 Feb 1862 - 8 Nov 1847 wife of Phillip
Russell Euphemia Lewis photo photo   12 Jan 1858 - 11 Aug 1863  
Russell George photo photo 57 Years 08-May-1914  
Russell Herbert photo photo   4 Jan 1888 - 3 Jan 1966 3rd son of Phillip
Russell James photo photo   4 Nov 1852 - 9 April 1905 eldest son of Phillip & Blanche
Russell John photo photo   8 August 1885- 9 April 1917 2nd son of Phillip
Russell Mary Anne Drysdale photo photo 27 Years 28 March 1878 wife of Phillip
Russell Phillip photo photo   20 Nov 1882 - 13 July 1969 Husband of Beryl E.L.
Russell Phillip photo photo   20 June 1822 - 14 July 1892  
Russell Phillip Leslie photo photo   21 March 1878 - 17 Sept 1901 son of Mary Ann & Phillip
Russell Robert Ritchie photo photo   10 Nov 1891 - 26 Sept 1916 4th son of Phillip
Ryan John photo photo   1834 - 1912 husband of Margaret
Ryan Margaret photo photo   1937 - 1920 wife of John
Sampson Elizabeth photo   83 Years 14 May 1836 wife of George
Sampson George photo   84 Years 24-October-1940 husband of Elizabeth
Saunders Adelaide photo photo 19 mths April 1878 daughter of Frank & Mary
Saunders Frank photo photo 49 Years 12 November 1883 husband of Mary
Saunders Frank photo photo 12 Years June 1878 son of Frank & Mary
Saunders John photo photo 20 Years 30 May 1891 son of Frank & Mary
Saunders Mary photo photo 54 years 10 December 1898 wife of Frank
Seargent John photo   63 Years 5 November 1888 husband of Sarah
Seargent Sarah photo   82 Years 25-January-1910 wife of John
Sheehan Catherine photo photo 56 years 16-August-1913 wife of Michael
Sheehan Jane photo photo 92 Years 6 January 1903 wife of John mother of Michael
Sheehan John photo photo 84 Years 18-April-1914 husband of Jane father of Michael
Sheehan Mary Ellen photo photo   04-December-1943  
Sheehan Michael photo photo   29 July 1852 -17 Jan 1894 Husband of Catherine
Simister Arabella photo   56 years 13 December 1880 wife of John
Simister James photo   49 Years 11-September-1906 husband of Jessie son of John and Arabella
Simister Jessie H photo   51 Years 10-September-1916 wife of James
Simister John photo   47 years 13 November 1876 husband of Arabella (interred Melb)
Slater David John photo   83 Years 17-June-1992 husband of Beat, father of Jack & Don
Slater Emma Beatrice photo     1 Aug 1908 - 10 October 2000  
Smith Alice photo   33 Years 10 April 1902 Daughter of Francis and Margaret
Smith Elizabeth Jane photo   infant October 1874 Daughter of Francis and Margaret
Smith F.G.W photo photo 74 Years 27-March-1942  
Smith Francis photo   80 Years 23-June-1925 husband of Margaret Jane
Smith Francis George photo photo 21 Years 09-August-1918 son of Rebecca
Smith Frederick L photo   58 Years 27-December-1930  
Smith J.A photo photo 80 Years 17-May-1958  
Smith Leslie Mopcombe photo photo 28 Years 23-March-1936 son of Rebecca
Smith Margaret Jane photo   75 Years 17-January-1917 wife of Francis
Smith Rebecca photo photo 45 Years 15-June-1912 mother of Francis, & Leslie
Snell George photo photo      
Snell Jane Bailey photo photo      
Snell Jane Whatmough photo   64 years 9 October 1890 mother of Samuel & George
Snell Oswell (Pete) photo     14-April-1946  
Snell Richard photo   42 years 5 January 1866 father of Samuel & George
Snell Richard Murray photo     1900 - 1975 son of George and Jane Bailey Snell
Sproull Doris photo   62 Years 12-July-1970  
Sproull John Cumming photo   56 years 17-December-1996  
Stevens John photo photo 82 Years 17-September-1945 husband of Annie F
Stevens Annie F photo photo 73 Years 14-September-1935 wife of John
Stevens Leslie photo photo   21-July-1963  
Stevenson George photo   95 Years 26-August-1924 husband of Harriet
Stevenson George John photo   16 Years 1 July 1874 son of Harriet & George
Stevenson Harriet photo   52 Years 12 December 1896 George Stevenson
Stevenson James Lawrence photo photo 90 years 26-June-1987 husband of Rose Agatha
Stevenson Paul Gerard photo photo infant   son of James and Rose
Stevenson Rose Agatha photo photo 83 Years 24-May-1981 wife of James Lawrence
Stevenson Willie photo   3 years 7 July 1863 son of Harriet & George
Stevenson   photo        
Stewart John photo   74 Years 11-December-1937 husband of Mirron
Stewart Mirron photo   44 Years 13-March-1916 wife of John
Suttie Elizabeth photo   73 Years 11-May-1936 wife of Robert
Suttie Robert photo   70 Years 02-January-1923 husband of Elizabeth
Swinnerton Martin photo photo 21 Years 16-February-1959  
Symes Craig Anthony photo photo 18 years 26-November-1989  
Thomas Thomas photo     1892 - 1898 brother of Janet Williams
Thomas Winifred Mary photo   5 Years 14 May 1881 granddaughter of Jane & william Phillips
Tindall Thomas photo photo 30 Years 9 December 1901  
Trellaven   photo photo      
Trengove Barbara McLaren photo   65 years 11-June-1993 wife of Eric (Dec)
Unknown Henry photo     31-December-1957 with May
Unknown May photo     01-November-1959 with Henry
Unknown Ruth Caroline photo     19?  
