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Useful Genealogical/Historical Website Links


Australian Cemeteries
A brilliant (and FREE) resource for those interested in Australian cemeteries.  A state index assists your search.

Carr Villa Memorial Park
A search engine for Launceston's largest cemetery.

Northern Midlands Council Cemetery Search Site
This search engine incorporates the Longford General Cemetery (Cressy Road) Perth General Cemetery (Cemetery Road).

Millington's Southern Cemeteries
Here you can search four southern Tasmanian Cemeteries (Cornelian Bay, Kingston Regional, East Risdon, Cambridge).


Australia-Cemeteries mailing list
A brilliant mailing list focussing upon Australian cemeteries; professionally mediated and offering tremendous assistance for any interested in this subject.

A new genealogy forum covering an international spectrum, including a dedicated Australasian site.  Well worth a look!

Tasmanian Genealogy List
A professional and extremely helpful mailing list, incorporating links to much quality work pertaining to Tasmanian history and genealogy.


Ancestry Aid Co. UK
A site designed to promote history and genealogy, but on a free user basis.  Unique and brilliant.  They are NOT associated with  Please do register and become a free member.  You may be pleasantly rewarded!

Clare Roots Society
If you have a genealogical interest in County Clare, Ireland, then this is the site for you.  A wonderful website - easy to follow; user-friendly, and a tremendous amount of information provided by dedicated and committed people.

Gould Genealogy and History
A comprehensive Australian-based business site where you can buy just about anything relating to genealogy on an international scale. 
The Gould site also features a number of free history/genealogy resources.

Just Tassie Books
A fantastic bookstore housing the largest collection of Tasmanian books for sale anywhere, and situated in a historically notable area of Hobart.  Just Tassie Books buy, sell and swap Tassie books, and currently have over 4000 titles.  The proprietors also deal with around 40 authors directly, and have them sign their books for the store.  This gives authors an extra place for sale of their books, and the signatures make purchases far more personal.

Oz Gen Online
An excellent site, providing free access to all, with links to Australian and international sites.

Tasmanian Genealogy Services
A wonderful Tasmanian site devoted to all things pertaining to Tasmanian family history.

Obituaries Help
A lovely US website designed to provide resources for obituaries, funerals, and genealogical searches.

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