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Bibliography of Australian Family History
ISBN 0 9589177 2 8
South Australian History Source

The History and Records of West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide (3rd Edition)
ISBN 0 9589177 5 2
Australian Personal Bookplates
ISBN 0 9589177 8 7 (Ordinary Edition)
0 9589177 7 9 (Standard Edition)
0 9589177 9 5 (De Luxe Edition)
John Neilson: Poet and Songwriter: An anthology of Poems

William Neilson: Bush Poet of Penola: An Anthology of Poems

Poetry in the South-East of South Australia

Bibliography Of Australian Family History


This bibliography indexes by the primary surname all published family histories and pedigrees with Australian connections up until 1987.  Where more than one family is covered in the same publication title, these are cross-referenced; Approximately 2000 individual family history publications have been indexed. To this have been added histories in publications devoted to family pedigrees, such as Burke's Colonial Gentry.  The total bibliography numbers approximately 2900 entries. A 5 size with 112 pages.

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South Australian History Source

This is the successor of, Sources for South Australian History, long out of print and out-dated. This reference guide to South Australian family, biographical and local history research is essential for the family historian with a focus on South Australia. With 217 pages and 23 chapters, A4 format. It includes most the sources that family historians will need to assemble biographical information for their family members.

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The History and Records of West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide

The West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, is probably the oldest municipal cemetery in Australia still in use.  Due to its status for many years as the principal cemetery in the State, it has an important place in South Australia’s history as the burial place for a large number of the original pioneers, politicians, leaders of community as well as ordinary residents.  Since 1837 approximately 150,000 burials have taken place.  A5 size, soft cover, with 20 pages.

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Australian Personal Bookplates

It is fifty years since Percy Neville Barnett published his magnum opus on bookplates, Australian Bookplates and Bookplates of Interest to Australia.  A number of publications have appeared since then on aspects of the subject, but this is the first major contribution to the subject since that time.  Australian Personal Bookplates is the first attempt to produce a register of Australian personal bookplates and probably the first attempt of any country to produce a complete register of bookplates used.

Features of the publication, Australian Personal Bookplates includes:

  • Register of over 5,700 personal bookplates, with descriptive details, date created, artist etc.

  • Index of artists.

  • Biographical details of prominent artists who have created bookplates.

  • Illustrated with 138 bookplates.

  • De Luxe Edition includes a further 32 original plates tipped in.

  • Details of the main bookplate collections in Australian libraries and art galleries.

The Standard Edition of 350 numbered copies, case bound in dark blue buckram cloth and blind stamped on the cover. De Luxe Edition now sold out.

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John Neilson: Poet and Songwriter: An anthology of Poems

John Neilson was born in Scotland in 1844 and died in poverty in Victoria in 1922. He wrote numerous poems in the South East of South Australia and Victoria, which were published in local newspapers. He won two prizes for his poems, including the 1893 prize by the Australian Natives Association. His son, John Shaw Neilson, went on to become one of Australia’s pre-eminent lyric poets.

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William Neilson: Bush Poet of Penola: An Anthology of Poems

William Neilson was born in Scotland in 1842 and died in Penola, South Australia in 1916. He lived for most of his life in Penola and many of his poems focus on local events and stirring national, patriotic and local occasions, together with reminiscences of life back in Scotland. Nearly all of his poems in this anthology have been found in local newspapers. His brother, John Neilson, was also a local well known poet, and his nephew, John Shaw Neilson, on occasions worked in his saw-mill in Penola.

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Poetry in the South-East of South Australia

Country newspapers are a rich source of local poetry, however due to the difficulty in obtaining access to these newspapers they are a lost treasure. This publication lists all the local poems found in the newspapers of Mount Gambier, Millicent and Naracoorte over the period 1861 to 1916. The name of the poem and poet is listed and biographical details provided of poets identified. Many non-de plumes and initials are identified. Well known poets such as Adam Lindsay Gordon, William Henry Ogilvie and the Neilson brothers are included in this listing.

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