Vincent Mary photo   69 Years 2 November 1901 relic of Charles & wife of F J Vincent
Ward Charles Esq. photo   59 Years 15 September 1872 son of Rev John Ward husb. Of Mary V
Ward William Robert photo   39 Years 16-May-1916  
Watkins David James photo photo 45 Years unknown 1939  
Watkins Lily May photo   23 Years 23-August-1921 daughter of William
Watkins William photo   75 Years 11-December-1937 father of Lily May
Webster Geoffrey John photo     1931 - 1990  
Whelan Evelyn Esther photo     24 Oct 1907 - 24 April 1995 wife of Thomas
Whelan James photo   79 years 03-April-1922 husband of Margaret
Whelan James Whelan photo   92 Years 22 July 1896 husband of Julie
Whelan Julie photo   77 Years 22 May 1886 wife of James
Whelan Margaret photo   56 years 8 July 1898 wife of James
Whitla David James photo   55 Years 04-August-1961 Husband of Jessie Isobel
Whitla James photo   73 Years 26-November-1945 Husband of Jennett
Whitla Jennett photo   77 Years 08-November-1951 wife of James
Whitla Jessie Isobel photo   60 Years 03-September-1968 wife of David James
Whitla John photo   39 Years 18-November-1918 husband of Vera
Whitla Sarah photo   22 years 19-February-1935 daughter of John & Vera
Wicmore Elizabeth Ann photo photo 75 Years 03-December-1973 wife of Horace Cecil
Wicmore Horace Cecil photo photo 84 Years 29-July-1966 Husband of Elizabeth Ann
Williams Janet photo     1837 - 1910 wife of Thomas
Williams Lorna Elizabeth photo     8 Feb 1918 - 7 Jan 2002 wife of Oswald
Williams Thomas photo     1836 - 1919 husband of Janet
Williamson James photo photo 65 years 4 July 1889  
Wilson Caroline Catherine photo photo 48 years 2 May 1884 wife of William (nee Friend)
Wilson Lloyd Methven photo   49 Years 29-March-1977  
Wilson William photo photo 66 Years 11 July 1898 husband of Caroline Catherine (nee Friend
Winter E.G photo     unknown 1993  
Wise Margaret photo   26 years 28 January 1887 wife of William Wise
Wood Mary photo   48 Years 9 March 1862 wife of Michael
Wood Michael photo   78 Years 14 June 1888 husb. Of Mary
Wookey Agnes Bruce photo   65 years 05-June-1907 wife of william alexander
Wookey Unknown photo        
Wookey William Alexander photo   82 Years 27-November-1907 husband of Agnes
Woolard Alice photo photo   22-September-1915 wife of John
Woolard Alice photo   82 Years 16-January-1915 wife of Jonah
Woolard Isaac photo   53 Years 12 November 1886 father of Jane
Woolard Jane photo   1 Year 2 April 1875 daughter of Isaac
Woolard Jane photo   82 Years 20-July-1929  
Woolard John photo photo 65 years 28-February-1938 Husband of Alice
Woolard Jonah photo   63 Years 17 November 1893 husband of Alice
Woolard Thomas photo photo 71 Years 04-September-1940  
Wright Joseph Robert photo photo 75 Years 12-August-1927 husband of Julia Sophia
Wright Julia Sophia photo photo 70 Years 20-April-1927 Wife of Joseph
Wyatt Bridget photo   31 Years 11 March 1859 Wife of William
Yenken Agnes Mary Galbraith photo photo   22 Nov 1826 - 29 Jan 1882 Born Scotland
Yeoman Athol photo   70 Years 23-September-1973  
Yeoman Cecilia Alice photo photo 11 mths   daughter of Richard
Yeoman Gordon John photo   66 Years 10-March-1987 husband of Monica
Yeoman Jessie Helen photo photo 59 Years 15-October-1952 wife of Richard Percy
Yeoman Mervyn Neville photo     25 Dec 1927 - 12 Dec 1990  
Yeoman Monica photo   58 Years 06-October-1959 wife of Gordon John
Yeoman Richard photo photo 78 Years 17-June-1940 father of Cecilia
Yeoman Richard Percy photo photo 94 Years 28-February-1984 husband of Jessie
Young Amy Elizabeth photo photo 11 Years 8 March 1888  
Young Charles Leslie photo photo   23 Aug 1899 - 25 Aug 1980 son of George & Lilliam
Young George photo photo 72 Years 21-May-1936 Lillian Harriet
Young Iris Evleyn photo     11-October-1990  
Young Jane photo photo     with William Charles
Young John photo photo 16 Years Unknown 1885 with Richard
Young John photo   75 Years 12-August-1975  
Young John photo photo 85 years 04-April-1925 husband of Sarah Ann
Young Laura A. photo   53 Years 30-August-1949  
Young Lillian Harriet photo photo 93 Years 30-October-1969 George
Young Mary Jane photo photo 81 Years 18-December-1923 with Amy Elizabeth
Young Richard photo photo 9 Years 18 June 1898 With John
Young Sarah Ann photo photo 81 Years 18-May-1932 wife of John
Young Stanley Charles photo       Husband of Iris
Young William Charles photo photo 65 years 25-September-1940 with Jane
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